Skygate Media Stuffing Creativity Into a Box of Conformity While Taxing the Talent

As many young content creators get noticed on their platform of choice, it doesn’t take long for some cheesy corporation to move in and take advantage of them. Whether it be awful mobile game advertisements, being pushed to create an OnlyFans, or pedaling the same lame affiliate programs as thousands of other “talent”. No creativity, no critical thinking, just a rinse and repeat cycle that leaves you missing out on revenue and growth.

“We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation.” – Skygate.Media

What this actually translates to is the exact opposite, each unique content creator is treated as a number, just another outlet for talent tax without having to provide any real service or product. A middle man of conformity that doesn’t need to exist if creators realized how easy it is to join ANY affiliate program and offer ANY product or service. When you look Skygate Media’s partners and brands that they work with, you can clearly see these same affiliate programs being promoted across a variety of streamers and social media content creators. The same lame brands that offer small payouts in niches completely unrelated to your own. The worst part is you could sign up for these brands and programs yourself and generate more revenue within 5-10 minutes.

“Skygate is a creator agency working with the strongest and up and coming digital celebrities and creatives. We represent gamers, lifestyle creators, models, IP owners and Producers who create the new wave of entertainment for the audiences of today and tomorrow.” – Skygate.Media

Why does it seem like Skygate Media trying to control and conform each one of it’s clients into the same box?? All so they can generate an easy profit off their “talent” without having to offer any sort of real service. A website? An e-mail? All created on the same themes with a lack of creativity or uniqueness. Each “talent” offering the same affiliate programs and partnerships in their About section as the others, through links created by Skygate Media. $$$

Not only does this limit revenue for the content creators but forces you into the same cycle of repetition. Thinking some company is going to actively do what’s best for you, your business, or brand. With a few lofty promises and misguided actions maybe you too can be the next Hot Shot with Fifteen Million Merits. Instead of building your business skills, searching out relevant affiliate programs related to your niche, or focusing on how you can improve content, let Skygate Media “bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation”.

When you do research on the background of this company you can’t find much of anything. Why so many streamers, content creators, social media influencers, and especially gamers, have put trust into this company is beyond me. With little online presence, the obvious conformity induced internet marketing, and a lack of creativity, it begs the question what this company is even doing to warrant itself as an internet talent agency. Where is the actual value?

What many don’t realize is how incredibly easy it is to spend a day researching affiliate programs, products, services, all related to your niche. Sign up, create your links to the products or services you’d like to promote, and within 30 minutes you’re on your way to doubling or tripling your revenue without pressure from some random corporation. Not only that, but you get to offer unique and fun products to your viewers that YOU know they would enjoy. You get to find a fun way to interact with your audience and viewers while offering them something you actually believe in.

Does anyone actually care about Nord VPN, Amazon, G Fuel, or any of these other worthless brands listed on their website? Wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to promote brands and products you use and believe in? Wouldn’t it be more fun to spend a day researching unique ideas that go along with your style and audience? Just a few questions to ask yourself before signing over your future, revenue, and creativity to a company that clearly doesn’t care about anything other than profit and conformity.

Personally, I’ve had better logos made on Fiver for $5 bucks, making a unique website has never been easier with platforms like WordPress, and creating an e-mail is as easy as filling out a 30 second form. Where is the value in Skygate Media? Perhaps you enjoy promoting some random VPN and another trash mobile game but I highly doubt it. Maybe you’ve never thought about it, maybe you got taken advantage of as a new content creator. Either way, it’s never too late to take your creativity into your own hands, in most cases you’ll realize how much more enjoyable it is to take control of your business that you’ve made so successful.

It’s no coincidence you see the exact same style of videos coming from their clients, the same programs being advertised, the same exact thing over and over. They might tell you “it works” but in reality your uniqueness is drained to generate them profits each step of the way, losing touch with what drove you to want to make content in the first place. Just another parasite sucking out every last drop of creative juice, pump and dumping figurative crypto coins to your viewers and fan base all to earn some random corporation shekels.

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