Jake’s Mint & CBD Chew Pouches – PRODUCT REVIEW

Smoking cigarettes is probably one of the worst habits you can create when younger, considering the price not only to your health but your wallet. I should know, I’ve smoked since I was 15 years old, playing football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf, swimming, and whatever else I could get into at the same time. We thought we were cool spittin’ tobacco at training camps, smokin’ cigs like Joe Camel.

Little did we know we were headed for a life time addiction, constantly prying at the wallet along with the unhealth side effects. Their marketing worked and the nicotine kicked in making it darn near impossible to quit without the discipline of a stoic. With thousands of gimmicks and self help books to get you to kick the habit it seems nothing really works. If the quit smoking pills or vape pens are even worse for health and addiction it’s hard to say but they don’t seem to be the answer either.

That’s why I was quite happy to stumble on Jake’s Mint and CBD chew pouches and the fact they contained no nicotine or tobacco. I was quite unlucky my first time ordering as I live in Mexico now and got through my first tin only to realize I had accidently thrown away the box with my other pouches. I successfully quit smoking cigarettes for about a week, a second time, but always struggled to find something to keep the peace as I struggled to get through the day. Cigarettes were always my escape from the office or job site, the big party or bar, it was my chance to step away for a minute and collect my head.

Whether I was more addicted to the nicotine or a moment of peace it’s hard to say, living in Mexico however packs of cigarettes are about $1.00 USD. Makes it easy to walk to the store for another pack versus shipping in a few tins of Jake’s Mint and CBD chew pouches. Their new batch of flavors however has me raising an eyebrow looking at coffee CBD, lemonade mint leaves, or some regular ol’ mint flavored like a nice tin of SKOAL.

The interesting part about these pouches is they still offer a bite without all the nasty chemicals or fiberglass. Forcing you to move it around in your mouth finding a new seat for your pouch of mint or CBD. These products are all natural too allowing you to swallow the spit which happens to help out your stomach and gut! It really blew me away with the quality of this product literally making it my first product review on my website. Personally it’s very hard to find a good product with a good goal to get behind without feeling like a shill. However Jake’s Mint and CBD chew pouches literally check every box.

I highly recommend these as an alternative to smoking or chewing tobacco and if you don’t smoke or chew I still highly recommend them over gum or other products a like. Their pouches don’t contain any fake sugars, no fructose corn syrups, no addictive additives, they are all natural. Every time I check their website they have new flavors and styles added to the selection making them quite an exciting business with a solid product. Check them out today just click the banner below!

Mint CBD Chew Pouches

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