Society vs Community

You’re on deck to start your life with over a decade of school under your belt. Unable to discern whether your ideas be theirs or your own. Trying to decipher life’s code the umpire yells batter up! Forced into another 4+ years of schooling education you’ve never had time to figure things out. Forced to read and repeat with no end in sight.

The ball whizzes by and all you hear is strike one! Blinking your eyes you gasp for air as your mind starts to melt. Is this the life I want or is there something else. The pitcher winds up and wings one in, closing your eyes you take one big swing. Strike two!

Slamming down the alarm clock it’s already 5 a.m. Time to go and do my job at the corporate office as another day passes you close in on the hump. The excitement is unbearable barely making it to Friday when the fun can actually start. After cleaning the house you’re exhausted from such a long week, passing out on the couch it’s already Sunday night and time to get things ready for yet another work week. Enjoying some Netflix programming you relax for one last second before everything hits repeat.

Luckily the last pitch was a ball or you’d already be out, not paying attention at all. The umpire yells the count, noticing you’ve got one more chance to do something at the plate. Taking a step back you take a few practice swings with approval from the stands. Seeing retirement on the horizon you put on your coronavirus mask and jump into the batters box.

A high speed fast ball is coming your way, unable to react in time it pegs you in the leg. Falling over in pain you can’t seem to walk as your bat rolls around on the ground. A las, you’ve reached society’s max height and can do anything at all. Your bank account is huge and your wallet is fat. Wincing in pain however you hear the umpire motion to take your base. Cuddling up with your blanket you cry away the pain as a sweet new Netflix series plays over the loudspeaker of your old folk’s home..



It's Just a Conspiracy Theory



The Future of Boca Chula Studios

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7 Tips to Avoid Attracting the Modern Women

Often times men are given tips on how to get laid or attract a female but in this guide I am going to give you some advice to help you go grey man to avoid the disastrous diarrhea encounters with feminist modern women. The reality is men are no longer safe in the office, the bar, or the university. Where ever we go we are looked at as pedophiles, women beaters, rapists, and women haters. What was a friendly conversation is now a women threatening an innocent man or falsifying police reports.
You might think, hey that seems unreasonable. That stuff rarely happens. The reality is I am speaking from personal experience alone! I even have video evidence of such encounters with these types of women. I have had false reports filed against me because the girl was covering me up so her real boyfriend would not find out. I have had ex girlfriends threaten to beat them selves up to file reports of me beating them. I have had women call me a pedophile for taking care of their son while she was taking pills, drinking, and smoking weed watching Trump and Obama clips on YouTube. I have had flirty conversations with random women that demanded me act a certain way or talk to their liking and when I didn’t respond how she wanted she started to lord her government position over me, threatening that she would have them come after me and all kinds of stuff because I raised animals with no “permit”. New’s flash, I don’t need a permit!
In order to avoid drama such as this the only real option is to avoid women as much as possible. I have never in my life ever had this level of crazy drama bullshit come from a man. I’ve dealt with my fair share of narcissist men, money hungry men, con artists, and more; but never the level of bullshit and drama associated with women. Never. The consistent repetitive behavior is unparalleled to anything I could even make up. The stories repeat over and over and not just with me, with a majority of men in society where feminism is forced.
Here are 7 tips to avoid attracting the modern women:
1) Take off all jewelry and watches before leaving home. You do not want them to know you have bling and style otherwise they might try and lure you into a trap. Not only can you save money by doing this but you avoid the bling hunters.
2) Wear glasses as much as possible. If you look like just another nerd you won’t pick up much interest from the alpha attacking feminist. This enables you to coast by a lawsuit where an angry alpha looking man might be subject to a false claim.
3) Stick to neutral colors and sweatpants. Modern women are attracted to flashy and colorful objects so dialing down your clothing color can help thwart that nasty government invasion drama.
4) Be polite but never carry on conversations. Do not talk about your personal life or hobbies. When you begin talking about all the cool things you do they will become interested and start asking questions. This can be avoided by maintaining a friendly but brisk interaction.
5) The buddy system. Find a buddy at work that understands these concepts and always stick together in meetings with female co-workers. Maintain a proper professional relationship and never allow yourself to be alone with the modern women. The buddy system can help thwart job loss and defamation.
6) Playing possum. Social media disasters can occur at any time. To help eliminate this problem never post successful things about your business or life. Only post the negative things happening in your life to social media. This will keep the modern women away as they only look for those they can rip down. If you are already dead, than she will move on to the next victim. False reports can land the police knocking at your door searching through all of your things. It happened to a buddy of mine and they took all of his computers and it is avoidable by copying the possum.
7) Never carry more than what you need. As far as cash is concerned you should never take more than you need. Not only does this eliminate unintended purchases but no googly eyed women will see how much you carry around. I remember one time I had just pulled out money to make a large purchase and I dropped my money clip at the counter. The cashier girl’s eyes lit up like the register and started her flirty routine a second there after. Keep your green hidden and out of sight at all times!
I hope this list of tips and tricks help you avoid the modern women and all of her baggage. Don’t be the next sucker when you could have avoided it all.

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No Reason To Give Women Sexual Attention

In my never ending social experiment that was known as dating I’ve really discovered that giving women sexual attention in anyway carries no benefit. Even if you think you’re going to get laid by giving sexual attention the reality is most of the time your efforts go in vain. Even with a pick up artist the key is to have the ability to go from girl to girl in search of your treasure and booty.
The reality is most women want a guy that treats them like crap. They want a guy that ignores them, plays games, makes them jealous, anxious, depressed. Women love this roller coaster of emotions and if they find them selves in a good relationship they will often times create drama just to fuel this addiction. To get laid in modern society is actually very simple. Pretend you don’t want to get laid. Pretend you don’t want them. Ignore them. Ect. Once they offer their number again playing the same games. Then once you have sex with them ignore them some more. You will have a booty call for life with these simple tricks. Don’t forget to give them some back handed compliments too, they really love that.
The next situation that comes to mind is the guy that gets the number but begins to fall for her. Even if she extended the same feelings, once she has deemed it so, you are no longer fun. You are predictable, easy, and carry no drama. Therefore your extended female sexual attention actually drove her away leaving you with no sex or relationship. Most women feed off this drama and without it move on rather quickly.
Another that comes to mind is the friend, the one that’s offered his life and due diligence to become a white knight. A forever champion of her feelings and emotions. He will never get laid but he will offer an infinite supply of narcissist crates of addiction. He will be there for her as her everything and she will walk all over him. His sexual attention goes in vain as she bangs every bad boy on campus.
These are the same women that spend their college years riding the cock carousel wondering why they can’t find a good guy. Then as they graduate and find their job they are far to busy for a real relationship leaving them in their 30’s with an army of cats to keep their confidence rallied. Giving these women attention is like giving a bum money for crack. You know what he’s going to do with the money. The dealer is standing right there. He has his supplies sitting next to him. Empty shots and syringes next to him with a few broken vodka bottles.
Women are incredibly manipulative as well. Giving them sexual attention such as likes or compliments at a party carries weight. Similar to search engine optimization and link juice. When you give a women sexual attention she takes this juice that normally would create popularity for your own website, and they use it for their own gains. She will turn your sexual attention into making her ex jealous. Into make her husband jealous. She will use this sexual attention to play with your emotions, she will use it to get things she wants, she will use it to get who she wants. Giving women sexual attention is disastrous no matter how you look at it.
I’ve experienced this in person as well. When I used to go to the bar in my younger days I’d always have some girl trying to flirt me up. Most times I’d just go in for a beer and watch the game. 10 minutes later there is a guy giving me angry looks from the other side of the bar because his girl is shaking me down for some sexual attention. I barely said anything to her, let alone flirt, yet I’m now in the middle of a confrontation that could lead me to a fight. All because this women is after sexual attention, willing to beat me down to get it.
This is what it’s like giving these women sexual attention. On Facebook, Instagram, and in real life. These women are in a frenzy for attention and when you starve them of it they want to hook you too. Regardless of your motives the only option to achieve that goal, whether sex is your goal or tranquility. Giving modern day women sexual attention has no benefit for you.
It would be like investing in a stock when they have a policy that says, “After you purchase our stock, you must give them to the owner and CEO”. Why on earth do we as men continue to invest in these stocks when the value is plummeting. When it offers us no benefit, no gain, and no reward.
Most men confuse themselves by thinking if they give a women enough attention she will validate them. If they give her enough likes she will finally notice his value. If he writes a good enough comment or makes a good joke at the party she might just value him as a human being. The reality is that’s not going to happen. It will never happen. You are wasting valuable time trying to win the affection of women that look at your like a disposable utility, like a robot.
In their eyes you have no feelings, no emotions, nothing. They only see what they can get from you in there infinite mission of finding the wealthiest man possible. Confusing their motives and your own will keep you from this cycle of repetitive female attention giving. Understanding it has no benefit to you will leave you in a place of peace rather than trying to jump through hoops for validation from the next hot chick that thinks she is something special with 500 photo likes.

The Only Way to Get Your Girlfriend Back

There’s plenty of websites with a small fee that will offer you tips and advice on how to get your girlfriend back. If you only do this, or if you do that, you can win her heart back. For a small fee of $19.99 you will learn the secrets to getting girlfriends back. This may seem like a tempting offer at the time but let me unleash an alternative option that you probably won’t read on any dating site, self help guru’s cheat sheet, or in a YouTube video.
DON’T GET HER BACK. That’s right, I said it. Don’t chase her. Don’t try and win her back. This will obviously sound ridiculous and you might think how can I do that when she’s so perfect. She’s your everything. She’s the best girl on the planet. The reality is my friend you are looking through rose colored goggles so all you see are flags. This perfect nice girl, in most cases, is nothing short of a manipulative narcissistic sociopath. The red flags you’re missing right now will become obvious if you continue reading this article. I’m going to share with how a few of my relationships have ended from my past with nice, perfect, amazing girlfriends that I too wanted to be with. (At one point.)
To clarify, these relationships are not something uncommon to me or something I search out. I’ve noticed similar behavior in most women towards boyfriends and especially husbands. I see it all the time in friends and family but no one seems to talk about it. The reality is these behaviors seem to be programmed into most main stream women and they do it without hesitation. Especially when it comes to taking responsibility for their own actions.
These are in no specific order.
Attempt #1 at Getting Back My Amazing Girlfriend:
This was one of my first major relationships. I didn’t really know what I was doing but she was sexy and fun. We seemed to get along well together and went on a lot of adventures. She was the type of girl you wrote of as crazy, but in a “good” way. So you thought. We dated for a while before I started to notice her lies. Her lies adding up. Things seemed off but we were having fun so I didn’t question it. Things started getting a bit distant after several months. We started fighting and she would create drama over little things. She would create a scene in my apartment complex and even threaten me a few times. I started wondering what I could do to win back her heart. While I was searching for the answers there was a guy that was friends of our group of friends that I really didn’t like. He was a douche bag and very self centered. He cheated on his girlfriend all the time and was very open about it, yet she was sending him money and helping him from back home on the east coast. (A possible siting of a unicorn). Of course, I get wind of something from a girl on the inside. A friend of mine he was trying to have sex with as well but she didn’t give in. She read some interesting messages on AOL or MSN (I can’t remember, back in the day.) She forwarded them to me and it all came out that they had sex a few times. All while pretending to be in a relationship with me. You see. This was a very calculated attempt to bring me down. She thought I was cheating on her and did all of this in a rage to get back at me.. but the reality is I wasn’t cheating. My perfect girlfriend had turned out to be a crazy bi-polar nympho.
Attempt #2 at Getting Back My Amazing Girlfriend:
If you have ever been in a longer relationship you have a moment where you say to yourself, she’s a great girl, she’s awesome, I’m really going to try and make her happy. Well it was at this moment in the relationship she decided to go cold turkey. I thought there must have been something I did or didn’t do to upset her. I spent weeks trying to get in contact and even thought about driving over (she lived an hour away) to make sure everything was okay. I sent flowers and a card. Called several times and I received no replies and no contact from my girlfriend. I researched different techniques to get my girlfriend back and just as I had the perfect recipe to get her back I received a text. I started to feel a bad feeling in my gut and two weeks later she finally told me her ex had been staying at her house. Being the SIMP I was I asked her if they had any relations. I didn’t hear back for another couple days. You see guys, my loving perfect girlfriend was actually getting the D from her ex and was too much of a coward to end things with me so she totally discarded me.
Attempt #3 at Getting Back My Amazing Girlfriend:
When you date a women and really start falling for her you tend to overlook her flaws. This girl was beautiful, she had a great sense of humor and a very freaky side. She was perfect in every way. I knew for sure in the end we would be together. This relationship however would be tough. I was moving back and forth from Wisconsin and Arizona looking for work and houses. It was quite chaotic and we went on many adventures together having some intense moments on the road. When it was all over I thought we had a nice relationship with hopes of settling down together one day. There was a few month period where I would have to be away from her and back in Wisconsin and in this time things started to seem different. I started feeling a bad feeling in my gut. I sent flowers and messaged her trying to figure it all out. Reading stories online and searching for the answer to get her back I started getting emotional and made the decision to fly back to Arizona and surprise her with some special time. I got there just as she was leaving for class and decided to take a nap. I woke up and started browsing the web and noticed her diary sitting on the desk. Out of curiosity I started reading her thoughts and the kinds of things she would write in her diary as a 26 year old psychology major. I came across a recent diary entry that read something like “we cuddled and it felt good, I can’t wait to see him again”. Meanwhile she was showering me with I love you’s and affection. I soon realized my perfect girlfriend was getting the D from another man while pretending to care about me too. Instead of just being honest about meeting someone new she led me on and made me looking foolish before discarding me completely for her new toy.
Attempt #4 at Getting Back My Amazing Girlfriend:
This girl was different. She had it all. The perfect body, the beautiful eyes, the perky smile, and very smart. Or so I thought. She was a hostess at a restaurant that I would eat at while traveling for work. One night I invited her out after work and we got chocolate pancakes and ice cream. Later we watched the discovery channel on some deep sea documentaries. It was one of the best nights of my life. She was incredible. My emotions were going full in on this one. She was the one. She was amazing. We talked and dated for a couple months as she lived several hours away. I remember driving out for her birthday and surprising her with some gifts and we hung out and did some other things. A few days later my parents received a call from the sheriff asking for me. I gave them a call and apparently I had been stalking her. After answering some questions the sheriff asked me to describe her apartment. I did, including her bathroom and bedroom. He said, “okay well that doesn’t add up at all.” He said he would call me back if they needed anything else and I never heard from them again. Turns out she was engaged. To this day I think he was a police officer because of what happened. I think she told him I was stalking her and he filed it at his work. Her lie caught up with her when the officers in charge reported back that I was not stalking her. My perfect girl was pregnant and married to another man less than 3 months later. She discarded us both when caught in the lies.
Attempt #5 at Getting Back My Amazing Girlfriend:
This girl was different. She was sweet, innocent, and caring. She was interested in what I was doing and didn’t seem to care about money or fake things. She had an amazing body and the first time we went at it was intense and fun. We hung out quite often and just did random things together. I thought perhaps it could be a long term thing. I remember there was one night where she changed her mind five or six times about something and I finally said NO. We are going home. She through a temper tantrum threatening me several times to stop the vehicle. I was never fully blue pill but I had a very blue pill mode and a very red pill mode at the same time. Not so much purple but an extreme both ways. This was a red pill moment. Upon arriving home very late, she continued to throw temper tantrums and threatened to walk 20 miles home. She started walking in pitch black country side and my blue pill mode kicked in. I couldn’t reason with her and we ended up walking a mile before she gave up and I walked home, got the truck, and picked her up. I searched and searched on how I could make her happy. A few days later I was up late tinkering with something and I received a call. It was from her. She was drunk. She said “I’m at a guys house right now.” In this conversation she would say how old he was (old, like 45, she was 22-23) and other things like she had stayed there several times before and that she knew him before me. Turns out she was screwing some old dude the entire time. He would give her money and other things and she would pretend to date him. She was like a legal whore presenting herself as a good girl. My innocent girlfriend had become a whore in one phone call.
Attempt #6 at Getting Back My Amazing Girlfriend:
This girl was a master of manipulation. The relationship itself was rushed and we ended up living together on very short notice. Things just kind of happened and we never really even talked about it. There were many red flags that I should have acted upon but the circumstances kept me from doing so. She maintained her innocent sweet mask throughout the relationship but managed to sneak it off almost every day. I never quite understood how it went from a great relationship to arguing and drama over little things every day. No matter how much I tried it was never good enough. She would complain about anything and I would try to fix it. I spent hours online reading about relationships and how to fix it. I would show more affection and actively go out of my comfort zone to show her these things. Meanwhile I was met with abuse and disrespect. After a few big events it finally dawned on me that it was her doing it. She had moved in and out many times creating drama every time. Only to realize it was 100% her later on and ask to come back. I continued fighting and trying to find a way to win her back. It never worked though. I realized I was nothing more than a game for this girl and that she would use me forever if I let her. My great girlfriend turned out to be an emotional vampire. Feeding off my discomfort and pain.
These stories aren’t for sympathy, rather to show the mindset I was under at the time. That I thought these girls were great but the reality behind the scenes was much different. Using your logic, NOT emotions, is key to understanding why you should not chase your girlfriend or try to win her back. The reality is if you have to try and win back your girlfriend she is taking you for granted already. She is treating you with total disrespect with the silent treatment, emotional games, lies, and manipulation. She is treating you like scum and you want to chase her? All to find out she’s getting the D from another dude? The reality is if she actually cared about you she would not be putting you through this emotional turmoil. She would be open and honest and explain why she doesn’t want to date or that it’s just not working. The fact she can’t even be honest with you shows even more lack of respect. There is literally no reason to try and chase your girlfriend or try to win her back. You’re simply feeding her ego, buttering the biscuit, as she slides into another pan.
On the contrary I have had a lot of great adventures and experiences with women. Nothing in a serious relationship but weekend trips or random adventures with friends. I have had many great sexual friends that helped me grow as a human being and never seemed to have any ill intentions for me. We enjoyed the sexual energy and hanging out together and similar hobbies. These relationships however were not serious or at the time had no way of working out. The reality is though, if they are making you uncomfortable like this it’s best to look on the horizon. To focus on your own hobbies and interests and find what makes you happy. If your happiness is dependent on your girlfriend she is simply manipulating you. She has you tricked into thinking that life is great with her and empty without her. Which is a devastating lie if you believe it. The reality is the exact opposite. Watching some MGTOW videos or reading some articles will bring you out of the storm and under the umbrella of truth and red pills. You’ll soon discover it was actually her creating this dependency subtlety and that it’s left you in a state of depression. Why would you want to chase those emotions, rather than the joy of fishing? Or playing pool with some buddies? Or discussing hunting ammo at the gun shop? Why choose the emotion of discomfort associated with chasing your girlfriend when passion and joy are non-existent?
You’ll never find out who you are if you’re always chasing someone or something else; and worst case it’s like chasing a tiger trying to catch him by the tail. Don’t get bit by a tiger when you could have been drinking a beer catching some bass. Also, the only thing you can learn from chasing a tiger is to not chase tigers.

Modern Women and Sex Abuse in Relationships

Between 50 Shades of Grey, Jersey Shore, and Twilight; it’s no wonder women have such a jaded view of relationships and men. When you throw in the feminism, entitlement, no responsibility for their actions, and narcissism you get a Frankenstein of a women. Most men don’t want to admit how creepy and weird the things their girlfriend or wife do in the bedroom. Most men still don’t talk about it because it carries a stigma. That stigma being SHAME. And not for the reason you think..
The reason most men don’t talk about sex abuse from a girlfriend or wife is because of the instant shame women and blue pill men dole out. If you complain or mention anything about sex a women will immediately tell you that “maybe you’re not doing it right”, “maybe you’re not big enough”, “maybe you need to learn how to please a women”, and on and on and on it goes. The blue pill man will say, “hey man at least you’re getting some”, “you just have to focus on her needs and only her”, “you have to be more romantic and give gifts”, and on and on and on it goes.
This is why most men do not talk about sex abuse from an ex, a girlfriend, or a wife. Most men are immediately dismissed, attacked, and shamed. I am going to get into the reality of sex abuse and how destructive it can be to a man, especially if he has low confidence. How devastating it can be for a man if he is not aware of the games women play and that your sexual skill is completely irrelevant to the games she is playing. See, in her head she is playing a game of chess; and you are simply the pawn trying to get the queen. In your mind you’re just excited and happy to be there. To do your best and make some sexy fun time. You have no games, shame, or guilt ready to lay out. No manipulative tactics on the ready. You are simply into the moment. Little did you know you can only move up too two spaces and diagonally when poking.
The reality is women have an agenda to their sex. The queen isn’t coming out to play without finding something to first want in return. Women have a number of strategies in their arsenal but the most common is monkey bar mayhem, but in the bedroom. Nothing you do, try to do, or want to do.. is good enough. They want to be in total control and do it their way. If you try to be a man in anyway it is met with crying after sex, faces of disappointment, looks of anger, all while you’re supposed to be making love to this women or having sex. The only position she wants is when she is in control and it feels like she is the one sexing you.
You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a NASA propagandist to understand how damaging and hurtful this can be to a man. Especially a man that simply cares about the women and wants to please her. A pump and dump male will simply move on, but a man that cares will play the game of monkey bar mayhem. Instead this time he’s doing it one handed while the kids on the playground poke him with sticks. It’s a constant barrage of shame and guilt about not being good enough. About not being man enough.
Another way modern women use control and gaslighting to victimize in the bedroom is lying. Women will lie about being on birth control and tell you to cum inside them. Now this is obviously a very dangerous situation for any man that is not married to a unicorn women, ie: submissive, loving, empathetic, caring, compassionate, supportive, hard working, honest. (I have only read about them in the Bible). She could possibly be out right lying to trick you into having a baby. That one is obvious. But there is another group of women that ARE on birth control and actually enjoy this feeling. These women are extremely manipulative. If you know she is on birth control and you actually decide to cum inside her you will be met with disapproval, anger, and perhaps even physical violence. She will tell you that she never told you to do that, and that she will probably get pregnant now. This obviously is not a real situation as birth control is usually pretty effective, but in your head you are clueless. You had no idea about this scheme or plan to victimize you. You take the bait and start to realize you might have gotten her pregnant… mean while she sits by watching you squirm like a worm. Coming to these realities. Then, maybe a day or two later she will mention that she was on the pill and got the days mixed up. Woops.
The more feminist modern women will take a more direct approach to attacking your manhood. She will be outright verbally abusive and rude. During sex she might make a lot of noise, move from position to position with a smile, talk dirty to you… but the minute you finish the attack comes. Out of the bushes a group of short hairy women run out and start beating you with clubs. She’ll say things like, “you didn’t please me, what happened?”, “that’s it?”, “*look of disapproval*”, “you didn’t do it how I like”, “my ex used to ______ and we should try it”. There’s a great variety to the shape and size of the clubs used in this beating of verbal abuse. (Share your story in the comments.)
The next kind of girl is a bit more subtle in her manipulation. She’s the one that sleeps around with everyone. In your group of friend she has had sex with most of them and is still around as a friend of some sort. This girl doesn’t attack you on the front lines, but rather a sneak attack on your command center. Deep down she wants to be the center of attention but she doesn’t have the confidence or self esteem to to do it. She slowly builds her army of SIMP’s that will defend her like a best friend, and attack for her as an emotional partner. She will have you involved in drama before you even realize the hurricane hit. She will divide friendships, create low key passive aggressive drama, start small arguments, and even violent fights. All along she was just your pump and dump yet you wake up hung over with a black eye and bruises from a fight on her behalf.
The cock grabber. The cock grabber is the girl that will walk up at random times and grab you. You might be relaxing, reading a book, doing something on the computer, ect; and she will grab it. Not in a sensual romantic way, like “hey let’s do it!”, but in a way that is aggressive and scary. Like BOO! Scared you scary. You won’t expect it and it’s quite sudden and random. There is no context and sometimes it’s actually quite aggressive. If you question them or explain that it spooks you and is a bit uncomfortable they will get mad and say, “fine, I won’t touch it anymore”. As if they are trying to show that they own you, or perhaps they are in fact practicing for your soon to be castration. Either way it’s creepy and weird. I’ve never seen a man walk up and aggressively start grabbing his women’s vagina. I’ve seen some gentle boob play but nothing that compares to aggressive package grabbing.
The make you look crazy too girl. This girl is dangerous. Very. Like burn your paperwork up and leave the country dangerous. She knows she is crazy. There is a part of you that knows she is crazy too but the sex is fantastic. That’s the only reason you’re there.. so you tell yourself nothing could happen. Next thing you know she’s walking up and down the street causing a scene trying to get a ride into town out in the middle of no where. Next thing you know she’s woken up half the apartment complex screaming about some fairy tale she created in her head about a guy being an hour late coming home from work. Next thing you know everyone in the street is looking at you like your a dirt bag misogynist because she starts crying in public over something silly. Next thing you know you wake up and can’t find your bedroom pistol because a feminist nut bag drops it on the floor in the middle of the night because it was dangerous sitting in the nightstand drawer. You can not beat crazy and fighting it just makes you look twice as worse.
Two pees in a pod. This girl is the standard typical feminist in disguise modern women. She will have all four cylinders of your 1977 Triumph TR7 firing and revving. She will play her part of the good honest women homemaker, pretending to care about you and your needs. She will present herself as “wife material” and show you how great she is compared to other women. She will shower you with affection and love to lure you in. Sometimes that’s why I think the black widow has the red heart spot on it’s back. It does the same thing. It lures you in. It starts spinning and dancing to get your attention, distracting you from the reality of the situation. The reality is the black widow is slowly spinning web around its victim’s legs or arms. A small thin web slowly covers it, building up as it continues to dance and spin. Never realizing what happened until the dancing stops, only to realize, hands and legs are tied. Inside this realization comes the bite. The bite is filled with deadly poison that will soon leave it’s victim in the fetal position ready to be devoured. Unfortunately it doesn’t sink in for the victim until this very moment, hands and legs tied, body going numb, with the light fading out.
This women will use sex as a form of control, doled out like treats to a good dog. She will with hold sex or give it out depending on what her agenda is. She may or may not employ all of the above strategies in an effort to control her victim or batter him down until he reaches a level at which she CAN control him. She will place herself on a pedestal, while you are forced to carry her everywhere receiving treats. If you misbehave or do something she does not approve of you can expect to lose out on treats for a while. If you do something of great approval, like make more money, get a promotion, increase the value of the household, buy her gifts, buy her appliances, ect. you will be given treats. This of course is never good enough to satisfy her ever growing demand of wanting more things though. Therefor, if you want sex you will constantly be a donkey chasing the apple on a stick.
Another big shame tactic used towards men is when he loses his boner during sex or can’t get it up. Based upon the actions of these modern women, after a while even the strongest man would start to develop anxiety, depression, and guilt in the bedroom. They say something must be wrong with the man if he lost his boner during sex.. but the reality is how could you keep a boner or get one while with a modern day women when subconsciously resenting her and her actions towards you. When she is nothing short of a constant drag on your emotions and feelings constantly pulling you down. It would be like fapping while you read this article. GOOD LUCK! The reality is the only thing that a guy needs to be turned on is a submissive, compassionate, caring women. Not a bunch of make up, push up bras, extra weight hidden with special waistbands and pants, ect. Once again, all of that is for the women. Most modern women don’t dress up for their man they dress up for other women and people when they go out. Then come home and put on some old rags expecting you to find them attractive as Pamela Anderson on Baywatch. Subconsciously the brain is simply saying NO! DON’T DO IT. This is one case where your little buddy is actually thinking more clearly than you.

Monkey Bar Mayhem in a Relationship

For most unsuspecting men, entering a relationship can be exciting and fun. He goes on hot dates and spends quality time with a pretty little lady. Maybe some kisses and hugs and perhaps even a poke. All along the man thinks he’s building a quality relationship with someone that cares about him. That doesn’t care about his money, his wealth, or his future assets. That she actually cares about him for who he is and what he stands for. Most men enter these relationships with the idea of building something with this person.
The problem however is women do not see it this way. They do not see a man and his flaws and accept him. Once this honey moon stage ends, (sometimes they don’t even wait this long), they begin challenging you in a competitive way. They begin to slowly question certain behaviors. Certain things you say. Or all out concerns about certain personality traits. I call this monkey bar mayhem. And you will see why in a moment.
A few examples that come to mind of the top of my head; I have had women:
1) Laugh at a joke > get mad and throw a temper tantrum over the same joke a few hours later.
2) Tell me i’m walking to fast > speed walk home in anger that I dont walk at her perfect speed.
3) Tell me to trust what she says or does > doesn’t trust what I say or do.
4) Observing my surroundings > stop looking at pretty girls.
5) Tell me I’m not giving enough affection > just held hands walking 20 minutes to the store while hugging inside the store.
6) I offer to help a neighbor with yard work > get jealous and guilts me into not helping.
7) I want to visit a friend > gets angry and guilts me into not wanting to go.
8) Accuses me of cheating > talks to other guys behind my back.
9) Taking a poop playing clash of clans > get yelled at for cheating.
10) Get a beer with a few buddies > get told to behave myself and be a good little boy and then guilt trip to not go.
11) I want to make some new friends in the neighborhood > create drama so no one wants to be around.
12) I ask her to join in my hobbies > complains and acts like the are boring and stupid hobbies.
13) Tell me she wants grass > doesn’t like my answer and asks Sams Club cashier how to plant grass.
14) I Confront bad behavior, (lying, manipulating, selfishness, ect.) > deny deny deny responsibility for actions never taken.
15) Catch her red handed > she tells you it’s your fault and calls the police.
16) Support and build her up > she becomes verbally abusive.
17) Show someone else attention > she becomes verbally abusive and angry.
18) Call me drunk at a dudes house 40+ years older than her > asks me why I never want to see her again.
19) Command me to do something > get angry and throw a temper tantrum walking through the neighborhood yelling. (Many times, and different girls.)
20) She complains about my house setup > wants control over how it looks and functions.
21) She complains about me standing my ground > throws temper tantrum when she doesn’t get her way.
So that was actually pretty easy. I think I could easily hit 100 if I sat here for a couple minutes. These are all different types of examples of the monkey bar mayhem. It doesn’t matter what you try and do, how good you try and be, it’s literally never enough. If you show 10000 affection, she needs 200000 affection. If you walk 3mph, she needs you to walk 2.9 mph. If you walk 2.9 mph, she needs you to walk 2.8 mph because she had a long day. If you want to visit a friend, she treats you like a cheating scumbag. These are all techniques to control your behavior. To put you in a state of exhaustion trying to climb the monkey bars. The problem is however, every time you think you’re about to cross, you reach out and the bar MOVES. You fall flat on your face with a mouthful of sand. You get up thinking you must have missed the bar. Perhaps if you just tried a little harder.
So you get back up. You locate the bar. You find it. You say okay, I can do it. You climb back up and start going across. You get a little farther and BAM. A mouthful of sand. You ask yourself “I clearly saw the bar, what happened?”. You tell yourself it must have been something you did or didn’t do. That if you just try a LITTLE harder you can get there.
Are you starting to see the pattern? How they get control over someone and maintain that control? Through guilt, shame, or strait up verbal abuse they batter you into this position. You keep thinking if you just try a little harder you will make her happy. That you will be worthy and she will just treat you with respect and kindness. The reality is this never comes. She never deems you worthy or respectable. She ALWAYS has an exit plan, or two. Falling from the monkey bars flat on your face is the only SANDwich you’re going to get in this situation.
They use this as a way to milk you for all your worth. To keep you running in the hamster cage until you just can’t run anymore. Eventually a man will become exhausted of running on the wheel. He will climb down and say no. This is when you’ll realize it was nothing but a playground game. The entire relationship was a fraud. She will slowly start bad mouthing you to everyone around. Subtly. Letting everyone know, before you know, that it is coming to an end and that it’s YOUR fault. That you just couldn’t make her happy. You just couldn’t do enough. She is the innocent victim and tried so hard to make it work.
You will soon realize that her playground games have set her up, with the help of the government, with your money, house, children, and assets for the next __ years. You will soon realize that the entire time she was just playing you for a fool. Even if you are not married these principles still apply inside the relationship. You were used as an emotional tampon or for her “right now” mentality to leech off. They have no interest in a true real relationship. Only what they can suck from their host as a parasite.
The end game of monkey bar mayhem is total control over you and your life. If you say no. You might want to buy a real medieval shield. They will make your life a living hell. I’ve had female friends and girlfriends do all of these things. Trying to manipulate or control me in some way. They want puppets to dance to their tune and to pay for the puppets as well. They don’t just want the cake, they want the whole cake store. If you question them, they make you the enemy to anyone that will listen. They will go out of their way to destroy you and your reputation if you do not obey their commands.
The only way to win monkey bar mayhem is to NOT PLAY. It’s like playing beer pong with tabasco sauce.