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The Modern Narcissistic Women

Finding yourself in disbelief you question your own agenda. Jumping through hoops in the past while walking on egg shells, the modern women who you think you love has turned your globe earth round and round. With no compass your sense of direction is lost as your sails lose the wind. Chasing comfort from your pain thinking the one giving out abuse will rectify your run, turns into the path of the insane.

The art of narcissism for modern women has been changed. What better place to hide than a narcissistic “life coach” on the internet. Collecting bags of empathy and attention from victim stories and comments. Browsing and reading you start to notice a trend of these women as they learn how to improve their game. Many in the comments searching to profit from your pain while learning how to aim. The modern women is no longer the overt, or covert, but rather a well trained Jesuit assassin. Using you in every way with their eyes on only what they can gain.

Swimming in narcissistic supply from social media they drink up their informational antidote. They know when you’re watching videos about narcissism but they’ve already learned how to deflate your tires on every curve. You dance along in the street trying to figure it out when the simple truth remains. Your focus is on them and not your goals and God. They’ve taken you off the path and into the jungle keeping you in confusion as it starts to rain.

With no survival gear your feet start to get cold. Looking around the narcissist is the only one around. Caught in the cycle you try to find the path back yet the foliage has left you in her wrath. Making a run for it you jog through the sticks of chechen while feeling your legs give out, the only one there is the narcissist as her claws dig in. You scream out in pain but no one hears as your blood starts to pour.

Everything you thought you knew was removed in one swift swoop, realizing the source once and for all. Replacing your relationship with Jesus Christ with that of the narcissist left you in a state of turmoil. Wishing you could go back in time, the machine never arrives. Staring up at the sun you have no energy left watching the rain drip from leaf to leaf. As your back starts to sting from all the cuts and stabs you’ve only got one choice left.

As you get off your back you try to run, however your battle wounds keep you from your escape attempt as the Warden tells you to come home. Staring at the guard towers and razer sharp fence your heart starts to mourn, realizing your trapped. Letting out a prayer a dove passes a bit of clarity, you’ve always just been cheese for the rat. As the narcissist continues to attack they destroy their own soul however for the survivor it’s just another hole in the cheese.

Dodging bullets you cut through the fence, not caring if you take one to the chest. Slipping through you can feel the freedom like a revolutionary escaping a Lenin Gulag. Sending the dogs and flying monkeys feeling them bite at your heels the hairs on your neck stand up to watch the fight. Energy draining another prayer is sent out, hoping for the best as you dive into a river half frozen your body can’t compute. The chase is over however looking back all you see is the peacefulness of the river as you climb out on the other side. The sun starts to pierce forcing the ice to melt, all your wounds have been healed. Closing your eyes you imagine the path you were on, imagining the beauty of the jungle you start to hear the birds and insects buzzing around. Opening your eyes you start to understand what this path was all about.

Modern Mothers Will Sacrifice Their Own Children

Through manipulation and control a mother is willing to sacrifice her own child for her own narcissistic supply. From calling the cops on her own son, to using extreme covert sociopathic manipulation to draw and pry on every emotion of this young man. This is the typical mother in America. Creepy, disgusting, and down right pathetic. 30 minutes of emotional abuse caught on camera, thankfully the police let the boy go with his father. Don’t forget about the simp in the background running around like a slave boy, paying the mortgage on that big house. This video is perfect example of the American family in it’s current state. I’m glad this boy had the courage to stand up and call this women out on her lies. I’m glad he was able to see through the emotional bullshit. He was the adult here and the women is 100% a sociopath, like the typical modern female. Willing to lie to the police to get her way.. as she projects her own temper tantrum onto her son. Pathetic piece of trash.. P.S. Can confirm. Haven’t talked to my mother in over 7 years. No contact is the only way to deal with these types of women, especially “mothers”.

When a man fights for his children. Allegations of RICO Conspiracy and Perjury by Judge and DA in divorce / child care custody case.

Homesteading Cures Depression

Everyone gets depressed at some point in their life unless you’re a narcissistic sociopath. The reality is we all deal with our own problems, whether mental, physical, or both. We all struggle in different ways and assuming some drug or shrink is going to help you can actually make things far more worse. You become apathetic to your depression, accepting it as a part of you when it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

We indulge in repetitious routines that continually causes harm to our body and mind. Sitting in front of a TV watching Netflix series while jamming GMO wheat covered in fake sugar down our throats, washed away by liquefied fake sugar syrup pretending its okay because it’s “diet”. As if a trip to the gym after drinking some chocolate creatine powder stuffed with GMO wheat “protein” is going to remove the layers of caked on depression. We continue our routine without another after thought.

As thousands of WiFi signals and phone frequencies bounce around your apartment you wonder why your depression hinders your sleep. Like an electronic organ your WiFi plays with your mind all night. You lay in bed looking at the ceiling wishing your depression would go away. Never once looking in the mirror taking responsibility for your own environment or actions. No one forced you to suck down another cigarette (as I smoke one right now). No one forced you to drink and eat fake foods. No one is forcing you to live in an apartment.

Depression isn’t a disease or illness. It’s a condition we choose to live with by surrounding ourselves with depression educing programs like YouTube and other social medias. Constantly comparing our lives with those on the internet that may just be a figment of our imagination. We blame the shitty world and those around us but we have the choice to move, make new friends, or simplify our life to something we can enjoy. Partaking in new hobbies and adventures wherever you may walk.

Marijuana Rabbit Poop Plant Seeds Save Lives Nagolbud Rabbits

People wondering why they can’t be rich and famous or striving to buy a car they simply ride in for 20 minutes on their way to work. As they stare at a screen and click buttons on a computer they forget who they are. There soul is lost to a deity known as mammon. Caking on pounds of makeup and starvation to look like one of “Victoria’s Secret”s tranny models forgetting their role and motto.

Depression itself is something that never truly goes away however. It can, however, be a motivator to change something in our lives rather than seek out ways to become apathetic towards it. Depression is really just a subconscious self reflection of how YOU feel about YOUR life. Whether that reflection is based on reality, or your comparison to others is 100% on you. If your goals are materialistic and shallow the reward that follows will be too.

One of the most rewarding hobbies I ever started was raising animals, growing my own food, and harvesting everything in between. As I throw dead leaves on my lawn, watching chickens pick through it, pooping all over my plants… I can’t help but smile as my garden turns into a forest. As a new mother approaches from outside the coop she lets out a few clucks with a small army of chicks at her heels. The rooster crows to let you know he’s the daddy as the rabbits perk up and look about. There isn’t enough prescription pills or hallucinogenics that can replace the joy of playing with a new litter of baby bunnies. As they come out looking like little pigs they turn into little fuzzy fluff balls.

All of this however is not the reward. It’s simply the benefits of the hobby as you chase YOUR goal rather than one that was created for you by the very system that wants you depressed, repressed, and apathetic. Fresh eggs, vibrant plants, fruits, and veggies, fresh meat, and depending on your livestock, fresh raw milk. When combined with your dank strawberries growing in rabbit poop your mouth starts to melt. When you run out you start to realize the real reward. It was actually the entire journey as the process repeats itself.

Successful? Or Sellout?

It’s always funny when people base their success on money or job title. Pretending either of which are real is comical, however these people live under this illusion their entire life. As they go to college they look down on those that don’t. Pretending their intelligent because they can memorize and repeat something, and they pay for it too! Many look at themselves in the mirror thinking they are something special, when the reality is their nothing but a sellout.

The very people they look down upon are those that chose to check out of society instead of prey upon them. Instead of cheating people for money or taking advantage of them through sales techniques and manipulation they choose to cloak themselves in alcohol or drugs. They were honorable enough to take it out on themselves rather than those around them. They chose to live under the heavy hand of society instead of selling out to become societies protege. Another narcissist living on the backs of the bottom class pretending their hard work “paid” off. As everything around them was literally built by these people they pretend their knowledge was the key.

Often times these people with money are the biggest douche bags you’ll ever meet. Especially in latin america where classicism tops racism. Those with money pretend they are gods among the people when in reality even a gringo wants nothing to do with them. These dumb cunts will literally invite me on their boat just as some notion of status never following through. Pretending I give a shit about how big of a sell out they are to their own people and that’s somehow supposed to impress me. Often times talking shit about their own people to try and get some sort of brownie points from me. As I look in disgust, these douche bags wear their cloak of narcissism. Pretending to care about people as they pay 100 pesos for a day of work, only to capitalize on a few hundred mil.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

They drive around in their fancy cars paid for with plastic money, all riding on a classless degree. Nothing but ink and paper these mariocones ride to the top, never questioning why their butthole hurts as they look down. Never once did they challenge their integrity or honor as they sell out even their daughter. Scam a few more people to get that fancy new Volkswagen, only to become hated in your own community as you flaunt your mortgage and car payment. But please tell me more about how you’re such a great person handing out religious bible tracts with your IPad bible. As you comb the streets for narcissistic supply you fail to realize what you really are. A sell out.

Talking shit about Donald Trump is the biggest oxymoron as you strive to be just like him. Treating everyone around you like a disposable tampon you climb on the backs of those around you. Looking down on those that actually have honor and integrity. Those that put in a hard days work, have skills, and treat people with respect. None of those attributes can be given to those with money especially in latin america. As they sell out their own people they become the worst of all hypocrites. Maricones at heart they wear skinny tight jeans as they talk shit about real hard working men.

Asking A Women For Permission

In the never ending line of cucks this shit never gets old. It’s one of the only things that really pisses me off anymore. These beta cuck cowards of men asking their women or wife for permission to do the most mundane basic tasks. Need to go to the store with a friend? Better ask for permission. Someone needs help with something for 5 minutes? Better ask for permission. Want to drink a beer with a friend? Better ask permission. Want to buy a new tool for a new job or task at home? Better ask permission. Want to do literally anything? Ask for permission. These men don’t have the discernment to figure it out for them self? Like really dude? You need to ask for permission so someone can use your WiFi for 5 minutes in an emergency? And really bitch? You can’t let someone use your WiFi for 5 minutes to make a phone call? Men sitting idle as their women run their mouths about stupid shit. Men taking orders from these same dumb cunts that couldn’t tie their shoes if they weren’t velcro to fit her fat television watching ass feet.
These women sit around with no skills at all other than pressing buttons on a phone or television yet they want to order around grown ass men. Men that have skills, abilities to fix shit, make shit, create stuff, while these nasty over grown flabby armed women want to open their nasty gross fat mouth and bark orders in between stuffing their face with sugar treats and coca cola on your dollar. The man gets home from working a 12 hour day only to have to cook dinner for these nasty women and their off spring from 10 other dudes. It’s even worse when these women graduate college thinking their intelligent when they’re simply narcissistic feminists without a clue, not even capable of basic socialization or empathy they pretend they are something special, a gift of god. They get a little money in their pocket and think their some television super star boss like Donald Trump. Living off the narcissistic supply on Facebook as another beta simp steps in line.
You may wonder why it makes me so angry, when real men have to deal with these cucks of another nature. Because these cucks are in government, throughout your school systems, and military. Creating more beta bitches as they coward to every female. Having to wait 6 hours to do a 5 minute task because some sackless dude needs to ask permission to open the door. Real men are doing real shit and we have to wait on these neutered opinions. An entire system created on the backs of real men while these same cowards let their women ruin their life, and those around them. Never realizing it was YOU who was giving her the power. Stop giving her your hard earned money and she’d be living in a cardboard box. Let them have their socialist degrees as they cry at night to their cat why they can’t find a job. Like sitting in an office all day some how brings merit to society or the community is the hamster in the illusion.
When you use your imagination you start to see these women as nothing but life sized bobble heads bouncing down the street. As I hear another flabby armed women screaming at her children for wanting to play and run around. Heaven forbid, a kid has some energy and can’t sit in front of a television watching your retarded show and needs some exercise. Made worse by your inability to cook healthy food buying them the same sugar treats you stuff in your own mouth. Wondering why they would have a sugar rush similar to snorting a line of cocaine. These women are clueless as fuck yet you need to ask them for permission?
As they spend your entire paycheck on purses, dresses, and television subscriptions you continue to ask for permission. As you go hungry you continue to ask for permission. Ask you beg neighbors and friends for some money because your clueless girl spent it all on powdered formula for the baby instead of some raw milk with actual nutrients. As she buys soap and bleach for the floors your stomach growls. Why buy some chickens when you can just go to the store and sugar treats right? Why eat healthy eggs for free when you can spend someone else’s hard earned money on no effort no nutrient food. As the children grow they have bigger bellies than the town drunk, filled with fake food and sugar with nothing else. These are the women you are asking permission from?
These same women that when out on their own living on feminism are the most in debt class of people in society? Paying most of their paycheck into a mortgage and car payment they have nothing left at the end of the day. Paying off their college degree they pretend their a princess to society. By 40 their life choices have made them so depressed and delusional they are left with nothing but cats and the occasional 40 year old virgin simp that takes them out on a date. The reality is any semi-successful man doesn’t want a feminist working wife. They bring nothing to the table. They don’t need your money, they don’t want your attitude, they can live without your terrible cooking, and you do nothing but pull them down spiritually and mentally. Why would a real man want this type of women anywhere near them?
But this is the delusion they tell them self, that men are intimidated by a “successful” women. When they fail to realize their success is based on societies view, woohoo another slave, their eggs dry up and they hit the wall. Even their appearance can no longer save them. They become treated like disposable feeders, similar to how men have been treated their entire life. The difference however is most of these women can’t handle that reality, and continue down their path of destruction. Creating a social hierarchy inside their family to destroy the lives of everyone around them. Manipulating and causing drama throughout, is the only sense of happiness these women can pull out. They have no skills, overweight, ugly, and most of all rude as fuck.
And you want to ask this type of person for permission to do something in your own life? Do you not see the cage you’ve put yourself in? And for what? Sex? I’d rather fuck an apple pie in peace for the rest of my life than listen to another minute of some delusional cunt screaming about some retarded non-sense, allowing her to use sex as a tool of manipulation and control turning me into some sort of starving lap dog. An apple pie is far cheaper and if you’re kinky enough you’ve got free desert soon after. Seriously, anything is better than some flabby armed elephant bouncing around in the bedroom like Horton Hears a Who. Grow some fucking balls.

You’re Not a Psycho for Killing the Neighbors Cat

After losing yet another baby chicken and baby rabbit to the neighbors cat I add a tally mark to the long list of deaths caused by stupid neighbors and their cats. As they point fingers and blame anyone and everyone for their inability to control their cat, calling people psychopaths for getting rid of them. As they fail to understand how delusional they really are as their cat destroys the entire neighborhood of natural wildlife and other peoples pets and animals. To all those people that have killed a neighbors cat, here’s to you and your bravery for getting rid of one of the most destructive invasive species ever to exist.

These dumb cunts will sit online talking about killing someone for poisoning their cat, they will call them psychopaths, demand that the PERSON be killed for getting rid of a cat. The reality is, these are the real sociopaths. The women that have these cats don’t even have enough decency to keep their animals in their yard, let alone stop them from killing my animals in MY yard. Yet I am the bad guy for protecting my baby bunnies and baby chickens? I should just live with it when the neighbors cat climbs my 8 foot fence to stalk my chickens or attack my baby bunnies. I should live with the thousands of flies in my house because they use my yard as a litter box? How about no. How about you keep your pets and animals in your yard / house. How about you stop being a selfish, delusional, narcissistic cunt, and keep your damn cats away from my yard and my animals.

If this is too big of a demand for the cat owner then reality hits, the cat needs to disappear. As a farmer and homesteader chickens and rabbits are my lively hood and to think I should cater to some cat owner that doesn’t give enough shit to keep their cat in their yard is strait delusional. To think I should spend MORE money on preventative measures or fork out hundreds of dollars to try and protect my animals inside their already protected yard is even more delusional. If you allow your cat to free roam on other peoples property than clearly you do not care about your local environment, other peoples well being, other peoples pets and animals, you clearly do not give a shit and to pretend you do is a lie. A cat you pet once a week has priority over the entire neighborhoods well being? Your cat is more important than my dead chickens and rabbits? Your cat is more important than my health as flies cover my front door breeding in cat piss and shit? Your cat is more important than the thousands of natural and native birds locally? NO.

You’re a delusional sociopath if you think you’re entitled to other peoples property. You’re a delusional sociopath if you think other people should treat your cat with respect after it’s literally destroyed a chicken flock. After it literally kills an entire nest of baby bunnies only to leave them dead in the yard. After it kills yet another beautiful native bird. NO. From the bottom of my heart go fuck yourself and your cats. The only option for someone in my position is to poison the cat and move on. That’s reality. I’m not going to sit back and watch my animals die because you think your cat deserves this freedom to roam other peoples property. You’re a selfish narcissistic cunt. Excuse my language, but I’ve just watched another baby chicken get killed at 7 a.m. because these cunts can’t control their cats.

Then these women have the audacity to call people like me a psychopath because “HOW DARE YOU POISON MY PET CAT” when you didn’t care enough to keep it in your yard or house. You couldn’t be bothered to take care of your pet in a respectful manner or prevent it from destroying someone else’s life. Having to wake up at 5 a.m. because it’s sitting outside the chicken coop prowling and waiting and the chickens are going crazy. Watching my own chickens fly up over an 8 foot fence to get away from the damn thing so I have to run through the neighborhood collecting my chickens as this cat chases them around. NO. Fuck off. I will poison your cat. I’m not a psychopath. And you’re a piece of shit for even saying that after your cat literally destroys everyone around it, from attacks to it’s toxic poop. Feral cats kill BILLIONS of native wild life every year, and that doesn’t include my baby bunnies or chickens. Get over yourself… if you can’t keep your pets from killing mine, your are the psychopath and I’m a good pet owner for protecting my own. A real homesteader does not sit by and watch his animals die to a selfish cunts cat.

To steal a phrase from the feminist cat loving crowd, (#KILLALLMEN)


And NO, you’re not a psycho for killing the neighbors cat. Just don’t tell them because most cat owners that allow their cat to free range are delusional selfish narcissistic cunts that will most likely try and get revenge on you or get you arrested… for protecting your property and your animals. As they live in a fantasy bubble pretending they are entitled to your land and your property all for the well being of their cat. FUCK THAT. That is by definition sociopathic thinking.

Are You a Warrior?

If you’re reading this it’s probably because you question things. You think for yourself. Or perhaps you just hate me so you’re searching for some piece of the puzzle that will allow you to go back to your comfortable hole. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we were all blue pill at one point. We were all deceived in some way. Anyone that proclaims otherwise is a liar and deceives himself. Don’t quote me on that because that’s from the Bible and it plays out every day in real life. From the Jehovah’s Witnesses to the Atheist, everyone has an illusion to maintain, which funny enough, forces you to live in a delusion.

When confronted with truth you literally only have two options when you really break it down. You can accept it. Or deny it. There is no manipulation allowed unless you, yourself, allow it to happen. Unless you yourself bow to the illusion which in turn creates a delusion. Denial doesn’t mean something doesn’t exist. It simply means you are denying the truth, or reality, of a situation. Whether it be something like your wife cheating but you pretend not to know to maintain the family or lies as big as 9/11 and patriotism used as a weapon. We’ve all gotten a ridiculous amount of bullshit shoved down our throats throughout life. Even that silly antifa kid at Yale has spent a childhood being ridiculed by narcissistic and sociopathic parents, only to get beat up by some Trump supporter outside class.

Which brings up another great example of Donald Trump. We all want to believe the illusion that he is fighting for “America” and the people but deep down we know the sad truth. That’s the world is a stage and Trump is simply another actor. As DNA results prove Clinton and Trump are from the same family, mere puppets for the Vatican as they dance for the world. Believing in Donald Trump so much so that you make him an idol is literally how you get situations like Mao, Stalin, or any other genocidal president. Forced patriotism and worship of a man when deep down you really know he’s not real. Don’t forget Hitler’s Germany was actually a socialist republic and liberal’s can’t be tyrannical because they are scared of guns. They are always the victims regardless of their puffed up chest approach. Germany marched out for many of the same reasons people love Trump today. Something to think about as you analyze the illusion. If you can break from your delusion long enough that is.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

If you happen to make it this far you’ll start to understand why we really are warriors. From weeks without food to months with out rest, essentially we’ve gone through the Legionnaire test. Hiking from one side of the plane to the other whether it be physically or mentally, or both. Seeing that life really is about walking by faith, rather than sight.. because if we had soul glasses from a picture of the movie “They Live” we’d be miserable for life. Seeing the world as it is can be devastating.. but not as devastating as never seeing it for what it really is. Because only a real warrior knows that help doesn’t come from the barrel of a gun or poisonous dart, but rather the prayer emanating from your broken dead heart.

Not to say a well placed barrage of Swiss K-31, ‎7.5×55mm, magazine-fed, straight-pull bolt action rifle rounds can’t change the world, however it would be equivalent trying to patching the JP Morgan owned Titanic with a stick of gum as it was sinking.. which was done to kill off the last remaining anti Federal Reserve big wigs in the United States. Shit even if you went back in time in some space time boat there be no stopping the corruption and greed brought by money itself, as only the mirror reveals who’s guilty of the admiration.

The Jezebel Effect

Reading about Jezebel can be anxiety inducing as well as thought provoking. Her life and story paint a picture of what female nature can be and what becomes of it if left unchecked. Essentially feminism on steroids. Some people call her a demon, but the reality is, she was simply female nature at 150%. Often times people talk about her as if she is some mystical being but again, she was simply a women living her life unchecked in any way. Living without taking responsibility for her actions with a husband that not only allowed it, but added fuel to the fire. This deception plays a huge role in modern society as many households have been taken over by a controlling Jezebel type “mother” or “wife”.

When these type of women are left unchecked, never taking responsibility for their actions, this “Jezebel” personality simply explodes. Often times the husband becomes fully narcissistic as a survival tactic to keep his head above water, similar to Jezebels husband Ahab. In reality, he was a king, he could have had her head chopped off for reaching around his authority or commanding those to take action when he never declared it. However, he chose to be a SIMP and follow her orders instead. Further pushing her into female nature and him into narcissism to simply survive. I see this dynamic playing out in 99% of the households in the USA and starting to play out in Mexico as college and university become more prevalent.

These SIMP men go from being cowards to full blown narcissistic douche bags. Literally adding fuel to the fire in every conversation or debate to simply maintain his position of 2nd in command. Whenever their are scraps of narcissistic supply from the Jezebel mother or wife they are scooped up like icecream for the narcissistic man child. This Jezebel mentality literally stems from FIRST WAVE feminism. Not second wave, not third wave, but the first mention of feminism at all. The entitlement of having authority without earning it or having the logical capacity to decipher truth without emotion is what makes women such terrible leaders, especially of a household. This same concept applies to Jezebel and the way she took control of the throne from her own husband.

These same scenarios are playing out today, as witnessed by millions of narcissistic and sociopathic abuse victims. The father often times takes the back seat approach to parenting as well letting the Jezebel women do whatever she wants. Raising the children to become retarded vegans or social justice warriors. Or worse, a nationalist Trumplodyte with the urge to kill innocent people for crossing an imaginary border. Sound familiar? Perhaps you should read about Jezebel in the Bible because the similarities are plentiful.

Many men are quick to point out female nature and the flaws of women leaders, especially the MGTOW men. The problem with the MGTOW men however is most of them are that narcissistic douche bag. Jezebel simply left them for more money, a house, another man, ect. I don’t condone the behavior of the wife but these men put themselves in this situation. They chose to marry, they chose to have kids with her, and they chose to let her female nature go unchecked. These men sit in a room complaining about women but never mention the FACT that they made the CHOICE to date and marry her. They chose to put their dick in, cum, and make babies. They made that cognitive choice. It wasn’t forced. (Although you could have been tricked you still put yourself in that position. Take responsibility for your actions.)

A lot of men will starting chiming in now, OMG THE COURT SYSTEM, I WAS SCREWED, I CAN’T SEE MY CHILDREN… and yeah, that sucks man. I’m sorry a Jezebel is taking you through the ringers of the feminist legal system in the USA but again, you chose to marry her. You chose to take the governments approach to marriage, you chose secular marriage over Biblical marriage. Ever read the Bible? Notice how they never mention legal contracts for marriage? Ever. Yet how many men sign their name on the line allowed government to become the middle man in their marriage. It also comes back to the selection process. You chose her. You over looked the red flags and married her anyway. I’ve seen first hand on many occasions and there are always red flags, always opportunity, and always the ability to see through the bullshit. But these men chose not too, and instead, played the victim like most narcissists do when outplayed and out manipulated.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

Jezebel isn’t some Lucifer demon taking over the conscious of these women, it’s simply female nature unchecked. And female nature goes unchecked when they are with a SIMP or CUCK. A real man doesn’t put up with it for one minute and I certainly would never marry a girl like that. Yet these men want to play the victim and pretend they were innocent children and Jezebel swooped in and murdered their life. It’s simply not true. I don’t condone Jezebel or her actions but instead condone holding up your shield and sword, rather than bowing down for some pussy. Most men don’t want to hear these hard truths, many will get mad, and the MGTOW’s will probably try and hack my website again for saying something that contradicts their cult mentality, if they even made it this far in the article. I don’t say this to shame MGTOW. I say this to free you from the burden of hate so you can truly go your own way. Not MGTOW’s way.

Most Americans can’t even read passed the title without getting butt hurt and crying all over their keyboard let alone reading an entire article on their 8th grade comprehension skills. (Which 90% of the USA has, numeric and reading comprehension of an 8th grader. Which I would argue is actually 3rd or 4th grade based on my experience on Reddit, and the amount of social justice warriors, Title only readers, and cry babies. You can’t even join an Anarchist forum without censorship and bans, let alone MGTOW or any of these other mens “groups”. From my perspective, they’re all pussies and that’s what got them in the position they’re in to begin with. This is evidenced by their narcissistic douche bag rebuttals and attempts at “hurting” me with their “mean words”. The truth remains the same, regardless of your emotions.

Confessions of the Modern Woman

“So do i. i’m a pro athletes worse nightmare. these men are so damn stupid. i call it “insurance”.” – Ashley Del Rey
“I actually never really liked any of my boyfriends. I was only with them for money. Matter of fact, I only like men for dick and money. Don’t really care too much for their personalities. Bitches are weak.”
“I’ve cheated on every guy I’ve ever been with (usually w/ a more powerful guy), I have no remorse, and I would do it again.”
“I’m cheating on my boyfriend right now. I’ve been going out on dates with different men to see if I can upgrade. This new guy in particular is more successful so I’m seeing if I can get something more from him before I leave my current. Of course, none of the new guys know I’m taken.”
“I’ve been cheating on my husband with 20-25 year olds who live out of state. I prefer men who look that age. I had an affair with one for 5 years. He wanted to marry me, but I broke up with him. He had no idea I was married that whole time.”
“I’ve used them all for either quick cash or improvements in my social status/career opportunities… they think I actually love them until I break up with them (or go ghost) for the next dude. I don’t think I’m actually capable of love like that. :dead: I don’t even care for them like friends. I feel indifferent toward them.”
“At the party my long term side piece walked up to me and whispered in my ear to come over his house after the club. I went and we had the best sex ever. I didn’t even shower or brush my teeth after receiving boat loads of semen in my hair, mouth and on my stomach. We used condoms but snatched them off when he was ready to blow. I got up. Went home and laid in the bed next to my boyfriend and didn’t even care.”
“When I was in a relationship with my ex I became friendly and slept with his favorite musician who was well known in his genre. He knew we were talking. I’m 90% sure he knew about the hooking up but neither of us discussed that elephant in the room. I feel awful about it, especially because i rarely ever had sex with my ex because i couldn’t bear how bad it was. Way to make a guy feel inadequate.”
“This guy I’m seeing tells me he loves me, but I’m really just in it for the money. He pays my bills, takes me traveling whenever he gets a vacation, and buys me stuff.”
“I like doing fucked up things to people. I think it’s my mental illness that makes me like that. I’m sleeping with a dude in a relationship. Every time I see his girl I smile knowing that I fucked her dude and she doesn’t know. I’m going to fuck his homeboy just to piss him off.”
“I was 8 years old when my dad got married. I felt like she hated me because she didn’t say much to me and i found myself wanting her approval. She eventually warmed up to me, we became close. My dad worked nights, so it would be me and her home alone. One night she ask me if she could sleep in the bed with me because she hated sleeping alone. I told her yes and she only had on a t shirt and panties. She wrapped her legs around me to where her private area touch my butt. I was laying on my side with my back faced her. She then start humping me lightly and moaning in my ear. Men didnt give me much attention as a child but women did.”
“Well my husband (back then my bf) doesn’t know the real reason he made it through his pledge process is because I fucked his dean and 3 other frat brothers (not all at once) while he on line. Matter of fact one night while he was in a secret “location” on line in a warehouse I was outside fucking his dean lol.”
“I’m sleeping with a married man who pays my bills, and I have another man I really like who I’m seeing, but he’s broke so I just keep him on the side for good sex.”
“I cheated on my husband when we were at our happiest. We had a lot of bad times but then we were happy. I thought the man I cheated with was the one but he treats me like shit.”
“I keep a secret relationship with someone I dated in college. It isn’t physical and we never had sex mostly because I never thought he was stable and I need security from a man and to feel safe. I have a fiance and love the man I’m with but I still care about the other guy and like being friends and when he comes to town we have lunch and catch up. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this and I don’t think I’m cheating but my fiance has always been threatened by our relationship because I was dating both of them at the same time at one point unexclusively.”
“I’m secretly physically attracted to women. I plan to marry rich and cheat with women. The attention of married or taken men makes me feel good. I’ll flirt with men and lead them on just for attention. The whole time I know that it’s not going anywhere.”
“The fat men thread makes me ashamed that I cannot get this fat guy I used to date out of my head. I have a boyfriend!! But when I see that he’s been out with someone else, I will send him a text just to make him all excited to hear from me. Then he’ll go on to try to meet up with me for a few weeks before realizing that I am not giving him any attention. Once a few weeks have gone by without hearing from him, I’ll send him another text. It’s not that I like him, I just don’t like it when he’s no longer showing interest in me. I need him to be interesting in me always. The sad part is that he doesn’t even have a big dick. I don’t understand what’s wrong with me.”
“I’m actively pursuing a married man. I’m breaking him down and will turn him into my sponsor. I feel bad for his wife, but I’m not trying to replace her. I just want him and his money.”
“The crazy part is no one knows about this side of me. I go to church every Sunday and bible study every Tuesday. I appear to be such a sweet innocent young lady but if people only knew. And the crazy part is I’m only 22. I’m really surprised I’ve never been pregnant or gotten an STD. I really need to slow down but I can’t. Well when I’m an old saggy boobed lady I’ll have these memories to look back on.”
“Lied to this guy that had a crush on me, told him I needed money for an abortion, even though it wasn’t his baby & we had never fucked, he offered to give me the cash but he just needed time to get it together, but I was so impatient, he started getting suspicious, I think he figured out I was a lyer so he made up an excuse that he couldn’t get the whole amount but he still gave me some money.”
“I don’t really believe in putting all of your eggs into one basket unless a wedding date is set. My boyfriend is very aware that I feel the way that I do because men will waste years of your life waiting on a ring. We will be spending the 23rd-jan 2nd alone on vacation…we told our families a while back that we were going to spend the holidays with each other, and that they were free to tag along, but both sets of parents say we are grown and to not worry about them. I may just dump him if he doesn’t propose during the holiday.”
“I used to fuck 3 different guys at my uni, i used to fuck at my uni staircase/classroom, ive fucked mulptile guys in one day/hours, i once fucked a guy on my birthday in the morning then a different guy later. it was awesome. had this guy eat my pussy an hour after someone else had came in me.”
“Ex boyfriend’s house, party going on, had sex with mutual friend on boyfriend’s bed while he ran up to the store for 20 minutes… had sex and slept with boyfriend the same night.”
“Somehow ended up with a rich but stingy mofo, told the idiot i got pregnant 2 different times so he’d give me money for an abortion 1k+ each time. i have never been pregnant lol lied so many times about emergencies that needed money.”
“I am also dating other people. One is flying out to hang out with me soon. He told me to make reservations wherever I wanted to eat so he better be prepared to drop a lot of money lol.”
“I went on a date with a potential sugar daddy, we had dinner and he thought he was getting some . When he got out of the car to take a smoke. I took all the money in his wallet, club soda drink and bounced. Got off with $2,368,I left the quarters.”
“He filed for divorce yesterday and told me and two mutual friends today. We are the only ones who know and he said he’ll start letting others know as the holidays get closer. He has been trying to see me and now thinks I’ll be open to it since he’s getting his own place. Don’t know how to tell him that I will never take him seriously and am not interested in anything casual until I know if she’s going to leave him with any money or not. I don’t want to have a casual fling with no broke dude”
“Ugh I can’t wait till college really turns me into a hoe so that I can post in here too. I love thiis.”
“I have slept with my boyfriend and an ex in the same day..one took me out for lunch and fukked, the other took me out to dinner and fukked.”
“I was sleeping with a married man a few years back and was getting bored with him.I lied and said that i was pregnant and didnt have enough coins for an abortion.He asked me how much one was and i told him that it was $1,500.00.The dummy didnt bother to even google to find out.hisself,and just forked the cash over.He asked could he go and i told him that the clinic had a strict policy about people coming that werent getting procedures done.Later that day i texted him and said ‘done’ then blocked his number.I went and got a bomb ass sew in,nails and feet done,took myself out to eat,bought some clothes and laughed the whole way home.”
“If a man wont give me money or pay my bills I stop talking to them.”
“I used to on dating sites and apps and catfish guys with pictures of my friends. It’s not that I’m ugly or anything. I just did it when I was super bored and had a nothing else to do with my life. It was like a game to me.”
“I use men for money all the time and don’t feel bad about it. I wont date you if you are broke. Thats the number 1 quality i look for. I think I have cheated on every one of my bfs and lied about it.”
“I had 5 abortions between 15 and 17. I feel horrible now. At the time I felt desperate to keep my youth.”
“My boyfriend is 51 but he is also a millionaire financing my life. I usedcheat on him knowing he wouldn’t leave me. I worked as an escort twice in my life and still do the sugar daddy thing. I lied about being pregnant. I lie a lot , I don’t know why I do it but I just do. Sometimes I think I have it in me to kill someone, just sometimes I wonder if someone will ever piss me off enough for to plan the perfect murder, off them, and get on with my life. I wonder if I have enough of a conscience to feel anything if I ever did, or if ill brush it off like other dirt I’ve done in my life.”
“I had sex with two of my teachers while a senior in HS.I had sex with three professors in college. I’m planning on seducing one of my grad school professors just because he’s a challenge and I love challenges. Since I was 16, I have used my sexuality, body, and looks to get whatever I want. I escorted for 3 years during college and made so much money that my parents started to get suspicious. I currently have a sugar daddy who is a CEO of a major and well-known corporation who finances my lifestyle. The number of men I’ve slept with in 23 years is well into the 100’s.”
“Freshman year of college I was fuckin two guys. Went home on winter break, smashed another dude and got preggo. Back at school I told one of the guys it was his and I needed money for the abortion…which I didn’t get right away. I ended up meeting ANOTHER guy (I was such a hoe lol) and was fuckin him while the other guy got the abortion money together. None of them ever knew the truth.”
“He brought me favorite bottle of perfume and 2 pairs of victoria secret underwear. I’m sure he thought I was going to fuck him but fat chance and thanks for the perfume and undies which never got to smell or see me in SIMP!!”
“Hooked up with two cousins in one night i was so fucked up i thought that they were the same person.”
“Had an affair while married and got pregnant by my lover. Me & my husband are black; lover was white. The baby came out looking just like my lover.”
“I have had sex with three different men in one day. One was married. One came to eat and the other stayed the night and we got it on the next morning.”
“I’ve had a monetary relationship with my old landlord where he would pay me for sex and the sex was pretty good and he was good looking but I would nevr let him hit w/o some kind of money involved.”
“Years ago, in my mid twenties, I went to a guy friend’s house and had sex with him and a ton of his friends. So many that I lost count. I think it was at least 5 or 6 guys, probably more.”
“Back in the day my Santera told me to collect my period blood and feed it to my guy. I made five oatmeal cookies and gave them to him. He ate one and left the rest on the counter. his grandmother stopped by later that day and took the rest.”
“My ex and i were broken up at the time and he was trying to reconcile. What he didn’t know was i had started seeing someone and we were having sex. My ex convinced me to go out with him and one thing led to another and we had sex. I got pregnant and I knew it was not my ex’s baby but I led him to believe it was. He was all torn up about me getting an abortion . He paid for it and accompanied me to the clinic. I know I was wrong but i needed $$ to pay for the abortion since the new guy I was seeing was being a dick about it.”
“Had sex with 2 different guys within 2 hours of each other. One was my steady fwb and the other dude was some dude I met that was coming to visit me from out of town.”
“I’m 27 and trying to get pregnant by my guy…I want to have my first child before 30, no bc just plain ol condoms, any tip ladies plleeaseee msg me!”
“I was an escort, zZomg! Never big time, just off Backpage, Craigslist and Redbook. I fucked a man with one leg, a few millionaires, a murderer, cops, tons and tons of married men. I fucked married men in their marital homes in broad daylight. They like doing it in the living room. I don’t think I’ve fucked in a marital bed though. Just on their couch.”
“Last semster i was failing my math class, so i put on my tightest dress & went to my professor’s office. I stripped for him & he fucked me in his office on top of his desk. He also ate my ass. i got an “A”!”
“I want to fuck my homeboy’s daddy. Well, really he’s not my homeboy, I only pretend to be cool with him so I can get close to his dad.”
“Gave a man who was secretly fucking my sister herpes on purpose. He knew I had it and still wanted unprotected sex so while I was having an outbreak I fucked him raw. My outbreaks just look like an ingrown hair not like the pictures you see online so he couldn’t tell anyways.”
“Slept with 3 men over the course of a weekend at a my male friends house. He had feelings for me, wasn’t feeling him. But I let a dude fuck me in his laundry room, another one in his living room, and another one in his bed. They found out a few days after, and all three were incredibly salty.”
“I tried tricking to get money to pay my cousin’s cell phone bill…yes, yes, I know. I started crying in the middle of the sex and begged him to stop. He did.”
“I miss having a sugar daddy. I had a sugar daddy that was famous, wealthy, wrote a book and owned his own company. I broke things off but I high key regret it all especially now when I need the money. That being said, I am glad I experienced it all and got to let my freak flag fly in college.”
“I had sex with 3 guys at once when I was 23.”
“I would get dressed, go to a popular club with a knot of cash, eye out the guy who spent the most money and seduce him, we would leave together and my guys would follow, at his house they would jump out the car, surround it and rob the dude, they would also pretend to kidnap me.”
“Slept with my English professor. Fine as hell, looked like a lumberjack, first and last white man I’ve dealt with. We had a weeklong break from school due to heavy snow (I’m a GA font). He let me stay at his house, cooked for me, and we fucked all week. I shed a tear for him sometimes. I see him around occasionally, but I lost interest. There was a time where he would ask to visit him in his office, and he’d just give me head or spank me. He’s written me wonderful recommendations for when I go into grad school.”
“Now I haven’t posted on Backpage since last year but I still see my regulars (they dont know I had a baby) and my business line is still open so I get calls from time to time from repeat customers. So I guess those are regulars too.”
“I had sex with 3 guys at once but I never gave them any head. two were eating my pussy at the same time while one I was just kissing and he was sucking on my tits. Then they took turns fucking me and whenever one would cum another one would eat my pussy right afterwards.”
“I’ve had lots of trips and hotel stays paid for me, thanks to my kitty-kat. I’ve travelled to the Bahamas, Barbados and Florida numerous times and had a hell of a time, lots of sex, sightseeing and being taken care of. I miss that life so much. I toned down for this guy who isn’t into that sort of thing, and haven’t been able to afford to travel in like three years.”
“in all honesty i don’t want to work anymore. i tried getting a job but got fired because again i didn’t give a flying fuck and was being ungrateful. so now i’m just gonna lie on my resume and say i’ve been working remotely for one of his companies *shrugs* get in where you fit in. i don’t suggest doing this, it’s emotionally draining and my mom knows i’m lying out my ass about what i’ve been doing in my new city.”
“By the time I was 16, I participated in over 5 threesomes. All MMF. Had two that were MMMF.”
“So, what are some tips to meet high profile men. I’ll escort with no problem, but I ain’t fucking with any broke dudes. I want it to be well worth it.”
“I feel raped by the first guy because I was drunk, I kept going back for at least 5 months when he finally treated me like ho I was woke up but I was belligerent.”
“I was sleeping with one of the maintenance workers for my apt building and had him steal 2 $500 air conditioners for my apartment. My apartment building was selling them to the tenants. I will not fuck a man if I don’t benefit from it in some sort of way.”
“I used to fuck the owner of a salon so that I could get my hair done for free. I would go in his back office and fuck him then leave, he started talking about having babies so I had to leave him alone.”

People That Correct You’re Grammar

Whenever you find someone correcting the grammar of others, rest assured they are the ultimate goblin. They have nothing real to say, nor do they have any idea about the subject at hand, but they feel the need to inject they’re narcissism into the conversation by correcting a typo or a dyslexic mistake typing in their instead of there or they’re. Or perhaps you added a h when you simply meant were. Most intelligent people can figure out what you where trying to say and understand no one is perfect. However, these low level troll narcissists think they’re grammar correction gives them a place of moral superiority.
Of course dude, let me retype my entire message on a cell phone because I misclicked auto correct and it changed the word from thier to they’re because I have big hands and a small phone. Let me retype this entire conversation because I made a misclick just to appease the grammar goblin. Let me spend even more time on social media spell checking and re-wording a post to appease the masses. You’re so smart because you used the proper their in a social media post when the browser has spell check built in, you’are like the narcissistic gremlin goblin of perfect grammar and speaking to the world. You should be a professor on grammar policing and run seminars at the local community college.
These people pretend that just because you typed in the wrong word that literally sounds the same and has similar meaning, completely negates everything you’ve said. Miss a comma in a 25 page fact based study? That missing comma now negates the entire report and all studies in the eyes of the grammar goblin. Usually these types have no real cognitive function or ability to critically think outside there media created opinion so they have to find a way to emotionally remove what you’ve said making you into the “idiot” that can’t use ingles grammar properly.
It’s as if their narcissistic bubble doesn’t expand outside they’re view, they can’t fathom the idea people in other parts of the world don’t speak there (last one) babylon english language. That these people attempting to speak english to communicate their ideas don’t spend 20 years in government schools having grammar policies pounded into their skulls. When you really think about it grammar goblins display their lack of intelligence every time they correct grammar rather than addressing the statement or concern by the other person. A type of manipulation to puff up their head as they take the moral high ground beating you with a club.
Similar to the movie Gremlins, once these fiends find a spelling mistake they turn into a monster. They will devour and kill any statement, idea, and anyone in their path all in the name of proper grammar. Do thou art realize that the english language itself has many variations? That thou may spell a word in many ways and still be considered proper english, when the same grammar goblin is using abbreviations like LOL and LMAO they sit around correcting others not even understanding the basis of the english language on any level.
Most grammar goblins would scoff as they hither, wondering why the weir is overflowing, hoping to find a withy to replace the lost stick. They’d jump on their trumpets of grammar forswear, as their face wizened they’d hold up their trumpery, wondering why their brodor doesn’t even associate. They’d look to the left, then the riht, wondering why their grammar focus has become the norm, pushing away any intelligent conversation as they ride away on their high horse.
The motive for these goblins remains the same, their ego and pride can’t handle the truth that was revealed so the only option is to fight dirty. Finding any and all mistakes in the relayed information so the messenger feels stupid when in reality they hold the heavy weight belt. These grammar goblins have nothing of value to offer though, and don’t forget that.

Social Media Celebrities

I haven’t had Instagram but a couple months and it’s already obvious how thirsty these new age women are. Begging for attention, likes, and follows they are willing to put in hard labor just for the idea of being social media famous. Posting naked picture after picture in hopes of achieving that “status” of celebrity, when in reality the term celebrity is quite meaningless in the illusion of society for everyone but the yuppies.

Especially in today’s age, where there is 500+ social media websites with millions of people thinking they are celebrities because they entertain random internet people. On twitch people think they are famous because they babysit a bunch of little kids. On Instagram everyone’s a celebrity singer, model, actress. Facebook has the most famous political speakers in all of history. You get the idea. These people live in a bubble where they think they are actually celebrities. Their narcissism in full swing. Half the time it’s obvious they paid for followers anyway while fronting their “status”. If I saw Pew Die Pie in the street I wouldn’t even recognize him yet these people fronting like they are celebrities for a few videos on YouTube. Give me a break.

It cost less than $10 to purchase 500 followers on most social networks and even YouTube subscriptions is quite cheap. It’s not hard to purchase status and to run in the hamster wheel trying to achieve status or popularity as your life goal is quite pathetic. At the end of the day no one is going to remember your user name or the picture perfect photos you posted in the same filter and Snapchat face as everyone else. The entire concept of of chasing status leaves people as empty voids and zombies gurgling for their next meal. Some of these girls will literally like and follow hundreds of dudes a day and wait for the “follow back”. Once receiving they swiftly unfollow and move on to the next.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

It’s really quite pathetic what these people are willing do to just to achieve the illusion of popularity. Like they are still in high school with their mentality hoping they can be the most popular cheerleader in school. They will send messages and pretend to care just fishing for that follow. They will post butt picture after butt picture in hopes of a few followers and attention. These are the same girls you see in the streets with their eyes glued to their phone. Unable to have a regular real life conversation without staring at the ground awkwardly or acting like a crazy attention *****. Social skills of any kind have been lost with the illusion of social media celebrities.

I laugh quite often at the fact that people without social media, or for example, Instagram, have no idea who this “singer, actress, model” is yet they act like celebrities. Wait, who are you again? Haha. They have such an inflated ego when it’s based on nothing at all. They pretend they have accomplished something spectacular because they have $30 worth of followers chasing them for attention. The reality remains the same, outside your bubble you’re just like everyone else. Deal with it.