MGTOW Men Are All Rejected Virgins

I was doing some random googling the other day and came across a bunch of anti MGTOW articles online. These however where written by men not women. Taking the typical approach of shaming men I wanted to contradict their delusions with some facts. They make unfounded claims that are clearly a projection of their own insecurities and vagina worship.
“As it exists now, MGTOW has become a lonely hearts’ club for the refuse of the male species. Not only are most Virgins Going Their Own Way personally repellent losers, their “philosophy” is completely wrongheaded. Men Going Their Own Way will never appeal to anything more than the rejects of American society because it’s a philosophy that denies the fundamental nature of human beings.” –
Let’s dispel this myth real quick. I’ve had sex with A LOT of women in my life. My weekends and partying were centered around finding tail. I never struggled with it at all living in Tempe Arizona driving a blacked out manual Audi TT Turbo with blacked out rims and limo tint. I simply pulled up and random girls would literally get in if invited. Virgin? Hardly. What I did do though is waste a ridiculous amount of time and money getting this tail. I wasted endless hours doing stupid shit to “improve” myself to get these women. Whether that be money, looks, or other materialistic fake shit. So rest assured, returnofkings is nothing short of a blue pill beta vagina worshiping cuck. He spends his life chasing tail and giving men advice on how to pick up chicks. Bro it’s not hard, have money and own shiny things. I didn’t have to say shit half the time, writing my number on a hooters receipt to get a blow job an hour after work. Less than 5 sentences spoken to the women. Only a beta cuck needs to use “pick up artist” techniques to get chicks. Why? Because they are dull, boring, and brain dead. They require mass amounts of help just to get some pussy while at the same time hypocritically attacking someone that doesn’t want to waste his time chasing pussy. It’s not that society rejected me. I rejected IT.
It’s not hard to get a degree, get a job with that degree, and make money. It’s not even hard to teach yourself degree worthy knowledge and get a job without a degree. I’ve done it! First salary job at 20 without a degree. It’s really not hard. It’s not hard to join society and be apart of it. A real man however, doesn’t need society to verify his beliefs for him to believe them. It’s funny to hear a pick up artist claim his preaching is good for men and society, pump and dumping random girls, is good for society, but a man that goes his own way and builds himself up is a bad thing. He does realize you can be MGTOW and married right? He does realize the entire concept of MGTOW comes from the Bible right? And in reality his pick up artist bullshit is cancer to society leaving children with single mothers and delusional narcissism run rampant. Of course not, this man is a delusional pussy worshiper angry about his drop in funds to the MGTOW movement.
These men will claim they tried giving a MGTOW advice about picking up women or improving themselves to get a “good” women.
Here are some tips from another anti-MGTOW off
“1)Dress better
2)Take a shower
3)get a haircut
4)wear a light touch of cologne
5)stop being so fucking weird.
6)Develop a sense of humor
7)Act like a man when you are around a woman. You are stronger, smarter, more talented, more ambitious, have more potential than the average woman. So why be intimidated around them?
8)stop being afraid of rejection. Rejection happens. Dating is a numbers game. It might take twenty rejections to get the 1 yes but 1 is all you need.
9)Again, stop being so fucking weird.
10)Learn how to talk to people, not just women. Dating is a small piece of a bigger puzzle called socializing. A person who has lots of success with dating/women is a socially intelligent person. So stop being so fuckking weird and learn how to talk to people.”
I don’t think these men quite understand what MGTOW actually is. They keep claiming that men in MGTOW can’t get laid. There may be some fake MGTOW that are virgins pretending they understand MGTOW but the vast percentage of MGTOW have gotten laid, plenty of times. They have simply chosen to grow and learn for themselves, rather than for a women. All of the above tips are for a 10 year old kid who’s shy around women. When I drove my Audi’s I didn’t need fancy clothes. I didn’t need a hair cut. I wore basic clothes. I barely talked to the women in some situations. I could be weird as I wanted. I was banging chicks in parking lots on the hood of my TT with no problem. You see, it’s always these beta pussy worshiping pick up artists that think they are hot shit because they can dress up like Ken and get a chick. They think they are pick up artists because they lie and manipulate women to get them into bed.
That’s the difference between a pick up artist and a real man. I can be myself and still get chicks. You have to put on a show, you have to put on a mask, you have to pluck your eyebrows and make cute selfie pics for your website. I don’t have to do any of that. I simply walk down the street with confidence and women look. When I don’t look back they look harder. I don’t have to stop being weird or cut my mustache into the shape of a beta cuck fag. That’s the difference. These fake ass pick up artists give their tips on how to be a pussy worshiper. I give tips on how to be yourself and build your own individualism. I don’t have to spend my weekend trying my “pick up tips” on 100 different women to try and get laid. I can simply be myself and have women chase ME.
The reality is these pick up artists use projection to push their delusional point. They attack and shame when the reality is they are the scared little virgin inside. They need all this man make up just to get laid. They need all these secret tricks and put downs to lower a women’s self esteem just to get laid. Pretty pathetic. As a real man, I don’t need to put down a women to get laid. I can simply be myself. The difference between me and a pick up artist? I don’t get butt hurt if I get rejected. I don’t get online to find some new tips or tricks. My confidence and ego is not effected. I know who I am and I certainly don’t need a pick up artist book to get laid nor do I need to change who I am superficially just to get laid. I don’t need the approval of a women to feel good about myself like a pick up artist does.
To me, this entire pick up artist industry is a bunch of pussy worshiping douche bags using beta men as an experiment. They use these men as a cash cow. They use their confidence issues as a way to collect revenue. That’s why they feel the need to attack MGTOW. They worship the pussy and MGTOW’s do not. Pick up artists are jealous and angry as they watch their revenue stream slip away to MGTOW. Men are waking up to the fact that they don’t need to do 1-10 to get a women nor is it even required to get a women. These faggy pick up artists will dress in their cute outfits, do their eye brows, shave each mustache hair perfectly, then claim MGTOW men are pussy virgins. Pick up artists spend more time on their hair than the women they are chasing yet they have the gall to shame other men.
The reality is I choose to go my own way not because I can’t get laid, but because I see the damage women do to men. I have lived it personally and see it in society. I have had family and mothers that did the same. It’s funny for a pick up artist to make unfounded claims when the reality is quite the opposite. I choose to not chase pussy. I choose not to put man makeup on and shave my beard like a beta cuck lumberjack wannabe. I actually have cut wood to heat my house. I drove tractors. I’ve dug my own pond. I did these things because I was not chasing sluts. I had the time and energy because I was not arguing with some retarded women about my life and decisions. I chose to go MGTOW because I was sick and tired of putting up with bullshit from 99% of women in society, whether they were my girlfriend or NOT! Random women attacking because I simply contradict their delusion. These are facts. This is life. I made the choice to walk away from these women and that society because I want nothing to do with it. Not because I couldn’t make it.

MGTOW Men Are All Rejected Virgins

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You caught me off guard with the title… but these men do use the same tactics as the females they chase. Pick up artists are just pussy worshipers.