Dating a Sorority Girl

I figured I would share this story for the younger guys in college. Back when I attended I wasn’t in a farternity but a lot of my friends were. I spend a lot of time with partying with them and doing random events. It was easy meeting women in this environment because they were every where, and half naked. I met a girl and we started dating…
Looking back there were tons of red flags that I should have seen.. but didn’t. She would often times tell me about crazy parties and going out with friends because they wanted to meet older men and cheat on their boyfriends. All kinds of crazy things. I chalked it up to her having crazy friends but never connected the dots. She would tell these stories and I would shrug it off like she wasn’t guilty herself. I thought she was something special when I should have listened to my gut.
After dating for a while I started to fall for her. I thought she was going to be the one and that we would settle down and have a family. I wasn’t lovey dovey but I was okay with the idea of marriage. I ended up having to do a bit of moving around and we did the long distance relationship thing for a short time and this is when everything really went to crap. These activities with her friends would have me worrying about what she was actually doing.
There were a few nights when I couldn’t even get ahold of her. She even turned her phone off on me and I knew that was it. Something was up. I decided to fly back as soon as I could and surprise her. She had classes and ended up heading there a little bit after my arrival. She left her journal sitting there on her computer desk and I decided to look through it. Of course only a 25 year old sorority girl would actually keep a diary and write real things in it.. which was odd in and of itself..
But as I read I saw that she wrote she had cuddled and ….. with someone. She had been lying about what she was doing and with whom she was doing it. All the red flags all along and I didn’t get it until I read it in black and white. If I had just trusted my gut and dumped her none of that would have ever happened. I wouldn’t have wasted all that time and energy.
She was never going to be honest with me and if I was smart I would have just walked away the first second I sensed something wrong. My advice to you is always trust your gut, it never lies.

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