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What is an Adventrepeneur? To coin a phrase, adventrepeneur. What is it? Well quite simply it’s an adventurer combined with an entrepreneur. Often times people are set on having an office, a daily 9-5 grind, and focus set on climbing the ladder. The reality is though, most services, jobs, and businesses exist in every country in the world. They …
An Important Pack Item for the Adventure Traveler The wool blanket. Need I say more? Well I will because it’s by far one of my favorite items in my pack. It enables me to do many more things than your typical blanket while also being much easier to maintain and keep clean. The benefits of wool are endless if you can get over …
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  • I accidentally clicked on this page and couldn’t believe how good the deals were. I spent an hour looking at different destinations dreaming of a vacation from this blizzard. I might actually be able to afford a little vacation to the Cancun area 😀 Traveling has really become pretty cheap.


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