How to Catch Any Girl Monkey Branching

Monkey branching is a term used to describe the action of a women moving from one man to the next trying to work her way up the “tree” sort to say. Women do this by setting up their new man as they swing from the last one, to the new one. Not only is it quite common, but there are ways you can prove to yourself that this is indeed fact, rather than opinion.
I have personally put this to the test in my own life, as well as telling friends to try it as well. The method is rather simple, although some may call it creepy. The ones that call it creepy are generally women caught with their hands in the cookie jar. The reality is, 100% of the times I have done this trick it has proven each time that these women are liars, untrustworthy, and indeed looking for the next branch to swing too.
The first step in proving that your girl is in fact disloyal, dishonest, and most likely a total slut is to create a Facebook. Go to the Russian version of Facebook, I forget the name, and find a profile of a good looking dude with some muscles and a few photos in nice outfits. Proceed to create your spoof Facebook account while adding some cool things to the profile. A decent college, some travel, cool photos from traveling, blah blah blah. You know the drill.
Next build up your friend base, find some thirsty women to get some likes on your photos, gay guys also work well for this. Create a profile that is active and vibrant so it would not be detected as a “fake profile” by the unsuspecting monkey brancher. Once your profile looks legit with some friends, comments, and likes; proceed to add your girlfriend, wife, or whoever. Spark up a flirty conversation, hold nothing back, be a bit of an ass but also kind. This will put them into a bit of a spin, having some hot hunk chatting them up online.
Their hypergamy will be in full swing as you continue the conversation. The entire time they are thinking how hot and great they are, to easily manipulate and control two men, when in reality they are being played for the disloyal whore they are. You will start to see a confidence boost in the way she speaks to you, getting more naughty thinking she is in control. Now that you’ve proven to yourself who she really is, what she’s really about, and that every women you will meet will most likely be exactly like this, becomes a reality.
From here you have many options… back when I was younger I had a lot of anger issues and would do some pretty mean things with the photos received or the conversations had, like exposing it. Another thing I have done is really messed with their heads using exact conversations from Facebook in real life. The looks of confusion and the lies I’ve heard were so entertaining. Seeing the gerbil run on the wheel as they tried to manipulate their way out of reality.
Eventually as I got older though it dawned on me, that I was wasting even more valuable time doing these things when the reality was; they weren’t worth my time at all. I could have spent that time doing something of real value but instead I was getting a psychological dose of revenge. It felt great, it was hilarious, and it made for some unique stories, but at the end of the day each girl was like this. Every girl, even the nicest fake christian, was guilty of all of this. They had no problem casting away their current partner like he was a nasty ball of hair clogged in your shower drain. Tossed aside like a disposable utility. These women never cared. They never had an ounce of empathy or compassion for me or the man they were attempting to monkey branch too or from.
They’d make up clear lies, even coming in to talk to me before answering the online guys question of “do you have a boyfriend”. The most bizarre and selfish behavior I have ever seen in my life. You too can see this for yourself, as I did. I don’t recommend you stay there long, but learn from the experience and use it to push yourself forward and stop putting your time and energy into women when they view you as nothing more than a branch to swing from as they climb higher and higher at your expense.