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Homesteading Cures Depression

Everyone gets depressed at some point in their life unless you’re a narcissistic sociopath. The reality is we all deal with our own problems, whether mental, physical, or both. We all struggle in different ways and assuming some drug or shrink is going to help you can actually make things far more worse. You become apathetic to your depression, accepting it as a part of you when it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

We indulge in repetitious routines that continually causes harm to our body and mind. Sitting in front of a TV watching Netflix series while jamming GMO wheat covered in fake sugar down our throats, washed away by liquefied fake sugar syrup pretending its okay because it’s “diet”. As if a trip to the gym after drinking some chocolate creatine powder stuffed with GMO wheat “protein” is going to remove the layers of caked on depression. We continue our routine without another after thought.

As thousands of WiFi signals and phone frequencies bounce around your apartment you wonder why your depression hinders your sleep. Like an electronic organ your WiFi plays with your mind all night. You lay in bed looking at the ceiling wishing your depression would go away. Never once looking in the mirror taking responsibility for your own environment or actions. No one forced you to suck down another cigarette (as I smoke one right now). No one forced you to drink and eat fake foods. No one is forcing you to live in an apartment.

Depression isn’t a disease or illness. It’s a condition we choose to live with by surrounding ourselves with depression educing programs like YouTube and other social medias. Constantly comparing our lives with those on the internet that may just be a figment of our imagination. We blame the shitty world and those around us but we have the choice to move, make new friends, or simplify our life to something we can enjoy. Partaking in new hobbies and adventures wherever you may walk.

Marijuana Rabbit Poop Plant Seeds Save Lives Nagolbud Rabbits

People wondering why they can’t be rich and famous or striving to buy a car they simply ride in for 20 minutes on their way to work. As they stare at a screen and click buttons on a computer they forget who they are. There soul is lost to a deity known as mammon. Caking on pounds of makeup and starvation to look like one of “Victoria’s Secret”s tranny models forgetting their role and motto.

Depression itself is something that never truly goes away however. It can, however, be a motivator to change something in our lives rather than seek out ways to become apathetic towards it. Depression is really just a subconscious self reflection of how YOU feel about YOUR life. Whether that reflection is based on reality, or your comparison to others is 100% on you. If your goals are materialistic and shallow the reward that follows will be too.

One of the most rewarding hobbies I ever started was raising animals, growing my own food, and harvesting everything in between. As I throw dead leaves on my lawn, watching chickens pick through it, pooping all over my plants… I can’t help but smile as my garden turns into a forest. As a new mother approaches from outside the coop she lets out a few clucks with a small army of chicks at her heels. The rooster crows to let you know he’s the daddy as the rabbits perk up and look about. There isn’t enough prescription pills or hallucinogenics that can replace the joy of playing with a new litter of baby bunnies. As they come out looking like little pigs they turn into little fuzzy fluff balls.

All of this however is not the reward. It’s simply the benefits of the hobby as you chase YOUR goal rather than one that was created for you by the very system that wants you depressed, repressed, and apathetic. Fresh eggs, vibrant plants, fruits, and veggies, fresh meat, and depending on your livestock, fresh raw milk. When combined with your dank strawberries growing in rabbit poop your mouth starts to melt. When you run out you start to realize the real reward. It was actually the entire journey as the process repeats itself.

Cheap Natural Food the Easy Way

When we look at our modern day lifestyle it’s easy to poke holes in the sustainability of it. 99% of people have no idea how to generate their own food, let alone the work or tools required to do so. The problem with this is the mentality that one of the most required substances on the planet is being hand fed to you by corporations. In most cases they have proven to give little care at the health of their products while the generate profits. This is a double edged sword and not having the knowledge or tools to create your own food can be devastating as proven by history. In many cases I was surprised to find out that raising my own or buying natural products from local farms was actually far cheaper than buying the corporate made crap.

When I first started raising my own animals I had the mentality that the only way to do it was to raise it yourself but the reality is I could trade some of my other skills or time for their product. I wouldn’t need to raise goats or cows if I could find the product I wanted. Purchasing raw milk from a local ranch turned out to actually be much cheaper than store bought milk and far healthier. The taste alone is amazing but what really blew me away is the fact it was only 70% of the price of store bought milk. Real natural food was often cheaper than store bought in many ways.

When it comes to raising animals yourself there are quite a few that require little to no time and almost no investment. From free eggs to rabbit stew it’s quite possible to provide you and your family with natural food almost all year and the only thing required is a change in mindset. The thought process of doing it yourself rather than relying on government, a corporation, or anyone else for YOUR families food and health. I can’t imagine being a father in the great depression, unable to find work, unable to create food, watching my family suffer. When the reality is with a little effort we could have been eating eggs, fresh rabbit, quail, and more as we traded extras to other farmers.

I’ve heard people say, well yeah but you need a chicken coop, or fencing, or this, or that… and the truth is you don’t really need those things. There are ways around it, or within that change of mindset, you can realize that these items you need are free, laying all over the place. I recently turned a broken refrigerator into a chicken coop and it works amazingly. It’s even insulated with a rooster or egg box! How much? Free!!! I simply cut out some wood branches as perches and slid them in where the shelves used to rest. I simply sweep it out with an old broom and it’s good to good.

Marijuana Rabbit Poop Plant Seeds Save Lives Nagolbud Rabbits

Raising rabbits in cages is quite do-able almost anywhere in the world. As long as they have some shade, food, and water they are good to go. Another alternative to this, if you have some land, is free range rabbits. When provided habitat including food and shelter they will surely stick around and breed out. You will have completely free food in a matter of years all at little to no expense from you. Creating a habitat for free range rabbits also benefits local wildlife as well as any free range game birds you raise. I have had wild pheasants come in and live near my chickens and actually mate with them.

The benefits of raising them natural is quite obvious. Nutrient dense food at little to no cost. Eating raw real food completely changed my health and my reliance on corporations and government. There are endless benefits to this from your pocket book and bank account to your families health. I find it crazy it’s literally illegal to “sell” raw milk in the USA. I could even fight news articles of the government raiding farms for selling it. I have been drinking it for several months now and feel amazing when I drink it. It taste amazing, I feel the benefits. There is a very evil reason why this has been banned in the USA and why I’m thankful Mexico offers it for 10 pesos a liter. That’s right, been drinking Mexican raw milk for almost a year now and my teeth are white as snow, my bones are of steel, and my stomach problems have all but disappeared. My next project, fish in giant water tanks!

Workout and Health Gurus

I’ve noticed a trend in the “I need to workout daily to be healthy” crowd, where the shove endless amounts of corporation created crap in their mouths pretending it’s healthy. They order television dinners made from “natural” fruits and vegetables, both offering little nutrients, in fact, removing nutrients from the body. On average a plant contains at least 30% cellulose. Humans can not digest cellulose. At all. Therefor 30% of the plant alone is complete waste and the body needs to work just to get it back out of the body. It also clogs your stomach, intestines, and body of receiving any of the nutrients it could have gotten by working over time to remove this cellulose. Herbivorous animals digest cellulose and hemicellulose in two steps. First is mechanical digestion and second is enzymatic digestion. One of the reasons cows have so many stomachs and why rabbits often eat their own poop, to re-digest the plants they’ve eaten.

I won’t get into veganism or vegetarian diets them self because I have covered that propaganda in another article, but there are some similarities behind the mindset of these work out self obsessed flesh walkers and vegans. A cult like mindset of trying to achieve perfection. The reality is however this “perfection” was created by Hollywood and Photoshop. The ideal body is not that of extreme muscle and no body fat. Especially when using extreme calories to workout. These people are literally starving their bodies while injecting corporate made proteins to create water based muscle mass of no real value other than Instagram and ego.

These people give health advice and clearly have no idea what they speak about as they parrot off another remedy they “heard” was healthy. They inject another chemical pretending it has some real health benefit. They replace real protein from raw egg yolks, raw milk, or raw meat and drink some chocolate protein powder as if they are equal in some way. Often times they talk about having to “diet” all year round. Year after year. How can this be healthy at all for the human body, on top of that you are forcing irregular workouts and extreme calorie burning.

In most cases these people have turned health into a trend for their own gain, selling their health guru bullshit or products along the way. They front with their big upper body muscles as they walk to their fruit stand with twig legs, unable to achieve anything of value with their muscles other than an inflated ego and narcissism over their self obsession. I can guarantee that even in a primitive situation these muscles have no value at all. Hunting requires agility, stealth, and intelligence. Building requires flexibility, agility, and intelligence.

The story of David verse Goliath comes to mind. When a young boy took down a muscle infused warrior, the best of the best, with his own sword. David smacked him with his slingshot, took Goliath’s sword, and killed him with it. Even in war strength itself is of little value. If anyone has ever read about The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, you would know exactly what I speak of. Strength is not the most advantageous attribute in war or battle, stealth, intelligence, and cunning attacks are far better than full on strength battles and those that think strength is the foundation of war are the same that fall to a small child with his own sword and the reason Vietnam beat the crap out of the USA. Why it’s taken the USA over 20 years to conquer Afghanistan alone and control the drug trade and install an IMF or international bank. They did not fight back with strength, but rather intelligence and cunning attacks.

These same meat heads peddle their fitness propaganda to get you for a quick buck. They pretend they are health experts that know everything as they push their corporate made products. They fill their Instagram and YouTube with self loving promotions and non-sense as they try push their crap products. Most of them have even made some crap app as well to push their product as they tell everyone how great it is. Truth is real people can just go out and meet other real people. They don’t need an app, a program, or any other bullshit to meet new people and do fun things.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

Behind fitness and health the reality remains the same. That eating natural and raw is the only way to maintain a healthy and balanced life style. Good luck eating raw potatoes or some mouth watering raw broccoli, as it drains your mouth of flavor and your body of nutrients. Wave a steak in my face and my mouth will be watering as I devour it. No diet, no corporations, simply real health from real foods.

When I eat raw egg yolks for breakfast I get over 150 grams of protein, as well as beneficial bacteria that is easily digestible with little work from my body. (All free from my own chickens, saving me hundreds a year.) When I eat raw fish and raw milk for lunch I get another large amount of protein followed by a nice meat dinner. I don’t need to diet. I don’t need to lift weights. And I don’t need to push my shit products. At the same time, I guarantee I can work longer, harder, and faster than any of these meat sticks consuming creatine and steroids. Don’t let Hollywood sell you the health guru bullshit about having to diet and eat vegetables. It’s not true and it’s not healthy. Working out without the proper nutrients is simply draining your body of real nutrients as well as making your body work harder for literally no reason other than wanting to look like a Hollywood Photoshopped magazine cover.

The mindset of wasting precious time and calories on an elliptical will always be of little value, at least dig a hole, take the clay, and build yourself a house. Instead these people march around with their awkward bodies and wannabe males in female bodies trying to be body builders. Shit is just creepy. Half these girls show their before and after pictures and they look so damn cute and girly in their before pictures followed by their nasty colored skin, weird muscles from weird workouts, and funky odors from poor diets with their man arms flapping around. This isn’t a warrior culture, but rather a narcissistic one.

My First Day Eating Raw Eggs for Breakfast

It’s hard not to laugh at the people claiming to be vegan and healthy at the same time. They shove “study” after “study” in your face about how people can survive and live being vegan but they never actually use any critical thinking skills as to if it’s actually sustainable or not; whether large or small scale. The delusions grow larger and larger into a don’t kill any animal while they inject themselves with synthetic chemicals just to get some sort of nutrients.

When I say veganism is not sustainable, this has been proven. Vegans literally require injections and supplements. Right away we know it’s not sustainable, healthy, or good in any way. Another reason that it’s not sustainable is people can not grow or produce enough plant matter for a diet on their own. I can grow animals and provide plenty of food for me and my family. To grow these nutrients in this style would take way more calories than you would be producing. A vegan homestead would collapse or the human running the homestead would collapse from lack of nutrients.

My first day trying this I thought I’d start small. Starting with a raw egg breakfast because I have done this before when working out. Now knowing how much healthier it is I plan on doing this every morning. Not only that but I don’t have to clean the pan anymore! On the first day it was however difficult. I noticed that feeling in my stomach like I would throw up. I realized though that it wasn’t my body creating this feeling, rather my mind. I closed my eyes and took one sip. It was like a quality nutrient dense orange juice. I couldn’t believe how nice it tasted. I never remembered it like that.

I opened my eyes and took a look and again received that feeling. This is when I had that realization. That it was in my mind not my body. The programming of cooking the nutrients out of everything I eat. The programming of requiring all of these large corporations just to make breakfast. When in reality I could simply crack the egg and drink it. No pans, no cook stove, no cleaning, nothing. And it tasted so much better. I didn’t have to add anything to my scrambled eggs to choke them down. Drinking them raw had a sweet taste and my stomach felt great.

Marijuana Rabbit Poop Plant Seeds Save Lives Nagolbud Rabbits

I grew up with extreme stomach problems and ultimately stopped eating breakfast and starting smoking weed to cope. The reality was though my body was rejecting fake food. I had to get high just to be able to survive eating this crap. Once I started having eggs alone for breakfast I was blown away by my energy and the feeling in my stomach. Like the eggs were spreading their gooey nutrients all over my stomach lining. Like it was in peace for the first time.

I have raised animals for a long time and have always questioned the narrative about worms and such in rabbits. Upon more research I really realized how beneficial these bacteria and worms actually are. Required for a healthy gut and body, as well as waste removal. I couldn’t believe the obvious that plant matter can’t be digested very well and we are not created to eat it. I was reminded of Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon. It was a punishment to eat grass. For a lack of humility and honesty. Imagine that!

Raise your glasses of raw eggs in the air and cheers for good health!