All a Man Ever Wanted Is Loyalty and a Sandwhich

When I think about my younger days when I was on the hunt for the typical relationship with marriage in the future I often times thought to myself of what I was actually looking for. There were only a few qualities that really stood out contradicting what most women might actually think. Considering they spend most of their time on their appearance, not hobbies or skills, I don’t think they quite get it anymore.
Many times I found myself in relationships and flings with girls that were not 10’s but rather cute in their own way. Girl next door types. It’s easy to find something beautiful about a women, they are covered with attractive assets naturally. To be honest I can find something that turns me on with just about every women I see. Women are beautiful. So appearance was never a strong factor in my search for a relationship because women are sexy!
Often times I questioned whether I wanted a smart girl that could compete with me mentally, and often times that was a huge turn off. Not only because I don’t want to compete with my mate, but I have never met a women that was more logically intelligent. Either way it turns me off. A women that thinks she is smarter than me because she has a silly degree is one of the biggest turn offs imaginable. Like a opossum, I’ll play dead to get out of the situation.
Loyalty was always a big trait for me. Too this day I’ve never found a girl to be that. They always have their own agenda or scheme in place. Even when I give girls a chance that aren’t as pretty as I like them they often times carry out the same acts. I fool around with many girls too that have husbands, boyfriends, ect. and I see it from both sides as I have been cheated on in many relationships, lied to, strung along, manipulated by narcissists, loyalty is no longer existent in modern women. There is no sense of support, or even empathy from these women.
They would rather make you out to be crazy, lie, tell people bad things about you, play games, ignore you, ect. all just because they can’t be honest. Loyalty is dead and feminism killed it with an automatic black on black assault rifle with a bump stock and 50 round drum. Women have become so promiscuous and sexualized and with no reason to take responsibility for their actions with scapegoats like abortion, the block button, or smear campaigns they have no reason to blame themselves for their own actions. They will continue their descend into dis loyal whores chasing the next bag of money.
The next trait I’d look for is hobbies and skills that have real value. Gardening, cooking, preparing meat from the farm, sewing, and other things like that. Before you call me a misogynist I know how to do all of those things well, and I have personal experience with every type of women I talk about, not only once, but many times! The reality is though I can build a house out of clay, sand, and straw. I can turn a field into food. I can turn a pasture into meat. I can turn seed into eggs and more meat. I can do all of these things much faster and more efficiently than most women. It makes logical sense that I would take up the skills and hobbies that offer the family more benefit. It would be delusional for the women to be out building houses while the 6’2, 1.90 man stands inside with an apron on. Use some logic you dumb feminists or get out of your office and start repairing the roads, electrical network, water systems, and all the other things MEN do to keep society functioning.
The reality is most women my age and younger have no clue how to cook basic meals. I had to teach a 25 year old women how to cook eggs. This is a consistent truth in our society even in Mexico! These young women have no idea how to cook basic things. Most Mexican college women are over weight by a lot because they go out for food every night not knowing how to cook. If I used this one requirement for dating it would cancel out 99% of the women on the market. They have no idea what they are doing in the kitchen, let alone with a sewing needle or hammer.
So the question becomes why invest in a dead market? Would you invest during the great depression? Would you put all your fruits, labor, and wealth into the stock market on the day of the collapse thinking you’re about to get rich? That’s what modern dating for marriage is like. You are putting everything into this women when most of them don’t even possess basic skills as a submissive women. They have the easiest time in history for women, with machines doing almost all the work they would normally have to to do. From washing machines and dryers to dishwashers and toaster ovens and microwaves. Women don’t have to do anything and the system allows them to leach off the backs of hard working men.
The worst part is these women live in a state of entitlement with a government and legal system that promotes it. Women can do anything and everything they want in a society that worships their flesh. Clear headed real men are left with little to no choice but go their own way. We are left with no option but live in a state of depression with a disloyal, lying, cheating, manipulative feminized modern women or to live free and chasing our own dreams, rather than theirs.
To be honest, these modern women don’t even sex good. Most of them just lay there like a dead fish. They barely make any noise or show any emotion or passion. They have no desire or anything. They are like having sex with a feminized sex robot. Often times I found myself thinking I could just have jacked off but now I’m stuck here pretending this is fun. She could be a 10 and absolutely beautiful but I’m still standing there with her ass in my hand and hair in the other.. still wondering why she isn’t making any noise or showing any sign of emotion.
The modern female really has no place in society.. and that will become apparent in the future of modern society as she self sabotages her own existence as if to be eating a forbidden fruit. Over and over again leaving man in a fallen world.

Political correctness is nothing less than thought control!

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