Man Attacks Cell Towers With Tank

In 1997 I took a legitimate measurement. I submitted an OH&S report that [the measurement] was a “dangerous occurrence”. This is the highest rated danger on the OH&S scale and meant that by law the installation should be shut down immediately.

The result, however, was something quite different. John was sacked on the spot. Moreover, other staff members who found out about the measurement were also sacked without warning.

John then proceeded down the legislative channels that were available to him. He contacted in turn Standards Australia, the Australian Communications Authority, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, the Local government Association, Federal Parliament and finally the military. None of these agencies provided any support, though some authorities confirmed that John’s measurements and his conclusion were both correct. Finally a parliamentary committee concluded that John should deal with the problem in his local area.

So he did.

Man steals tank, takes down mobile phone towers

Sydney Tank Rampage 2007 |

5G APOCALYPSE - The Extinction Event

Science Catching Up With Conspiracy Theorists

As the masses mock and tease anyone with critical thinking their precious religion of science is finally catching up with reality. From food to health and back to mental thought the cycle has come full circle. Many unable to question a thing as their television mesmerizes their every thought. Lost in a viscous conformity bias loop their brain is over loaded with toxic chemicals. As they suck up round up and breath in antibiotics they think they’ve won by growing organic crops. Don’t forget about the daily pharmaceutical injections as they chant herd mentality. Like a pack of rats hitting the pleasure button for a piece of cheese they ignore the reality that starts to creep in. As grown men cry over presidential selections they can’t seem to grasp what society has done to them. Spending hours on Facebook, Tik Tok, and Twitter their brains start to melt together with their favorite Netflix personality.

Chemical Farming & The Loss of Human Health - Dr. Zach Bush

Doctor Reveals Truth About Viruses

Doctor Refutes Need For Corona-Virus Vaccines [Shadowbanned Video]

5G APOCALYPSE Documentary

Television Watching News Believer - Conspiracy Music Guru

Satanic Ritual Abuse and Child Trafficking

When will people connect the dots? When will they stop calling me a conspiracy theorist and actually ask some honest questions? Even those fighting child trafficking and human trafficking don’t want to connect the dots as they beg for funding from politicians directly responsible for these disgusting acts world wide. As they wait for permission from a judge or prosecutor that is involved in sexual abusing children, trafficking them, or putting them in the center of their satanic rituals they wonder why their raid was cancelled.

The reality is this has been going on for thousands of years by the Vatican and the politicians they control. The circle of elite businessman and Free Masons around the world have been doing this in style as society claps them on. They pretend to bust a few pedophiles locally and claim they are fighting the war on child trafficking when it’s just another publicity stunt to calm the masses. The reality is however, behind the scenes, children are taken from countries all around the world. Countries like Belize were literally stolen and developed to traffic children and drugs out of Latin America. I’ve seen it first hand in my travels for many years.

Many living in fear that the local politicians or corrupt military forces will simply kill them leaving them in a ditch. Experiencing all of this first hand it enrages me when I’m called a conspiracy theorist, tin foil hat, blah blah blah by people so cowardly they wouldn’t dare do a single thing in defense of children or people in their life. As they sit in an office pretending they’re normal working hard for the man. They watch a few Netflix shows and pretend they are experts on child trafficking with their feminist rhetoric hating on men. The reality is in satanic ritual abuse and child trafficking it is far more common to have a mother or female family member line up their abuse. I’ve personally seen thousands of boys and girls sold by their mother in Mexico for a few pesos.

The hierarchy of the Vatican, Jesuits, and Free Masons makes it all too easy to hide the satanic games they play. Secret passages, tunnels, and secret cities aiding them along the way. Using presidents as mere puppets as they hook them up on an island of boys for their pedophilic dreams. Who dare speak out when they will reveal your past to the public as you get slaughtered in jail. No one bats an eye when another whistleblower gets “suicided”. How dumb do you have to be to continue believing the news and their propaganda as they normalize, sexualize, and protect pedophiles and their sex with children. I’m not talking about your uncle Steve who molested a few children in your family but rather an entire system created and devoted to satanic ritual abuse of children world wide.

Many fighting child trafficking claim its for money. HA. Are you really that stupid? Why would a billionaire, trillionaire, or head of state risk his entire reputation and freedom for a few dollars to traffic a child? No you silly yuppy it’s far more sinister and satanic whether you want to believe in Jesus Christ, Satan, or God is literally irrelevant. THEY DO worship Lucifer. THEY DO sacrifice children for reasons you will never understand unless you seek out the truth for yourself. Using these children for their blood or sexual gratification is only a piece of the puzzle as they chant for devils in demons in the backwoods. It’s very real and you shrugging it off is exactly what they want.

Just another crazy person talking badly about the global elite right? Except what do I have to gain? Where’s my power and wealth for speaking out? I live like a hermit trying to expose the truth as I’m ridiculed and attacked every step of the way. If I even dare speak out about my own mother’s abuse against me, my grandmothers abuse on my dads side against, or the family of nut bags I’m only attacked by a slew of societies feministic witches because women can do no wrong. This is the reality I’ve lived for so long as I continue trying to raise awareness of the reality we dance on. These people pretend to “fight” trafficking like it’s a game but behind the veil it’s a full on spiritual war. It’s time to wake up.

(UNCUT) Anneke Lucas: Sold by my mother into a pedophile network at six years of age

The Man Hunting Satanic Cults | Wilfred Wong | KONCRETE Podcast #69

Hell to pay: Revisiting the Martensville satanic sex scandal (2003) - The Fifth Estate

The evil History of the Jesuits

The Jesuits,Priesthood of Absolute Evil Exposed!

Unlawfully Arrested and Creepy X-Rays

This night was probably the creepiest encounter I’ve ever had with Police. All because I had just bought a car and didn’t get plates (You have 1 month to get them, I had proof of purchase, license, everything. Still wasn’t good enough to escape the police state.) After jumping through hoops for these narcissistic sociopaths I was then forced to go through an X-ray machine in a medical gown with the threat of violence if I refused. After reading the incident reports from both officers they conveniently leave out the part of about them searching my person as well as the x-rays. They also were dumb enough to write what they found in the illegal search after failing to mention it. After reading the incident report you will be just as confused as I was as to why they arrested me to begin with. According to the incident report I was arrested and x-rayed because of a no license plate warning? Is this real? Is this the USA? One of the many reasons I left…

Incident Reports

As you’ll start to notice every word of this incident report is a fucking lie. They both lie out there ass as they cover for each other. Where did they magically find this pipe? They don’t seem to mention it anywhere. Nothing was found in the car, nothing found on my person… WTF?! With no options but to sue and win money from a lawsuit aka steal tax payer money, I just decided to leave the shit hole country of bootlickers and move on with my life instead. I really didn’t want tax payer money as that just adds to the problem.. if they didn’t have qualified immunity I would have sued the shit out of every person in this department that was involved. Don’t let the Jesus Christ talk fool you, if I met them in a dark alley without their costume and badge I would have loved to beat them bloody. To violently force someone into a nude x-ray for a warning for no license plate gives me justification to do what I feel necessary to protect myself. Surrounded by sociopaths with guns while in handcuffs however, you’re left with few options.

One thing that really caught my eye in the incident report is me placing both hands on the wheel for the entire traffic stop made the officer nervous. He said it was strange and he noticed it. Literally the safest thing I could do, most respectful thing I could do, is place my hands on the wheel and this was one of the reasons I was search. It doesn’t matter how you act at this point, 99% of the police force and prison guards are malignant narcissistic sociopaths. They laugh and take joy from hurting you. They get off when they over power you and force you to obey. This is reality at this point and its only going to get worse.

Unlawfully Arrested and X-Rayed In Jail - Nagolbud Get's Arrested

xQcOW Is the Biggest Douche Bag on the Internet

The problem with this however is xQcOW reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger. A real troll at heart but not one of those low IQ Reddit trolls, but rather the type with a lot of creativity. I really do hate Twitch and what it’s become but watching xQcOW’s videos on YouTube I decided to tune in for a few broadcasts during the GTA V roleplay (No Pixel is a Scam Server) and was pleasantly surprised to see this kid’s creativity and how down to earth he actually was. After watching some more of his YouTube videos I started to see how his creativity had been attacked by society over and over again.

Whether it be in gaming, trolling, or just being himself he was constantly punished for it. In the age of self censorship and low IQ Reddit trolling it was a breath of fresh air to see how popular he had become on a platform that hates him. It’s easy to see how much he’s grown over the years as a person and he seems to be an anomaly in the Twitch scene. As most Twitchers get a few bits and fiat currency they start to sell out and become a robotic content creator with no growth, creativity, or fun to be had. xQcOW seemed to be the opposite in the world of censorship and conformity known as Twitch.

Although he’s the first Canadian I’ve seen that didn’t know what a baby moose was he still seems to bring a bit of fresh air to the gaming industry and that’s exactly what’s needed right now. As creativity dies for a few streamers to collect on their “content” he seems to continuously get hate from people that wish they were him. A real gamer in the age of casuals on Twitch chasing popularity and stardom willing to sell out their hobby for a few bucks, he was the opposite. His facial expression alone during some of those cheesy competitive gaming tournaments were enough to win me over.

This Is What Gaming Has Become... Woody Woo

The thing most people don’t realize on the internet (or real life) is how FAKE most people are. They put on a show constantly, like a narcissist hiding behind 35 face masks just so they can cash in and remain politically correct. However, xQcOW doesn’t play a character or pretend to be something he’s not. He’s just himself regardless of how much trouble it gets him in. Above all other things, that’s something I respect especially in this day and age where conformity bias and the pareto principle rule society. Willing to sacrifice his payday and fame for trolling with a dose of creativity it’s safe to say he’s got one more subscriber.

Irrelevant as I may sound as a white dude living in Mexico, I just wanted to post something in support of this kid and everything he has accomplished. The fact he did it without having to sell himself out or become someone he wasn’t is truly something that should be brought into the light for other kids to see. You don’t have to sell out, you don’t have to be fake, and you’re allowed to be yourself regardless of what others may think. This is an example of creativity and a true artist and honestly a pretty good role model once kids understand this. There’s enough politically correct douche bag Karen’s in the world already and it’s only getting worse.

What many don’t realize about this politically correct, social justice warrior, everyone is offended culture is how destructive it is to free speech, creativity, and growth for each person. You’re not allowed to say or do anything that might offend someone which in return destroys creativity and everything it once stood for. Gaming is the perfect example of how this mindset can absolutely destroy a hobby and culture that used to be known for its big brain trolling creativity against society. Now? Every casual soy boy simp is a gamer with his glowing PC and league of legends account. Every casual feminist Karen is a pro gamer in every competitive game, every competitive match, and it’s become a shallow skin casino in return.

AAA game corporations love this idea because they cash in on all these casuals and their low IQ. They don’t have to put out creativity or unique games because these fan boys will buy the game, play it for an hour, then watch some streamer complete it for them. Every AAA game I’ve bought since returning from the jungle has been a total cesspool of bugs, shitty animations, and terrible stories and plots. All revolving around political correctness and casual gaming for the new age.

The worst part about these games is the always offended barbie boys that play them, buying every skin and low quality DLC. They use their passive aggressive soy boy antics taking everything toxicly serious when they are usually absolutely dog shit at the game itself. Which in return triggers real gamers to say something usually resulting in a ban for someone like me or xQcOW. We aren’t allowed to flame douche bags or toxic try hard Karens, we aren’t allowed to be funny or say naughty words without the threat of being banned. Back in the day World of Warcraft was known for it’s Barrens chat because Blizzard RARELY banned people for the things they said. They understood the essence behind trolling, gaming, creativity, and fun. In less than 15 years just look at how far we’ve fallen as gamers are banned for using the word obese, simp, retard, or cuck. All along the gaming industry get’s destroyed and these soy boys cash in on their Twitch streams being some politically correct barbie boy as they pretend to be gamers and AAA corps clap them on. Real gamers and creativity get left behind..

Interview with Founder of Boca Chula Studios

They Literally Create Fake News Everyday

For your typical female narcissist contracted with the feminist virus this news clip is merely a go girl power moment. Upon further investigation it becomes more obvious that the situation could never have happened. Illogical circumstances led by crisis actors fake tears women are diligently sharing this story on Facebook for their peers. Never questioning a thing another news broadcast creates the narrative as they pedal an agenda no one seems to notice anything. “Michigan mom dies saving her twins’ lives by throwing body in front of a speeding car” Like what bruh? How did this women save her children exactly? LOL WHAT?!! “She my bes fren, she gon now.” – Fake Crying Crisis Actor. They must have cut the budget for crisis actors recently. HAHAHAHA wtf..

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false” William J. Casey (Director of the CIA)

What They Show On Television

Michigan mom dies saving her twins' lives by throwing body in front of a speeding car

If you can get over that tranny Sandra Ali here is some more fake news.. she a sheeld the boys wid er body after she told them to put there heads down to brace for the impact of an SUV going 90 mph? LOL WHAT! She’s like the feminist super hero from the Incredibles 2.

Woodhaven business holds fundraiser for family of mother who died shielding 2 sons from car crash

What Actually Happens

Feminist Mother of the Year Award


Television Watching News Believer - Conspiracy Music Guru Censorship: Coronavirus Covid-19 Design Banned

Modern censorship reaches every aspect of life at this point… This design was literally my most popular yet Big Brother said no. I just received this e-mail stating that they would now be censoring, aka, deleting my design because some mask wearing, government loving, Karen… got offended. Probably a 2 year graduate of the local community college who now prides herself as an expert in health care as she works as a minimum wage Big PharmaCorp zombie injecting chemicals like a heroine dealer. But hey, apparently this design is super offensive and evil… and I should just shut up, put on my mask, and stop complaining. It’s just a piece of cloth right?

Coronavirus Covid-19 Censorship

Red Bubble says you’re only allowed to sell artwork that aligns with their political ideology. How can you claim to be a website for artists when you censor the most basic of backlashes against society? It’s not vulgar, it’s not an attack on anyone, just a basic T shirt design yet EVEN THIS is censored. You are not allowed to think anything other than what THEY tell you.

As they deep throat political correctness they pretend they are here to promote artwork. Their CEO’s and founders Paul Vanzella, Peter Styles, Martin Hosking, and Adam Schwartz have no real ability for critical thinking let alone art work. How a company like this even gets popular shows the state of our society and how pathetic it really is.

Quote from the Founders Paul Vanzella, Peter Styles, Martin Hosking, and Adam Schwartz:
“From the first day, our principle was We stand for artists, we honour them, their work, and their passions. We built the company with an appreciation that the more creativity you bring into the world, the more vibrant the world becomes.”

What their Policy actually says:
“Harmful misinformation is not permitted. We define this as any misleading or false information that harms or significantly threatens public safety. For example, content that expresses anti-vaccination sentiment is not allowed because it presents misleading and/or factually inaccurate information that negatively impacts public health.” – Red Bubble

Paul Vanzella, Peter Styles, Martin Hosking, and Adam Schwartz are douche bags… let’s just be honest. Allowing blatant censorship on a website dedicated to artists? Fuck off. As you make up artistic quotes about freedom and creativity you blatantly censor anyone with a different opinion? Fuck off.

“In times of human struggle, the world needs art. Crises such as this are too complex, too nuanced to put into words, but art is a higher form of language. When we don’t know what to feel, art can illustrate emotion … [As an artist] You do have a sword to wield. Can you push through anxiety and find the space to be creative? Can you find your voice and whisper to us, a joke, an idea, or a memory of some better time? I implore you to try … as an artist community our voices echo more loudly than one could ever do alone.”

Hahahahaha just shut the fuck up already. Bunch of fake ass fools lying through your teeth pretending to be some artistic gurus as they bend over for everything politically correct.

The E-mail… kind of obvious they want me to delete my account. Or are about to delete it..
Red Bubble Censorship

R.I.P. Designs… it’s just getting old at this point. Create, they destroy. Create, they destroy. Whether an Adobe House, Food Forest, or just a simple T-Shirt design. The system only allows conformity. Create, they destroy.
Red Bubble Censorship

wtf did zdoggmd say?

Television Watching News Believer - Conspiracy Music Guru

Social Engineering for Coronavirus Covid-19 Vaccine

They’ve been preparing the masses for a while now. No surprise they’d use social media and it’s lemmings as free advertising across the world, getting the yuppies to spread the great news of the vaccines availability. In every little town and every corner, every zombie will get his day at the end of the needle for Big PharmaCrops payday. Do your part to earn your social standing, with conformity bias at your fingertips it should be quite easy to follow the rules with the government demanding.

Just Say YES to Coronavirus Covid-19 Vaccines

Conspiracy Theories are scary. Don’t watch this video…

Nothing to See Here, Move Along Please..

Just a friendly reminder about the basic ingredients for every vaccine from the CDC itself.
CDC Vaccine Additives

EGG PROTEIN, TRIGGERED!!!! Vegan’s can’t even get vaccines!!!!! For real though you’re a strait sociopath if you inject your children let alone a baby with these chemicals. Absolutely disgusting, should be ashamed of yourselves’ Karens. These “front line heros” aka silly nut bag nurses guilt tripping everyone into getting vaccines with their 2 year community college degree in “knowledge”. Stay in your lane, you’re no different than a legal crack dealer under the ruse of healthy and safety.

Engineering Social Conformity

wtf did zdoggmd say?

01101100 01101001 01100101 01110011

Television Watching News Believer - Conspiracy Music Guru

Society vs Community

You’re on deck to start your life with over a decade of school under your belt. Unable to discern whether your ideas be theirs or your own. Trying to decipher life’s code the umpire yells batter up! Forced into another 4+ years of schooling education you’ve never had time to figure things out. Forced to read and repeat with no end in sight.

The ball whizzes by and all you hear is strike one! Blinking your eyes you gasp for air as your mind starts to melt. Is this the life I want or is there something else. The pitcher winds up and wings one in, closing your eyes you take one big swing. Strike two!

Slamming down the alarm clock it’s already 5 a.m. Time to go and do my job at the corporate office as another day passes you close in on the hump. The excitement is unbearable barely making it to Friday when the fun can actually start. After cleaning the house you’re exhausted from such a long week, passing out on the couch it’s already Sunday night and time to get things ready for yet another work week. Enjoying some Netflix programming you relax for one last second before everything hits repeat.

Luckily the last pitch was a ball or you’d already be out, not paying attention at all. The umpire yells the count, noticing you’ve got one more chance to do something at the plate. Taking a step back you take a few practice swings with approval from the stands. Seeing retirement on the horizon you put on your coronavirus mask and jump into the batters box.

A high speed fast ball is coming your way, unable to react in time it pegs you in the leg. Falling over in pain you can’t seem to walk as your bat rolls around on the ground. A las, you’ve reached society’s max height and can do anything at all. Your bank account is huge and your wallet is fat. Wincing in pain however you hear the umpire motion to take your base. Cuddling up with your blanket you cry away the pain as a sweet new Netflix series plays over the loudspeaker of your old folk’s home..



It's Just a Conspiracy Theory



The Future of Boca Chula Studios

Transvestigation: How the Jesuits Control Politics

When you start to research the Jesuits you realize how much of your life has been controlled. What you believe and know as “truth” has been created for you. Your entire life is walking their fine line whether you realize it or not. Their ability to achieve their goals is evident throughout history as their plans come closer to completion every year.

The evil History of the Jesuits

The Jesuits,Priesthood of Absolute Evil Exposed!

As you dive into their history and actions you might start to wonder why congress or politicians don’t fight back. Why they have never done anything to get rid of them… until you realize how deep it really goes.

Transpoaclypse Now by Mr E

I really don’t even have to say anything else. Put two and two together… Jesuits and Catholic Church are known for starting child orphanages on islands. Politicians are cross dressing free masons.. The Jesuits are known for being pedophiles, drug trafficking, ect. So when you connect these dots what are you left with? Many children who are abused sexually as children have gender dysphoria as they grow up. Living inside this sick system that was created for them. Who would speak out from the political hierarchy, and which experts in history or science would speak out? They are all in on it with a life of pain below their belt. The Vatican is like the Umbrella corporation using childhood trauma and abuse to shape their future puppets. It’s time to wake up!

Coronavirus Crisis Actors Hit the Stage

“Paappaapapapapapapapalease wear your coronavirus mask. Please save the world with your coronavirus mask. Please obey government without question. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee apapapap pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee even if it’s just 5%, wear a mask.” said the screechy voiced SIMPcuck.

Florida Anti-Masker Records His Regret From Hospital Bed

It’s like they are the same people….

Who And How They Hire Crisis Actors

“Wait they are starting to figure it out! Quick! Damage control for the brain dead masses. They’ll never think about it again if we just push some “reverse psychology”. Also just call the opposition conspiracy theorists! It shuts down all conversation and critical thinking.”

Edgy thumbnail. Check.
Keywords. Check.
Conformist title. Check.
Paid actors. Check.
3. 2. 1. ACTION!

crisis actors

covid doctor

wtf did zdoggmd say?

01101100 01101001 01100101 01110011

Fickle Friendships for the Modern World

Making friends in the modern world is close to impossible unless your a yes man conformist. People have become so fickle and fake they don’t even have their own personality or opinion. They repeat everything they hear in the main stream and absorb their programming without question. You’re not allowed to disagree or voice a unique opinion without being shunned and attacked or passive aggressively ignored. It’s quite pathetic when you really think about it but that’s the world we now live in. Everyone in mouth covers and fickle over every little detail in life. You must adhere to their political ideology, their government worship ideology, their vaccine ideology, their sport worship ideology, how tall the earth is ideology, the speed the earth spins ideology, what color your shoes are ideology, how long your pubic hair is ideology. < – Not really but it’s pretty much gotten to that point. If you don’t agree with everyone someone says you are blocked and unfriended.

Society and it’s gang of narcissistic flying monkeys can’t handle real friendship. It would destroy the mask they pretend to wear in front of their peers in society. They feel the need to attack with passive aggressive nonsense, calling you a Karen when in reality they meet the description. Getting emotional and stupid over vaccines or some other retarded topic defeated with common sense. Just because I don’t want to inject myself, or future kids, with random chemicals from a corporation that’s been caught in court lying and causing medical problems. I mean, you seriously gotta be stupid and brainwashed to think 50+ injections of chemicals for a small baby is normal or okay…. call me your programmed “anti vaxer” line or call me whatever you want, you’re a fucking moron if you think it’s a good idea to inject 50+ chemicals into a baby before its a year old. But yeah, block me and call me names because society told you vaccines are good. Berate and attack people because they don’t wear an ineffective piece of paper over their mouth. Attack me because I didn’t vote for the “lesser of two evils”. Fuck maybe you’re just stupid as fuck for thinking a politician is going to save you. I’m sorry I’ll stop being sexist and racist.

Now a days we have SIMPs calling real men Karen’s and Karen’s calling real men SIMPs. For standing on truth and fighting back with it you will be attacked by all aspects of the delusional systematical zombie horde. It’s enough to drive a crazy man sane, the world we live in is so fucking dull and boring with these types of people. They claw and cling to the system that destroys them only to be given a tiny crumb, as they watch their slave master shovel down the entire cake. It becomes impossible to build real friendships and relationships in a society run in this fashion, like a slave ship as we all are being told to row. Conformity is king and you better bow down. I must be nuts though right? Cuz you didn’t hear the conformity gospel from tik tok approving your right to your opinion to think this. If you don’t agree with every letter in every word of every sentence we can’t be friends.

conform to society

What’s funny is I’ve never blocked anyone in my life. I’ve never removed someone from my life because of something they said or thought. Repetitive disrespect however is a different subject all together, but if you think the politicians are lizard people from the center of the spinning earth ball that were injected into the lava by the semen of a distant dinosaur god man beast with 3 wings and 4 sexual reproductive organs I wouldn’t disband you. I’d probably ask you to make a video game with me. People these days are too fucking fickle with all their ridiculous opinions that weren’t even created by them. Their entire identity was forged by the programming of society. Their software’s been hacked and they can no longer function as a human being with any empathy. Compile this with social distancing and literally no social skills our society is left in loneliness as each member straps on their face mask and hides in their room. Self inflicted depression while attacking those that teach a different way of thinking. What would I know though, I’m just a sexist, racist, homophobic, women hating, delusionalistic, conspiracy theoristy, anti vaxing, flat earther terrorist living in my moms closet.

Engineering Social Conformity

Interview with CEO of Boca Chula Studios

Anti-Maskers Are So Dumb

Dude I can’t. I can’t society anymore… Wearing a face diaper gives you the right to berate and attack other human beings for not wearing a face diaper? Because the government, television, or the “medical scientists professional college authorities supreme classism obediance organization” told you it would stop coronavirus covid-19? HAHA, OOOKaay society!

Maybe people just don’t want to wear a mask. We aren’t all conformist douche bags that lick the boots of government and obey their word as gospel without questioning anything. Maybe people don’t believe the government lies… and don’t want to wear a mask because it’s absolutely insane to force and entire world to wear a mask against there will. Fk’n nut bags. Every last one of you. . .

Anti-Maskers Are So Dumb

All these masks do is prove how stupid, gullible, and faithful you are in government. Injecting yourself with systematic conformity crack every day just to “fit in”. The worst part is this soyboy Karen is calling other people Karen as he has a temper tantrum over a random stranger not wearing a diaper on their face. If this was my little sister he’d be coughing up blood after I shoved that mask down his throat.

Creepy Covid Mask Wearing Nutbags 01010111 01010100 01000110

YouTube creating the conformity. Social engineering in progress. The comment section: Approves.

Karen Gets Tased And Arrested For Not Wearing Mask At Football Game

“Zomg covid 19 will never go away because people like you don’t wear a mask…” “Zomg did they just breath on me without a mask?” “There are no bigger babies than those afraid of face masks. Omg how dare you violate my rights to show my face, I need to spread my germs! I need air, I can’t breath with this terrifying cloth!! Calm your balls.” “If they had a health conditions they shouldn’t probably go outside coz the rules outside is to wear mask.” “Stop pitching a hissy fit and wear a mask in public. It’s not a bad idea to follow science. You’re just being a drama queen.” “So you think the law is not meant for young white girls? Welcome to the real world where you get arrested for not following the rules.” “Annoys me that these arrogant people think the rules don’t apply to them while everyone else has to follow them!” “He tazed somebody for not wearing a mask. I’m a cop too, she’s resisting arrest. Despite a warrant, we have the right to arrest citizens without a mask.” “You’re nuts dude. Listen to scientists and medical professionals and wear a mask.”

Holy shit people are such pathetic little cowards living in fear. A virus can’t even fucking transfer from person to person. It’s medically impossible…

BUT that’s not what the television said Nagolbud!!! REEEEEEEEEEEE. Just wear a mask Nagolbud! REEEEEEEE. It saves so many lives…. REEEEEEEEetarded.

Coronavirus Coronavirus Lies Coronavirus Bag

Society is too stupid and too loud. Absolutely pathetic how cowardly and delusional these people are and they are the “norm”. Enjoy your slave mask ya yuppies. Better yet just use a plastic bag for a mouth cover.


Best Coronavirus Mask and How to Wear It Properly #coronavirus #covid19

[You’re a Covid 19 Television Watching Idiot]

[Transmission Terminated]

Left vs Right Political Paradigm

The stage is set and the psyops in place. Red vs Blue their setting the scene like an old Halo game. As you dance for the puppeteers pretending to be free, waving your flag. Meanwhile you beg for permission to catch a fish or build a shed. Paying money and time to maintain your gun “rights” from a political environment pretending to take them. Creating Chaos in America is part of the plan, self destruction as the means of control you beg and plea for a government take over. Crisis actors and fake news parade through your mind thinking it’s reality. Fake protests and fires started by provocateurs. Everything you know turns into lies.

Scenes from dueling left-and right-wing rallies near Justice Center in downtown Portland

Season 1, Episode 1 - Why Are We Here? | Red vs. Blue

Chaos: The World Before 【Chapter 1】

Dumbass Conservatives Cheering On Martial Law

As I update myself on the current events in the United States it’s a great reminder of why I’ll never return. To clarify, I hate politics. The left vs right paradigm is an obvious ruse used to control and maintain the conformity in the USA and worldwide. Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Trump.. all friends at the end of the day. As they cheers each other with a fancy wine glass and laugh at the masses their acting becomes clear.

As I read the comments in some of these videos as the national guard rolls out in the streets, I can’t help be reminded of the Posse Comitatus Act and how they cleverly left out the national guard. Looking back on history it’s easy to see how this has played out before, as they killed students at Kent State for protesting the war, or the burning down of Wako, or shooting an innocent mother as she held her child at Ruby Ridge.

These pop tart patriots worship their flag and sling it all around, begging the government to send bullets at those on the left. Never stopping to consider this was just another psyop to control the narrative. As they chant the “news is fake” while relying on it for all the information they forget their conscious and critical thinking as they cheer on their own demise.

USA Martial Law

What happens in 4 years when your savior Trump is no more? When an evil communist democrat gets back in office with the powers Trump declared first hand. Will there be a coop or perhaps Trump will declare no more elections. This too will be cheered on by the conservatives to lift up their hero. As this becomes a delusion and the world intervenes these same conservatives will be dancing with their guns in the streets. Those humvees and buses will now be used on you, as your claps turn to violence the streets burn some more. Now that they’ve got all the domestic terrorists and “extremist” locked up or killed, society returns to the boot licking normality you once adored.

No one dares raise their hand or protest in the streets as your masks become more than a security blanket for covid-19. As the working class is silenced they still fail to realize it was them cheering this on. What a shame they didn’t realize it before they were lying in a pool of their own conservative red.

Engineering Social Conformity