5G, Vaccines, and Bizarre Insta Deaths – The New Norm

I recently watched the movie Cell again to see if I could find any new predictive programming and it wasn’t until today I stumbled on some clips of people dying in some very strange ways. Each seemed to be holding their cell phone, most likely vaccinated, and they all seem to fit 2-3 different reaction profiles. The news claims they are heart attacks but that doesn’t match up with how people react to a heart attack. Most often people hold their chest and don’t move at all yet in these clips you can clearly see these people are seeing something, fighting an unknown entity, or spinning in circles pointing at something before they collapse and go stiff. [Video at the end of the post for reference.]

When you start looking at the technology in 5G and vaccines it answers most of the questions after years of exposing the plandemic from day 1 the unanswered question is; what are these people seeing before they die? Could it be a hallucination? Their body is just malfunctioning? How could they all be hallucinating the same thing and reacting the same way? The only thing I thought might explain it is something spiritual. If you’re an atheist you probably got the vaccine and scoff at the idea of anything spiritual so I won’t waste my time on your secular systematically created opinions. To clarify however, I am not a Christian or religious moron pretending to be perfect or “good”. The New Testament itself is very anti-religious, in fact, it’s one thing Jesus Christ says that He hates multiple times in Revelations.

In Revelation 2:6, where Jesus told the church of Ephesus, “But this thou hast [in your favor], that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.” (All mentions of the Nicolaitans in Revelation 2:6, 14-15.) Jesus was proud of the church of Ephesus for their “hatred” of the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which He also “hated”. Which is why the whore of Babylon Catholic Church would eventually try to exterminate them and their Bibles. The word “hate” comes from the Greek word miseo, which means to hate, to abhor, or to find utterly repulsive. It describes a person who has a deep-seated animosity, who is antagonistic to something he finds to be completely objectionable. He not only loathes that object, but rejects it entirely. This is not just a case of dislike; it is a case of actual hatred.

The thing Jesus hated about them was their “deeds.” The word “deeds” is the Greek word erga, which means works. However, this word is so all-encompassing that it pictures all the deeds and behavior of the Nicolaitans; including their actions, beliefs, conduct, and everything else connected to them. The name “Nicolaitans” is derived from the Greek word nikolaos, a compound of the words nikos and laos. The word nikos is the Greek word that means to conquer or to subdue. The word laos is the Greek word for the people. It is also where we get the word laity. When these two words are compounded into one, they form the name Nicolas, which literally means one who conquers and subdues the people. It seems to suggest that the Nicolaitans were somehow conquering and subduing the people. (Which is exactly what the Vatican has done for 2000 years, burning Bibles and Bible believers alike.)

Anyways, back to the topic at hand and answering the question as to what these people are seeing before they die. Personally, I have seen demons and these types of entities leading up to the night I got saved by Jesus Christ. Swirling above my bed one night telling me to pick up my Beretta Storm .45 and end it all, realizing how real the spiritual world really is. This is the only thing that explains the reactions these people are having prior to their death. From my research, AI and technology is one way demons can infiltrate this world, among other things like blood sacrifices and the strange religious rituals the worlds rulers use.

When you watch these clips it’s like these people are fighting off something we can’t see. Pointing at something we can’t see while spinning. Again, this doesn’t correlate with a heart attack victim’s normal reaction and personally I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life. Most of them have their phone in their hand as these “attacks” happen and again, I’d assume most of them have gotten the vaccine and multiple boosters. (They look like normies). They clearly all see something coming at them, and a few even try to fight it off before collapsing into stiffness and death.

Obviously there is no way to scientifically verify what they are seeing and it’s just a thought process I found interesting. What else could it be though? Shared hallucinations? I highly doubt 5G and the vaccines have the capability to cause all these people to react in the same exact way seeing the same entity attacking them. Their death isn’t usually instant either, there is a good 5-20 second delay before the collapse happens and their reactions are all eerily similar. Their body goes completely stiff as if something has completely shut down their nervous system and organs.

Leave a comment with your thoughts or more information because I’m generally very curious about how they are using AI, 5G, and the vaccines to manipulate the human body, mind, and spirit. On a spiritual level it certainly seems like some sort of entity is attacking them that is unseen on a camera but their shared reactions don’t lie.

5G APOCALYPSE Documentary

The Truth About Generation Y 1989

We’re the ones that spawned from the narcissistic baby boomers. The first generation to hit reality while at the same time being the first paramedic on scene. We’re either suicided, drugged out, barely holding on to sanity, or faking it inside the system. We’ve watched everything great, turn into a steaming pile of horse shit. Our childhood could have been amazing if it wasn’t for the shadow hiding behind every thought.

As we grew up we watched people change, society change, social media, internet, faster and faster it went. From beeps and blips to modem glitching in Halo 2 multiplayer on the Xbox 360. Never given a choice or solution to the torment we denied beneath. Watching atrocities unfold on the television as they control every aspect of thought. Trying to save the world you just fell for another 9/11 psyop.

We’re the generation no one talks about, black sheep of the family no one gives a fuck about. Speak some truth and even your family beats you down with a hockey stick. We were on OG Myspace trolling the streets before WiFi became a reason for you to cry when the power goes out. The war on consciousness you’ve never thought about, biting down on your retainer of propaganda cool aide and head gear never questioning your reality ya left in the freezer like an icey pop.

Boomers, zoomers, and normies on rotation as the gen y’s take the invasion of internet hate. Thinking for ourselves and questioning your modern day mindset, as your dancing on TikTok trying to get laid by some Instagram thot. Questioning reality as your barking in the comments about the left vs right paradigm. Wake up zaboomer if voting mattered they wouldn’t even let you do it. Decades of life devoted to statism as you spit bars for your presidential savior.

Generation Y is forced to sit back and watch, raising our voice only to be called crazy for the hundredth time. Beta males ruling the system as feminists cheer them on, we have no choice but to hide as the system takes your hand. Turning up PartyBoi69 so the beat can take back our mind, questioning reality as the normies collect their jabs for jobs and cheeseburger voucher collabs.

Wishing we were born in another time period to build a farm with a beautiful feminine lady, snapping back to reality so we can be solicited by empowered women for their Only Fans. The pinnacle of modern women’s success is going viral on social media and selling lewd pictures on the internet or working in an office paying taxes like a man. What a world we live in where the wheel of society is broken yet it keeps going round n’ round.

Everyone needing constant validation for throwing ping pong balls in a cup as their IQ drains out from the 5G microwaves. Running back to their bubble of narcissism so their feelings don’t get hurt. Wondering to myself where is the social contract I’m forced to abide by, meanwhile all my accounts are banned for speaking up about the agenda at hand.

Schizo Meme

It’s amazing how many people prance around this place with no real skill sets or intelligence yet have no problem running their mouth as an expert. Big titties and ass will give you a platform to speak from as simps line up like minions, only to watch her drag ass across the carpet like a dog with worms. Pathetic cowards giving up critical thinking for a cunt living on easy mode.

Never forget it was Gen Y that brought you back from the dead, from a zombie larping an ideology pre-created mindset. Downloaded from Netflix or Facebook as you harp some monologue mainstream bullshit. You forgot how to think for yourself silly slave where’s your mind at?

If you can’t question your beliefs with out cognitive dissonance maybe the shit you believe isn’t true. After spending decades in government run schools how can you even trust your instincts as you take another chemical jab from Johnson and Johnson. Blaming the Kikes you never seem to truly uncover the propaganda that’s been laid out. Stuck in a system that doesn’t give one fuck about you.

Synthwave and weed is the only language you might understand.

Psydub Ethnic Chill Out World - High Vibes Tribal Psychill Entheogenic DUB in 4:20 MIX 2021

Men Are Your Emotional Support System

Contrary to what society says life as a modern day man is extremely difficult with no real support systems in place. There’s no shelters for men, suicide rates through the roof, forced into the provider roll for both women and beta men in government at the threat of violence… where does a man turn in times of emotional exhaustion? Some men want to turn to their wife or girlfriend and unload their mental anxieties only to apologize or have it thrown back in their face a few months later.

Women have trained men to hold onto their emotions as to not offend them or disrupt their life style. Society plays this silly game where they say manly men and “toxic masculinity” keep men inside their emotional box but the reality is, it’s women, society, and toxic feminism. Men are often the only ones calling out to other men in defense of their emotional needs and depression. Men are the ones reaching out and teaching other men, offering a shoulder to cry on, or advice to get them through their current struggle.

Women don’t want to hear about your problems, they don’t want to help you solve them, they don’t care at all unless they can use it against you at a later date. Each emotion expressed is catalogued in their file cabinet for a later date when they can use it to destroy you even more. Not only have I experienced this with the women in my own family and relationships but I’ve watched it play out in thousands of men’s lives over the years all over North America. Women don’t even do the bare minimum anymore throwing out hugs and comfort, not even able to prepare a hot meal after the man spends the day in mental gymnastics at work.

On the contrary men have built entire communities underground to support and comfort each other. To be their validation, comfort, and emotional support systems. Real warriors turning to other men in time of need with jokes, humor, humility, and advice, yet society says men need to be more feminine and share their emotions with the system that hates them. This is strait horse shit and leaves a man to cling to society and women for breadcrumbs of validation. Told to go to some psychiatrist that spent years being programmed by universities to attack men and worship toxic feminism. Always blaming the man with problems and issues often out of his control or more commonly created by the women themselves.

Men have a much more logical approach to their emotions and struggles where shrinks and women want to throw a bandaid on it through psycho active prescription pills or manipulation to maintain their status. Men will stare at a problem until they can find a logical way to solve it. The problem in modern society is men have lost their ability to look at their depression or anxiety logically to figure out what’s causing it. We have lost our manly ability to logically dissect our emotional turmoil because society and women force us into a box of bottling up our emotions.

Whether it be friends in real life, a discord server, forum, or community of men this is the place to ask for help and advice. Reach out to others that have gone through similar issues and be honest with yourself as you approach your emotional issues. If your girlfriend makes you miserable, dump her. If your job sucks, find a new one. If you want more financial freedom start a side hustle with projects your passionate about. There is always a logical solution to your depression even if you don’t quite see it through your beer goggles. Call out to Jesus Christ, open your bible, spend some time in meditation. Take a walk, go for a bike ride, get in the gym. Meet new people.

You might even be facing a problem and think no one can relate, no one understands, but as you put yourself out their you’ll find many men have gone through similar issues. It’s not time to hang up your sword quite yet soldier, time to get back to the grinding block and sharpen up your steel.

Have You Ever Thought About Circumcision?

How many man are living through psychological trauma and pain from an experience they can’t even remember? Your first sexual experience when a nurse is cleaning your penis when seconds later someone grabs ahold and starts cutting… There is no doubt in my mind this has led to a life long trauma, homosexual urges, pain, guilt, and all kinds of bizarre sex acts to achieve pleasure.. and it’s all tied to this. Personally I experienced this along with a child hood of being held down, abused physically and sexually.. and it’s insane to think this is common in the United States. The medical industry is literally raping and mutilating little baby boys… but yeah go get your vaccine and wear mouth covers I’m sure the doctors are reliable like when they were pedaling cigarettes in the 70’s. Wake the fuck up.

American Circumcision

American Circumcision (2018) Official Trailer | Documentary

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Bizarre History Of American Circumcision - Why Do We Still Do It?

Porn Takes Your Soul Leaving You Feeling Empty and Depressed

At this point its safe to assume everyone in the world has viewed porn to some degree. Besides money laundering and military, porn was really the only reason the internet was even invented. From there the same concepts of addiction and dopamine pumpers filled the internet with their social networks and low IQ entertainment. All of which lead to the same end result of depression and while letting your soul sit on empty. Comfortable enough in your 9-5 coming home to another Netflix series never questioning your reality, merely accepting it.

When it comes to porn itself it’s probably one of the most damaging outlets online, addiction meets pleasure while pretending to have no consequences. The reality is porn is extremely damaging to the psyche and daily habits. Long term porn usage among men has even lead to erectile dysfunction studies show. It’s easy to see how these effects could correlate with porn addiction and habits because you get so accustomed to your little jerk off routine. Never using that testosterone in the street to chat up a pretty lady.

Master-baiting the a day away as you feel lethargic and empty, wishing you had more energy, wishing some hot chick was riding you instead. Little did you know it was your own actions and seed spilling that was causing your problems. Questioning life and your purpose as you beat your meat to the internet porn circus. After years of choking the carrot you see the world through sex goggles unable to appreciate the little things as you simp for hoes on Twitch throwing them dollars so they’ll dance around and be your beat off meat.

Leading to thousands and thousands of sexual internet partners your heart and soul get left in the dust. Thinking you’re just a monkey playing with your evolution banana, it keeps you trapped in the porn hub cage for life. Exploring strange and bizarre sexual gratifications because you saw a strange video half orgasm your mind and cock start to entertain doing shameful acts with your body in search of a new high. Paying hookers to slap your ass with a whip while you beg for your dignity all because you saw it on some back corner of the internet.

The great porn experiment | Gary Wilson | TEDxGlasgow