Society vs Community

You’re on deck to start your life with over a decade of school under your belt. Unable to discern whether your ideas be theirs or your own. Trying to decipher life’s code the umpire yells batter up! Forced into another 4+ years of schooling education you’ve never had time to figure things out. Forced to read and repeat with no end in sight.

The ball whizzes by and all you hear is strike one! Blinking your eyes you gasp for air as your mind starts to melt. Is this the life I want or is there something else. The pitcher winds up and wings one in, closing your eyes you take one big swing. Strike two!

Slamming down the alarm clock it’s already 5 a.m. Time to go and do my job at the corporate office as another day passes you close in on the hump. The excitement is unbearable barely making it to Friday when the fun can actually start. After cleaning the house you’re exhausted from such a long week, passing out on the couch it’s already Sunday night and time to get things ready for yet another work week. Enjoying some Netflix programming you relax for one last second before everything hits repeat.

Luckily the last pitch was a ball or you’d already be out, not paying attention at all. The umpire yells the count, noticing you’ve got one more chance to do something at the plate. Taking a step back you take a few practice swings with approval from the stands. Seeing retirement on the horizon you put on your coronavirus mask and jump into the batters box.

A high speed fast ball is coming your way, unable to react in time it pegs you in the leg. Falling over in pain you can’t seem to walk as your bat rolls around on the ground. A las, you’ve reached society’s max height and can do anything at all. Your bank account is huge and your wallet is fat. Wincing in pain however you hear the umpire motion to take your base. Cuddling up with your blanket you cry away the pain as a sweet new Netflix series plays over the loudspeaker of your old folk’s home..



It's Just a Conspiracy Theory



The Future of Boca Chula Studios

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Do Not Date or Marry College Women

Traveling around by foot often times gave me a unique view into the living conditions we presently call “society”. Often times contradicting the narrative given by authority and main stream media, it was a real eye opener to the lies society pushes. As many other countries are now adopting the “go to college to be successful” rhetoric on every level, they sell the “American Dream” to everyone they encounter. It’s easy to see the liberal propaganda and brainwashing on every level, the statism and government worship, the denial of common sense and creative thinking.
The reality of this education system didn’t really hit me until I entered Mexico. Colleges are still relatively a new thing for the “common people” to attend. Only around for a couple generations it became easy to see the clear and distinctive difference between college educated and the regular locals. College educated men in Mexico often wore tight trendy pants cutting off circulation to their balls acting like effeminate liberal cucks on every level. Having some even call me a “misogynist” for not believing in the fairy tale of feminism.
The women however, were given a whole new outlook on life. These women would travel from all over Mexico to attend university. They would leave their families, come live by themselves, and do whatever they want. Compared to the traditional Mexican family where girls stayed with the family until they got married and started their own family. This created a hard working intelligent women that was prepared for marriage and a relationship. (Not always). Often times these women can be seen working hard to keep the house hold in shape. From laundry and cooking to playing with the kids and comforting the husband after a long day of work. It was quite common to see cute Mayan ladies washing the feet of her husband after a long day. Something truly adorable about that.
On the other side you have the college girls. Who literally get sent money from their family to go do whatever they want. These same principles apply in the USA but far more common, going un-noticed. The reality is however these women show up to college and really let it fly. They don’t hold back at all. Having sex with multiple partners, partying, getting wasted, doing ridiculously nasty things over and over again. They have hundreds of horny dudes trying to get in their pants at school creating an ego even Hercules couldn’t fight. In comparison, most of the college girls I saw were monkey branching from one dude to the next as they moved up the ladder trying to find the “perfect mate”.
These girls were always controlling, manipulative, and delusional. I experienced both first hand many times and every time the “educated” women was far more slutty, stupid; having no real skills at all. I remember having to teach a “educated” girl how to cook eggs! Another one didn’t know how to cook anything and gained over 20-30lbs while at university for less than a year. Simply because she would go out for greasy food every time, rather than cooking herself. These same women always maintained a mentality of superiority that they were smarter. That they were far more intelligent than everyone around them. They would have 5-6 guys at a time chasing them, texting, flirting, talking, while they have a boyfriend!
When I had a dating app a while back it was funny seeing all the women on there that said “Just looking for friends, I have a boyfriend” but when a “rich gringo” would message them the boyfriend seemed to disappear.
Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t even bother dating a college women.
1) They are narcissistic and spoiled.
2) They have had multiple sex partners.
3) They think of themselves as better than you.
4) They don’t know how to cook or take care of a family.
5) They don’t have any real skills.
6) They have several delusions.
7) By the time they are out of college their eggs are dried up or over fertilized.
8) Their career and job comes first.
9) They require manipulation to maintain their delusion of superiority and intelligence.
10) They are constantly looking to move up, aka monkey branch.
11) There is a 60% chance they will divorce you within 10 years.
I could probably go on for another 10 days with that list but I think you get the idea. There is literally no benefit to dating a college educated women, in fact, there are hundreds of reasons not too. Whether you are trying to build your own business or a family, or something in between, a college educated women will literally tear it down. Her own ego and pride are the root cause of destruction within her own home. Whether it be her own children, or husband, no one is off limits.
Again, there is literally no reason to date a college women. There are plenty of women out there, hard working, intelligent, with a business sense that do not do have any of these traits. For instance, there is an extremely cute girl down the street. Never went to school, never got “educated”, but she is working hard every day, she is helping to keep the family fed and sheltered, she has the ability to have a real conversation about anything, whether it be a flat earth or government. Their mind has not been taken over by the system, nor has it been turned into a self loving, self victimized, narcissistic cunt. She has real skills, for instance, the ability to start a business on a whim and be successful! I go there almost every day for mangos, eggs, and a smile.
One thing is for sure, college educated women are chains unto any free man, and even the society they represent. I have seen it first hand, over and over again. These women destroy the very foundations of family, there by society as well. All the while they suck on the cock of government to uphold these rights, yet they are equal. If men simply walked away, reality would hit them quite hard. Society would collapse over night and these women would be crying to the 911 operator about not having WiFi, food, shelter, water, electricity, refrigeration, plumbing, roads, ect.
So many of these women think their degree makes them educated, that their degree entitles them to some superior intelligence. The reality is these degrees are obtained by anyone with the ability to parrot what they are told. College is not a test of intelligence, rather a test of obedience. I guarantee I could come to your job site and after a week, do your job better than you with no degree and no training. Not because I am something special, but because your delusion is so grandiose. In fact, most college educated people I have met in my life are the dumbest, closed minded, rejects, I have ever met. They have no ability to critical think, no common sense, and no ability to question what they are told. In fact, 90% of the USA function at about 6th to 8th grade competency. This is a fact!

Do Not Date or Marry College Women

Women Can't Find Dates with Mr. Perfect: It's Men's Fault. Of Course It Is

How Feminism Set Men Free

A-Sexual Intelligence and the Side Effects

I never really had a word for this concept until this morning. A girl recently moved in near by and whenever I walk to the store she seems to be outside checking me out. She is extremely cute with an incredible body. Each time I’ve seen her though she is getting dropped off by some dude. This morning however she was dropped off in club dress at about 5 a.m. by Chad driving a speedster car in the neighborhood.
You see, most men that are thirsty for any type of attention or play, would ignore these signals and try and move in. However based on what I’ve seen and know about women, these signals would indicate a monkey branching modern day women. Out partying on a Thursday night in scandalous outfits being dropped off by Chad at 5 a.m. on his way to work. The way this women looks at me indicates she thinks she would have a chance but my intelligence kicks in reminding me of the realities this women is living under.
Prior to this understanding I would have seen these Chads as competition or easily out foxed and moved in anyway. It seems the more I sit back and use my logic the less sexual my mind becomes. This girl is beautiful with a bangin’ body but I have literally no interest in even talking to her. No interest in romantic conversation, nor anything more. No interest in asking her out on a date or sparking up conversation. Nothing. I know eventually I’d be the “guy dropping her off from a date” or “the guy dropping her off from the club / my house before work”.
As she monkey branches her way up failing to realize the wall is coming up. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when a young horny adult has gone completely A-sexual when looking at a modern day beautiful women. It’s normal for a man to fantasize about sex and women quite often during the day but these realities have taken this mindset almost completely. I’ve had women essentially throwing them selves at me, or rather simply asking for the hot sex, and my mindset simply sees them for what they are.
The sex isn’t because they care about me or have compassion for me in any way. It’s a simple manipulation technique or a way to get what they want. It’s never something used to express passion or relieve stress. There is always a hidden agenda attached literally stealing any passion from any situation. The hotness fades away when you realize the reason they are throwing them self at you is to control your future decisions. Some may say this is paranoia, but consistently I dealt with these things on a personal level as well as seeing them everywhere in women in society.
When I first arrived in Mexico I didn’t speak any Spanish at all. My only means of communication came from watching every action, flinch, facial expression, and movement to try and decipher what they were saying. Essentially a masters degree in non verbal communication and body language. Many of the ideas I had formulated were shown to me in real time. There was no denying what was playing out before my eyes, from married women chatting me up to beautiful sluts trying to bang their way to celebrity status. Their actions and motives were transparent.
This leaves most men in a state of intellect induced A-sexual’ness. In a lot of situations this can be beneficial for a young man, to focus on more important things like establishing a trade or business. Although a state of narcissism can arise from this if you are not careful. When you are too focused on your self and your own dreams you forget about the rest of the world. You forget about other men that are going through hell, to chase your own desires.
It’s not your job to save the world, but reminding your self that others need help will keep you grounded from your A-sexual induced narcissism. It’s easy to shrug off these types of modern women but remember the statistics next time you notice a man living in discomfort. The fact is, 76% of suicides are men. 85% of homeless are men. 70% of murder victims are men. 92% of deaths in the workplace are men. 97% of war deaths are men. 14% of men get custody after divorce.
We know these modern women don’t have our backs, and are actually hellbent on destroying the ones that love them the most. It is not our job however to save them or fix them. It is not our role to turn them into a housewife. It’s not our job to protect them from their own decisions. No longer will we take responsibility for their bad life choices. Never again will we open our pocket book up to a women playing damsel in distress as she collects from the government, baby daddy, and her current toy.
Imagine how we’d look as a whole, if these intelligent men were helping each other. Imagine if these same men opened their pocket books up to other fighters and truth seekers instead of some bimbo in a slick dress. Imagine if you spent that time chasing another mans dreams to help him achieve something great instead of throwing it at a modern day women. Imagine having the ability to invest knowledge and value with these types of people. Instead we allow feminism to control our mind through the flesh of women. The only thing they have left to offer.
Men have been tricked into thinking the other is competition. When reality shows it’s far from the truth. From race, creed, and motto the media tries to divide. From the orders of the Jesuit’s Hegelian Dialectic men fight and fetter. Never questioning the reality we are fed, only to fall victim as we are led. So pack your bags, it’s time to leave the plantation and start your own adventure. Whether that is starting an ice cream parlor, traveling, or a fishing charter. The options are endless when you’ve got your mind back.

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7 Signs You Are Being Sucked Into a Relationship

Many times men think they can dodge the bullet by using protection, but as we all know from the horror stories of pin holes in condoms and the birth control lies it’s safe to say abstinence is the only safe option. Wait, did I just say abstinence? Yeah dude. It’s really the only option left aside from hookers and prostitutes. Either that or the high chance of finding yourself paying child support to some entitlement government worshiping harpy.
It’s hard to even tell someone else that abstinence is the only option left when I myself hardly practice it. It’s very difficult to remain abstinent in a society where every social media platform is filled with boobs and vagina. You literally can’t even go to the #homestead or #farming tags without seeing boobs and bikinis everywhere. You click on their profile thinking they must be some sort of big time model… but no, they have less than 100k followers, often times under 15k and they have a feed filled with selfies and slutty photos. If you comment anything other than #beautiful “I love you so much” “I love your makeup” you are blocked. Either that or they want to have an internet fight with you which ends when they realize they will be hitting the wall soon, and I will be getting richer in assets and knowledge.
This obviously creates a large lust drive for any man. Being flooded with non-stop images of women, boobs, and vaginas is bound to impact even the most loyal monk. Chances are most men will fold when a cute little honey presents herself as a risk free good time. Eventually though, it will end in disaster as we all know. Here are 7 signs you are being sucked into a relationship:
1) Wondering What She Is Doing
This is a obvious sign that your attention has began shifting from important life goals, hobbies, and current events and into her needs, goals, hobbies, and current events. The minute you start questioning and wondering what she is doing as a habit you have already fallen for the trap. She is inside your head playing games and you don’t even realize it. Wondering what she is doing isn’t a sign that you care about it, rather that there is a feeling of distrust and disloyalty. That she might be doing something behind your back. Sometimes this is because the man is doing this himself, but usually it is a sign that she has began her effort. The hook is set and there’s nothing left for her to do but start reeling you in.
2) I’m Sorry I Didn’t Respond I Was Busy
This is a manipulative trick many women use. It sets them up to be chased. When they say this to you, even when you are not awaiting their response, it sets up this game. Most of the time men are not sitting by the phone waiting for a women to call. Often times they reply to a message when it’s convenient. When working online or from home sometimes it’s a bit easier verse working on a roof but usually the response comes when a moment of time offers itself. Women however take this as an opportunity to begin their manipulation. They plant this seed that you are in fact waiting for them and their response. Like you are angry that they did not respond earlier and feel the need to apologize each time. Obviously you say, “no big deal” “no worries” and think nothing of it. Little did you know she was slowly setting you up for the trap.
3) Changing Small Habits
You find yourself in situations where you start saying things to appease her. Instead of being yourself, you start saying things that belittle yourself into the image she wants. Often times you don’t realize it until it’s too late, as you’ve whittled yourself down to the last bit of wood. These women use validation as cookies to push you in the direction they want, whether that be a baby or relationship. Or both. They have an agenda. The second you catch yourself saying something that contradicts the truth to appease her delusion you are in fact, being sucked into a black hole.
4) Playing Games
This one can be very dangerous if you don’t see what’s happening before hand. Often times a man will find himself in the situation where he realizes he is being ignored to cause him to chase, that he will do certain things to pass her shit test, ect. At this point some men decide to start playing games back. This is another indicator you are being roped into an unhealthy relationship. She is using emotion to over power your logic and beat you over the head with it. You can’t beat a pig at wrestling in the mud because they love it. No matter how good you think you’re doing they will maintain their manipulation with a smile.
5) Special Time for Conversation
Some women use basic means to rope in their victim. Using sex is usually the easiest way to manipulate a man and most simple women do exactly that. A man can easily get sucked into a relationship with a girl like this because often times they are somewhat chill and fun to be around. The reality is though you’re just another unicorn on the cock carousel. Once she’s bored she will be on to the next victim. One way to thwart this scenario is to understand your own thinking. When you start wanting to create time for conversation and activities rather than sex you know she has taken you from sex friend to boyfriend. She turned a purely sexual relationship into a real one.
6) Giving in to Date Demands
Many times men will be given “advice” on where to go for the date or some super special romantic picnic thing with wine under the stars. If you ever find yourself with a bottle of wine sitting under the stars with what was a booty call, rest assured you have been sucked into a relationship. If you have began jumping through these hoops know you will be on the court the rest of your life. Jump shot after jump shot, layup after layup. The demands will never end, but your life sure will.
7) Dismissing Red Flags
You’ve been through enough relationships to know the red flags. You have seen it first hand and dealt with it personally. Many times these red flags are over looked for a booty call or sex buddy because it doesn’t matter. You are just there for sex and the fact that she is a slut online or at college parties doesn’t matter to you. She lies about where she is, what’s she is doing, ect. but you don’t care because you just want sex. The minute you start dismissing these red flags and continue the relationship she will use one of the other baits to hook you, and reel you in. The second you catch yourself dismissing any red flags know you are on the brink of collapse.
Seeing the signs before it’s too late can save you an ample amount of time and energy in the long wrong. The reality is you can’t fix these women and most of them don’t want to be fixed. They treat those that care like dirty rocks, and those that don’t care like kings. They wonder why they are miserable deep down, they wonder why they don’t feel good after riding another cock, they wonder how they are single at 40 with 5 cats and kids to match. They wonder why they can’t find a good man. They wonder, they wonder, they wonder. They push away anyone that tries to help or they use captain save a hoe until his ship sinks like the titanic. That’s when they hop ship and start searching for a new boat to climb aboard.
These women do not look at men as human beings but rather disposable utilities for their use. The reason these relationships are dangerous is because they are not in fact relationships. They are the castration of the modern man and cuckation of his very soul and mind. The ability to be free, dominant, and powerful is the essence of every man. Every man has the ability to be a leader, a role model, and a teacher. Modern women rob of us that and they will use any means necessary to do so. Watch your backs gentlemen and always remember these 7 signs you are being sucked into a relationship.

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7 Reasons Young Men Should Avoid Relationships

Looking back on my high school experience it’s drilled into your head to get into a relationship, fall in love, get married, get a mortgage, have kids, ect. Many of my friends and old high school buddies were married with children strait out of high school or within a year of being graduated from college. They don’t even give themselves a chance to find out who they are before they are neck deep in a marriage. Here are 7 reasons why men, especially young men, should avoid relationships and marriage.
1) Establishing Your Career
The first reason you should avoid a relationship as a young man is because most women are dream killers. I have experienced this first hand many times. None have ever supported me in my career or building something real. They constantly belittle, nag, and verbally abuse taking you out of your go getter mindset. They will push you to take a career that benefits her the most. Instead of taking any chances and building up your own business or career they want you at something steady and stable where they can easily control you and your paycheck. They don’t want you becoming more successful in most cases because it threatens their comfortable position as boss and CEO of your household. Most men in their twenties are either just figuring out their career or just starting. They are in no place to start a family mentally of financially and instead of enjoying the freedom of their first big pay check they are forced to adhere to their wives demands.
2) Time Lost
I can’t even begin to add up the time I wasted on women in total. From dating and relationships to the every day arguments of living with a nagging women that will never be happy. The nights lost in my beta days wondering if she was cheating and why she couldn’t be honest. The time lost jumping through hoops to make her happy. The time lost walking on egg shells. The time lost on trying to fix it or make it better. The time wasted trying to fix these terrible relationships is endless. An endless loop of throwing your time and energy down the toilet. Imagine what you could have accomplished in that time if you weren’t in that relationship.
3) Money Lost
The scale of money lost can vary depending on your situation. Some men owe life time alimony to their ex wife. Some men owe payments for the next 18 years. Some men throw away money chasing women trying to get into relationships. Over and over, month after month, you question your motives as a young man. Wondering where your retirement has gone. Wondering why you’re living in a trailer. Wondering why your ex is living like a queen while you live like a hobbit. The amount of money wasted on drinks and dinners trying to capture the attention of a black hole.
4) Growth
When you are wrapped up in an unhealthy relationship you aren’t doing things like traveling, taking adventures, or chasing your curiosity. You aren’t chasing new ideas and concepts or trying to grow as a person. Your focus becomes the other person and their needs. You forget about yourself and your own needs leaving your personal growth stagnate. You stop learning new things, you stop trying new hobbies, you stop investing time and energy into things that interest you and instead into her. You never even attempt new ideas leaving yourself as an empty shell to provide a blanket of security for this women. Instead of reading and intellectually self reflecting alone, you’re getting nagged about growing a grass lawn or the dishes not being done. You do not even know who you are or where you are going why would you want to be tied down to a sinking ship.
5) Mental Health
Being in a bad relationship can be mentally draining. It can be financially devastating. When you’ve been through several of these as a young man you are willing to jump into marriage or a relationship with the first girl that “acts” nice. After these relationships end in disaster as well a man is left broken. Mentally he can’t understand how these women continue to treat him like a disposal utility. He can’t understand how he could love a women for 20 years only to have her take his children, home, and money after cheating on him. Mental health is left broken struggling to find any source of help in our man hating society.
6) Friendships
It’s very common for a man to ditch out on his buddies when he goes into a bad relationship. Often times buddies will try and help to no avail but the guy will dive right into a relationship. You lose those friends and you miss out on all the fun times you would have had ice fishing, hunting, or drinking a few beers by the bonfire. Friendship effects every aspect of life. When you push your friends away for a relationship you are left with no one around to talk to grounding you in reality and your left alone after the relationship. This pulls you farther into self destruction as your left alone with no one but the women that is hellbent on controlling you.
7) Future Prospects
Knowing that I will most likely continue to build wealth and wisdom as I get older my prospects get better and better. Imagine marrying your high school sweetheart or college honey and ending up middle aged with a hog of a wife that does nothing but nag and bark orders. Imagine if you had followed this advice. Imagine if you had gone your own way and built yourself up to this point in your life. Imagine the women you could get compared to the women you have. Men are constantly gaining value in the sexual marketplace. Women are on the decline after ages 18-23.
There are many more reasons why men should avoid relationships, ESPECIALLY young men. There are way to many tricks and tips employed by women to sucker you out of these aspects of life. To keep you in a state of survival, rather then growth and success. Steering clear of these leeches is critical to your development and future success in life and settling for one early will most certainly end in your demise.

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Life Lessons For Young Men | Live From The Lair

Are You Really Red Pill?

I’ve noticed a trend in the MGTOW community calling themselves red pill. The problem however is some of these men have emotional temper tantrums when politics or religion comes up. They have no idea how to have a rational conversation about these topics without getting emotional. The problem stems from this fake red pill mentality.

These men claim to be red pill because “women suck” but can’t take the time to research any further. They call them self red pill but make fun of anyone presenting new theories or ideas calling them crazy, conspiracy theorists, or flat earth morons. These “red pill” men use female nature to shame men that bring up new ideas or concepts that don’t align with their current belief system. Often times it can be a bit comical to hear them say they are red pill but have no clue who owns the private bank called the federal reserve. Or they will make some joke about the “jews” owning it and dismiss any further conversation. The jews… really?

What a lot of MGTOW men don’t realize is there has always been a large portion of men in society that do not get married with the state, that go their own way, that focus on their own goals and not pleasing a women. They don’t need a label or movement to do these things. They just do them. That is the very essence of a true MGTOW. Is actually going YOUR OWN way. Not the way of a movement or label. Not putting constraints on yourself with a label forcing yourself under an umbrella of terms and conditions.

How can you call yourself red pill when you support vaccines, GMO food, and other obvious problems with society. How can you call yourself red pill when you have no idea of the agenda behind planned parent hood, operation paper clip, and ethnic neighborhoods. The real reason for abortion. A lot of these MGTOW atheist men however don’t care to be truly red pill because they where the ones marching with feminists for abortion. They where the ones putting evolution text books in every class in the nation. Atheist MGTOW are the ultimate blue pills fronting as red pills.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

This claim of being red pill by some of these MGTOW is a total joke. This is not an attack on your intelligence, rather a reproach to your attitude. Narcissistic and sociopathic women have been understood for a long time. Heck it’s been in the bible for 2000 years. It’s NOTHING new. Reading the forums of any forum going back 20+ years to the beginning of the internet you can clearly see men understanding female nature. Not only that but they understand the system behind it and it’s agenda.

Taking the red pill is much more than getting a daily women bashing and thinking that is the red pill creates a delusion for yourself. It keeps you funding and funneling your attention to these “red pills” while you ignore and attack anyone that offers new and valid information backed up with facts and research. Attacking someone shows your emotional level and that your belief system is based on a very bad foundation.

Stop pretending to be red pill when it’s clear the emotional mentality reflects that of a blue pill; pretending you are red pill because women suck and you are a great person, why don’t you look in the mirror, dig a little deeper, and actually reflect on your own decisions and take responsibility for your own actions.

They Live - Best Fight Scene Ever.

We Were All Blue Pill at One Time

Humility is a difficult concept to understand. Even once you understand it the principles you’ve learned can be swept under the rug in a heart beat letting your pride take the drivers seat. We’re all guilty of this on different levels and reminding yourself of where you came from will always bring you back down to reality.
No matter how monk you are, no matter how MGTOW, we were all blue pill at some point in our life. For most of us is was a large portion of our life that we were blue pill. Some men take 40 years to figure it out. Others learn more quickly from others mistakes or their own. The reality remains the same though, we were all blue pill at some time in our life. We were that poor sucker SIMP who tried to make our girl happy. Who tried to do more and more to get her approval. We were that guy.
Pride can be a dangerous weapon. It leads to poor decision making and aggressive behavior. Unfounded aggression and unrealistic conversation become the norm for someone letting their pride run their life. When someone forgets where they came from or what made them the person they are today it’s easy to go into this mode. When you forget all the mistakes and stupid things you did for a women it’s easy to repeat those mistakes while thinking you’re not.
It’s a deep cycle that lends itself to the collapse of true conversation and learning. When you’re pride is in the drivers seat it’s almost impossible to explore and learn new concepts. To put aside old belief systems that obviously don’t work. To take the time to discover what the truth is behind the system. Most men know an awful lot about female nature, but do they know where female nature came from? Do they really understand the underlining principles of “female nature” that seems to be global and historically un-ending. All the way back to the garden it seems the serpent has used “women’s rights and feminist” to lure the women away from her role and turning her against it.
When you cast aside your pride while looking at your own past walking down the blue brick road it’s easy to bring yourself back down to earth. You don’t feel the need to attack new members of MGTOW because they aren’t the perfect example following all the laws of MGTOW. You don’t feel the need to attack new ideas and concepts presented by other MGTOW. There’s peace in your heart as you look around and realize you were just as blue pill as this guy, if not worse!
A lot of men get on their high horse and lord around their personal accomplishments as if it’s a badge of honor. It’s not. It’s pride. Step back and really look at yourself and how blue pill you were in your life. Be honest with yourself and stop putting on a masculine show, egg heading with other men that might understand things a bit better than you. Unfortunately with pride goggles on it’s hard to see anything clearly.

The Matrix (1999) - The Pill scene

Red Pill Rage Porn

A lot of men try to attach their stigma’s of having to be this or that to be MGTOW. The reality is there is a huge diversity of men inside the MGTOW movement with different thoughts and personal interests. For me, the only thing that draws the line on a fake MGTOW is a man using female nature himself.
This can come in a variety of ways and the most obvious is a manipulative man that uses many female tactics to try and control other men. After watching several youtubers in the MGTOW genre I soon realized many of these “MGTOW” men were nothing but jackasses turning their viewers into money. A lot of them have been on the same red pill rage porn topics for several years. The reason they stick to this topic is because it generates more views and more money. There’s nothing wrong with getting money until you cross that line of using female nature to do so.
You see, red pill rage, when given over and over and over again creates a very disillusioned mindset for a man. These youtubers have become a sense of validation for men to remain in red pill rage. My beef comes when these men are using this mindset to generate revenue at the expense of MGTOW and MGTOW men. They have no interest in seeing other men grow or build themselves up. Their interest is the money. Many of these blue pill simps have seen successful MGTOW youtubers giving quality advice and good red pills and tried to mimic it in their blue pill way. They simply parrot “female nature” and fuel red pill rage to the point of no return. They enter any google hang out and chat group and change the topic to women bashing and how women act. Most of these men are on their 3rd or 4th divorce or they have never been laid. Two extremes giving out advice in an area clearly they don’t have a very good understanding in. How can you give advice about female nature when you’ve only dated one women? How can you give advice about female nature if you’ve never had sex or been intimate with a women? How can you give advice about female nature when you continually get married and divorced throughout your life falling for their games?
To me, these things contradict each other. These men are not giving out real advice, merely parroting what they have heard in an attempt to collect resources. They do this on the backs of real men that HAVE dealt with many women or men that have been through hell giving real solid advice. They steal and rob these men blind while stealing their knowledge and turning it into profits for themselves. They dish out the same repetitive red pill rage videos over and over followed by begging for money on patreon or donations. Since when do MGTOW men ask for donations for warning other men of our system? That seems pretty plue bill to me. Very baptist preacher like.
Getting back to the community of MGTOW, and the real victims of this red pill rage bullshit. I get it, most women have heads the size of a T-Rex with the same stupid little arms flailing around pretending to be equal to men with the bite that’ll leave you without legs. I get it, and everyone should have some red pill rage time. The problem becomes when that couple of weeks of red pill rage turns into years of anger. Where does that leave YOU? Where does this red pill rage leave YOU? What do you gain from continual red pill rage? I gain nothing from bashing women. I gain absolutely nothing from continually telling you how shitty their behavior is. Where I do gain advantage though is when I toss that red pill rage aside and start putting that energy into myself and helping others. My neighbor going through a divorce knows how shitty his wife’s behavior is, what he doesn’t know is how to turn that anger into something valuable. He doesn’t know how to take it to a place of growth. Red pill rage doesn’t do anything to help a man, rather it hurts him.
Some men will take this as an attack, that I am not “true MGTOW” because I don’t bash women 24/7 talking about female nature attacking every women that shows female nature. These are your blue pill simps using projection to hide the light that’s just been shined. These men are dangerous to the MGTOW mindset in that, they use female nature, hone and improved on, in male form. They do this with one motive, MONEY. They don’t hide it. They don’t offer any new insight for men or any ways to grow as a human being. They simply offer the same red pill rage day after day and they’ve been doing it for years! You can look through any of these youtubers top videos and it will be related to red pill rage. This is where the money is. If you look at some of the other MGTOW youtubers that talk about growth and other harder topics they have barely any subs. Yet their content is an A+ compared to the D- of the red pill rage by some narcissistic moron.
That’s really one of my biggest pet peeves with these men. They claim all this red pill rage female nature while at the same time using it themselves. Some of the biggest hypocrites you’ll ever meet are the red pill rage factories on youtube and Claiming all kinds of things about female nature, which is generally true, but the moment you questions or raise a concern they attack relentlessly with shame, guilt, verbal abuse, accusations, defamation, lies, ect. These men are literally no different than a die hard feminist and why I often times say atheist MGTOW are fake MGTOW. They are guilty of this without a doubt. Sure there are some NAAALT’s out there, (Not all atheists are like that) but for the most part its about 99% that use this extreme female nature to manipulate conversations and censor opposing views; proven time and time again. The funny thing is, most of the men on youtube and that do this type of red pill rage for money are atheists. They didn’t join MGTOW to help men, they joined for the gold rush known as red rage pills or the narcissistic supply of egg heading other men that are in a weakened mindset from a shitty divorce or relationship.
Watch out fellas, these men are the flying monkeys of the female nature witches. These are their children. These are the atheistic children of the extreme female nature mothers that adopted the state as their parents from a early age and why they believe so hard that evolution is a fact. Their parents have been telling them it for the last 18 years in public school. Mix that with a terrible single mother and you get an atheist MGTOW dishing out hate and red pills against anything that contradicts their delusion out for only himself, willing to discard any man for the chance at some profits. THE GOLD RUSH IS HERE!

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MGTOW: Land Of Confusion

Vagina Worship and Sex Robots

This entire concept has me a bit creeped out. It seems a large portion of the MGTOW crowd can’t get the idea of having sex with a robot out of their head. They believe replacing women in society with fake wombs and women will somehow bring them peace and joy in life. I can’t quite wrap my head around this delusion MGTOW men keep throwing around and it’s very popular. These men fail to realize they aren’t even MGTOW with this mentality. They worship vagina so much they will literally create a robot to replace the sexual feeling of the vagina. Not only will these robots completely destroy a mans ability to converse or have real relationships in life but it will destroy his confidence and reality. On top of all that it loads a women’s shame and guilt cannon with plenty of ammunition towards the modern man.
For me, the concept of sex robots totally contradicts the idea of MGTOW. To claim you don’t want anything to do with women and to support and work towards fake vagina robots just seems hypocritical. I always hear MGTOW men on youtube claiming not to worship vagina or women yet they do this with ROBOTS. They call other men beta cucks while chasing and investing in robot tail. Men chasing sex robots is the definition of a blue pill thirsty cuck willing to do or pay anything for vagina; EVEN IF IT’S NOT REAL. MGTOW men are lying to themselves saying that robot women are going to replace women in society and somehow make them change. Once again underlining another basic concept of MGTOW that women are not going to change and only get worse. You see, this entire robot delusion stems from feminism. Feminist women in fact benefit from keeping men distracted with a bunch of robot women. Instead of men doing manly things and building their future they’ll spend their Friday nights banging a rubber glove with hair on it, plugged into the wall. Ask any women in real life, most would support even their own husband having a sex robot so they don’t have to do it.
These men are stuck in the delusion of thinking women and sex brings comfort and peace to their life. They are stuck worshiping vagina so much they will literally worship a robots. I don’t quite understand how this could fall under the umbrella of MGTOW let alone be beneficial for a MGTOW man. My needs can be met in a variety of ways sexually and recently I have been learning and growing in ways to turn that lust into something more positive. Whether that be new hobbies or critically challenging my own belief system in ways that keep me growing and learning new things. If I used that energy on a vagina robot I wouldn’t have even come up with half the ideas I have, let alone act them out in my life. You see, sex robots just create a lazy basic MGTOW man. It creates a man that puts all his lust and energy into screwing a robot. The excitement and love towards these robots before they even exist shows how creepy the entire concept is. Like a beta cuck waiting for his wife after marriage even though she has 5 kids with different dudes.
Another huge misconception is that these sex robots will somehow eliminate women from society. That women will just disappear when sex robots become reality. This is another delusion. MEN will be the ones to disappear from society. Women will move into more political positions, legal positions, ect. It’s much easier and cheaper to collect semen from men to create babies in a women than it is to create a fake womb for men to create babies. That’s reality. When men wake up from their robot banging fantasy they will be met with a world of feminism and control on level’s they have never seen before. Instead of fighting back and creating a resistance of any kind or helping fellow men they will have pissed away all their extra time, energy, and thoughts on these silly sex robots. Men will waste away chasing this fantasy in MGTOW instead of facing reality and growing as a man. You promote this concept with the idea that it’s going to help you but in reality it will do nothing more than demoralize you.
A science dictatorship of women in charge is the after product of sex robots for men. A one world religion of science with women at the helm. That’s what you have to look forward to by going down the robot sex path. You can expect that no real men will exist in society in 50 years as those that see the problems in society chose to be mental cowards instead of facing reality. A resistance isn’t created to change the system. It’s created to survive it. So while these MGTOW men think sex robots will save them, it will literally body slam real men in society into the ground while elevating any and all feminist modern women into every place of government and politics. They will be in total control and you will be left with nothing but a piece of metal to bang. That is the reality of sex robots and where this delusion will take you. Not to mention the horror of having a malfunction during oral. A risk I am not willing to take on any level.

The Kinsey Syndrome ~ Manipulation of the Sexual Revolution & The Moral Destruction of Society

Learning How to Grow After Red Pill Rage

Getting hit with a sledgehammer hurts. Just dropping one on your toe can be painful. Now imagine having 5 large men come into your home and hit everything in your house with a sledgehammer and boomeranging them at your head before they leave. This is about the equivalent to waking up. Taking the red pill will change your life forever. The moment your delusions come crashing down and reality hits you can be devastating. It can also be extremely liberating. It’s hard to describe this exact feeling. As if you’ve been wearing blinders your entire life and someone rips them off and your left seeing everything you had been ignoring for so long.
Most of the people reading this article will know this feeling. They will know the anger, the frustration, the anxiety, the emotional roller coaster of seeing our reality. All of these feelings are justified. Being angry at corruption and evil is righteous. Getting angry about liars, manipulators, and game players is nothing short of reasonable. It becomes a problem when you get stuck on these emotions though. When you get hung up on these realities. When you dwell on these things it simply eats you up from the inside out. Slowly you become more and more angry taking out frustrations on innocent people. Understanding how and when to step back and look at yourself is key to growing as a human being. Changing your behavior or reading a self help book won’t work. The reality is you need to understand why you do something in order to stop doing it and grow. You wanting to quit smoking will be extremely difficult if you don’t understand the reasons that cause you to want a cigarette.
I wish I could give you a list of things to do to grow. With plants it’s easy. I simply have to water them and give them some rabbit poop / fertilizer and put them in the sun. Simple. Effective. Humans however, it’s not that easy. Wanting to grow comes with the reality of taking responsibility for your actions, reflecting on yourself and how you treat people, and analyzing your goals. It comes from looking at your past, present, and future while being able to confront yourself and search out truths that may or may not contradict your entire reality. If you can’t question what you believe without getting emotional perhaps there’s a reason for that. Perhaps there’s a reason you get emotional before questioning your belief system. Perhaps there’s a reason you feel hot, angry, and tempered over certain topics of politics, religion, or Jesus Christ. Have you ever asked yourself WHY?
Looking at yourself in the mirror is not an easy thing to do. To question your motives for why you help someone or why you were willing to do something for them. Was it for your own gain? Was it simply to help them? Was it to get one over on them so they owe you a favor? See, most people will help others in a hard spot, but most people aren’t doing it simply to help. Most people have an agenda. I’ve noticed this in myself as well. I often say there are no good people in this world, and the best of the bunch simply have good intentions. Example: If I pull over to help someone change a tire it might be because I simply want to help. When I notice that she’s a beautiful, curvy, foreign real estate agent my motives my sway from helping to getting a phone number. What started as me wanting to help ended in me going after some tail. We have good intentions but our human nature gets in the way.
Another thing you will learn about yourself when you look in the mirror is that you are not much different from the people you dislike. It’s often your own qualities that you find yourself hating in other people. When you take the time to self reflect it humbles you. It brings you back to the reality that you aren’t much different than the blue piller. They are simply one truth behind you. You’ve paid the same illegal taxes, you’ve supported the same corrupt military industrial complex, you’ve voted the same slave masters, you both clap when a grown man throws a rubber sphere into a basket. We are all guilty of these things. The thing to remember though is even a plant can’t grow in the dark.
Seeing things as they are and reflecting on yourself creates a peace and joy in your life. You don’t get as angry about others faults or mistakes. Just like a plant, we need food; we need truth and red pills. We also need sunshine. Hiding who we are or what we are stops growth. Analyze yourself in full light and see how much faster you will grow. You can’t self reflect when you’re hiding your worst traits. Most people get stuck in their emotional red pill rage because they expect the world to change. They expect things around them to change because they woke up. The reality is that it’s not going to. That it will only get worse and being angry about it only hurts you. It only stops YOU from growing. The hot girl next door riding the cock carousel getting a free dinner every night doesn’t care that you woke up. She doesn’t care about red pills. Neither does the Vatican or their fake jew bankers. Like a freight train slowing down for a kitten on the tracks, it’s not going to happen. Accepting this gives you peace and the desire to want to grow yourself.

MGTOW: Up From Slavery

The Only Choice Left for Red Pill Men

Most men today have accepted their blue pill life with no debate. They go along with what they are told, how to act, what to say, all without a fuss. Modern feminism has become the hammer for which women keep men in check. Any type of rebuttal results in being called a misogynist or some other shaming tactic. So most men go along without a single complaint. When you look at these men you see nothing but depression, anxiety, and anger boiling over. Their eyes and face are hung with guilt and shame wondering how they ended up here. They look at their children and decide to push on in their name to try and provide a safe environment.
These types of relationships are clearly a one way street. The men need permission, or to ask their WIFE if they can do something. The alternative is an angry bitter women complaining about you not asking permission. Women and wives will tell their HUSBANDS that “they LET them” do something. As if these women are in full and total control of their husband like a robot. It’s just one big joke in society that women apparently run the household. The reality is they do. Most households are run by the women and that’s exactly why they fail. That is exactly why the man and women are both miserable.
Women have taken feminism as their hammer to beat down any male that expresses masculine male behavior. A man that is in charge of his household is cancer to the feminist women. A successful and masculine man will be called misogynist anytime he displays his male behavior. Anytime a man tries to act like a man he is shamed into the ground. A man that stands his ground and confronts a women for her bad behavior will be turned into a women hating satanist. Society at large will hate any man that stands his ground to a women. This is the feminist hammer.
This isn’t just happening in husband and wife relationships. This is happening all over the place. From boyfriends and girlfriends to random women on the street using men for money. The entitlement and self absorbed attitudes of women run rampant while holding the hammer of feminism over any one that questions their behavior. Women today do not look at men for men. They look at them for what they can provide. What they can do for the women. They do not accept the man for who he is, as they try and change his behavior, his jokes, his attitude, and his kindness to other people. Women want all the attention on themselves. They want to be in total control of the relationship and man. They want to be in total control and run the relationship as if they were the mother. The worst part is these feminist women will claim that MEN are looking for a mother type wife / girlfriend. They are 100% delusional. The biggest turn off for a man is to be treated like a child. The largest amount of shame that can be heaped on a man is the constant ridicule from women, movies, television, music and media that men are big stupid apes that can’t take care of themselves. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.. and personal relationships have proven that WOMEN are in fact lacking in many areas.
Today’s women seem to think that facebook and instagram are a job or skill. They believe that they can literally sit around and do nothing waiting for their prince charming to come, (with a high paying job, nice car, funny, caring, great with kids, tall, strong, 500000 descriptive words later you realize no man can meet this criteria.) Yet these women themselves are out of shape, can’t cook, clean like a child, and throw temper tantrums when they don’t get their way. This is the trade off men are left with.
When I say men have no choice it is a reality. A man that respects himself and others does not bow down and worship a women. A real man does not allow a women to tell him how to live or what to spend his money on. A real man does not take orders from a women. Especially his wife. A man that respects himself will not stay in a relationship with a verbally abusive women. This is where it gets real. I kid you not when I say every relationship I have been in resulted with a verbally, sometimes physically, abusive relationship. From cheating, affairs, lying, manipulating, and total sociopathy. This is where women love to place shame on the pile by saying, “oh, who hurt you”. Claiming that I must have been hurt to hold to the ideology of MGTOW. Well the reality is no, I just have respect for myself and know that I do not allow someone to treat me poorly. Especially someone that claims to care about me. This is when we begin to see that men really do have no choice in modern society. That feminism, and its big hammer, leave no room for real women or men. The entire foundation of relationships has been shattered by feminist ideology being adopted by most modern day women. Whether they claim to be feminist or not, they certainly hold to the values of it. A man that respects himself has no choice but to walk away from these types of women. The problem is, this is 95% of women, if not MORE, in most modern societies.
Between divorce courts and child custody being totally skewed in favor of women, the cost / reward is not there for men. Why on earth would a successful man enter into a contract with a women that is known to be abusive, lie about her past, and be sexually promiscuous with many men. Why would a respectful man even hang out with women like this let alone share his assets with her. You want to lose your children, your wealth, your life? Get married to one of these modern women. They will suck out your money, soul, and sperm leaving you without your children, home, or a place to eat. They have no shame in their game and go for the throat every time. These women are not capable of love or compassion let alone empathy. This is WHY men literally have no choice. We are given no option but to enter a crap relationship with a self absorbed controlling sociopath or go our own way. It has nothing to do with being hurt or a past relationship gone south. It’s the reality that EVERY relationship for a real men that has respect and courage ends up with a women like this. The only difference is how long it takes this feminist sociopath to take off her mask.
Once again, I will be labeled as a women hating misogynist because I think it’s retarded, yes retarded, that a human being would gloat and glorify the “right” to kill her own child. That I think its sick and disgusting you would allow someone to reach in and pull out a living human being, breathing, heart beating, and fingers wiggling; and dismember it and throw it in the trash. I think it’s absolutely disgusting that women today believe this is a right worth fighting for. I will be labeled a misogynist because I don’t think the modern women is capable of a real loving relationship. I will be labeled a misogynist because I stand my ground against sociopathic women that use manipulation belt fed into their M-16 of bullshit. The reality is though, I will be labeled a misogynist for simply being a man. For acting as a real man should. Not only by these feminist women, but by their beta cucks. The beta’s that want vagina so badly they will literally say and do anything to get it. They will worship on their knees to get one drop of v-juice. For one squirt of validation. Only to have their entire life destroyed in the end. These are the options for the modern man. I didn’t choose MGTOW, I was left with no other options.

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