What Happened To Jess Greenberg?

After Jess Greenberg, was reported missing by her travel companions, a ship-wide search was conducted and the ships camera footage was reviewed, they said.

“Based on the video analysis, we can confirm that it appears she climbed up and sat on a deck railing and subsequently fell backwards,” A spokeswoman Rudy Gonzolaz said.

Carnival Liberty departed from the United Kingdom, on a 2 month trip to Mexico cruising the beautiful waters. Greenberg had not been found as of midday Sunday, despite a search by the Coast Guard.

After further discovery of evidence it become obvious Jess Greenberg had been victim to an attack on the cruise ship. Some believe her friends set her up while others think it was involved with human trafficking. Some believe there was a cover up by the cruise ship industry while conspiracy theorists believe it to be the hands of aliens.


After the search was cancelled by the coast guard Mexican fisherman took up the lead in the search for Jess Greenberg. Jess Greenberg is missing as of today and no further updates are available.

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Winning the Race to 5G

Looking back at the United States it’s hard to tell if it’s Idiocracy or the Twilight Zone. Between Hollywood and Washington D.C. it’s a never ending attack of retardation and douche bags in suits pretending to have a clue. As they push an agenda these useful idiots collect some pocket change.. never realizing they were nothing but a puppet dancing on some strings. As they stand and smirk from the podium their soul escapes, leaving them as an empty vessel on cruise control. Living life as a high roller but never experiencing joy itself before hitting the coffin.

The Race with China to 5G: WHO WILL WIN?!

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5G APOCALYPSE Documentary

Sociopath Logan Paul Gaslights the Flat Earth Community

When you look at all the paid actors and shills surrounding this “joke” documentary you might start to wonder what’s really going on. Especially if you think back to the censorship ordeal that Logan Paul started with some retarded suicide video even though YouTube has millions of videos of people literally dying. Literal compilation videos of people committing suicide or getting killed. They are all monetized, still to this day, and people will load those videos up with comments and “lol” while at the same time cursing Logan Paul for revealing a dead man hanging from a tree. This is clear social engineering on the most basic level. Get the people to cheer for their own censorship and YouTube was happy to give it to them.

Logan Paul is nothing but an actor, playing his part, in removing real content creators from social media and replacing them with people like himself. His latest documentary was a clear gas lighting attempt by the sociopath’s on top to not only discredit the flat earth movement in the media, but to also force the flat earth community to respond or get angry. This is obvious gas lighting and those commenting as fans of Logan Paul will never open their eyes or wake up. They knew this going into the documentary, that wasn’t the main goal however. This becomes transparent when they don’t even attempt to use logic or science, but rather emotional propaganda from when you were a kid in their government schools.

The objective wasn’t really to keep kids asleep, but rather harass and trigger the flat earth community. As the spiritual war rages on many cling to their own wisdom, turning them self into an idol to be worshiped. The reality is this is the only type of response these people should get. There is no point in trying to debunk his documentary, or prove him to be a shill, the agenda itself is evidence enough, and reason enough, to ignore it. You might think you have an opportunity to bring some over to the truth but the reality is YouTube search results are already filled with paid actors “exposing” his video, yet all they do is make jokes and try to trigger the flat earth community even more. These people have no IQ, no logic, no intelligence, no ability to question authority. They are total cowards and instead of facing the question like a real man, they hide behind dick jokes, nasty British teeth, female to male body features, and a bowl cut from the styling of the last school shooter.

ImAllexx YouTube

They’ve already prepared their search results with “Logan Pauls Documentary Exposed” and claimed the keywords. They already knew people would be triggered to make real response videos and any attempt to discredit the documentary will be shown to only flat earthers. As these shill channels claim the viewership of the sheep, you’re left to wonder how people could be so stupid. These social media companies have perfected the recommended section to create an echo chamber of illusion while maintaining the facade of freedom of speech. All along people think they are getting the truth, or at least an even dose of both sides, but the reality is they are being fed exactly what their ears want to hear. To promote and hold up the system your critical thinking disappears.

At the end of the day you’re wasting your time, trying to explain basic science to indoctrinated zombies. The reality is no one had to tell me anything about the shape of the earth except the government for me to have to question it and find out for myself. I didn’t need a flat earth YouTube video, I didn’t need anything. I asked myself and I found the answer. It could be as simple as using a camera to film the bottom of a boat 15+ miles away that should be hidden behind the curve, as that alone PROVES there is no curve. What is the point of continuing a conversation with someone that can’t question and research for them self? If they can’t figure out why seeing the bottom of a boat from the beach as it sails away only to re-appear with the camera zoom they are fucking retarded. If they can’t figure out that the boat should be completely gone over the curve at this point, yet it’s still visible on a camera, there is no other way to say it. They are fucking retarded. Conversation OVER.

Yet this isn’t what the elite want. They want you gas lighted and angry trying to convince the world of the truth. They want you jumping through their hoops trying to get the world to understand. Little did you know however most of the world prefers the lie. They embrace it. They get paid because of it. They are famous because of it. They are popular because of it. Most of the world doesn’t want the lie exposed because they would have to take real responsibility for their life instead of allowing the government to do it. They would have to figure out how to build their own shelter, acquire their own food and protect them self from nature and evil humans. These are the cowards of society, the conformists, and they don’t want their mind changed. So don’t get gas lighted by this sociopathic douche bag, and go outside and enjoy some sunshine, plant some tomatoes, and forget about these faggots and their self worship bullshit.

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Online Obsession

When you go offline or live off grid for a period of time whether at your own accord, or by traveling, you start to notice how obsessed people really are with themselves. The simple minded thot posting selfies all day searching for approval is easy to spot, however the rest hide behind a mask of opportunity and kindness. Whether MGTOW, vegan, or a Trump supporter people hide behind these labels to simply put focus on themselves. They pretend they are pushing something of importance when the reality their movement or idea is seriously retarded, based on logic and common sense. They literally talk out their ass to simply garnish a following. They simply talk with the crowd to lead them into their camp.

These people offer no real insight and are quite dangerous to your own thought process and critical thinking. Being surrounded by like minded people that are self obsessed is a sure fire way to destroy your own critical thinking process. After coming back online after a long walk through the Americas I saw how easily social media could influence your thoughts or actions. Whether subliminally or in a more transparent way. People will sell you snake oil in hopes of receiving your due diligence as a firm supporter. People begging for donations for simply living their life after pushing a button on a camera, expecting everyone to pay their bills as they claim to be hard working.

When you really start to think about it, it becomes more clear. How entrapping the internet really is and how devastating it is to the soul. When you realize it’s literally called the WORLD WIDE WEB you start to ponder even the creation of the internet itself. As people from Australia, the UK, and Canada cheer on Trump calling themselves supporters when they live across the world. This is what internet has done as it creeps into the life of everyone on earth. Putting them in a mental prison of bullshit, politics, and propaganda with little to no chance of escape. People chasing likes and follows to validate themselves instead of their ideas.

Places like YouTube, an online library, literally burned to the ground before our very eyes as most don’t care about the principal behind it as long as they get their adsense check. They don’t care about the little channels, the channels sharing real knowledge, they simply care about getting a check for “entertaining” people. They only release 10 minute videos and pretend they are some sort of online God as they rehash the same content over and over or literally steal it from people living real. As everyone on the planet seems to be a content creator these days portraying their life as content when they really do nothing of interest. They simply pedal the same rhetoric as the “in” crowd and jump on the band wagon. I’ve seen dumbass chicks on YouTube from Australia talking about how they are a Trump supporter as if anyone gives a shit. Yet they have 100k subscribers and millions of likes and donations.

Other places like Instagram are literally run by escorts and thots as they post picture after picture of their boobs and ass pretending they have talent or skill and a train of thirsty beta faggots complimenting even the most caked up whore. The reality is a women simply posts pictures of herself and gets famous. Whereas a man would have to perform CPR on a dying child as he rescues a women from a burning building while delivering puppies. And even then he’ll only get 3 likes and a follow. These self obsessed cunts live in a delusional fairy tale land as they walk down the street on their phone. Pretending that society should bend over for them because 5000 dudes from the internet liked their photo. (Most of which are robots, there are hundreds of websites that you can buy likes, follows, and subscriptions.)

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

People pretend they are so busy and can’t answer a message when the reality is they have nothing to do with their life other than stare at a phone or computer. They literally can’t put it down as they fight for a scrap of attention and a little adsense paycheck. Willing to cut the throat of another YouTuber or online persona just to get another subscription. They talk nonsense all day in any way just for that one bit of popularity. Self obsessed with their own celebrity status never even contemplating how delusional they really are.

Society itself is a cancer and it becomes evident in the online world. People of no skill and serious critical thinking problems have become celebrities (in their own mind) while they trash any aspect of real insight and knowledge. These same pussies will talk shit behind your back and when confronted pretend to be your friend. I’ve seen this play out thousands of times online as people create drama for views or defamation to ruin someones career. All of which to simply further their own. These narcissistic cunts have nothing real to offer and that’s why they need to feed off others. They have no real content, they have no real personality, their just an empty hollow shell pretending, stealing content, and rehashing it and the worst part is you cheer it on.

You can’t blame the millennials either, as most adults spend more time on their phone than the kids and certainly spend most of their day at a computer pretending they have some important job, even the dumbest Chimpanzee could accomplish. But please tell us more about how you needed 4 years of college to fill out excel spreadsheets.

The Internet Killed Video Games

Once in a while I get fed up with a certain game or the game designers alternative motive and throw it down. Often times it’s another DLC money grab from the developer or a hidden pay wall to win. Regardless, money seems to be the only thing driving the modern video game market. On the other side of the coin you have millions of avid gamers willing and ready to murder someone just to get one rank higher in CSGO, League of Legends, or WoW PvP. You name the game, with online multiplayer, 98% of the player base turns into cut throat douche bags trying to achieve a pixelated accomplishment. Have you ever noticed a common theme among these current games? The community is “toxic”. You can read hundreds of these reviews for almost any online multiplayer game.

In regards to games going down hill in the last 5-10 years that point could be made. That developers have used the internet and hype to clear out the pockets of their fans while delivering low brow, no creativity, non functioning video game as their 5th alpha game this decade. Some fans claim the pretty graphics make up for low quality gameplay and non existent creativity as they hold up just a few games in the last 10 years to maintain their point. Another reason some of these games like WoW last over a decade, because nothing has come out to beat it. You can list some other game but the reality is nothing has been as popular as WoW for PC gaming. Other hugely popular games like Minecraft or Terraria still remain some of the top games out there, with the most copies sold world wide. These games are not graphically amazing and two of them are essentially a 2d Windows 98 game. The reason they were so popular is the creativity behind the game. WoW is a bit of an exception as lore and past games built into it but games like Minecraft are solely on their own.

Games that are not known for their online multiplayer seem to be the most popular as far as playability. Or online multiplayer without the “PvP competition”. I put that in quotations because a lot of people seem to think “skill” is involved in ranking high in a lot of these games but the reality is you just have to play a lot. There is no “Call of Duty skills”, however there is memorization of maps, spawn locations, and objectives. Which is hardly a measure of skill, but rather you simply put more focus on CSGO than the other guy. Most of these online games themselves can be won depending on who is the host alone! Games like Fortnite where players gloat about being #1 when the reality is the best gamers probably aren’t wasting away on Twitch begging for donations. They have real hobbies, real lives, and other things they prefer doing than staring at a computer all day. Yet this is considered a “skill”. If someone get’s 1st in 100 Fortnite matches but played 500,000 matches are they really skilled? Verse someone that gets 1st in 100 Fortnite matches with only 500 games.

This brings me to my next point, that the internet actually killed video games. Between Twitch and YouTube it seems game developers base their entire game off what a few streamers say online and their baby sitter audience of 8 year olds. Have you ever played a game that had potential? That was a lot of fun? Only to watch it get destroyed by these “skilled” players because they can’t actually do it. Dumbing down games like WoW where the hunter bow quest from vanilla actually took some class skill to accomplish. Or at least knowing your characters limits and abilities very well. It was actually a token of accomplishment in game, whereas modern WoW simply hands out gear for “completing” a run.

These same people get into multiplayer games, playing hours a day, whether they are silver, gold, or diamond, commando, or super man of CSGO, it all remains the same. Their attitudes and delusions of becomming the next Twitch famous streamer is held up next to their “COD” weekend tournament trophy. (Only 3 teams entered). They cuss you out online for hitting the wrong button, they flame you for using “e” instead of “q” when you should have “w”. Yet they are the same rank as you. The entire online community of video games has turned into a cesspool of narcissistic morons that think video games is an actual skill. It’s not! It’s entertainment!

I remember back to Super Nintendo, N64, regular Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, ect. How much fun the games were, how much fun I had at LAN parties with buddies, and how intense those Halo sessions were with a group of friends. We’d usually go to the store first, get a bunch of fake food and snacks with some sugar water and hit the console all night. Renting a game for the weekend was such an exciting thing as a kid and the excitement in the car as I anticipated the bike ride to my buddies house to sound the alarm for the new game. I don’t remember ever having a real fight, being cussed out, or threatened in any of these matches. Were their intense moments? Of course, but that’s what made it fun. At the end of the night there was no ranking, no delusional stat system. It was all fun and it built those relationships.

The internet however, has turned gaming into some sort of retard competition where hitting one button a second before the other determines your “skill”. Lag itself and who is hosting the game, forget all that, it’s not like it matters when the opponent has an extra 3 seconds of visual time before you do right?! Haha. Or other games like League of Legends that are won and lost at the champion select screen. Does it take skill to play that game? No. Literally none. What it does require though, is a lot of time spent memorizing and staying updated on their champion updates. A game where they literally buff and nerf champions to sell skins as their player base cries about rank and skills. Sorry dude, but there is no skill required in playing League of Legends.

The worst part is these are the people that make up the “toxic community”. A bunch of gun hoe retards chasing a rank. They get so caught up in this rank they are willing to act like a douche bag in order to lord their “skill” over another person that most likely just hasn’t played as much. These same tools will admit to being on a “smurf” account as they belittle and flame anyone that messes up. Reality check, you are playing with bad players just to feel good about yourself. It’s a bit of a narcissistic supply grab for many of these sociopathed out morons. The difference between the internet and no internet is, if some little douche bag ran his mouth in real life like that he’d get his ass beat because fighting requires more than button mashing, luck, and no lag. I promise you won’t see the left or right hook coming but I can guarantee you’ll be crying about hacks as you crawl up in the fetal position hugging concrete. Then they learn not to act like that anymore.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

Online however, is a different story. In most cases the toxic player will gaslight their victim into calling them out. In which case the real toxic player will report the victim along with their crew of butt buddies and you will get banned or timed out from playing. I remember when I used to play League of Legends seeing this exact scenario played out. Some douche bag was harassing another player for not “w” when he should have “e” and I simply called him a douche bag and told him to shut up, let the guy play. I was banned for 2 weeks immediately after the game by their “auto” ban feature. Why? Him and his 69 partner reported me. Games like this literally promote toxic behavior without even allowing the victim to fight back without threat of ban them self. Another reason online gaming sucks.

Having to be politically correct all day just to keep your job only to come home and do the same thing in your video game under threat of ban or removal. Call someone out for being a little dicked douche bag, or a passive aggressive cunt, and you will be banned. Games like League of Legends teach their fans to behave like good little passive aggressive faggots with no threat of any type of slap on the wrist. Not even a verbal confrontation is allowed or the victim will literally get banned. A typical response to this is usually “get better baddy”, and to those people I always ask them what game they play, then I ask their rank, typically I am twice their rank at least, and about 1/10 the play time… and I AM NOT EVEN TRYING TO GET A RANK.

It was hilarious listening to low ranked CSGO players cry about rank and how hard they try when I would simply hop in the game and play for fun, mopping the floor with them. It brought me down memory lane to write this article however as it required me to relive my Super Nintendo days, and the extreme amounts of fun playing Golden Eye for the N64. Or Mario Party. Was their competition? Sure. But if you were too big of a dick head you just weren’t invited back. The problem with online gaming however is that the invitation is always there. Regardless of how many you block and report you will simply be put on another team with another toxic douche bag chasing a pixelated rank that some how brings worth and value to their life. It doesn’t matter the game, how good or bad, there will always be toxic players, cheaters, and strait up douche bags, and this is exactly why I say the internet killed video games.

(Obviously not all games, and obviously not actually killing video games. Some actual thought is required to see the point I am raising.)

Filthy casuals.

Esports and Twitch Have Ruined Call of Duty and Gaming In General

Interview with Founder of Boca Chula Studios

Animal Sanctuaries Are Cancer

This entire group seems to roll in a pack. They all fall under the umbrella of PETA, vegan, naturalist, nature worshiping types. They all seem to have a hate for human beings in general, with the thought they are the only perfect being on the planet, along with the animals they keep in cages. They will scream at you for wanting to have an exotic pet or breeding program while telling you they don’t own their animals as they lock them in a small cage or pen inside their natural habitat in the jungle.
I have noticed this same type of mentality throughout the PETA and vegan cults as they worship animals so much so they’re willing to cast aside logic and intelligence based on emotion. Trying to argue that eating corporation created “food” and dead GMO grass coated in high fructose corn syrup is healthy. These same types come to foreign countries from places like Europe or the USA and build a “nature reserve” or “sanctuary” for animals, paying the government a large sum of money to obtain special rights and privileges to do so. In most cases they don’t have any real world experience or concept of rehabilitating an animal or creating an environment for an animal to thrive and return to it’s natural habitat.
These people use the ruse of an animal sanctuary and their “generous hearts” attitude to hold a position of authority over anyone else that owns these animals. Private owners are shamed and threatened even when they provide their animals with a better living environment than these sanctuaries do. Not only that but these sanctuary owners use all of this as an excuse for them selves to personally own these animals. They pretend and lie but the reality is that’s exactly what they are doing. They simply cloak them self in self righteous bullshit pretending they are smarter, more intelligent, and know everything therefor are the only ones that should own this animal.
From personal experience I have seen these types of people decimate animal populations with their codes and rules. I have seen them ruin habitats and eco systems while they claim to be saving it. The same concept applies to exotic animals as beer, guns, and weed. Even when illegal they will always be obtainable. When they outlawed liquor and beer in the USA it created an entire underground black market. Lining the pockets of criminals and drug dealers while promoting the growth of a military state. When you start banning things only the government and criminals have access to them leaving the general public in a state of disadvantage in any situation.
This same thing applies to exotic animals and preservation. When they are banned and outlawed only the government and criminals have access. Personally dealing with the DNR, the nature government people in the USA, on several occasions only exemplifies these concerns. Growing up deer hunting we’d see fields and herds of hundreds of deer running through the fields. They were every where and it was common to see 5-6 deer harvested each year at least. After 15 years of the DNR’s nature conservancy efforts and made up diseases the deer population had plummeted. Mixed with vegan GMO crop fields destroying the rest of the environment it left the population with little chance of long term survival. The DNR was seen shooting deer from mini bird helicopters leaving them for dead claiming they had CWD. Something that was proven to have no real effect on the deer population or people eating it.
The DNR also ran stupid programs for deer hunting seasons as well. Further destroying the deer population. Making up stupid rules like earn a buck where you had to shoot a doe before you could shoot a buck. So most people would shoot any doe they saw just so they had their buck tag. This removed many good breeders that would have normally been let go for exactly that. There’s a hunters code that most stand by, and most will let a good breeder go by, and in many cases even a good breeding buck on a large property plot. I have experienced this personally many times, watching in aw as me and my uncle spied on a beautiful buck walking no more than 50 yards away sniffing for scent. He was far to young and energetic, also having a beautiful rack, to shoot. We watched him while holding our rifles simply smiling at each other.
Another story comes to mind of a family friend. Who adopted a baby deer that was stranded with no mother and would have died for sure. He took it in, fed it, watered it, milked it, this baby deer grew up as part of the family. It was free to roam but would always come inside and visit. The DNR showed up and told him it was illegal. It was illegal for him to protect a baby deer, raise it, and take care of it. To show it love and treat it like part of the family. To give it a chance at life, and a rather unique one with a 6’5″ Teddy Bear father. The chance at seeing his baby deer gradually make his way back into nature was almost cut short by these government agents. You see, the DNR would have most likely had to tranquilize it, causing extreme discomfort, anxiety, and possible death. They would have then removed it from his father and family throwing it out in nature to most likely get singled out and targeted by coyotes and wolves. Not knowing how to interact with other deer or find food in the winter it would surely die in a short time. However this carpenter raised this deer to survive and trust him. To know it had a safe home, a place to return, if something were to go wrong with that other deer thing in the field that smells the same. Gradually becoming an adult deer, moving out, and on to it’s own adventure. Luckily he wasn’t a puta padre and punched the DNR guy and the deer lived happily ever after. The DNR guy was eventually transferred. STAND YOUR GROUND!
When exotic animals are illegal, only the criminals and government will have control. The good person, the good samaritan, the one that wants to actually see the animals succeed and thrive are the ones shunned and hated. The ones that actually love and care to see them flourish in nature are almost always the hunters, the every day man, the one that takes in anything as family and shows it love. Good people are pushed from owning, breeding, and care taking for unique and wild animals when in reality that’s exactly what they need. I have video evidence of wild animals entrusting me with their survival because they understand the basics of freedom. Much better than we do as human beings, as not one chicken has ever paid me for rent, no rooster has ever gotten a noise complaint fine, no parrots paying taxes, nada nothing.
I turned a GMO farming field into a pasture. I didn’t have the money to build shelters and houses for thousands of animals, let alone the food to raise them. I did however have time, and the ability to buy cheap seeds. Based on these two points the plan was simple. Create their habitat. Within the first year I had deer in my field every night digging up radish, munching on winter wheat, or just chilling under the protection of my rifle and dog. A wild pheasant literally moved in with my chicken flock, never sleeping in the chicken coop, but there to greet me every morning and night just the same. Wild birds by the thousands enjoying the plentiful plants and seeds in the fields. Rabbits running wild and thriving in a free range environment all on my seed planting efforts alone.
I had an entire field of nature, animals, and food all in one. One without the other creates in balance and putting these animals in cages has little point. In reality having them in cages costs more money, more food, more workers, more effort. After planting some food and throwing down some brush piles these rabbits required no work, no effort, no cost. These wildlife preserves, sanctuaries, and government programs have robbed the every day person of the ability to thrive and survive off the land. Limiting the possibilities to their own superiority complex.
These people literally take animals out of their natural habitat, in some cases ripping the animals from their families / care takers only to be taken to the house of some rich snob that bought a special license to put them in cages. From my perspective if I owned a wild life sanctuary I wouldn’t be putting them in cages. Monkeys would learn to garden their food, grown their own habitats, parrots would learn to look out for their monkeys growing them fruit trees. When you look, these things happen naturally but there is no sense to be made out of it in the jungle. It’s not required. These things just happen. Have you ever walked through the forest hearing birds, wildlife, and animals running wild. Until they spot you, the song changes and everything goes silent. They know something lurks in the forest that isn’t common. The animals stop running, the squirrels take cover, the birds hold their breath.
Instead these places are turned into a zoo. Keeping animals in cages or fenced in pre-determined plots of land, all the while wondering why their numbers continue to plummet, as the only ones who are doing anything are the government and criminals. So instead we are left with vacant jungles and forests, converted in the vegans wet dream of GMO industrial farm fields. Destroying and limiting the animals habitat while doing the same to those that would want to help. The solution was always simple, to allow all to be free. But that just isn’t the mentality of these fake nature lovers, who love the idea of controlling nature so much they’ve put themselves up as gods, the only ones capable of handling these exotic animals. Even my wild pheasant caught the eye of the DNR, wondering if I would be put in jail for providing a habitat for my little buddy to thrive and survive.

Paid Actors and YouTube Accounts

Over the last few years I’ve started to notice a trend in a lot of sub genres on YouTube from van life to homesteading, as well as the usual fringe David Icke and Alex Jones shilly stuff. The trend seems to involve scripted videos and actual paid actors with an underlining agenda. There has been way to many odd coincidences and strait up bizarre YouTube channels in these areas that brought back so many memories of the wannabe actors and actresses I’ve seen over the years. Women and men literally willing to do anything to be “famous” even on things like Instagram.
I’m not exactly sure but I think there is even a mental disorder associated with people like this that want to be famous and are willing to do anything to get it. Most times you only hear about them as the celebrity worship type mental illness when they will even go as far as shooting the celebrity to become famous or “be with them”. This however is only the tip of the iceberg as it’s quite clear by the narcissistic posts of people (majority female) on social media begging for attention.
Have you ever noticed how so many of these big YouTube channels seem to be bad actors? Like something is just off on the way they present their ideas and their lines. Always a vegan line, or global warming, or some non-sense about evolution. Perhaps some anti gun rhetoric compiled with some blatant cucking of the husband. They always seem to be telling a lie about the way they actually live or the way they present their life just doesn’t seem to add up.
Now, obviously a lot of this will exist in a fallen world where people are desperate for attention and money, but it seems to stem further than that. Some of these channels seem to come out of no where, like they spent 5k-10k on followers, subscriptions, or views. They seem to come into an already established community like flat earth or natural building and try to “take over” sort to say. A small fringe of each of these communities seems to realize how fake they are or putting on a “show” but they never take it further. Some are labeled shills but I think all in all it’s a collective effort.
From my perspective I compile these ideas and think about how I could make a business out of it. Whether it would be something that could actually work for them or not, for example with crisis actors. Several years ago I thought to myself on some similar topics and came to the conclusion it would be extremely easy to setup such a business and offer these services to news and government agencies, even politicians and war campaigns. I could stage any type of event and have my actors or actresses play it out from a movie set. A few years later these types of companies started to service all over the place and was quickly discovered by the free thinking crowd.
In this same respect I look at the entirety of YouTube and other social media platforms. It would be much easier to simply monitor these networks and inject an actor to steer them in a certain direction. Giving them “lines” and a “show” to perform with a paycheck and the opportunity to become famous. This would give them the ability to control and monitor each of these groups from both sides as well as guiding hand. It would be extremely easy, cheap, and most would have no idea as these people have a clear mental illness that they will do anything to become famous. Their image and popularity means everything to these types of people and they would be extremely easy to manipulate and control.
Take a look for yourself, and see what you come up with.

Who and How They Hire Crisis Actors

Creating an Army

It might seem like an odd topic but the reality is armies have been created and destroyed all throughout history. Some with the intention of self defense, others with the intention of invasion and theft of resources. There really is no other reason for an army to be created other than those few reasons. Some may say that war itself is nothing but population control and resource management based upon the fact that both sides have been financed by the Vatican in almost every war since the Catholic conception.
If I wanted to build an army out of the populace of the USA similar to how Hitler, Stalin, or any other genocidal general I would most likely follow a few guidelines to corrupt the local population into my agenda. The first thing I would do is arm my army. I would create propaganda and false flags to create a ruse of governmental invasion for the guns. I would stage crisis actors in all places, including the gun community on YouTube. I would glorify guns, violence, and death.
At the same time I would create racial division, gender division, political division, as well as create an enemy for my new army to practice on. Who better than those that choose to disarm themselves and dress in funny outfits. Similar to Hitler or Stalin’s army, their foes were unarmed, and in this case, most liberals, minorities, and college kids would have no defense at all. For me, creating my army and this mixture of delusion would create the perfect storm for a take over.
I would then put the first black president into office to create even more racial tension, division, while at the same time handing out freebies to anyone I could. I would get everyone on board with my free hand outs as possible while funding terrorism, bombing other countries, and giving weapons to all enemies on or near the border. Followed by a rich white narcissistic president that would take all those freebies away while creating this class as the enemy. The free loading foreigners, the liberal college kids, and the evil homosexuals. I would disarm these groups through propaganda and delusions of safety as I turn their safety blanket into the boogy monster.
I would then start pushing more false flags to arm up my army. The conservatives, the gun lovers, the patriots, because in the long run these are the people I want to get rid of. Any future threat of revolution or rebellion would be squashed with my future plan. Fake mass shooting after fake bombing I would create a culture of guns and death among the people. I would fuel the anger, rage, and hate among society pushing every ideological button I could. From social justice warrior hashtag to the next I would foam at the mouth as I pumped society full of this hate and rage through social media, television, and movies.
At this point I would start to setup easy avenues for enlistment in volunteer armies or militias. Under the guise of freedom and patriotism like the founding fathers I would harness this energy and anger and fling it full force on anyone that dare look at me wrong. It would start small on the borders, then small gang towns, followed by cartel and larger cities creating a real war; thanks to the previous president arming them. From here I would get the people themselves to vote in more just like me as I build my cabinet of war mongers and sadistic generals preparing for the real invasion. Knowing full well the legal system is ripe for contractual violence.
The final nail in the coffin would be a false flag, perhaps an assassination or planned take over. As I hit the switch on the timed demolition all pieces would fall into place. I’d have my loyal army, geared to the teeth, already proven and capable of their statist agenda. As they beg for armed guards to protect their children in government created and operated schools I’d continue force feeding them delusions like evolution and life doesn’t matter. I would create an army of death with no morals or reason to be here, other than the pay check and sadistic joy of hurting others.
Some may call me a liberal, others a socialist, some would called me a right wing extremist as others would simply call me their leader, many would call me the best ever, as I bulldoze over my competitor. Leaving millions in graves the young population has already been force fed the anti gun agenda. After witnessing the true power of guns in a populace of pop tart patriot wizards, they will beg for the UN after a few years of no power. As the world watches the USA pop tart patriot army crumbles after a swift expansion into the Americas. No aid will be sent as the Americano has made himself the enemy to the world through conquest and sorrow. Those remaining will be gunned down by a free mason ally as China takes their promise of land through USA debt. Now all that’s left are the liberal survivors running to the UN, as they promise to do anything to keep guns out of the hands of any future society.
All along my army thought they were fighting for freedom, the 2nd amendment, but in reality they were my useful idiots creating my gun free future. The fact they helped me eliminate the misfits from society is merely a benefit as all hopes of freedom dwindle in the light.
– Your Future Dictator

Milgrim Experiment

Monetizing Your Child’s Death

It’s getting to the point where literally most of these stories have to be fake. There is no way so many shootings could take place in America with no death certificates shown, no obituaries, no funerals. Nothing. The only thing that pops up after a school shooting or mass shooting are Go Fund Me campaigns for the heroes and families that lost a child. I know the first thing I want to do when my child dies is get paid. I want publicity, I want politics, and I want money. I would be smiling prior to press conferences because it was my shot at fame, knowing I’d cash in big from my child’s death. My chance at stardom.
Seriously? What a joke the media has become. What an even bigger joke the American people have become. What a scum bag parent to create a GoFundMe days after their child’s death. And you people believe this is real? Fake tears, smiles on camera. You literally believe anything and everything posted to social media regardless of facts or any type of basis in reality. Meme about a man being a rapist? That’s now fact. Meme about politics? Fact. Meme about life? Fact. Meme about evolution? Fact. People have become so damn stupid and oblivious to any sort of reality it’s hard to even scroll through social media websites like Instagram without wanting to punch all these race baiting idiots in the face.
To hold back that uppercut on all those Clinton supporters that turn a blind eye to her bat shit crazy personality. Wanting to bitch slap all those Trump supporters that blindly follow as the USA invades ANOTHER country for dropping the U.S. dollar as it’s currency. Funny how everyone in the world is a terrorist except for Americans. Funny how the whole world is filled with terrorists, from Panama to Vietnam. Countries and countries of terrorists. Of course they aren’t defending their homes and families when they fight back against invading forces; they are terrorists! Clearly by definition the USA is not the terrorist and the mud hut living natives are! Clearly the natives of Iraq and Afghanistan are trying to push a world wide agenda of democracy and peace with puppet regimes, CIA rebel forces, and political sabotage. Wait……
This is how dumb these people are. It doesn’t matter the president or the politics, the agenda remains the same. Cheering on for elections and the illusion of freedom as you vote for your chosen candidates. Why do they always come from the same families? You only get to choose between Bush, Clinton, or some corporate financed puppet who is clearly sociopathic just like past presidents like Obama. Putting on a show for all the ignorant fuck boys to chant around like they are part of the high school football team.
Both sides of the equation need to be punched in the face, and several times. If you are pushing any sort of politics at this point you’re a brain dead statist and should be hung for supporting anti-freedom agendas. If you support any war over seas you should be hung for violating your Oath of defending the people of America. Even the Constitution itself calls for NO standing army. Only a defense militia of the people by the people. No standing army was ever to be formed and that’s why they used your consent and income tax to get into most wars with the illusion of “America is Big Brother protecting the world”. It’s all fraud but that doesn’t stop the conservative, republican, liberal, or democrat for cheering on war and death of anyone that doesn’t make the claim of being a USA citizen. Which actually means SLAVE. Citizen literally means subject to the state you low brow morons. Go ahead and look up the definition as you pull your guns on those “non-citizens” who have more right to be on the Americas than your European fag ass does.
Pushing your superiority laws as you condone the death of anyone that questions the authority. Absolutely pathetic how these people play the left vs right paradigm pretending their politics matter. Nothing but a bunch of statist idiots parroting what they heard on social media and the television. Perhaps they even got an anti Trump quote from their favorite Netflix series. People posting the most contradictory thing, one after another in the face of all truth and facts relevant.
The majority of the USA are braindead zombies with no ability to think for them selves as they swallow everything the media says as gospel truth. They have no ability to question the narrative nor do anything about it. The country itself was built and founded on lies and death of millions of natives while they pretend they have some God given authority to run the world. Going to be a beautiful judgement day when these hellbound fools get what’s coming to them.
Almost every post I come across on social media regardless of it’s origin, whether vegan, liberal, conservative, anti gun, republican, pro trump, anti trump, feminism, evolution, science, space, ect. It’s all provably wrong and total bullshit. Simple common sense destroys 99% of the memes and posts on social media yet there is no shortage of douche bags with 100+ accounts posting their delusions. Some how these idiots think they are “making change” or effecting the outcome but in reality they are just wasting away their life chasing some stupid bullshit they saw on television. How much would politics even matter if everyone cut off their television and ignored them? How much power would they have when communities simply said no, and tuned them out.
They would be limited to their shithole country known as Washington District of Colombia, but in reality the American people swallow this republic democracy bullshit as fact and adhere to any and all politics pretending their vote counts. It’s seriously pathetic to think some of these people waste years of their life posting political memes on social media. What a joke the entire population of the USA has become. Whether your pushing black vs white, anti gun, or any other bullshit you are a complete moron. These truths are ignored as the next wannabe celebrity makes his GoFundMe for the death of yet another fake child’s death and all the idiots post about it on social media. Take the guns!
I’m convinced most of the news is 100% fake and a lot of it can be attributed to fake actors and actresses trying to get rich and famous.

Who and How They Hire Crisis Actors

Self Destruction of the USA

Dear Patriots and Preppers,
With racial division, gender division, political division, and having an opinion division at an all time high it’s almost impossible to have a conversation with anyone other than someone that agrees with every topic at hand. People have no idea how to have a debate or argument with real facts and research to back up their claims. They march around in the streets fighting for spoon fed ideologues and CIA created movements. All acting as mere pawns as they flood social media with their predetermined memes.
To clarify, I love guns. I think they are a great tool for self defense of ones family and neighbors. I think everyone should be able to own any type of weapon they see fit in order to protect them self or their loved ones. I can think of a handful of times where they would have been of great use like when the Spanish killed off most of Latin America, changing the language itself and creating government’s under their control. Or when the Europeans invaded America, I’m sure the natives would have loves a few cannons and muskets to protect their tribes and ways of life. To be scared of guns, to want to ban guns, to want to stop someone from having the ability to defend them self, only means one thing, and one thing only, you intend to hurt them, steal from them, or do harm to them in some way whether it be extreme taxes or rounding you up and shooting you, only to be buried in a pit with 100 other people in mass graves.
The problem however is the agenda being created. The idea that the “government” doesn’t know what happens when they try and push gun control. They know exactly what happens! Gun sales goes up, NRA membership goes up, blah blah blah. They know this is what happens. Do you really think you are winning the “freedom” back? This was planned. You never asked yourself the real reason these things are happening at schools. You never asked yourself the question, why not malls or offices, or government buildings? Why not any of these places, but schools are the hottest keyword by far in the mass shooting movement.
The reason for this is they don’t care about the gun loving patriots of old, you will be dead from eating cheeseburgers from McDonalds, drinking a 6 pack every night, or heart attack from watching football on the couch eating cheese balls every night. Are you really a threat to anyone regardless of your hot topic tactical gear? They know exactly what they are doing by arming you to the teeth as they slowly create the most anti gun youth you’ve ever known. Most children are so scared of guns at this point they would ban them all forever right now and the few that like guns are so scared of losing popularity they’d follow right along with them.
The next generations of voters, politicians, and presidents will be this group. These kids that are now being empowered by the media to have a voice over adults. This group will look for ways to thrash out against the society the older generation has created. The pop tart patriots that think owning guns is freedom while the minds of the youth are plastered with years of propaganda from evolution to statism. Conservatives want armed guards patrolling schools with barb wire fence. Sounds like an indoctrination camp where you’re arrested for skipping school and forced to repeat everything you read from a text book. Oh wait! That’s exactly what it is, regardless of the president for the last 100 years. Liberals and democrats want to disarm everyone in the world except criminals because it provides a safety blanket to the reality they are so scared of. Even though it does the exact opposite, they blindly follow the leader just as their competitor.
This was their plan all along though, to arm their foes, turning them into combatitants at the right time. That we know about, since 1776 the USA has invaded 70 nations: (1) American Indian nations (1776 onwards, American Indian Genocide; 1803, Louisiana Purchase; 1844, Indians banned from east of the Mississippi; 1861 onwards, California genocide; 1890, Lakota Indians massacre), (2) Mexico (1836-1846; 1913; 1914-1918; 1923), (3) Nicaragua (1856-1857; 1894; 1896; 1898; 1899; 1907; 1910; 1912-1933; 1981-1990), (4) American forces deployed against Americans (1861-1865, Civil War; 1892; 1894; 1898; 1899-1901; 1901; 1914; 1915; 1920-1921; 1932; 1943; 1967; 1968; 1970; 1973; 1992; 2001), (5), Argentina (1890), (6), Chile (1891; 1973), (7) Haiti (1891; 1914-1934; 1994; 2004-2005), (8) Hawaii (1893-), (9) China (1895-1895; 1898-1900; 1911-1941; 1922-1927; 1927-1934; 1948-1949; 1951-1953; 1958), (10) Korea (1894-1896; 1904-1905; 1951-1953), (11) Panama (1895; 1901-1914; 1908; 1912; 1918-1920; 1925; 1958; 1964; 1989-), (12) Philippines (1898-1910; 1948-1954; 1989; 2002-), (13) Cuba (1898-1902; 1906-1909; 1912; 1917-1933; 1961; 1962), (14) Puerto Rico (1898-; 1950; ); (15) Guam (1898-), (16) Samoa (1899-), (17) Honduras (1903; 1907; 1911; 1912; 1919; 1924-1925; 1983-1989), (18) Dominican Republic (1903-1904; 1914; 1916-1924; 1965-1966), (19) Germany (1917-1918; 1941-1945; 1948; 1961), (20) Russia (1918-1922), (21) Yugoslavia (1919; 1946; 1992-1994; 1999), (22) Guatemala (1920; 1954; 1966-1967), (23) Turkey (1922), (24) El Salvador (1932; 1981-1992), (25) Italy (1941-1945); (26) Morocco (1941-1945), (27) France (1941-1945), (28) Algeria (1941-1945), (29) Tunisia (1941-1945), (30) Libya (1941-1945; 1981; 1986; 1989; 2011), (31) Egypt (1941-1945; 1956; 1967; 1973; 2013), (32) India (1941-1945), (33) Burma (1941-1945), (34) Micronesia (1941-1945), (35) Papua New Guinea (1941-1945), (36) Vanuatu (1941-1945), (37) Austria (1941-1945), (38) Hungary (1941-1945), (39) Japan (1941-1945), (40) Iran (1946; 1953; 1980; 1984; 1987-1988; ), (41) Uruguay (1947), (42) Greece (1947-1949), (43) Vietnam (1954; 1960-1975), (44) Lebanon (1958; 1982-1984), (45) Iraq (1958; 1963; 1990-1991; 1990-2003; 1998; 2003-2011), (46) Laos (1962-), (47) Indonesia (1965), (48) Cambodia (1969-1975; 1975), (49) Oman (1970), (50) Laos (1971-1973), (51) Angola (1976-1992), (52) Grenada (1983-1984), (53) Bolivia (1986; ), (54) Virgin Islands (1989), (55) Liberia (1990; 1997; 2003), (56) Saudi Arabia (1990-1991), (57) Kuwait (1991), (58) Somalia (1992-1994; 2006), (59) Bosnia (1993-), (60) Zaire (Congo) (1996-1997), (61) Albania (1997), (62) Sudan (1998), (63) Afghanistan (1998; 2001-), (64) Yemen (2000; 2002-), (65) Macedonia (2001), (66) Colombia (2002-), (67) Pakistan (2005-), (68) Syria (2008; 2011-), (69) Uganda (2011), (70) Mali (2013), (71) Niger (2013).
Except this time you will be the “rebels”. The Patriots will become the “terrorists”. Just like every other country they invaded, they first created the foe, then armed them. Then created the proper propaganda and invaded. Have you ever watched any of the old war propaganda? To get people to either join the war and fight, pay for it, or to simply go along with it? It’s honestly ridiculous looking back on the invasion of Latin American countries, as Bush pedals total bullshit it makes his son’s WMD non-sense look believable. To think people actually believed the propaganda enough to buy war bonds and actually pledge their income tax as payment to the government for World War II blows my mind; and to this day most have no idea or still somehow support the tax. It started with World War I where an income tax was placed on the rich. Then in World War II it was doubled in size to collect more money. Present day everyone pays it. All part of their control yet no backlash. No one said a thing as they cheered for the USA and pledged a large chunk of the fruits and labor.
Are you starting to see the pattern? Most of the world has been conquered now, and the use of the USA military is no longer required as they have a new super power on the rise. An army of cloned soldiers and industry to back it up. Where they sent American jobs and labor. They no longer need the USA in their plan and so their next move is obviously to create the foe, and as we see now they are arming them to the teeth. They will be no match for artillery and helicopter attacks as their prepper gear melts from mortar fire. The planned preparation and destruction is well on the way and all along you thought your guns set you free.
As you lay in the dirt clutching your rifle, remembering this is real life, not Call of Duty. You wish you could respawn on your couch playing Minecraft with a dooby in your mouth. The reality is you were fooled as their new enemy, only to die wishing you had more than a bullet wound hysterectomy. After it’s all over the survivors will see, the next generation hating you gun toting freedom loving patriots, as they walk into school wearing skirts for boys and nutcups for girls, your pop tart patriot bullshit was all apart of the plan. The new generation of empowered tweens will take advantage of their new media voice as they continue to cut off their own lips of freedom. Welcome to the future, where your vote is an illusion, your president is legally a CEO, and your only claim to freedom is your semi auto rifle, where grown men post on twitter about how bad the government is, and women start movements to destroy their own family, this is imperialism and it’s here to greet you, only this time you are the foe, and now the enemy.
P.S. Have you never asked the question why you need an MRA membership to lobby for you when you live in a “republic” where your “rights” are inalienable? Why would you need permission? Why would you need background checks? Why would you need to follow their regulations? Pay taxes for a suppressor? Rights are granted by government, freedom is inalienable because it’s of the mind and heart, not a piece of paper. Stop relying on a fraudlulent constitution that no one signed for your rights and start relying on your mind, heart, and faith for your freedom. Are you really FREE?

Self Destruction of the USA Self Destruction of the USA

Self Destruction of the USA Self Destruction of the USA

Your Gun AND Freedom Loving Friend,

Societies Demand for Perfection

Wherever you go on in real life you will be met with people that hold this mentality. Whether driven from jealousy, no confidence, or their inability to take responsibility for their own actions. These characteristics are exemplified on social media places like Facebook and YouTube. Someone could perform a beautiful song or do some neat juggling tricks and there will be comments about their appearance, from teeth to hand size. People will make comments that have nothing to do with the video itself exclaiming some imperfection and that somehow negates the entire video.

This mentality is seen all throughout society whether it be online or off. This is especially obvious for women when it comes to their own personal appearance. Make up is the attempt at perfecting the face to some delusion of what society deems. Most men lifting weights are doing it for the same reasons. Walking around with tooth pick legs and one arm bulge looking ridiculous. I see videos of the strange work outs they are doing wondering how it would ever benefit in the real world and how strange they actually look. Women are just as bad with that too, having some truly bizarre looking bodies being cheered on by the feminist empowerment #MeToo community.

Now there is a difference between shooting for perfection when creating a product especially in things like knives. An almost perfectly sharpened blade will cut much better and far more safely than a dull blade. A self defense blade with quality bearings is less likely to fail you in a bad situation. A Hi Point handgun, while usable, isn’t the best choice for a self defense gun compared to a Beretta. Most people mistake this with their own personal appearance and achievements. That it has to be perfect to be successful or quality. Never realizing that this attempt at perfection is a lie to keep you jumping through hoops your entire life. Even the best made knife or firearm has imperfections, stovepipes, and jams.

People chase this perfection only to fall short every time. They never realize that the idea of perfection that was created for them is not achievable. Sometimes this is used as a form of control by parents to keep the child jumping through their narcissistic supply hoola hoops. Each time you make the attempt they turn on the fire as you get burned in the attempt. Personally, many times I could get stuck in this mode, where perfection was the only option. Perfect hair, perfect car, perfect house, perfect outfit, perfect shoes, perfect watch, perfect job, perfect college, perfect degree, perfect perfect perfect.

People lose sight of their own individualism, what makes them different, they toss it all in the trash just to fit in with society, to chase the idea of perfect, to chase what they’re told is perfect. When it comes to things like make up I often asked myself what the point was. When I had girlfriends I would tell them to not wear any because it’s much cuter to see a natural girl and I’m a sloppy kisser; I hate the taste of make up. They would disregard my opinion and request and wear it anyway. Whether they were trying to monkey branch by attracting another man or just had confidence issues from society making this demand, I do not know.

Things like working out were always a difficult task for me. Not because of the reasons you may think either. For me I only have so much energy, calories, and food to intake. I would rather spend that time “working out” digging a hole for clay or laying bricks, doing something that brings me actual value. Working out is something that literally makes no sense, and is only practical for people that don’t do any real work in their life. It’s not a hobby because you can achieve the same thing in a real hobby while actually accomplishing something other than a societal appearance upgrade; which often times looks far more silly than the natural form itself.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

This idea of perfection creeps its way into every aspect of life. The demand by society at large to mold you into what they want. To mold you into what they want you to be. To make you say what they want you to say. Meanwhile you are left as an empty shell with no real individualism or uniqueness as you follow a label or political position with the promise of perfection. A perfect society where we have no more problems. A society of conformists that must chip away at every thing they see unique or different.

Take Instagram for instance, a network of women that use their bodies at the attempt of making money, most in the real world are literal hookers and strippers or some wanna be actress famous from some drama show; these women are idolized for their make up tutorials and “perfect bodies” when most of them are just fake plastic looking dolls from head to toe. Some of them I actually mistake for sex dolls the MGTOW boys are so crazy about. They all look almost exactly the same with no unique qualities because they’ve been covered up by twelve gallons of make up, special pants to move fat to the butt, and push up bra’s to make even an A cup look like Pamela Anderson.

Meanwhile society cheers them on while any one showing their natural’ness is made fun of or ridiculed. This goes for both men and women, comments about men being skinny or to short. I’ve seen it all. The demand for perfection requires your conformity and it literally sucks you dry of everything that actually makes you, YOU.

What the Logan Paul YouTube Controversy Really Means

There is nothing more infuriating than a bunch of social justice warriors parading around the internet judging others for the same things they commit daily. When there is a bandwagon for others to increase their own popular standing in society they jump on it without hesitation. Amanda Cerny, one of Logan Pauls best friends even jumped ship with nothing to say, as that could have impacts on her own want to be Instagram director, model, blah blah blah narcissist.
What does it all mean though? The entire controversy is proof that social justice can now control society. That social justice can sensor anyone that doesn’t adhere to their version of political correctness. 99% of the time it is men that are martyred for the cause, whether it be sex accusations or some retarded YouTube video gone wrong. The reality is these women have no problem sucking the D to get that part or raise, but when the light shines on them they want to blame someone else. I’ve dealt with this personally many times from lying sociopathic women.
The sad part about all of this is the fact these social justice warriors can complain enough to get the guys revenue disabled on his entire YouTube account for one bad video. I don’t claim to be a friend or even like the guy, I didn’t really even know who he was until all of this drama unfolded on all of my social media accounts and I watched fake, hypocritical, douche bags, (mostly women) shame and ridicule him for his video. When their content consists of using their boobs and body to get attention, money, and likes. In retrospect, Logan Paul’s dumb video brought more light to the reality of suicide in society. Rather than another dumb video about make up, your tits, or what you had for lunch Logan Paul at least went somewhere real, showed some real shit, and got a real reaction.
Instead of hating Logan Paul why not point blame on government that allows this? What a prime location for a preacher or suicide helper hotline. Maybe even just a security guard to prevent such things from happening. No, instead, lets try to destroy a mans career to lift up our own. Let’s use Logan Paul’s name in our tweets, YouTube videos, and more to get that attention on us! Let’s throw his name in the garbage so we can boost our own. This is what I see all over social media. This shows how fake all of those people are in entertainment and how quickly they’d shove you under the bus for just one more like or share. I find it funny so many on twitter are saying things like “Oh Mee Gosh, Logan Paul showed a dead body” yet they watch CSI Miami, the News, and other shows that literally show dead bodies for the same revenue. I wonder how much those liberal news channels made off the children of all those “school shootings”.
When you look at all facets of society and how two faced all these people really are, cheering on Seth McFarlane and Family Guy literally make fun of, predict, and project, the Boston bombings. Everyone claps, cheers, and doesn’t even notice…

The Family Guy/Boston Marathon Clip is NOT a Hoax

Or another example, this video of the tazing of a living human being trying to assert his rights in a court room. Bunch of two faced hypocrites in this political censorship crowd, just look at the comments section. It’s not a dead squirrel, that is a man trying to uphold his God given rights. No outrage, but in fact cheering like you were watching a man fight for his life in the stadium in central Rome. Any history buffs out there? What happened to Rome when feminism and political correctness took over? Anyone?
Sovereign Citizen Get Tased Trying To Enter Courtroom

This political correctness is a cancer unto society and a real indicator of it’s collapse. Anyone that attacked Logan Paul’s revenue stream for the video is nothing short of a two faced narcissistic douche bag with no back bone. How many videos on YouTube of chicks using sex toys to sell dildos and make ad revenue but a suicide video gone wrong is apparently taboo? So many videos online of police officers beating and killing innocent people but apparently a suicide video gone wrong is terrible? No respect for the body yet everyone watches in amazement as the National Guard shot and killed students in Kent State protesting the Vietnam War, or shot an innocent women holding a child in Ruby Ridge, or burned 10+ families inside a church at Waco. How come now one says anything when Joe Biden is groping little kids in political photo shoots? No one says anything when the Clinton family disappears to bang some children on that creepy island outside the UK. No one says shit because you are all cowards after your next paycheck.
The reality is no one would have said anything unless they didn’t see opportunity for their own channel growth. They are guilty of the very same things but instead of being honest with themselves they turned Logan Paul into their booster shot. Not only did they try and use him as their booster shot but, like a pack of wild hyenas, they went after his revenue stream entirely. Even though they had been avid fans for years he was eaten like a sick gazelle. These people have no morals and no backbone. Especially the women using their dead ass bodies to do the same shit. You’re political correctness will never be more important than anyone’s voice, even if it is dumb as a box of rocks, insulting, and low brow. People act as if they make no mistakes in life, yet one silly video could cost him his career? This is feminism. This is censorship. This is political correctness. And that leads to the collapse of any country, morals, and critical thinking. Social media is proof of that.
P.S. I didn’t see a single YouTuber, Instagramer, Facebooker, or Hollywooder make any attempt to make this actually about suicide awareness or help in any way, but all of these two faced cowards had no problem using suicide as their scapegoat to make themselves look like the golden child. Rest assured, anyone attacking Logan Paul’s revenue stream is a low life coward. Criticism however is healthy in any society. As I stated many times in this article the video itself was stupid, but that stupid video brought more awareness to suicide than any of you stupid bitches on social media running your mouth. The fact is, 76% of suicides are men. 85% of homeless are men. 70% of murder victims are men. 92% of deaths in the workplace are men. 97% of war deaths are men. 14% of men get custody after divorce. Over 60% of rape victims are male. Children are far more likely to be molested by their own mother than father. The idea that a women would even have a voice in any of these subjects is appalling and 10x more disgusting than Logan Paul’s video; but please, tell me more about #MeToo and your attempt to use Logan Paul’s name to boost your own fame of make up magic and tit tutorials.
Purple Heart's Final Beat | Final Cut

It’s 2018 and All Crypto Currency is Still a Scam

Investing in crypto currency is one of the most foolish things you could possibly do with your money at any time in your life. From scam artist to scam artist crypto currency is riddled with delusions and fantasy of escaping government control. The reality is crypto currency makes it even more easy to control than fiat currency and adds less value to currency itself!
Fiat currency alone has no real value. That’s why they literally print at the top that it’s a federal note, note, note. Not currency, no legal tender, but a simple I owe you. Fiat currency itself can never have real value other than it’s perceived value by the society. Crypto currency is this on steroids. It has no value except for it’s perceived value. Do you honestly think you can just set up some computers to run math problems and get rich? Ever wonder why there are so many scams associated with crypto currency? Why it’s very conception was created to hide drug and human trafficking transactions.
Even if you were to acquire tons of crypto currency you would still have to cash out per say. You would have to find a way to turn that into actual value and spending power. Even then all you are getting is paper. Once again proving to have no true value. Paper fiat currency printed by the federal reserve is less controllable than crypto currency and it’s a delusion to think otherwise.
I’v heard of people placing huge investments into crypto currency for over 100k. Why on earth would you ever make such an investment? You could literally live off that on an island in Central America for the rest of your life yet your willing to invest in into something that has no true value? Why not invest in yourself? Take dance lessons, karate, buy some books, workout equipment, better quality food, help others do some of those same things! There are millions of other investments in the real world that would provide so much more growth potential.
Imagine investing in your nephew or your skills and hobbies. Or maybe a local business that has tangible goods and services. Something you can help promote and support without having to riddle off some sales pitch or scam. You can be yourself and happy with your investment and a place to go! Maybe an ice-cream parlor? Or a pizza shop. Picking up a local investment as a side partner and doing the marketing and advertising is a much better option than crypto currency. Worst case with a pizza shop you go home with a full stomach. What can do you with a crypto currency if the power simply goes out?!
This entire delusion has to be cut off. The thought you can get rich in this fake crypto currency will leave you high and dry of your funds wondering what you were thinking when you could have invested that in something of true value. Whether supporting a small YouTube channel that speaks real truth or your local fishing shop. There are tons of options out there that offer a much better living standard while offering opportunity of making an honest living.
If you really have an itch for gambling style get rich schemes get yourself an Etrade account and throw in 500 bucks. Start picking some penny stocks that seen reasonable and admirable in their goals and invest 50-100 bucks in each one. Play around, have some fun, maybe find the next google. This fills my itch of getting rich quick with a bit of excitement. I started with $40 bucks and I have slowly gone up and up while offering a bit of strategy fun for the mind. This has no real big investment but offers to fill that void.
These will be your safest investments going into the future, with personal growth and development at the top of the list. Invest in yourself, invest in your locals, invest in the ideas and people you believe in. Whether it be sharing a link or donating a few bucks there’s always a way to support someone you feel with. From my own experience I can say that my mind and investing in my hobbies and skills has proven to be the most rewarding and worth while right next to helping others do the same.

Back To Eden Gardening Documentary Film - How to Grow a Vegetable Garden

How Dare You Disagree with Me

I’ve noticed a trend in society within the last few years where you are not allowed to disagree with anyone. If you disagree and it turns into a debate or argument, after the argument one person blocks the other on social media, Whatsapp, and removes their phone number. A disagreement leads to the termination of the friendship or relationship. People have the attitude that if you disagree with them you hate them, that you want them dead, that you are their enemy. Simply put, you are not ALLOWED to disagree with anyone anymore. Or this is just the attitude they maintain to up hold their life in the bubble.

The reality is people today get so emotional when talking about politics, religion, or anything in between. They have no real understanding of these concepts, merely what they’ve heard in the media and on cartoons like American Dad or Rick and Morty. (Another cartoon that isn’t even funny but becomes popular by this same social popularity bubble. Bandwagon people jump on and recite Rick and Morty scripture like its funny to look cool.)

I’ve even had vegans jumping down my throat about how being vegan is so super awesome as they gleam at me with their discolored eyes, pale skin, and bucket of supplements. Meanwhile I’m grilling up a home grown free range chicken, getting my daily nutrients from one bite. Between the media fear mongering and college liberalism being a requirement for graduation, these people have no ability to have a debate or argue without getting emotional or cutting all ties with someone that does disagree.

One of the biggest problems with this is the bubble you create it for yourself. When you cut all ties with everyone that disagrees because they simply disagree, you leave yourself with a group that thinks exactly like you. This is one of the most dangerous things for critical thinking and individualism. If you aren’t being exposed to new ideas and concepts you will never grow or learn new things. You will never invent your own devices to accomplish unique tasks. You will stay inside the box, surrounded by other people inside the exact same box.

You will leave yourself with mundane daily conversation with people that agree with everything you say, from politics to religion, your mind is never challenged. You leave it up to the television or Netflix to do your creating for you. Your jokes, your humor, your personality starts to become that of the people you see on TV. Removing anyone and everything that disagrees with the simple block button. Your Facebook feed is left with reinforcing news and propaganda of your beliefs. Your entire friends list believes exactly as you. Your YouTube subscriptions are all people that believe exactly like you. That are doing the things you do.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

Not many people allow themselves to be subject to new ideas and concepts and this bubble just gets bigger and bigger. People slowly become delusional in their belief that everyone is like that. That everyone believes the same as they do. All along these small ideas start to become the norm. Ideologies like feminism become the reality and any backlash is labeled misogynist and women hating. Many people have no problem living inside this bubble. Blocking and removing anyone that disagrees with them; but this is a very dangerous place to be as an individual, and even greater to a society.

A society that does not have the ability to entertain rational conversation questioning their own beliefs as to whether or not they are realistic, or whether or not they are even THEIR beliefs. Most people will fight to the death for beliefs that aren’t even their own, and that is a sad state to be in as a human being. At least come up with your own opinions, rather than letting those in power control that too. Often times I will hear people say exact quotes from Family Guy or the Daily Show with Jon Stewart thinking they have a clue. This is the foundation of their entire political and religious system. Dumbass quotes they heard on the television or saw in their Facebook feed. As this little social bubble continues to grow and grow….

Label Making in a Label Maker Society

Are you tired of it? I’m tired of it. I’m so tired of the ism’s and the abbreviations. I’m so sick and tired of the endless creation of these retarded concepts that are then taken and criticized by some other abbreviation. Then that abbreviation changes to a new one with a new label. Then someone else’s ism contradicts it. Then a new ism creates a new abbreviation and I don’t even know how to speak. Half the alphabet has been replaced with alternative meanings and definitions and if I say this I say that and if I don’t do this I can’t be this abbreviation or ism. ENOUGH!

SHUT UP! Why do people feel the need to label themselves. To put themselves inside a group only to be handcuffing your own growth and thought to one playing field. Why limit yourself with a label when you can simply BE YOURSELF. I like shooting guns. I like smoking weed. I hate government. I love growing vegetables. I think you’re a douche bag if you want me to pay for things in your life. I don’t mind donating to someone in need. I think religious people are hypocritical idiots. I think atheists are religious people. I think taxes are theft. I think a traffic tickets are inland piracy (legally it is). I think abortion is wrong but I don’t stand in the way of someone doing it. (Education about health effects and mental effects after abortion are extremely hidden and secretive and very detrimental to a women). I think I should not have to pay for planned parenthood in any way. Not a single penny. If we have any form of government, locally or state, I think if you support a tax you can check it off on your tax form and pay it. If you opt out, you opt out. I think that government should not regulate money in any way. I think that government should not be a corporation pretending to be a government. I think the liberals are brainwashed. I think republicans are bought out. I think democrats are delusional. I think anarchists are unrealistic. I think NASA is 100% propaganda in every way.

Where is my label? What do you call me? How do you openly respond with real conversation and not a rehearsed rhetoric given to you by the media? Why would I have to pay taxes on things I do not support? Why am I forced to take up a label? Why am I forced to decide between two presidential candidates with no real world experience that are actually related. Oh you didn’t know? Hilary and Trump are distant cousins. Just like Obama and Bush. Look through history, why is it we have the same families and choices over and over again? Yet I’m forced to vote for one side or the other or I’m not an American? If I don’t choose a side I’m somehow a terrorist. If I want to live my life out on my own away from all civilization I can’t. I am harassed by building code inspectors creeping on my property when I’m at work. I’m harassed by neighbors telling me to get permits for an adobe structure. Built completely off the land from rough cut lumber and HAND DUG CLAY FROM MY OWN PROPERTY.

Why do I have to take up your stupid labels? Why am I jumping through hoops to adhere to some abbreviations “laws”. These aren’t clubs. They are cults. Every last one of them including politics. This is where some dumbass says “what about the roads” “what about the blah blah blah”. I PAY FOR THE ROADS IN THE GASOLINE TAX. You know, the thing that’s about 50% of every gallon of gas you put in your car. ALL of that is what pays for your roads. I never even knew this until I drove a propane van for a farm van that ran on propane and didn’t have to pay the tax. So tell me again why I’m paying half my income so other people can sponge and live more vibrant than myself. So we can bomb innocent people in random countries all over the place. Over 75 countries in 100 years. Treating men like disposable tampons all so the elite can accomplish their agenda. Leaving strong men in a state of crisis upon return to no love and only hate. No help, no way to pay taxes towards help, no mens shelters. Nothing. Giving up everything only to be turned into a terrorist.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

This finally boiled into a mental explosion for me. I see this everywhere. I see constant label making, and then the opposed will grab that label and spin off in 20 minutes of nonsense against that abbreviation or label. You’re THIS, so you MUST BE THAT. Over and over and over and over. I can’t imagine this mental process of having to deal with this personally. Having to jump into labels and meet criteria and please the opinions of others just to fit in. How is that individualism? How is that freedom?

Why is it necessary to be apart of some group or organization to actively participate in goals and achieve them? You can work in a group without a label. You can achieve goals without a label. Not only this but it is very easy to de-rail a movement by it’s own label. The media completely disarmed ANY militia movement with the Oklahoma Bombing. Which had nothing to do with the militia. How many militias where active after that bombing? Not many. Why? They where terrorists to the public and media. By labeling yourself you simply make yourself a hog roast for a hungry lion.

Jumping from one mental prison to another is hardly the answer. When you finally catch that moment of realization that none of that is going to do what you need it too. It will always leave you in the same boat with no paddle. It’s time to put away the label maker. Better yet, carve it into a prison shank. Shank that nasty label maker guard and take the keys. (Liberals: Don’t actually stab anyone…) Let yourself out and see what’s like to have true mental freedom. Freedom to walk your path whichever way that may be. It’s your choice. You have free will. Travel, start a business, work hard and save some money, scrub toilets while you plan it out. It doesn’t matter. Throw on some classic hip pop and sit back with a realistic plan and a few goals. See how far you are compared to your last 3 months of label making and arguing null points with no reward.

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