7 Ways to Make Money Off Your Hobbies

Many people are taught to believe that hobbies can’t be a reliable income. That you must work a job you hate so you can enjoy other parts of your life. That you have to put in hard work doing something you hate just to get to some fun. So many believe this lie only to realize later on they were robbed of their youth. That they no longer have the energy to even do their hobbies as their life long career has sucked them dry of cognitive function and creativity as they fill out another piece of paperwork for the supervisor or government. This couldn’t be farther from the truth either.
I have personally witnessed people turning their hobbies into a business itself. I have seen people make a great income creating axe handles, building ant colonies, or even a street cart selling food. We are sold the idea that we can’t do anything real. That we must have a boss, that we must promote and push their corporate agenda of growth. That we must dismiss our inner child and go along with the boring mundane every day non-sense of working inside one of these narcissistic corporations. In most cases, even a CEO is replaced upon sudden death within a few weeks. Your, your position, is not that important and in most cases a squirrel could be trained to be the same thing. This leads to your own mental demise. Your brain goes into coast mode, with buzz words like “retirement in 10 years” on the tip of your tongue. Meanwhile your body is slowly breaking down as you can barely hold a knife or fishing pole as your hands shaking intensely. As your body shuts down from poor health and sitting at a desk all day.
There are thousands of ways to make money off your hobbies too. Especially living in the times of internet it is extremely easy to make a little income or even a full fledged business off your hobbies. How many knife makers never have to enter an office? How many simply walk out to their garage and do something they love? How many bloggers and web businesses selling products they are passionate about? It’s right in your face yet you’re trained to believe YOU can’t achieve it. That it’s too hard or difficult to transition from this cold, boring, predictable life that was created for you, rather than you creating your own! Even something as simple as starting an Instagram (using affiliate programs to actually make money) and uploading what you are passionate about. This simple little hobby could potentially generate a lot of income depending on your passion and topic.
In so many aspects of life people have stopped inventing. Where’s the next Monopoly? Where’s the water powered car? Our creativity is robbed from us in our school system and we never realize the potential of our own skills and abilities. We are left sitting in an office, thinking there has to be more to life. Having another water jug conversation or lunch with your co-workers, the stupid time wasting conversations and repetitive grind. What’s the point?
Anywhere in the world has so much potential yet we are told the opposite. That we can’t do it. Fear over takes as you try to question your life. Instead of just standing up and walking out the door people maintain the facade. They chase a new car or house in hopes of finding some satisfaction.
Here are 7 ways to make money off your hobbies:
1) Ask family or friends if they need the service. Take out a cheap ad in the paper: sharpening knives, repairing bikes, building a chicken coop. Find out what your locals are in need of and build towards it. Growing over time you could have your own small business in no time.
2) Teaching and education, one way you can earn a bit of money is by teaching others hobbies. Whether another language or how to grow plants. Once you become good at something people will actually pay money to learn these same things. Look at some of the bush craft or survival guys for instance. They never had the idea of making money, they just loved being in the woods. They loved carving with knives and sleeping in nature. They started teaching these concepts and started making money!
3) Travel and research, finding a location that requires your service or product. Many times on my travels I have turned my hobbies into work, whether for food, money, or a place to stay. Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking you need to make billions to be a successful businessman, but my ability to work in an internet cafe provided me with free food, free travels, and free stay. I call this an adventrepenuer.
4) Turn your hobbies into real products, and one way you can do that is by growing food. Raising rabbits is a lot of fun and really not that much work. Especially free range. Turning a hobby into a rabbit butcher would actually be quite easy and something personally I have thought about many times and actually quite rare in this vegan peta society where bunnies have become a Loony Tunes character rather than the food they are. People pay good money for quality food.
5) Experimentation, so many are scared to try new ideas, just by trying new things or being creative you have the potential to invent something that could blow up. Maybe it’s just a special rake for collecting rabbit poop from your free range coop. Maybe it’s a special lawn mower for aerating the lawn or planting seeds. The possibilities are endless when we put away the fears and just start tinkering. Creating a product inside your hobby could be just as useful as the hobby itself!
6) Start an Instagram or YouTube about something you are passionate about. Generate followers and then find a relevant affiliate program and start linking quality content with quality ideas or gear. This one however takes a bit more time as search engines themselves take a bit of time to recognize new content.
7) Start a blog or website writing about your hobby. If you can provide quality content generating views can actually be quite easy, although it can take some time. Using affiliate programs, hosting company, and tools will help but are not required. This one however takes a bit more time as search engines themselves take a bit of time to recognize new content.

There are several more ways of accomplishing this, in the real world or online. All of which can be more rewarding than working a job you. A job that doesn’t offer growth or cognitive function in anyway. Time to step back and take a look at what you are doing!


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