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Building with Natural Materials

Natural building is probably one of my favorite things to do. The idea of being able to take free supplies from nature and creating something of value from that is really the essence of freedom. Not only that but a huge slap in the face to government and banks as it completely side steps the mortgage debt slave life story. The ability to take something as basic as clay, dirt, and straw and turn it into a usable structure, or even house in many cases is absolutely mind blowing. Not only is it far cheaper when you do it yourself but the benefits give you the double barrel shotgun of awesomeness.

For example, with clay, adobe, or earthbags the temperatures maintain themselves. You have huge savings in heating and cooling verse the standard woodchip, glue, and plastic house. You spend far less money and time in repairs than you would with the standard USA home and even places like Mexico where concrete is the material of choice. The benefits of building naturally often demolish any idea of building the standard home. The problem is however the government makes it a bitch to build naturally. Somehow a hempcrete home isn’t up to standard but a woodchip, glue, and plastic house is with toothpick support beams. Somehow hemp (turns to petrified wood) and lime (turns to limestone) is not strong enough even though it’s 10x stronger than concrete and 6x lighter. At least that’s what the government would tell you.

The reality is they don’t want you to know you could simple grow a field of hemp, cut it down, shred it, throw some lime on it, mix it, and you’d have your foundation. They don’t want you to know your hempcrete walls literally suck carbon out of the air. They don’t want you to know that you could dig a pond for the clay, build a barn or house, and use it all for free. Another option is bamboo, where literally anything is possible. From bicycles to houses bamboo can solve a lot of problems. Not only is it fast growing but far stronger than wood due to it’s hemp like fiber structure.

All of these materials can be harvested naturally, and free if you live in the right location or grow it yourself. No need for a mortgage and perhaps the need to even work 40+ hours a week. What is the point when you can provide yourself with your own shelter and hopefully food as well. It’s the trap we’ve fallen for to live up to the standard of what they tell us. The problem however is not only is it not sustainable but it’s a far worse living condition. Forced to pay rent or a mortgage when their are millions of untouched acres of land all over in every country. Huge chunks of land untouched outside the city where free food and building materials reside. Instead, people pay for concrete or plastic houses. Literally paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a basic house or a small chunk of land to build it on. Only to pay house insurance, interest rates, and other scams along the way. Was it really worth it?

You could have built your own house at 20-25 and you’d have the rest of your life to not pay a mortgage. You’d never pay a cent in interest. That’s no longer the world we live in as SIMPS and hoes jump through hoops to uphold a system that literally turns them into consensual slaves as they sent out their latest mortgage payment. What a joke society really is when you remove the illusion of the delusion. Living a retarded lie all for the status or showmanship there of. Wow sweet 500k house, I built one for free and it only took me 6 months. Is it perfect? Not really. But it was my first time ever building with it and I literally had no plan. Not to mention I’m just a dumb hippy. Meanwhile you’re slaving 50 hours a week to pay off those bills and car payment. All so you can feel good as Uncle Sam has you sit on his lap. Never mind that bulge, he’s got your back.

UPDATE: After a few years building with bamboo as well, can confirm it’s just as good if not better. So much fun to build with.

Growing Marijuana With Rabbit Poop

When I first stumbled onto this gold mine recipe for the best marijuana plants you could ever grow it was honestly mind blowing. I was standing in the field looking at 7-10 marijuana plants, erm, bushes, erm, they where actually like trees. I stand 6’2″ or 190cm and they were at least a foot taller than me. The stalks were the size of my forearms. The nugget cone was abundant and beautiful. What was the secret?

The placement of this patch of marijuana plants happened to be on top of my old rabbit poop dump area. It was absolutely drenched in rabbit poop and pee. The entire ground area was at least five or six inches thick with nothing on top. I planted young clones inside the pen in early spring. With a little trimming along the way I literally didn’t have to do a thing.

Using rabbit poop is beneficial for many reasons. Unlike other fertilizers that can burn and kill your plants, rabbit poop won’t kill your plant. No matter what. You could literally have a cup of fresh rabbit poop, plant your seed or clone, and it will grow like crazy. I have tried many types of growing from hydro to clay to LED to HPS and MH to soil to outdoor and indoor.. ect. By far rabbit poop is the best method I have ever used indoor or outdoor.

The poop itself has very little smell, if at all. It’s not like other manure and actually holds to the strength and size of the clay grow medium used in hydro growing. Instead of having to worry about chemical percentages and the perfect recipe, simply throw in some rabbit poop and just water them. You won’t kill your plants and they will be absolutely beautiful.

Marijuana Rabbit Poop Plant Seeds Save Lives Nagolbud Rabbits

You might ask yourself where on earth can you get a regular supply / regular supply 2 of rabbit poop. For me, that answer was simple. Raise them!

There are many ways to do this that can benefit you in more ways than one. You can raise them in cages and collect directly from them. As well as some babies to grow your colony or sell them to friends or on craiglist. You can actually make a decent profit selling bunnies on the side while collecting your own poop. You can raise them this way for meat as well. If you enjoy rabbit and don’t mind the butcher process (which is actually very humane, simple, and easy), you can actually get yourself a very good stream of good quality meat for very cheap. If you enjoy hunting and have your own property you can also raise them for free range.

Personally I did a mix of it all. I raised my rabbits for a month or two and then would release them. On my property I built a few brush piles for their houses. Simply piled up some brush, threw down a tarp, piled some more brush, and they really enjoyed it. I also planted my front field as a food plot. I planted clover, alfalfa, all the way to sunflower seeds, trees, and fruit bushes. All kinds of things and then simply let the field grow out. Starting with just three rabbits I had over 100 in less than a year. I could hunt them, use them for manure by placing scraps or cracked corn in a certain area, I could catch them in cages with food to sell or butcher. It was the best of all worlds. Free range rabbits are ideal for any property.

Almost any plant I used with rabbit manure grew like nothing I had seen before. In the garden, my marijuana plants, starting seeds. Everything. They work so well and teamed up with the other benefits of raising rabbits it was really a no brainer. It replaced many things in my arsenal and made the process so much simpler by just using rabbit poop. Plus it’s fun to raise baby bunnies.

Homesteading Cures Depression

Everyone gets depressed at some point in their life unless you’re a narcissistic sociopath. The reality is we all deal with our own problems, whether mental, physical, or both. We all struggle in different ways and assuming some drug or shrink is going to help you can actually make things far more worse. You become apathetic to your depression, accepting it as a part of you when it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

We indulge in repetitious routines that continually causes harm to our body and mind. Sitting in front of a TV watching Netflix series while jamming GMO wheat covered in fake sugar down our throats, washed away by liquefied fake sugar syrup pretending its okay because it’s “diet”. As if a trip to the gym after drinking some chocolate creatine powder stuffed with GMO wheat “protein” is going to remove the layers of caked on depression. We continue our routine without another after thought.

As thousands of WiFi signals and phone frequencies bounce around your apartment you wonder why your depression hinders your sleep. Like an electronic organ your WiFi plays with your mind all night. You lay in bed looking at the ceiling wishing your depression would go away. Never once looking in the mirror taking responsibility for your own environment or actions. No one forced you to suck down another cigarette (as I smoke one right now). No one forced you to drink and eat fake foods. No one is forcing you to live in an apartment.

Depression isn’t a disease or illness. It’s a condition we choose to live with by surrounding ourselves with depression educing programs like YouTube and other social medias. Constantly comparing our lives with those on the internet that may just be a figment of our imagination. We blame the shitty world and those around us but we have the choice to move, make new friends, or simplify our life to something we can enjoy. Partaking in new hobbies and adventures wherever you may walk.

Marijuana Rabbit Poop Plant Seeds Save Lives Nagolbud Rabbits

People wondering why they can’t be rich and famous or striving to buy a car they simply ride in for 20 minutes on their way to work. As they stare at a screen and click buttons on a computer they forget who they are. There soul is lost to a deity known as mammon. Caking on pounds of makeup and starvation to look like one of “Victoria’s Secret”s tranny models forgetting their role and motto.

Depression itself is something that never truly goes away however. It can, however, be a motivator to change something in our lives rather than seek out ways to become apathetic towards it. Depression is really just a subconscious self reflection of how YOU feel about YOUR life. Whether that reflection is based on reality, or your comparison to others is 100% on you. If your goals are materialistic and shallow the reward that follows will be too.

One of the most rewarding hobbies I ever started was raising animals, growing my own food, and harvesting everything in between. As I throw dead leaves on my lawn, watching chickens pick through it, pooping all over my plants… I can’t help but smile as my garden turns into a forest. As a new mother approaches from outside the coop she lets out a few clucks with a small army of chicks at her heels. The rooster crows to let you know he’s the daddy as the rabbits perk up and look about. There isn’t enough prescription pills or hallucinogenics that can replace the joy of playing with a new litter of baby bunnies. As they come out looking like little pigs they turn into little fuzzy fluff balls.

All of this however is not the reward. It’s simply the benefits of the hobby as you chase YOUR goal rather than one that was created for you by the very system that wants you depressed, repressed, and apathetic. Fresh eggs, vibrant plants, fruits, and veggies, fresh meat, and depending on your livestock, fresh raw milk. When combined with your dank strawberries growing in rabbit poop your mouth starts to melt. When you run out you start to realize the real reward. It was actually the entire journey as the process repeats itself.

Idiocratwitch: The Dumbing Down of Video Games for Casuals $$$

As corporations slash and burn the creativity of the gaming industry, the corporate mouth pieces on Twitch sit back and collect, with their fake personalities and political correctness, they demand you follow a mold or get cast out in the cold, ever conforming for a bit of the spotlight. You wish with all your soul you’d be the next hot shot. Leaving your values to be adjusted like a MMO RPG as your chasing the illusion of stardom. Never realizing your constitution and wisdom had hit level 1.

Why Vanilla WoW Was So Good

As many gamers anticipate the return of vanilla World of Warcraft, many have forgotten what made it such a good game. It wasn’t the graphics, it wasn’t dungeon raids, or boss kills, but rather the community that each realm became. There was a real atmosphere to each realm you played on from top guilds to PVP battles. To raid a dungeon actually required communication skills and a little bit of work to build a good party. Raiding horde / alliance cities were actually something of value as it was how you could talk smack to the enemies after a world PVP encounter or world boss wipe.
The entire atmosphere of the realm was dictated by the people themselves, a story created inside the realm of World of Warcraft. Where players were held accountable for ninja looting, being toxic, or having terrible communication skills. In most modern games this goes unchecked or they implement some retarded automated ban system that causes total chaos on unsuspecting players. Vanilla WoW hit the nail on the head with this concept because the toxic players were removed from guilds, parties, and replaced. When the player realized he no longer could hop in any party and raid because he had the label of a ninja looter or dick head there was a reason to hold back your toxic’ness and try and work things out instead. Vanilla WoW not only required you to treat others with respect, but also removed the toxic players or at least limit them to how toxic they would be.
This in essence is what made World of Warcraft so popular. The ability to enjoy an awesome game with real people. People you got to know in the dungeons because you had to work together to actually complete the dungeon. Everyone had to communicate and help each other out to complete a dungeon. I remember once getting angry about some stupid player doing stupid things and I realized that by doing a short explanation of each boss before charging in actually decreased the amount of deaths in a dungeon. Helping out your fellow horde or alliance actually had real benefit to your pals and you. Then you’d see these same names in barrens chat, world PVP, the battlegrounds, there was real time friendship created on horde vs alliance.
This doesn’t take into account the world PVP and helping those around you. So many stories of fighting for a quest and getting ganked, only to have a friendly run out of the bushes and jump into the fight. You thought you were toast but a friendly priest tosses you a bubble and a heal from the bushes. It’s good game as the rogue sits in your frozen trap as you unload a barrage of arrows from 20 meters.
Without a doubt any type of dungeon or raid finder in vanilla WoW would completely destroy it. The reason I no longer play World of Warcraft is because of what the game became, not that I don’t like video games or have any extra time. The reality is the new WoW sucks ass. The achievement system is a joke, the PVP system is a joke, the world PVP system is a joke, the raiding is a joke, the looking for raid or group system totally breaks the entire essence of what made World of Warcraft such a fun MMO game. The idea you can hop on for an hour and get geared up is a total joke. I remember when the Panda expansion came out and it literally took me less than a day to level up a healing priest to max level. By my self. There was no reason to group or party as they had made the game so easy that a healing priest could solo level. What a joke! Fortunetly they did give me a refund after complaining, because who wants to spend that kind of money for a dumbed down RPG that a blind 75 year old man could beat in his sleep.
The idea that vanilla took time, energy, and actual thought process to complete was what made it so fun. The idea that you had to have friends and help to complete some missions and raids and they were all part of your realm family. There was a close community of players that really got to know each other from Barrens chat to their main city. The new WoW’s have so many bells and whistles that literally just destroy the entire concept of the game. To be immersed into the World of Warcraft was one of the most exciting things as a gamer, yet the new WoW’s totally destroyed that. The new WoW’s have catered to little kids and streamers failing to realize that most of the WoW players are neither!
How many video gamers even use twitch? I certainly don’t. Only on rare occasions will I hop on and see what’s going on. I don’t want to watch people play video games, I want to play them. They aren’t movies, and creating a game to appeal to a non video game playing audience is just stupid. To create or alter a game just because of streamers totally negates the entire concept. Especially considering the player base has been in the millions, even the top streamer with 20-30k viewers is only .00000001% of the gamer base, and those tend to be little kids anyway. Twitch is really just a glorified babysitter. Regardless of what the narcissistic streamers say, they should have no influence on game creation or ideas for games. They literally ruin it. They’re after money and more views for twitch, so they want games that look super special for their stream.
For example, someone like Sodapoppin who clearly never even played Vanilla, thinks he understands Vanilla by hopping in a 12 year old private server. He thinks he has some profound knowledge of Vanilla when he didn’t even play it. He makes all kinds of claims about what the game was, that totally contradict the truth of what Vanilla WoW was. He states over and over again that the game should be catered to streamers and thus removing many of the concepts that made WoW great to begin with. Streamers have seriously ruined gaming in many ways, all the while they beg for money and baby sit little kids. Gaming companies, please stop asking them for advice about your game. Why would you change your game to appease someone that uses it to solicite donations and entertain a bunch of little kids that don’t even play the game themselves.. they watch it! Pretty dumb on the developers part.
My next complaint is about players stating they want “no changes”. They want bugs to remain, they want all the stupid shit to remain, but why? To “re live” that nostalgia? Yeah it’s not really fun to have your Blackwing Layer raid bug out leaving you on the first boss for an entire week with no way to advance. Why would anyone in their right mind want to keep bugs in the game? That’s just dumb. Many players are limiting the classic WoW developers when in reality they could make vanilla WoW into what WoW was supposed to be. By using vanilla WoW as the true foundation and building a game around that. To have everything vanilla, with ZG, BWL, and Nax, but followed by new content and new dungeons. Building on top of vanilla while maintaining the essence of the community realm.
Gear itself in modern WoW has become a numbers joke. By removing all these tiers and random junk mythic heroic, blah blah blah, keep it simple. Gear doesn’t have to be 10x better to make it worth it but rather add variety in gear. New weapons with new stats but perhaps just barely better than the last, or even the same. I know many times I have gone for a cape or piece of gear that was exactly the same as what I had, it just looked cooler or provided a unique addition like a one time bubble for 20 damage, or something else small. It made me as a character feel unique and it was always fun to pop off something they weren’t expecting. Even if it was small it was still fun and unique. Rather than all these transmogs and crappy upgrades to confuse everyone giving them a reward for walking around in a dungeon rather than having to communicate, try, and actually win.
Balancing vanilla WoW is as simple as adding gear for everyone. New dungeons and raids would create the vanilla atmosphere while bringing in new content. To create a video game people truly enjoy based off something we know we enjoy. Modern WoW destroyed itself by catering to streamers and easy reward systems.
As far as leveling goes in vanilla it shouldn’t be changed at all. The most fun I had in a lot of my vanilla game play was leveling itself. The stories of helping and being helped by random players and fighting to the death with the alliance was always fun. Then to fight those same players in the battleground where I could woop on them some more. The community aspect of each realm really made it what it was. The leveling was fun. The PVP was fun. The world PVP was fun. The PVE was fun. Even the professions were fun, simple yet demanding, and rewarding.
Arena for PVP is a bit of a joke, I always laughed when people said it was competitive or skill based when they’d stack the same classes over and over. They’d create silly little tricks on the gay little fighting arenas and pretend it took skills and hard work to grind arena points all week. The reality is this is not World of Warcraft. It’s not PVP how it should be done in World of Warcraft. The idea of a 2v2 or 3v3 team going at it is just cheezy. Go to the open world for that. What would be cool is a solo PVP system and a pre-made / guild pvp system. Queuing up with 3 or less for solo and pre-made with full groups. This would eliminate the farming of players in the PVP system making it more competitive for both sides. As a pre-made group it’s not really that fun to smash a bunch of un-geared noobs. Some may find enjoyment in that, but I don’t. I want to fight others with similar gear so I know it’s my sneaky tricks that led me to victory rather than just some zombie grinded gear. The orignal AV, WSG, or AB were so much fun and people actually fought for hours. They didn’t run passed each other in hopes of racing to victory. Seriously, you know your game is broken when PVP is a race from one side of the map to the other. What a joke. WoW is made for intense battles of all classes doing what they do. Not some 3 on 3 gay circle jerk in a confined arena where everyone does the same moves with the same builds just to get some arena points and free gear. Skill based? Hahaha yeah right. You could probably build a macro and win most games as a bot. Same thing over and over again.
The PVE system in vanilla WoW was also a lot of fun. The way the dungeons were setup and the requirement of having to work together, prepare, and grind out potions or gold for your fellow guild mates. Players were known for having water and food ready, soul shards, all this stuff. It made each player feel important and needed in a raid. Every class was sought after because variety was always better in vanilla. Even the boomkin was good in raids with his spell buffs. (Only one though 😉 ) To get into good raids you actually had to be a decent person or damn good at your class. To be helpful or willing to fight with your buddies. The reality of growing these friendships as you wipe 30 times over the same error on the same boss for a month strait. It becomes a real challenge, and overcoming that with the same friends you started with is something most video games never achieve.
From my point of view vanilla WoW was one of the best games created, and using it as a foundation to create more content inside this realm would be the dream of many gamers, rather than just reliving the original WoW, why not build a game from that? Why limit yourself to vanilla when we could have a brand new game with something of real value and merit. That’s where I’d like to see vanilla go, and where I wished modern WoW would have went, rather than this lack luster, boring, repetitive, reward based non-sense it has become. For Blizzard, the best thing they could ever do is relaunch and re-build vanilla World of Warcraft, and my guess would be, it would be more popular than modern WoW in just a few short months.

Passion in Hobbies

Real people find them selves in real situations and sometimes that includes having a hard time finding work, providing food and shelter, and other basic needs every human needs. There are ways however that can provide those basic needs based upon knowledge and hobbies you’ve acquired along the way. For instance, raising chickens might look fun or silly depending on your view point, but at the end of the day I have free breakfast every day and have very little if any cost involved in raising the chickens them selves based on my acquired knowledge of raising them.
Not every hobby will show direct results like a chicken laying an egg but there are always ways of monetizing your hobbies whether that be the free egg or YouTube videos of your ant keeping setup. When I stumbled on this guys YouTube channel I was blown away by his passion alone for the hobby of having pet ants. It was a lot of fun to watch, and although his narration is usually directed at children, I found myself having fun along the way as well. I’m not an ant keeper but I always enjoy watching ants accomplish crazy tasks and they pretty much live with you in the jungle. His knowledge brought a new angle to my stoner gazing and often times I found myself applying knowledge I learned from him, in my analysis of a little ant colony.
His passion for ants got me off on a tangent and that is the power of someone that is excited about their hobby, no matter what it is. He is another great example of someone that turned his hobby into a business and YouTube channel having an online store for ant keeping equipment. It doesn’t have to be full time but if anything ever happened to his main stream of income it would be a bit easier to transition it into a full blown business saving himself from disaster. This is one example of the non-traditional hobby and turning it into something lucrative and informational for other people.
Personally, when I started learning about different ways of growing, building, and doing things in general, it wasn’t because I really needed to or was looking for money. It was about adding to my collection of knowledge, know how, and do it your self that can be applied to any facet of life. My hobbies were not just hobbies but building blocks to my business and adventure. The hobby of computers was turned into a way to work in an internet cafe giving me the ability to live in a very unique location, especially for a gringo, for a limited time. It was an experience I will never forget and something I learned a great deal about myself and my coming adventures. This scenario most likely would have only played out if my hobby of computers wasn’t used as something more.
It doesn’t always have to be direct money or compensation for what you are doing or teaching and that’s where the passion comes in. For these people it doesn’t matter if they are getting paid or not; this is the hobby they love to do. They enjoy teaching others about it and getting people hooked on similar interests. It’s fun and I know personally I had a blast helping others figure out chicken coops or selecting animals to raise. Bouncing ideas back and forth with other passionate people is how you learn and test new things. This is what actually gives them the ability to turn it into a legitimate business.
This is where it all gets tied together. Having a vast number of hobbies is not only beneficial for the mind and growth, but can also be a life safer in a grid down, job loss, got injured, situation. You may hurt your back at work and can’t make any money but those chickens are still out there pecking away and making you eggs. Those rabbits are still eating grass getting chunky for the freezer. Creating an environment from your hobbies in which you can succeed even in the worst situations or for the simple fact you enjoy real eggs verse store ones. Being passionate now a days is something looked at as taboo or evil by society, passion being the twin of individualism, which is why they try to make so many of them illegal.

My First Buck – Why Hunting is Important

Walking out to the stand early in the morning after a light snow is one of the most relaxing things on the planet. Everything is dead quiet, a few flurries hit the ground as you try to muffle the crunch of each step. You gaze around in hopes of seeing an early 30 point buck as you creep along, making your way to the blind. Excited for your future cup of coffee and granola bar you settle in and start waiting.
Many people have a lot of assumptions about hunting and some even want to limit gun use to hunting alone, but the reality is hunting is far more important than either of those things. And so is owning guns. Gun ownership is not about hunting, rather about protecting ones self, and family. Hunting however, is a skill set, a hobby, and a life lesson all in one. Going out on your first hunt as a young boy is exciting. For years you watched your dad load up his gear and guns and head out for the week or weekend.
As you got older you started shooting guns, learning safety, and shown how to care and maintain your firearms. All of these are very important skills for a young man to learn. Safety alone can prevent any bad situation and even situations where another child were to find a firearm your son would know how to handle the situation. Caring and maintaining a firearm is another skill that requires dedication and patience. It’s fun to go out shooting but remembering to clean your gear down is crucial to giving yourself that ability on the next outing.
When it comes to the hunt itself, there is something deep down in the soul of every man that tells him to hunt. There is a drive and need to fulfill this and it’s obvious by the excitement and what you actually get from hunting. Meat! Real food! A hobby that provides something of great importance. Something that you do over a thousand times a year! (3 meals a day logic).
I still remember the first buck I shot. The story, the excitement, and the memory. My dad and I had just got out to the stand and I sparked up a bowl as we warmed up the heater. Unloading our gear and loading our rifles he began scanning the horizon with his binoculars while I was messing around with gear. It was a slow morning and there wasn’t much going on. A few does ran through but nothing of excitement. We were both sitting in our chairs when I saw something moving in the bushes. Then I saw legs!
I knew it was a deer, and it seemed big. We slowly opened the windows and prepped our rifles in hopes of a big buck. As he walked out from behind the trees it became apparent, he was a nice buck. I lined up my scope but had no shot. I waited a moment and told my dad to take the shot because I didn’t have one. He followed up with an “okay” and got ready to make the shot.
Right then the buck started to move, ever so slowly checking the wind for a scent, scanning the horizon for any movement. I had the shot. I still remember looking down the scope and saying, “fuck it, who cares who shoots it, that’s a lot of meat” and I pulled the trigger. Instantly after I shot my dad shoots as well, jumping in surprise as my rifle let out .270 round.
We both looked down range to see the after math of our firing squad. The buck was standing there. Frozen. Staring in confusion as well. Not sure what had happened. I looked down my scope, thinking we both had missed in the confusion. I took one more shot and this time he ran off. We scanned, but couldn’t find him anywhere so we decided to get down.
Finding blood we knew there was a hit. So we tracked it all over and couldn’t find anything. As we came back to the shot spot we found him laying not more than 5 meters away in some tall grass. He had one entrance wound, and two exit wounds. To this day we don’t know if it was both of our shots hitting the same location or my two shots hitting the same location, in theory though, it would make sense to have two exits if we shot from different locations. Only God knows.
I still remember the rush of firing that shot. The second shot. Getting down to find it and seeing how beautiful and big this animal was. He would be taken full advantage of not only physically as meat, but mentally as a life lesson. This taught me as a boy, how to over come that moment, and make a decision to do something that would have direct impact on my well being. It showed me that it was possible to do something real in the world and get something real in return. If I take the time to hunt an animal I have food. If I take the time to plant seeds I have food. If I take the time to do something real, I get something real in return. This experience opened a lot of doors I never quite understood until now.

First Buck Deer

To be in that moment, to overcome the anxiety and excitement, to slow down your breathing and slowly finger that trigger. To clean and butcher your own food. The best part is the tenderloins in camp. Everyone enjoys one of the best possible meals as we share stories about life and manhood. Hunting is far bigger than guns or glory. It’s about growing up, it’s about learning and understanding how the world really works, how fragile life is, and how dangerous people can be with the right tools. It’s a reality check that guns are not toys, that I can go out and live my own life, while also creating a place for men to be men and do what we want. Robbing a boy of this is not to rob him of shooting bang sticks, but rather of his balls and man hood itself.

Modern Video Games Suck – Old School Favorites List

I see these lists all over the internet and it’s always the same thing. Call of Duty.. League of Legends.. Counter Strike… blah blah blah. Video games today really don’t even compare to the video games of my younger days. The creativity and story lines of games on Super Nintendo had me coming back for more. Even my current steam list is filled with old PC games as a lot of the new ones are strait up terrible. Or they’ve added such a cut throat ranking system that everyone becomes so angry and miserable chasing a make believe rank. Or they’ve added ridiculous money sinks with paid content and DLC. You pay full price for a game only to receive half the video game, as they sell back the rest of the game in chunks over time. Most of the time the game developer has already finished the content and places it on the disc, however it requires a code! They have turned into total thieves. Especially companies like RIOT that alter champion stats to sell more skins. Or CSGO that literally breaks the law with online gambling. Robbing users for thousands in some cases as they buy key after key.
CSGO is a tactical fast paced shooter with an extremely cut throat ranking system. I can’t remember the highest I got, my emblem had an eagle it in that’s all I remember. League of Legends is an extremely simple MOBA game that almost anyone can play. Again, a very cut throat ranking system. Both games filled with trolls, haters, angry players and more. Hardly ever do you find a game of fun and good times anymore.
It made me sit back in my chair and reminisce of all the times playing video games with my buddies. Even looking back on ranked multiplayer Halo as it first came out. There was none of this kind of shit talking. The old school shit talking was funny and creative. You had intense Halo battles for cool colored logo’s and rankings and stuff. It was nothing crazy but it was a lot of fun. So many endless nights laughing at crazy vehicle explosions or double taps with the goo gun and the rifle. So many bomb plants and crazy flag escapes in big team battles. It doesn’t even compare to these new COD and CSGO games.
The sad part is games like CSGO and COD make so much money. Steam milks the user base of CSGO to oblivion for silly things like gun skins. Why not make it customize-able? Why not allow players to simply design their own? Exactly. Steam, greed, and a terrible system destroyed another genre turning it into a cut throat silly ranking system filled with hackers, glitches, and CSGO lifers.
I thought I’d list my blast from the past list of video games. The best of the best from growing up from the days of dial up to mobile phones and clash of clans. They are not in order of favorite, rather time period.

Golden Axe

Golden Axe

This game has been made for several platforms but I first discovered it on SEGA at a buddies house. We played this game until the cartridge ran out of life. I believe there was several in the series and all were a blast to play. One of the best multiplayer games of the time and was the root of some great memories. From riding dinosaurs and beating down thugs to using potions and magic it was a blast.



Earthbound was my first RPG style game. It was so unique and exciting. I even went back and played through again just a couple years ago. I was just as hooked as a kid as I was now. Beating down hipster hippies with a bat or slingshot. Poor little buzz buzz. The game had so much depth and creativity it is still one of my favorite games to this day.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Oh man. When I got my first video game system, the Super Nintendo, this game quickly became one of my favorites. Again, the creativity and hours of fun blasting giant babies and zombie monsters to save the beautiful cheerleader on the trampoline created an endless amount of good memories. Did I mention this game is multiplayer?! Exploring houses and cabinets, the first true zombie apocalypse game that still contends with games today such as H1Z1, Rust, and any of the others. Honestly, I had far more fun playing Zombies Ate My Neighbors than any of the above.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time

Ninja Turtles

This is another game from this time period that rains down great memories. This game was beaten so many times, by so many people, at so many pizza parties. This game is one of the best of all time. You notice me saying that but each one of these titles holds a classic value to it’s era. I loved the side scrolling action games where you beat down bad guys with your bro’s. Tackling shredder after staying up all night with your buddy is a great feeling that never dies.


Halo 1

Halo was one of the first games that brought together the concept of big LAN parties. I’m sure there are other games out there that did this first but Halo was the one that pulled me in. The game was all out fun in coop leaving countless nights chasing achievements and other mods and glitches. The multiplayer was the first sight of what Halo would become. We’d set up several X-boxes and a few TV’s and go at it. Red vs Blue style. The battles in this game were epic followed by good food and good times with buddies. These where the types of video games I loved. There was no true ranking system. Just a lot of fun and laughs. Even though everyone knew 1 on 1 I’d whoop there butt. They’d try to deny it but I’d drop them all and steal the flag running out the front door. Madden is another game none of my friends ever wanted to play with me. 😉


Driver 1999

The anticipation for this game was almost too much to bare. I remember seeing the advertisements for this game and I was blown away. The idea of running from cops and doing crazy things with my car to complete missions sounded way to fun. I didn’t have a PlayStation so I was in the process of trying to get one. I remember a buddy saying his buddy just got it and we could go over and play. So there we were, old school big screen TV, PlayStation, and Driver. The game was the perfect play and pass game. You watch each other and laugh making fun of their mistakes. Then they’d crash or get busted and pass the controller. A way of turning single player games into multiplayer while having a great deal of fun in between. I compare this to modern games where you don’t have this face to face fun. There’s no controller passing or good food.

Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark

Of course everyone knows about Golden Eye and a few of the other big names from the era but Perfect Dark remains at the top of the list for me. It was the first real tactical shooter of its kind and another super creative game. The options and firearm choices made it endless fun. From customize-able setups and gun choices to character selection. It was a lot of fun multiplayer including the robot matches.

Mario Party Series

Mario Party Series

The Mario Party Series will always hold a special place in my video game heart. This game captures the very essence of what I love about video games. The fun and excitement in real time as you play the game. Mario Party was a board game, an action puzzle game, a quick wits tactical game, and also a silly funny game when everyone is making the motion of jacking off as they try to climb the monkey pole. You can’t help but laugh at the expressions and silly things everyone is doing. It’s all fun and games until a TV gets broke. Or an AlienWare laptop screen (before Dell bought them).

Medieval II: Total War

Medieval II: Total War

Well as you know from reading my website I have a great disdain for the history of the Vatican and Catholic Church. I know full well what they are responsible for in history and present day legal systems and government. I absolutely love this game because it gives me the ability to invade the Vatican. I can kill the Popes and wipe them off the map. I can then continue to destroy Christianity by splitting Europe with my endless supply of angry Byzantines that where used and abused by the Vatican. The game rings true to the tactics of the Vatican quite accurately. Upon invasion you will be hit with wave after wave of assassins, priests, and economic supply cut offs. Followed by a crusade and backlash of every Christian nation sending a full army at your capital. Little did they know I had taken over Scotland and launched an invasion from the North as well.

Age of Empires III

Age of Empires III

Every young man dreams of building his own castle. Well in this game you can do exactly that. You can build an entire village, a people, a way of life. If you can survive that long that is. This game is an all out build, survive, and war game that allows you to create a variety of units from various nations and tribes. As well as a customize able deck that is used in game that allows tricks and different boosts. This allows you to truly build out a the way you want whether it be turtle and defense or quick attack and horseman. A great multiplayer game from it’s time that is still played online to this day. I have had quite a few good battles online even within the last few years.

World of Warcraft Vanilla

World of Warcraft Vanilla

No list is complete with out World of Warcraft. This game stole a few years of my life as a kid but it kept me out of a lot of trouble as well. This game was one of kind and truly the gate to the new age RPG genre. This was the first open world customize able, pvp, trade, skills, mounts, auction houses… the game had everything. I always played on a pvp server and found myself loving the entire concept of it. Leveling for me was one of the best parts back in the day. You’d be out with a group of friends in Stranglethorn Vale. THE JUNGLE! Minding your own business, and hey, wtf, 3 dudes run out of the bushes and start attacking you. Of course they are those gay girly looking Alliance type so you have no choice to fight back. Your buddy charges in unleashing a fury of amateur attacks and spin moves while another buddy heals from the bushes. I throw down a few traps and start running blasting arrows as Ace attacks furiously. We duke it out until everything goes quiet. We look around at each other and see 3 cowardly Alliance laying in the grass. VICTORY!!!

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3

This is one of the most recent games I played that I enjoyed quite a bit. It reminded me of Halo a lot in it’s style and game play. Except it was more realistic as far as humans, tanks, and weapons goes. The game offered a great deal of fun in online multiplayer. The amount of crazy games and game player was quite amazing. I loved flying planes and heli’s but found myself enjoying the infantry life a bit more. Often times I had more fun doing crazy things to win than going for kills. One time I shot the enemy helicopter pilot out with my SKS, jumped from my bro’s little hawk and right into the enemy choppers driver seat. Blowing off walls from buildings or being the sniper sitting on a roof top… only to have half the building come crumbling down as you stare into the sights of a angry tank driver. The customize-able weapons and appearance made this game so much fun. BF3 Profile
In conclusion, after writing this I’ve realized how much modern games truly suck. They suck the fun out of the game turning it into a competetive nightmare. Sorry bro, I hit W when I should of S’d. That’s the reality of the hate in League of Legends. Woops, my bad dude, I hit my ult key, game lagged, dude ran out, and he didn’t freeze. Lets all cry about it. That’s what modern gaming has become. A coombi-a-cry fest.

Hobbies or Health

When you step back and look at the education system, television, media, colleges, ect. real creativity seems to take a back seat. No where does anyone teach you to acquire hobbies or learn NEW things in the main stream. Most people get home from work and sit down by the television for the night or literally sit in front of it all day. If you ask someone what their hobbies are you usually get a very shallow answer like buying guns, getting coffee, or “facebook”. Now don’t get me wrong, I love buying guns but buying guns itself is not really a hobby. Shooting your gun a few times a year is not really a hobby either. Investing long term time, energy, and skill into a skill like reloading or target practice however is a great hobby. This is how I define a hobby and you will see why.
You might be a little confused on why I separate short term fun of buying a gun and shooting it once in a while against reloading or regular target practice. The difference between the two seems tiny but the results can be quite different for your mind. At least mine. For example, if I go out shooting every weekend just for fun blasting holes in fruits and water jugs I’m not building a skill set. I’m not pushing myself to become better or grow in any way. Another example for me is getting into a buy craze. I didn’t spend a lot of money but I was constantly trading guns and shooting and trying new ones. I had a few I kept long term but a lot of them I traded and just kept shooting different guns. At the end of it I didn’t grow or obtain any new skills other than perhaps minimal knowledge on shooting a variety of weapons in a standard situation. Not that valuable compared to the mental enjoyment of seeing yourself grow each time you go out for target practice to get better. I don’t really look at it as a competition with myself either, but rather seeing myself improve from dedication of time and hard work. Whether it be at the reloading table or the shooting bench.
When I get caught up in the fake version of what hobbies have become I find myself less happy. I’m not learning anything new of value and it can’t really be applied to my life to benefit me in anyway. It simply drains me or my bank account. Real hobbies however, can be quite beneficial financially and mentally. There’s a simple joy in feeding your chickens or quail every day. Collecting some eggs and perhaps even butchering a few for a good meal. On top of that you can sell chicks or meat as well. Learning how to raise these animals is the challenge and the feeling of success when you accomplish this is much more rewarding. You learn many skills along the way that can be applied to many areas of your life. Not to mention there’s a nice reward for winning a shooting competition if your aim get’s good enough. Or perhaps even a trick shot artist. These types of hobbies bring joy as you get better and improve. It brings a joy to your self and builds self confidence.
I have felt a direct correlation to my own health. If I ever stopped participating in my favorite hobbies I would slowly become more depressed. If I stopped learning and growing in my hobbies it really starts to set in. This would happen quite a bit in past relationships. A lot of women would get jealous or angry about me having quality hobbies and try and distance me from them. Girlfriends would shame me about things I enjoy just so I would stop. Once I saw what they where doing I never looked back! Never let anyone keep you from this growth and discovering new hobbies because it does impact your mental health. There’s many times when I’d be out filling water bowls, carving wood, working on the food forest, or building animal houses and I would have total mental clarity. I would find myself in a total peace and find joy in what I was doing. The scripture I had been reading would be clear and obvious to my situation and the realities we face on this plane. My problems would find answers and things would simplify themself. Stress would disappear with growth in it’s place.
This is why hobbies, or lack there of, can be dangerous without growth. You’ll start to find fake or materialistic ways to satisfy your depression. You’ll allow yourself to make poor decisions over and over again stuck in the hamster wheel. A real problem in the MGTOW movement is this depression that stems from lack of real hobbies and growth. A lot of men are stuck in a red pill rage unable to find themselves again after several brutal divorce’s or relationships. Unable to move past the women bashing and anger. I don’t blame them at all because I’ve been there myself. That’s why I share this because this is how I have always found myself and my peace. How I have always found my individualism and my identity. My hobbies are what define me. Not my job, not my career, not my relationships, not my social life. My hobbies are where I draw my joy in life. My solitude and energy. Without them I’d be miserable, still stuck in a place of real anger and rage.

Why You Should Have a Motorized Bicycle

Looking back on all the different vehicles I’ve owned in my life, the Audi A4, TT, A6, Propane Powered GMC Van, Triumph TR7, Jeep, Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, Go-Carts and Motorized Bikes; I can say they were each fun in there own way but nothing compares to the motorized bicycle. Being able to start it up, fly to the store at about 30-35 mph without having to worry about much of anything. I wanted to share with you some reasons WHY it became one of my favorite forms of travel the minute I got on my first motorized bike and why I recommend everyone tries it.
Gas Mileage
The gas mileage is ridiculous. You can go to town and back for pennies. I traveled many times for groceries, car parts, and other random things with a few cargo bags on the bike and also a backpack on me. The one I had was upgraded with a larger fuel tank and also spare fuel in a metal water bottle. I could go about 120 miles without a gas station on this small setup.
I purchased a quality small engine kit when I built mine. It was a beautiful little HONDA ENGINE and it would start first pull almost every time. Basic maintenance of a small engine and it will run for a life time. They run smooth, quiet, and reliable. I never had issues with mine but always carried a travel tool kit just in case. (One time I forgot it and needed it to adjust something so I had to pedal all the way home with a full backpack. Still better than pushing a motorcycle or calling a tow truck though!)
Motorized bicycles require no insurance of any kind. The cost is usually pretty low too so it’s not that big of a deal. The damage you can do with a motorized bike is minimal as well even compared to a motorcycle.
You do not need a license of any kind to use a motorized bicycle on the road. No matter what! You can use them anytime without any permission.
There are two different types of kits. Chain driven and friction. Chain driven is as it sounds, a chain system set up with your small engine. This one is a bit more permanent and slightly more difficult but works a bit better in all conditions. I opted to go with the friction drive because of its simplicity, less moving parts, and ease of adjusting from engine to pedaling the bike manually. Installing of both is pretty easy however the friction fit is a bit easier as well. The friction is the same engine, but it spins a small grip wheel sprocket thing that sits on the tire. It works great except in wet and rainy conditions. It has slightly more wear and tear on the rear tire but not much. You can install either kit on almost ANY bicycle. Both options of 4 stroke and 2 stroke.
The price is extremely reasonable. For the Audi R8 version of the motorized bicycle you go with the Staton kits. Which are around 250-500 depending on the kit. There are cheaper versions as well for around 125-150 but they are hit or miss. I have dealt with Bike Berry and a few of their affiliate websites and they had terrible customer service. The actual Staton website is where I ordered mine and everything went flawless. I even ordered the larger fuel container from them and it worked great too.
Reliable Work Vehicle
I used this bike to get to work all the time! It worked awesome. I made my money back on the bike in gas reletively quickly and the ride to and from was a lot of fun. Even if I was late my boss would just laugh because hey man, it’s a motorized bike.
Whether you enjoy fishing or picking asparagus this thing is perfect for that. Many times I would cruise the neighbor doing both! I took many camping trips and trips to local state parks for hiking. I simply chained my bike and engine to a post and enjoyed the day. Hopped back on and drove off.
Camping or RV
Having a couple of these on the RV instead of a moped or pulling a car would be ideal. You would save tons of money and it would be much easier to figure out how to store them. Getting them out and off the RV would be much easier as well. No head aches and no hassle! They are pretty light considering its just a bike and small engine. Like picking up a big weed whacker.
There is nothing more fun than riding a motorcycle and hitting corners and enjoying the breeze. The motorized bike captures this but slows it down for total enjoyment. The birds in the field and the deer eating corn, all enjoyed as you cruise by on your bike. The noise is not as loud so you don’t scare much wildlife and it’s much easier to communicate and enjoy your environment. Yet at the same time, I could hit the throttle full power and hit those corners like Road Rash. You aren’t inside a vehicle or even on a motorcycle so the speed feels more real for some reason, even though you’re going slower.
I really wanted to expand on this last subject. The enjoyment of cruising around on one of these motorized bikes is pure bliss. You feel like a nerd, a biker, and a racer all in one. There’s no label for this level of adult fun. The beautiful part is it works on any bicycles, big, small, ect. It’s easy to do for anyone even as a first time project.
These small engines are powerful as well. I built a small trailer and had almost 200 lbs + me on the rig during testing. It not only pulled us, it did it quickly! If you’re looking for something fun and quite useful then I highly recommend looking at some of these motorized bikes.