The Truth About College Educated Women

Geez louis. These women will never get it. They will never understand how truly delusional they are. They will never understand how their stupid life choices left them single, alone, and miserable in their old age. They will never understand why a majority of men in society want nothing to do with them. They will never look in the mirror and blame themselves or their own decisions.
These women throw around there degree like it has some meaning. Like they are some how intelligent Tesla’s because they memorized a bunch of propaganda and repeated it for a test. They think because they got good grades in a liberal feminist environment that they are smart. The reality is these women are stupid. They are dumb as a box of rocks. Personally, my own mother had her masters degree. She has no ability to use logical thinking, critical thinking, or even question what’s happening in her every day life. She does however, think she is the most intelligent thing on the planet. She believes her degree gives her an entitlement to anything she wants.
These women base their entire existence and fragile egos on this silly piece of paper. They would trade their own soul for this piece of paper and the ability to brag about achieving it. These women tote around their independence right up until they hit the wall. This is when they start going into extreme depression and rage. They realize they will never find the man of their dreams and their entire life has been one big selfish delusion. They have nothing to show for the life they have lived except for this stupid college degree.
They have no man, no husband, they are over weight with cats, no skills, can barely cook, watching hours and hours of television, Netflix, and Facebook every night. The problem however is that they still don’t realize the actual problem. THEM SELVES! They continue blaming men, they continue blaming the patriarchy, they claim men are intimidated by “independent” women, they claim they haven’t met Mr. Right, and on and on it goes. Never taking responsibility for their own actions. Never stopping to think about whether or not their decisions lead to their own demise.
They shame, shun, and guilt trip men that want nothing to do with them. They then try and blame these men for not wanting anything to do with them. Why would a man want an independent women? Why would a man marry a women only to come home to an empty house, no hot meal, no lights on, nothing. What is the point of marrying a college educated women? There is none. There is literally no benefit. Men do not care about how much a women makes, men do not care about her degree or job. They care about appearance, loyalty, and honesty.
Men want a submissive and caring women to support them. Not a women that nags, shakes her finger, and controls every move of the man. Why would I ever want to be with a women that tries to control me? That tries to manipulate me? That thinks she is smarter than me? When the reality is I run circles around most females I talk with. This is not to boost my own ego or make the claim I am super smart. The reality is 99% of women can not compete intellectually with a smart man. Every debate results in emotional manipulation to try and get me to agree with her delusion.
These women can’t even have a regular conversation without injecting emotion and their feminist delusions. They can’t maintain a factual conversation based in reality without going off on a tangent of emotional heroine. They literally lack any and all ability to see themselves as they are. An emotional train wreck. These women are strait up nuts. Listening to them speak alone is enough to make me walk away. I have no tolerance for these types of women and I would never in a million years want one in my life, in a relationship or even a friend. The reality is I have had friends like this, and they were so educated and independent that they felt the need to tell everyone they met that birth control should be free and the government should pay for everything for them. These are your educated college graduate women. If you confront them, as a loving friend, you are met with defamation, lies, and smear campaigns. I’ve even had beta cucks call me misogynist as she was sitting their smiling. When I asked him what that word meant he had the dumbest look on his face as their entire agenda unraveled before everyone’s eyes.
It’s honestly funny at this point, that these women are still blaming men. That they still can’t look in the mirror and find blame in their own decisions. This is what makes them so dangerous. It’s not that they are smart, intelligent, or anything close to that, it’s that they uphold this delusion with no basis. Women have literally never invented anything of value. They have never offered anything to society as a hole. They have never changed society in a good way unless they were supporting their husband with real love and empathy.
Shit, the first thing they did when they were given the right to vote was give themselves the ability to kill their own child in the womb. They didn’t fight for better birth control, they didn’t fight for cheaper birth control, they didn’t fight for better education. Nope. They fought for the ability to kill their own child.
Another great example of the failure of women in corporate positions is YouTube. Susan Wojcicki is one of the dumbest women on the planet, yet maintains a job at YouTube even though she has put it in a place of losing profits and advertisers as well as content creators. Since she has started at YouTube she has made it her mission to hire more female programmers instead of hiring the best. These are the types of things women do in corporate positions. Instead of looking out for the company and it’s investments and advertisers, she is busy trying to stock the pond with feminist idiots to uphold her delusions in the face of dropping profits and users. Literally, since she has taken over, YouTube has become hated by most of the online community for censorship, failed monetization programs like YouTube Red, and several other similar events that’ll probably leave YouTube as the next MySpace.
Once again, she is supposedly smart, independent, and capable. Even when the numbers contradict this she is propped up as a successful business woman. She has no real ability to build YouTube, only tear it down. This is the essence of the modern educated women. They have no ability to build, only tear down. There are no examples of women inventing anything that helped society. Rather the opposite.
During the industrial revolution women where given everything. Every invention was to aid in the women’s chores at home. They claim life is so hard, yet they haven’t hand scrubbed a linen in their entire life. They haven’t had to fire up a wood stove or collect water for cooking. Yet they still talk about how hard their life is. The reality is women have it easier than any other time in history. They literally don’t have to do anything in society and they don’t. Every mistake they make has a legal loophole that allows them to evade responsibility or cash in on the man they’re leeching off.
Get knocked up by 20 different losers? Get an abortion. Get knocked up by 20 different losers? Keep them and get paid by the man and the government. Commit a crime? Get off on a technicality. Rape your own child? Legally not rape because of no penetration. False accusations? Man ends up in jail only to find out she was lying, no charges or punishment. Suck off an old man to get a job? Get’s promotion, get’s news coverage, man loses reputation and job. This list could literally go on and on. There is a reason government and feminism go hand in hand. They piggy back off one another to progress. To completely demolish the sovereign man.
The entire objective of women’s rights and the educated women is exactly that. They are being used as mere pawns for an agenda to completely destroy the sovereign, strong, independent man. This is reality and of course your college educated women will never acknowledge or understand this, yet they are supposedly intelligent. Yet another delusion of the educated modern women.
It’s hard to belief they still wonder why they are single, alone, and miserable. Why no man wants anything to do with them. Why their own children don’t talk to them. Why everyone has left them to their own devices literally not even wanting a conversation. Even in the workplace men do not even want to attend a business meeting alone with a women. Men are starting to see the reality of what feminism and women’s rights actually are, regardless of whether or not the feminist college women see it. According to society, in order for women to have rights, they must obtain the ability to destroy men and their own children.
The reality is men do not need women. I have never needed a women in my life. (Sex is fun but often times I find that my hand does a better job than most of these women. As she lays their like a dead fish I can’t help but to fantasize about Jill and our late night fun.) The fact is I can cook better than most women. I can build my own house, from traditional carpentry or adobe, cobe, and earth bags. I can Grow my own food. Raise my own animals. Build my own tools. I can literally do everything I need to do on my own to survive and thrive. Women can not do this, nor can they say so. There’s not a women on the planet that could go out and survive without help from society or men. Men build the roads. Men invented and installed electricity. Men do everything in society to keep it rolling while the average college educated female is working some smug office job, in government, or a teacher. All of which have no real world need and certainly not required for me to thrive. In fact, all of those things hinder my ability to survive and thrive.
I can’t shoot a deer mid summer because some government fags said so. Meanwhile they are killing off huge numbers of deer from a Little Bird helicopter and leaving them dead where they are, claiming its for chronic wasting disease (CWD) that was proven to have no effect on the deer population or people. I can’t fish without a license. I can’t build a house without their permission or having creepy dudes on my property when I’m not home. I can’t even go to the store to get some food without a license, license plate, insurance, registration, and more! Corporations being used as a way to silence and control the masses, from Facebook to YouTube. Don’t even get me started on the education system and how damaging it is to the youth and their ability to critically think and create their own success. Attending one semester at any college will leave you with a feminist, liberal, evolution world view mindset that even the hardest, coldest, truths can not reverse.
All this is tied together into one big agenda. To be a feminist women is to be a destroyer, to tear down anything of value and replace it with your delusion. The word feminist doesn’t simply mean the crazy hardcore feminist either, it applies to a majority of modern women. Evident by all the old, miserable, single women with cat pictures on social networks. The hard cold truth is they have no one to blame but them selves.

Political correctness is nothing less than thought control!

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