MGTOW is Turning Into a Cult

The problem with many movements or philosophical thoughts today is many people jump on the band wagon for fame and riches. They have no real understanding of the philosophy itself but they feel the need to have their voice heard even when they are clueless to the concepts itself.
This is what’s happening in MGTOW. You have a lot of men with literally no experience with women claiming to be a know it all source for dating and relationships. A guru of anti marriage and relationship rhetoric from men with little to no experience. Some of these men have never even dated a women let alone kissed one or had sex with one but they are experts in female nature. Or you have the ex pick up artist that worships and chases vagina at every level giving you advice on how to “go your own way”. Their word is gospel and if you disagree with them or their fan boys you will be attacked relentlessly. There’s also the bitter angry atheist drunk who’s been divorced 5 times and just got out of his last relationship. If you don’t hate women as much as him you aren’t MGTOW. If you aren’t as monk as him you aren’t MGTOW. I call these men monk for the moment. They make claims and rules for others but can’t live up to it themselves or only live up to it because they are forced too under their current living situation. Using shame and guilt to attack anyone that doesn’t live up to their “standards” and the moment their life changes they will disappear to their 6 marriage.

a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.


having or showing a dislike or distrust that is derived from prejudice; bigoted.


preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

The key difference between a man voicing his experience and a misogynist is exactly that. EXPERIENCE. A virgin has literally no experience with the sexual female nature of women. A man that has only dated a few women has literally no experience in dating and relationships. A man that has had ONE relationship has very little experience as well. The problem is, this seems to be the type of men flocking into the voice of MGTOW. Men with no experience, literally making them misogynist, or men that blame women for everything, unable to take responsibility for their own actions. They see the top MGTOW’s on YouTube getting donations and fame and they want that. They are exactly like the very females they condemn.
If you disagree with them in the forums of or the comment section of their favorite YouTuber be ready for a band wagon attack. If you disagree with any of the set in stone topics like sex robots or monkism you will be met with the very same feminist hammer. Only this time it will have an atheism sticker on it. The reality is most of these MGTOW men have little to no experience in dating or relationships. They simply parrot what they hear on YouTube to try and make their own money. They parrot other peoples stories or piggy back off other content creators to try and make a name for them self. They will literally steal concepts and ideas from other people, not with the notion of building something, but with the idea of making money off it.
This is not a large minority either. This is a good majority of MGTOW men. From personal experience they all seem to be very atheist and love evolution. Anytime they are refuted with facts they dig deeper releasing retarded content about how evolution and MGTOW go together or branch off into their own self help guru bullshit on how to be happy. The reality is MGTOW is a biblical concept taken from the bible. Atheist men have to use MGTOW because it’s the closest they can get to the Bible and truth, without admitting atheism is a fairy tale. A fairy tale created by the government for control, just like christianity. These men are hypocrites inside and out.
They use the same shaming tactics, the same guilt trips, the same band wagon attacks, the same emotional games; as every girlfriend I’ve had. They use the same lies and defamation as every girl I’ve dated. These atheist MGTOW are blue pill’s using female nature to attack real MGTOW men. They have no ability to critically think or question their belief system because it’s been so religiously ingrained in their brain. From a small child the government school system and it’s society have forced every child to KNOW evolution is true. Every child is forced to KNOW this before leaving school or college. You are forced to read your bible daily, hear from your evolutionist preachers, and memorize content only to be repeated and graded on a test.
These men are cowards. These men hide behind childish fairy tales and use it as an excuse to attack other men. They use this same female nature to attack women, shame women, shame other MGTOW, shame themselves, and everything else associated. They will be the collapse of MGTOW itself. I have already noticed many strong voices distancing them self from the MGTOW label. Myself included. Many YouTubers and especially have become atheist cesspool unable to grow and discuss any real topics. No religion, no history, no legal stuff, no politics, nothing. You will be banned from these places because atheist men get emotional, want to censor what you are saying, and then they attack.
Don’t forget who was marching next to the feminist. Who was marching for women’s rights. Who was marching and chanting for abortion. Who was petitioning and wearing vagina outfits for no fault divorce. It was the atheist. The wolf in sheep’s clothing has been telling you he’s a MGTOW the whole time while using the same female nature right under your nose. Using the same female nature to shut down any intelligent real conversation limiting it to evolution, atheism, and having sex with a robot. Limiting it to child like fantasies learned from a government school. Seriously dude? We evolved from soupy magma into monkeys and now humans? Are you enserio? You don’t have to be a “creationist” or bible thumper to KNOW and PROVE evolution is a total joke. Why did I lose my tail? I’m German, why’d I lose my fur coat? BOTH are a loss, not a benefit in ANY way. When a whale swallows a school of plankton which one is “survival of the fittest”?
The reality is they have an agenda for teaching feminism and atheism in the same place. They have a reason and a goal that is being achieved from doing so. Atheism and feminism mimic eugenics. Like a thin veil or mask over the truth of what eugenics is. The reality that atheists, feminists, and eugenics are almost identical in their belief system. All support vaccines, all support abortion, all support women’s rights, all support the idea they are “more evolved” or “better” than others based on this belief system.
This is why atheist MGTOW use female nature, shame, and guilt to attack real men. For the same reasons women do. They think they are better than you. They think they are smarter than you. They think you’re a stupid moron because you don’t “believe” in evolution. They think they deserve more than you because you believe in a “flying spaghetti monster” and believing a soupy magma monkey man came walking out of nothing 50000000 years ago makes them better and smarter. The reality is most of these atheist men are dumb as a box of rocks. They’ve limited themselves and their growth to what the system tells them they are. They believe by fact that evolution and atheism are the only realities and they can’t question that belief system. They are not allowed too. Instead, they attack and shame others who try to grow outside this box. They shame and guilt men who try to break free so that they don’t.

Atheist MGTOW and feminists are the same in almost every way. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing!


MGTOW is Turning Into a Cult

Political correctness is nothing less than thought control!

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