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How To Support the Locals When Traveling

There are two types of locals in many tourist areas and most people don’t realize it. There is the real locals, that lives, eats, and works locally, raising a family ect. And there is the other type, that has moved there to make money and will literally do anything to get it. Many people think using websites like Air BnB support the local people when in fact it does the exact opposite. Locals barely get anything while some internet savvy person cashes in on them. Not only that but it jacks the rent prices way up making it impossible for the average local to even rent, let alone survive.

You often times see tourists at Walmart and stores alike in countries that offer the freshest meat and fish locally at low prices, wondering to myself.. why? Willing to pay 3-4 times the price for food because they don’t know a lick of the language and don’t care to know. Throwing their cash around without realizing they could have fed an entire family for the price of a vegan hamburger at some fake tourist restaurant.

I can’t count how many times I’ve been in a tourist area and said buenas tardes or que onda to a European and they simply ignore me. A white dude from Wisconsin. They simply don’t have the cognitive function to 1) Figure out I’m a white dude that speaks English. 2) Learn basic communication of the location they are visiting. 3) Respond with a smile or simple hello. Instead they ignore me, let alone the locals. As they buy up the beach front property for vegan popsicles and nail polish, air bnb’s, and expensive hostels. Once again driving up the price for locals.

If you want to support the locals as you travel start with your attitude, perception, and awareness. Instead of being a frugal idiot spending 50 bucks on a vegan milkshake or night in a hostel, invite some locals nearby for some tacos and beer. They might have a room for rent for the week for 1/2 the price you’d pay on an Air BnB or a hotel with a family of fun and food with local reviews and guidance. You’ll soon find out they are spending far more than you on the night of fun and food. Yet you would never be in this situation without looking around. Without knowing some basic language and communicating. Without supporting the locals you’re just another corporate idiot throwing his money at a Walmart Abc or D or big name hotel Hilton.

Instead of a big name store why not the local market? For some bracelets and nicknacks. Instead of the tourist area where you get overpriced crap… move into the local areas and find old school Mayan and Aztec. The locals wandering the streets selling real home made hand made clothing that will last a life time for a fraction of the price. Yet that money can last them for several days with food or more chickens. The reality is you live in a fantasy land when traveling as you throw your money away, pretending to support the locals you really drive them out.

When it comes down to it, the way you travel is a full reflection of yourself. From what I can see, mostly narcissism.

Review of Bacalar Mexico “Most Beautiful Lagoon in Mexico” – THE TRUTH

After living in this area for over 5 years Bacalar, Mexico was often a place of visit. Hang out on the beach, drink some beers, smoke a few joints. Enjoy the company of random travelers from all over the world. It was the scene of hospitality and cheap prices. Whether you wanted aqua de coca or a simple hamburger, everything was fairly priced. The police were chill towards everyone and rarely ever got involved on the street. It was a quiet, beautiful, enjoyable location for many years. However, in the last few years things have taken a turn for the worst. Mostly at the hands of the government and their purely profit tourists.
A few years ago swimming in the lagoon off a public dock having a few beers with locals and friends was nothing but a good time. However as more and more Europeans add Bacalar to their travel list it has become highly over priced while they quietly remove the locals from the beach in order to provide a fear free safety bubble for the tourists to enjoy their week in the sun. As they prance around the central like a group of busted up lobsters, red from head to toe, they throw around their money on a 200 peso hamburger. Where a normal coca cola used to cost 10 peso, it now costs over 25. A sandwich is almost 100. Where you used to be able to crash on the public beach and take a rest after a fun day you are now routed out by the police.
That is, unless you’re a Gringo or European. As these cowardly police sell out once again, giving in to their European lords, they arrest any local with a beer or joint. As they bypass the tourist on their route they don’t even bat an eye as they severely attack a man for less than a gram of marijuana. Just another assault by Hernán Cortés and his army of idiots in costumes. The worst part is the police are actually Mayan. As they sell out the very people in their own community, nothing but a rental cop with a shit attitude. Pretending they are protecting the tourists as they handcuff another local man trying to make it on the road.
When you add this to the local hippy do right crowd you get nothing but a bunch of sell outs and wannabes pretending to be Mayan to make money. When the reality is these people use a literal conquistadors castle as a tourist attraction. The exact idea of a sell out. The spawn of Montezuma as they wonder why their lake is slowly destroyed by the very greed that they thrive off. Playing slave to the very people that invaded their country and killed their entire way of culture in less than a few hundred years.
They forgot they speak Mayan as they attack each other to protect the very Europeans that destroyed their culture to begin with. And these yuppy Europeans don’t mind destroying your local land and culture as long as they get their Instagram foto from the pier. Just so long they can upload a Vlog to YouTube of your paradise and make a quick buck. Maybe even fly a drone over all the locals using them as pawns in their online movie only to forget about it a week later as they take a plane to another slave tourist destination. As you beg for a few Europeans dollars you forget you’re the one living in paradise with free food all around. As you beg these red fools for money you forget your very own dignity. As you watch the local police attack yet another Mayan man in the name of a European.
But what do you care? You’ve got an Instagram foto to take and a plane to catch.

Glorifying #Vanlife for Agenda 21

Back when I had my propane powered van I thought about fitting it out as a bit of a camper van. Something to travel in and take road trips when I wanted. I watched many videos about re-building and setting up your van for this type of lifestyle a few years back. Thousands of great videos on this subject but as my research continued I started to notice a trend in this #vanlife style. From social media to YouTube there was a collective of people glorifying van life as they cruise around in their 50k sprinter van. Pretending this somehow is the way of the future as they claim freedom and adventure as they collect all the paperwork to simply move the van from one point to another. Acting as if traveling in a van is less stressful than other means of transportation.
The reality is you need far more paperwork, government, and approval driving in a van than you do living on a homestead, hitch hiking, or other ways of adventure and living. The claim van life is freedom is a ruse. A lie to trick unsuspecting people into the trap of agenda 21. You ever notice how the popular van lifers all have the same mentality? Veganism, fake hippy, go go environment, protect the world, blah blah blah. They mostly have this same fake personality and agenda within their videos. Most of which I’m convinced are actually paid actors and actresses considering some of the view counts on these new trendy van lifers. One video I saw from a new account clearly had paid views in the millions on brand new videos with less than 50k subscribers. I find it a bit baffling someone can start a new YouTube channel and get over 5 million views on mediocre content in less than a week.
These people seem to come out of no where and start pushing their “van life” bullshit. As they cruise around in their expensive van whipping out their drones and cameras at every opportunity. There is no way this is natural, there is no way van life itself can be glorified to this extent. You have to be an idiot to think living in a van is better than an actual house and property. Most people say it gives them freedom and it’s cheaper to live but that’s a strait up lie. Living in a van is just as expensive, if not more expensive than many other living standards. Gas alone is extremely costly, now include repairs, insurance, government paperwork, and the other means of living in a van. It adds up quite quickly when in reality renting a small apartment would be far cheaper. These people pedal the lie of freedom as pay out the ass to simply move from point A to point B.
For those in it for adventure the van could be a great option. But let’s be clear, van life isn’t forever and trying to make it that is just foolish. Land ownership has been plummeting and this is just another agenda tied to the belt of it all. Which is why I believe a lot of these tiny house and van life people are corporate paid actors. They are promoting a life style that makes no sense and only benefits the corporate overlords. You still spend the same money, if not MORE trying to achieve this delusion. When it’s all over and you give up the fake life style your back to the city to live exactly how they want you in agenda 21. Except you are living in a shoe box with no property or assets at all. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
It’s no coincidence and the fact so many are starting to see these fake van lifers for what they are is no surprise. They put on a show, acting, promoting shitty watch products and other bikinis so they can support their real life style as they pedal their van life and body as a way to generate easy money and promote a life style that isn’t real. They sell an idea not reality. When you watch them and how they act it’s quit clear they are fake and their personality is buyable. They all do the same type content.. using locals as their free actors to promote their YouTube’s and garnish more money. Regardless of who it impacts. These same people will complain about bribes and other things in countries like Mexico as they drive around in a van that’s worth more than most of the little cities they visit.
What can you do though? People are stupid, they will continue to fall into this trap of agenda 21. Especially with all these sold out souls selling anything and everything to maintain their lifestyle of delusion. I find it funny some of those van lifers claim minimalism in a 50k sprinter van, as they pull out over 500k worth of clothes and accessories. For me, minimalism is a backpack and that’s it. When I left the USA that’s all I had. I had 3 sets of clothing, one pair of shoes, and a few tools. That is minimalism. That is adventure. That is CHEAP. Wearing a different outfit for each meal is not minimalism. Living in a expensive van is not minimalism. Doing your hair and makeup every day is not minimalism. These people are fake. Their personality is fake. Their lifestyle is fake. But by all means continue supporting them as you buy your own van, only to find out after 3 months that van life sucks. Peeing in a jug sucks. Shitting in a bag sucks. Having no privacy sucks. Paying to move your vehicle sucks. Staying up to date with paperwork, insurance, and government demands sucks. There is no freedom in van life, don’t let these douche bags sell you otherwise.

YouTube and Instagram Travelers

After coming home from a day at the beach in Bacalar, Mexico this was really triggering on my mind. For an entire day I watched Instagram’ers take photo after photo on the dock stretching out into Lake Bacalar. One of the most beautiful lakes in the world, yet, these “travelers” were more concerned with how they looked in their photo than actually experiencing it them selves. Some girls would walk out on the 40 meter dock with heels on looking like a total moron just to get a picture (that most likely didn’t even show the heels). They would take videos and set them selves in 20 different poses as their beta male boyfriend snapped 50 photos for each social media network, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, ect. These fools would follow these girls around all day taking photos of them, and again, never even experiencing the lake itself. Most of these people never even touched the water.

I hopped out of the water for a bit to grab some food and some beers, look over, and see some dumbass in his van flying a drone around the beach. Keep in mind this is a place of around 50-100 people, super chill, super natural, even the roof is made from thatch. Here’s this douche bag sitting in his 50k+ van flying his 2k+ drone about 10ft above everyone as they try to enjoy their day with family on the little public beach. Guy never touched the water, never said anything to anyone, simply used everyone on scene as his personal money machine. These travelers take these videos with no expectation to help the locals, or do a single thing for them, simply to use them as free actors in their narcissistic YouTube plot of fame and success. As they buy views on content ideas stolen from other channels to promote their own money hungry agenda or delusion of “success” on YouTube. Not to mention how annoying these drones are, with their little buzzing noise constantly; again, wanting to take my .22 and shoot it out of the sky. (For those that have followed me long enough, you know I have taken a few shots at government drones in the USA).

These social media travelers are the same to use hostels, air b n b, or couch surfing as their free ride liberal hotel cruiser. (Another reason I stopped using it.) These liberal morons will show up thinking they are entitled to your house, that you are simply there to cater to them, their vacation, and their YouTube success. Rarely ever meeting someone of substance from any of these avenues I slowly removed them from my life. Social media, especially YouTube, has become the breeding grounds for narcissists and sociopaths to beg for money. They hide behind the facade of adventurer when they are simply using it as an excuse to fulfill their delusion. Donate to my Patreon so I can buy a drone and show you stupid angles of something irrelevant when you could literally pay less money than the drone is even worth, fly your happy ass to Cancun for $200 bucks, take an ADO to Bacalar for $15 bucks, and literally swim in the lake yourself. Something this $2,000 drone operator didn’t even experience.

Keep that in mind next time you donate to some liberal yuppies Patreon, a year of your $15 subscription to their Patreon you could have literally went to that location yourself, experienced it yourself, and most likely lived it up far more so than this YouTube idiot parroting what they heard, rather than what they lived. I’ve seen these same types complain about “corruption” in Mexico as they drive a 50k+ van through the country with electronics and gear that would make any poor thief excited. They wonder why they need to “pay bribes” and get harassed. Which reminds me of a story from Bacalar, about when I saw an American taking photos and I told him to take photos it cost 20 peso. He didn’t even question me, he just reached into his bag for money. I’m a white dude.. and my Spanish pronunciation is terrible. Yet he still believed me. This raises my point, I caught him off guard and he was a nice guy, and it was hilariously funny, but it exemplified why you deserve to be taken advantage of if you are not aware of your surroundings. If you are flaunting your money while showing no respect for the locals, you deserve every bit of it.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

If you are traveling and the first thing that comes to mind is to take video and photos for social media perhaps you’re doing it for the wrong reason. If your intention is to make money off of people as you create creepy voyeuristic videos to post online to make money you should be robbed. Shit even as a gringo I’d think about punching you in the face and stealing your drone just to smash it. Not because I’m jealous, or that I want one, rather I’m sick of these retards posting their travel “help” online when it’s fabricated bullshit not based in reality, rather a simple ruse for money grabbing. So next time someone is giving you advice about travel, or adventure, just keep in mind they’re most likely a social media moron that never truly even experienced the location they visited. Keep in mind they probably acted, dressed, and flaunted their tourism to the point where it became annoying even for the laid back Mayan. For in reality, I watch this happen every time I’m in a tourist area.

For the record, I walked through most of Mexico and have been here many years now. I have never paid a bribe, I have never been harassed, I have never been fucked with, nothing. I have enjoyed every hospitality of the Mexican people in every way and truly enjoy the culture and life style of the Mayans’. This includes walking down the most dangerous highways in the country.. where I was fed by what I think were narcos in a huge dump truck. 5 or 6 dudes got out and offered me food and drink for me and my dog. That’s reality. Not the bullshit these rich snobby entitled travelers sell you as they try and get rich and famous for “traveling” on social media. Traveling isn’t even a fricken hobby, nor a skill, yet these idiots think they deserve a full fledged income from it.

Average Day on the Yucatán Peninsula

After living in Mexico for quite a while over all, it’s quite funny to read the headlines from the USA in Mexico. The fear mongering and media created delusions become quite obvious. Turning a small time gang shooting into a nationwide, several nationwide, full out murder bomb genocide fest. I have literally walked all over Mexico without any threat at all. Whether on the beach or in a dark alley, in general Mexico is quite peaceful.
I’m not including the mega cities in Mexico here as those are just as dangerous as any other big city but the rest of Mexico is very beautiful. With beaches, waterfalls, and crystal clear lakes all for your enjoyment. The average day living here is met with sweet bread, sweet corn, fruits, furniture, and just about anything else you could imagine delivered in the streets by bicycle.
People stopping on every corner to chat up their buddy and maybe buy a beer. I won’t get into the politics of the country because this is touching on the beauty and average day in Mexico. Men are working hard at maintaining the city, building, and repairing old mistakes. Most have a smile on their face as they chat with their buddies enjoying some good old fashion Sol. The skies are almost always blue and the jungle always green. No one has an appointment to important for a sidewalk chat and often times I find myself being the busy body instead of everyone around me.
The breeze is often times the loudest thing you’ll hear as you look out and notice the palm trees waving in the wind. The neighborhood’s dogs collect on the corner for their morning meet and greet as the early risers look for some breakfast. Everyone you walk passed gives you a buenas diez as you make your way to the Oxxo. No one will argue about how tranquilo, it really is here in Mexico. They often times ask me about Trump and his wall and we all laugh as we lay back in our hammocks with some Jose Cuervo. This was reconfirmed by meeting many on the same trip as me, in a disagreement with what the American Dream was supposed to be.
People think Mexico is a cartel shoot out but the reality is, it’s quite peaceful. I walk around at any time of the night and feel safer than same sized cities in the USA. Not that I felt scared there but I certainly feel more at ease here, minus the random dog that gives chase; but standing your ground and they always just run away. All in all your day on the Peninsula will most likely be enjoyable, compared to the strict and authoritarian neighbor. So come out to Mexico and hop on your dirt bike, cruise out to the local cenote, and see how dangerous it really is.

Living Outside the Box is Dangerous

Looking back on the time before I left, many friends and family were the opposite of supportive. Many had tall tales of my death at the hands of the cartel. Some said I’d be back, and others were simply indifferent. In general the theme of their words maintained the story line of fear. They projected their own fears onto me when they tried to picture them selves doing the same thing.
I actually had only one friend that showed any sort of support at all and it was tied with the expression that I would return one day. Every single other person threw up their 5 gallon bucket of non-sense on every aspect of my adventure. This projection is a toxic thing and often times can keep someone from chasing after their dream. If I wasn’t so stubborn and adventurous I might have heeded some of their warnings.
The reality is though, not a single one of their warnings came to be. Every single time I was without food, it was provided. When I went without water, it was given to me. When I needed a place to sleep, I found one. There was never really any doubt in my adventure as far as safety. I can honestly say not one time did I ever feel threatened in any way. Especially in Mexico, the USA is a bit shadier in the cities whereas Mexico, other than Mexico City itself, is rather peaceful.
I was prepared though, with knives and other defensive objects as I was on my adventure but often times found myself never needing them. Not even close. My expectations of could be trouble never materialized. The fear that they had pumped into me never showed itself. In fact, it was the exact opposite the entire time. Fear of having to pay bills, gone. Fear of getting another speeding ticket, gone. Fear of not paying credit debts, gone. Fear of losing my job, gone. Fear of my insurance being valid, gone. Fear of losing my stuff, gone. Fear of economic collapse, gone. All my fears had vanished upon starting this adventure. No matter how big or small they completely vanished.
Looking back now, I kind of laugh at all the remarks that were made to me. Some of those still to this day ignore me when I extend a greeting. As if they can’t even speak to me because my life literally contradicts all of their delusions. They feel guilt for pushing their fear and deep down they know they are truly a coward so they remain silent. They don’t have the balls to admit what they did was childish or own up to it. They simply ignore and continue their delusion.
Living in this box of fear is a scary place to be, and many times those fears are what keep us inside it. People project theirs onto you in hopes of keeping you inside this box, with no consideration for you.
Living in this box of guilt is a scary place to be, and many times those guilts are what keep us inside it. People manipulate others to remain at their beck and call, limiting you to their intentions.
Living in this box of doubt is a scary place to be, and many times those doubts are what keep us inside it. People say faith in Jesus Christ is a cage but the reality is, my faith is what got me through that door, and in fear, I’ll live no more.

Communication Without Language

When I first arrived in Mexico I didn’t speak any Spanish. I really didn’t plan on going there and had actually been trying to learn Vietnamese when I made the rash decision to head for Latin America / Central America instead. Checking out Belize was one of the selling points as I could literally just walk there instead of having to fly over a few oceans with my pup. The walk seemed like the logical choice, like Forest Gump but with a lot of weed tea and belly rubs.
I really don’t remember the mentality I had when I headed out for a Spanish speaking country not knowing a lick of espanol. I just knew I’d be fine. When I arrived it all began. How to communicate without language. It was a swift learning curve that required imagination and acting a fool. Sometimes I had no choice but to act out the word I was trying to describe, and I can tell you how funny this is from both sides. Having a random gringo in your town where there are literally no white people trying to act out words like charades on the corner of a busy intersection leaves your pride behind.
Learning how to read peoples body language and facial expressions was key to my literal survival. When I needed something it was only achieved through one of these methods, whether it be hand gestures, acting, or full on charades. Almost like the dancing of communication. The body and expressions reveal far more than the words themselves and often times I found myself having full on conversations without understanding the language itself. At all. Did I miss some things? Did they? Of course, but these conversations are some of the most potent I’ve ever had.
How could this even be possible? How could you have better conversation without language itself. I’ve noticed when I speak to people in English it’s much easier for them to trail off or put focus on their phone. People have a very short attention span and without a reason to stay in tune they lose interest. There’s no focus, there’s no understanding, and there is truly a lack of communication skills in society. For example, walking and riding all over you start watching people with more insight, especially in a country you don’t speak the language. You notice little things and big things much easier, and the communication skills of women in both the USA and Mexico is very poor.
Typically the men are communicative, expressive, and easy to speak with. Women however, make all kinds of assumptions, create delusions, have a hard time carrying on basic conversation, can’t express themselves creatively. They receive all this attention online but can’t have a basic friendly conversation with a stranger. It’s quite sad, whether they pretend to use their phone, pretend there is something interesting happening on the ground a foot in front of them, or literally ignore my greeting.
When I found myself having these conversations, with mostly men, we were both in tune to the conversation itself. We wanted to know what the other was saying and had genuine interest in each other and the goals of the conversation. The words them selves become meaningless when you engage in real conversation. No language requires focus on the gestures, facial expressions, and personality of the person to help solve the puzzle of communication. I think when it comes down to it modern women don’t care to know you or your personality. Only what you can do for them. Often times the first question I was asked by Mexican women is what I did for a living. Other than that the conversation was dead.
This is based on personal experience, and traveling several thousand miles by foot and bus alone. Meeting hundreds and thousands of people along the way in the real world. Communication without language is easy, if you actually care to have the conversation.
As I write this I can imagine all the weird and strange looks I’ve received from women trying to have a basic conversation without language. Whereas very rarely would a Mexican man treat me like this, in fact, would have no problem throwing out his own pride, trying his English with my Spanish to have a decent conversation. Not one time did they treat me poorly for my communication skills. I actually smile thinking of all the funny times I’ve had with random Mexican men, no homo, their humor and personality, it didn’t even compare to the blood sucking crab in the bucket of their work bicicleta. I seen it! Those hard working Mexican men busting their butt so the fat angry bitter women can ride in the cart.
So the moral of the story is, if you actually care about the people you are conversating with, communication with no language is very easy and quite fun. If you don’t care about other people, it will be very difficult for you to function in that environment, making you feel uncomfortable and out of place. Opening yourself up to this personally, taught me more about body language and communication than four years in college. Not only that but I am learning another language as well as my body language and communication skills; for free while swimming in beautiful lakes and oceans.. let that sink in while you study for your next exam, or check your Facebook for likes, or turn on another predictive programming tele vision animation.

Best Way to Travel Cheap as an Adventrepeneur

Many times people make the mistake of thinking you need to be rich in order to travel, but often times that’s not the case. For some people this can be true, if you wish to stay in fancy hotels and fly first class but if you don’t mind a little adventure there are ways to accomplish the task of getting from point A to point B and have a heck of a lot of fun in between.
When it comes to traveling cheap there are three main areas that need to be covered. Food, sleep, and adventure. Often times in the adventure itself you can meet all of these requirements no problem, it just takes a little thinking outside the box.
When it comes to food on the road there are many ways to find it cheaply, and sometimes even gourmet food untouched. If you are ever downtown in any city often times you will find people leaving the restaurant with an entire meal untouched inside a container. Simply asking if they are going to eat it and often times they will give it too you! Most of the time this food just get’s thrown away but in this scenario they get a sweet story and feel good about helping someone out and you get a bomb meal for free!
Another way of getting free food is by going into places and literally asking. Often times you can come out with at least a free ice cream cone from places like McDonalds. The key is to have a smile and a story and in most cases people will hook you up! This goes both ways for rides too, often times gas station workers would help me find a ride after talking to them for a while. People like to help out and it gives them a story as well.
Opening up to people and being real is the best way to get a home cooked meal too! Often times people would just invite me for a meal or cook one them selves after a conversation turned into an hour long talk. People are bored with the lives we are forced to live and their curiosity brings them out of their shell. This is when you get to have some really cool conversations with some awesome people with a free meal as well!
If you’re not too picky you can literally sleep anywhere. Literally. If you have a nice wool blanket this makes it even easier. The same concepts apply here as when searching for food. When you open up to people and have real conversations they are actually likely to invite you to stay with them. This is one reason I stopped using CouchSurfing because the real adventures I’d have with people I meet along the way were always more crazy and fun than anything that could be planned. I found myself sleeping in the back of a pickup truck on an air mattress for five hours with my dog as we went through the long stretches of Texas.
Other times you can offer a little bit of money and people will open up their yard or extra room as well. This is one way you can get both a cheap meal and place to stay by simply offering a little bit of money. It helps everyone out and it’s more of a conversation opener than an actual proposition. People are always looking for a good story!
The key to all of this is the adventure. When you open yourself up to the locals and their adventures, you find yourself on secluded beaches playing soccer, climbing through vacant cities on the ocean, or jumping from rocks over a cenote. When you stop planning and start adventuring you find you really don’t need much money at all. That most of the things you needed money for were things you actually didn’t even need. We make the mistake of bagging our bags full to the top never stopping to imagine that we need space to find new things. New adventures.
By hiding behind the CouchSurfing veil of travel you miss out on all kinds of adventure and it actually costs you more in the long run as you hop from town to town spending money on food, travel, and other things not knowing how to move around cheaply. You waste time on silly things and never really experience the adventure itself. Start being real and traveling cheap comes with it!

Why I Stopped Using CouchSurfing

When I finally decided to leave home I had a CouchSurfing profile set up and ready to go. It was a neat idea and the concept seemed pretty legit, like a Myspace or Facebook for meeting cool people with a couch or extra bed to crash in for a few days while you pass through or hang out in that town. Super cool right?
Well from my experiences it was genuinely a decent time, and even quite fun a few times. Generally though, it was a very fake or controlled experience. Often times the host would have plans for you and other times I felt like I was in their control of what I was able to do or not do. A few of the hosts I stayed with were really cool and this isn’t to knock them at all, they were awesome. A lot of the experiences however were not that fun.
Staying with other people wasn’t to bad though as I could leave whenever I wanted if something was strange. So if I felt uneasy I could leave at anytime and continue my adventure. Hosting however, is another story. This comes from experience and nothing short of it; the men I hosted were all generally friendly, clean, and hospitable. Another big reason to not use CouchSurfing is the adventure itself is so much more fun when you meet and stay with people along the way. I have so many awesome stories from exactly that, where even my CouchSurfing host fell through and I had no place to go. Random people took me in, fed me, gave me a place to sleep. The adventure and stories from those experiences are by far more memorable than anything on CouchSurfing.
I noticed a trend as well on CouchSurfing with the women, roughly 50% were crude, rude, or just disgusting. One was so atrocious I had to record her, turn off the water, electricity, and WiFi, just to get her to leave. After a week of putting up with her crap and having to keep an eye on her son stealing and breaking stuff, it was time to go. (Video below). This girl stole my used soap, my pillow, smeared makeup in the screens, plugged up the toilet with paper, then proceeded to tell her son to pee. Extremely aggressive, rude, and absolutely nuts when confronted.
Another female that stayed with me was extremely feminist liberal college educated opinionated. I was not allowed to have an opinion and if I spoke she would try to argue for hours. She talked about all kinds of female nonsense, rights, and empowerment. How women should be treated equal and then proceeded to leave my house while saying “I had an accident in your bed” as she walked out the door. Always nice to find a big red stain in your sheets, no reimbursement, no attempt to clean it, just a goodbye and have fun.
Many of the women that would show up thinking I was their personal guide, that my home was their hotel, and that I would serve them for their stay. These women were living in an extended delusion as they traveled, claiming to see the world. Many of them were so sheltered and scared of reality they relied solely on CouchSurfing and mooching off others to get by on their travels. They didn’t do it for the adventure or to meet new people, they were there to save on hotel bills and couldn’t care less about you at all. Half the time they’d sit there on their cellphone planning their next host literally doing nothing in the city they claimed to be traveling in. They’d snap a few photos for Facebook and move on to the next guest.
Now the logical conclusion would be to stop hosting females but that was the majority of who was asking for a place to stay. I would say 5 girls for every 1 guy would message me for a place to stay. The real reason though as to why I stopped using CouchSurfing was because when I wrote them an email about the girl that went nuts in my home, in Mexico, you don’t just call the police like you fairies in the USA or Europe, the admins didn’t do anything about it. I had video evidence, I had 2-3 other CouchSurfers verifying it, and yet they didn’t delete her profile. They didn’t suspend her or do anything.
If this was a man in the exact same situation. I can guarantee he would have been banned from CouchSurfing immediately. Even if he had 100+ references and was a fantastic person he would have been banned if he acted like this, having video evidence, and several sources verifying. The fact they literally did nothing and treated me as if I were the bad guy for reporting this and having evidence. This is when I realized CouchSurfing had turned into a free ride for liberals the same way they corrupt everything. They bring their entitled, spoiled, boring personalities with them too.
Another one I forgot to mention was a girl that dragged me out to a “party” that consisted of 10 dudes, her, and me. At first I thought I was going to get jumped, but it turns out it was just her booty call. She brought him home and I proceeded to listen to them fuck while I tried to sleep on the couch literally on the other side of the wall not more than 5 meters away. Ridiculous.

What is an Adventrepeneur?

To coin a phrase, adventrepeneur. What is it? Well quite simply it’s an adventurer combined with an entrepreneur. Often times people are set on having an office, a daily 9-5 grind, and focus set on climbing the ladder. The reality is though, most services, jobs, and businesses exist in every country in the world. They may be a little different in come concepts but there are still jobs ranging from plumbing to corporate work. Often times I find more opportunity for careers and jobs in other countries than the United States or the Queen’s lands.
The first story that comes to mind when trying to explain this concept is a time I worked at an internet cafe in Matamoros, Mexico. I worked and helped there for about a month while they gave me a place to relax and catch my breath along with free food and bed. I didn’t get rich working at an internet cafe but the benefit of saving money was the payment. The ability to have a safe place with internet to chill out and eat good food while I built up my strength again. It was a mini miracle ending up at this location but the reality is if I did not have these skills the opportunity would not have presented itself.
This is where adventurer meets entrepreneur, when you begin adding skill sets and hobbies to your arsenal that open up your money making game. Being able to plumb, do electrical, build, do computer work, ect. opens the doors to many more opportunities and I learned all of this in less time than I spent in school and college. If I were allowed to legally skip school I would have been even farther ahead. If someone would have shown me that college and the school system were a big fat lie when I was 7 or so I’d have so many skills and hobbies under my belt. The education system robbed me of almost 20 years of my life. In less than 5 years I have learned how to do so many different skills and techniques that couldn’t even compare to the minimal knowledge learned in college. Like how to hold my booze.
Not only did I spend all that time and money in the school system but the skills I learned outside college are what actually made me money I was proud of. I didn’t have to sit in an office all day working for another degree holding idiot with no common sense, logic, or creative thinking. I was able to go anywhere and do anything. I could be a plumber in Arkansas for a year. I could be a roofer in Argentina for another. I could do internet marketing and web design in Cancun. It goes on an on. The ability to move and adventure tied together with entrepreneurism.
Just trying to imagine where I would be if I was not forced into the education system. If I had a strong leader and not a bunch of worthless government workers trying to manipulate me. It’s hard to say, it really is a kick in the nuts. Our entire life is forced down our throats and we don’t even question it. We just take everything we are taught as scripture. That it has to be fact because a school taught it.
Overcoming this is the essence of an adventrepeneur. To start collecting knowledge and hobbies instead of money and materialistic items is to really grow and learn. By the time you hit 30 you’d have more life experience than most, while obtaining limitless skills along the way. Imagine your ability to stop and open a business anywhere on the plane after living this way. The ability to make friends and create business where ever you go. Learning and seeing what works, and what doesn’t in the real world. The local hot dog guy that has sales all night probably makes more than the fancy place next door after paying employees and the bills. Anywhere in the world has bicycle repair shops. Everywhere has growing lawns that need to be trimmed. Most cities have garbage collection. Most people love listening to music as they eat or hang out in the park.
The problem most people make is basing their success on money and profit. By their possessions and goods. Sitting on an ant hill of possessions doesn’t compare to the bumble bee that goes from flower to flower creating rich honey along the way. You do not have to make billions to be a successful or intelligent entrepreneur.
Another misconception people make is that you need tons of money to travel. The reality is if you had a skill set that was ever expanding you wouldn’t have to worry about it. You wouldn’t have to worry about your next job, your next paycheck, because you know that you can go out and find something to pay the bills. You wouldn’t be afraid to speak your mind because if you got fired you’d simply find another job or create one. I went from the top of the USA to Mexico for very little money helping and working with people along the way. Sometimes with a simply story people felt repaid for helping you along the way.
All these skills come together to be the best possible schooling for a young business owner or future entrepreneur. The ability to make a fool of yourself in another language as you try and communicate. The ability to make small deals and bargains along the way to benefit everyone. The insight of seeing real people doing real things. The knowledge of finding yourself and what really drives you. Accepting yourself for who you are and accepting your faults for what they are. None of which is taught in any school.

An Important Pack Item for the Adventure Traveler

The wool blanket. Need I say more? Well I will because it’s by far one of my favorite items in my pack. It enables me to do many more things than your typical blanket while also being much easier to maintain and keep clean. The benefits of wool are endless if you can get over the scratchy feel of it. (Which I have a few tricks to help with that as well). It provides you with much more than just the warmth of a blanket and in dire times it can prove to be quite the life saver.
The obvious uses for the wool blanket are for sleeping and warmth. This can be achieved with a number of items but the wool blanket offers you so much more. I remember a time when I was hitchhiking out of mid Texas and it started to get late. Real late. I had no place to stay and had some extra spending cash so I decided I’d book my first hotel on the trip to clean up and get a good nights rest. Well as I was walking along the hotel strip every hotel I tried to go to was booked solid. Every single one.
I ventured on with Ace, stopping at a few food stands along the way to regain some fuel. It grew to early morning and still no luck. I tried at least 20-30 different hotels in this shady-ish area. Finally! I found one with vacancy. The problem was however they didn’t allow dogs. I decided I had to sleep. Instead, I ventured on. I noticed Ace getting extremely tired as we were coming upon a giant commercial complex. I wasn’t sure what was on the other side and a lame ass security guard was already staring me down as we poked along.
Even after getting around the corner he continued to stalk us but once we got on the other side it was pretty much wilderness with a few more hotels in the area. With one last ditch effort I tried the remaining but no luck was to be found. This is when I threw in the towel and looked for the next best option. As I wiggled my way into the forest behind the hotel it got pretty dirty so I looked for another spot. I found a nice quiet area behind a huge dumpster on the back side of the parking lot. It had a huge wall encasing the dumpster with trees and a fence behind it.
There wasn’t a view from the hotel and it was a quiet little clean spot. The problem however was it covered with small sticks. This was no problem for the wool blanket! I won’t say I got a good nights rest but it kept me from having an even worse night. It was a true life saver in a dire time of need. As Ace and I cuddled up for the night we stayed toasty warm and enjoyed the tranquility of life behind the dumpster.
I thought to myself what a cop would even say if they caught me. I had money for a room, but no room was available. What’s a man to do? Pull out his wool blanket and have a good sleep! Unfortunately there was a car dealership on the other side of the fence and they came into work quite early. They didn’t spot us but we woke up and continued our journey.
This is one example of when the wool blanket saved me for a truly terrible night. With a regular blanket just sitting there would have been awful after 10 minutes. When you add in the other benefits of the wool blanket like staying warm when wet and the ability to self clean itself in the rain offers the traveler a good advantage compared to a regular blanket. The don’t tend to hold nasty smells either like other blankets can.
There are a few down sides to the wool blanket though. It is a bit bulky and heavy. There is really no way around that. I roll mine up super tight and tight it to the bottom of my backpack and it works out really well. When I sit down it gives my butt a nice cushion too. I decided it was well worth the cargo space and weight for me and truly love the ability to get down and dirty with this blanket, throw it out in the rain, and it’s like brand new!
Putting it in the rain is one way to help remove some of the scratch from your blanket but if you have a washer and dryer another good way to do this is by washing it with soft t shirt materials. Many fabrics give off tiny strands and material and the wool blanket seems to actually velcro these tiny fibers. Between washing it down and this process it seems to really soften it up. (It could be in my head but it certainly seems to work).

Best Backpacker Light No One Talks About

I have experimented with this idea quite a bit lately and I was surprised to find out how valuable it really was. Many people have the headlamps, which work great but eventually lose their batteries or charge. Again, many flashlights are the same. They all require a charge or new batteries in the most inconvenient moments.
On my own travels I have used flashlights in their traditional role to see things at night, but also as a beacon, a signal, and other random things like this. Each night it would be used to unpack my bag, get cook and sleep gear out, and set up for the night. Night after night it would slowly drain my batteries. I tried carrying rechargeable batteries with a small solar panel and that worked pretty good, but was extremely heavy. I tried crank handle lights and those worked pretty good for a while, but eventually crapped out from moisture or were too expensive to make it worth it.
I’ve lost waterproof headlamps to moisture as well when the rubber grip breaks off that protects the internals. I’ve ran out of battery juice in the worst times. I literally tried several ways to solve this problem of having light when I needed it while maintaining a light pack. No matter how I tried to do it, I was always left with a lot of weight, or something that didn’t work when I needed it too.
Recently I started used cheap solar garden lights for my quail and chickens to keep them laying eggs almost year round. In my smaller quail cages I simply bent the wire and locked one on the top of the cage. Bugs come in all night and they eat for free while having a bit of comfort and safety from the light itself. All at the same time it provides some extra light to keep them laying.

Backpack Setup

This is when it dawned on me how useful these little lights are. I stuck one on my pack and tried it out. When out hitch hiking or traveling all day this little puppy gets fulled charged. Then, as soon as the sun is going down it clicks on right when I need it. Whether I be on the side of the road looking for a ride or searching through my pack to set up for the night. The light was perfect. I put a little wire on it so I can hang it from my pack, a tree, or anywhere else I need.
For me, it was like a portable free lantern and it completely solved my problem. The funny thing was it was only 20 pesos! In my life I’ve probably spent $100-300 USD searching for a light to fill this role. From battery packs and solar panels to cranking flashlights and headlamps. This simple 20 peso light solved my problem.
Not only did it solve my problem but it worked better than any of the other options. It was working and I didn’t have to do anything. It was light weight, cheap, waterproof, and if need be it could be taken apart and used for many other applications. Often times we are consumed by materialism in search of the best product, when the best product is often times a product not made for the application we use it for.

Holidays In Another Country

Many people in society take the holidays rather hard. Whether they have no family, or a shitty family, they tend to beat themselves up over the holidays because they don’t have anyone to “celebrate” with. The reality is though these celebrations are rather fake at surface value and even the time spent with family during these times is quite fake and superficial.
Everyone pretends to be doing great, living up life, telling others of all the great things they are doing. Sort of like a giant ego fest where everyone is competing when they should be supporting each other. The holidays becomes who has the best relationship, family, or degree rather than actually helping each other and building each other up.
The holidays themselves like Christmas and New Years are invented. Christmas has nothing to do with the Bible or Jesus Christ yet 95% of the world believes so. Christmas is nothing more than another pagan celebration disguised as Biblical family tradition. Even your die hard atheist will celebrate Christmas because at the core of it, Christmas has nothing to do with Christ.
New Years is another made up event. I find it strange so many people have forgotten WHO invented our calendar system. Do you really think it’s a coincidence that the Vatican created the calendar and also collects the taxes? How can you collect taxes if there are no months, if there are no years, if there are no cycles and dates to collect on. Days, weeks, and months have no effect on the average person EXCEPT for when paying duties to the government, which is a corporation owned by the Vatican.
So for me, not celebrating these silly holidays is something I would do even if I were surrounded by good people. Getting together with friends and having a BBQ and drinking a few beers is something I like to do regularly and there is no need to even entertain these silly holidays let alone bring depression and anxiety into your life.
That doesn’t mean I live a life of anger and hate like the Grinch. This year I enjoyed 30 minutes of fireworks from a roof top in Mexico. My dog and I chilled out, smoked a joint, and just enjoyed the show. The entire city was lit up with home made firework shows. A 360 degree view of lights and action. I was a part of the celebration without being involved. I could enjoy and take the good out of it and leave all the rest of the media propaganda bullshit where it should be.
I didn’t feel bad, or depressed; I actually felt free and alive. That I could do anything I wanted in life and that in this moment the only thing there was to do was enjoy the fireworks. When confronted with these situations the only thing you can do is enjoy the moment. Beating yourself up over not having family or anyone to spend that “holiday” with when it can actually be a blessing in disguise.
Instead of having to come up with excuses as to why I wouldn’t be attending, instead of having to defend my decision, instead of having to explain, I simply enjoyed. I enjoyed myself and my time in another country during the holidays. I ordered so much good food and enjoyed simply watching the city I lived in celebrate. I didn’t have to think about anything depressing or sad because I was too busy enjoying the moment I was living in.

Tools for an Adventure Traveler

The definition of a traveler doesn’t quite grasp the concept of the type of traveling I like to do. I have never slept in a hotel and in a lot of cases I slept outside or close to it. I have lived in many places for as little as a month to as long as a year. I have raised animals, worked in internet cafes, and other random things that require a unique mindset on the fly. This also requires a unique tool set. I decided to make a list of the tools that have made it from the beginning and others I have picked up along the way after realizing how useful they would have been.
Food and Food Preparations
This is a rather generic category. There are many many many ways of starting fire, preparing food, and pots to cook in. Although heavy, one of the coolest stoves I have used is the BioLite. I highly recommend some sort camp cook kit and a few different ways to cook food and create fire. When it comes to food and fire you always want at least 2 ways of doing so. It could be raining, it could be snowing, it could be windy, ect. Have a plan in place for as many situations you can come up with.
Food Gathering
Often times I find myself in situations where it would be quite easy to find my own food. Whether that be through fishing, trapping, or picking fruits or berries. I carry two types of fishing setups as well as some tackle box type things as well. The fishing pole is telescopic and extremely lightweight. It’s hardly noticeable and could be used as a potential weapon if need be. I have not created it yet but plan on making my own slingshot as well. This provides a lot of options for obtaining food with little to no investment and perhaps even lunch for a week. For me this is what the adventures all about.
Sleep and Comfort
Many people use lightweight tents, modern hammocks, or some new crazy tent hammock design. (Which are actually really cool). I would never carry all that and I could never find comfort in those modern hammocks. Once I arrived in Mexico for the first time and experienced my first old school hand made hammock I will never look back. It has earned a life time place in my pack and will be used for the rest of my life. I even sewed up a custom mosquito net to fit over my hammock. In Latin America most houses come with hammock rings built in so it makes for easy accommodation with new friends or random people you meet along the way. Another great thing is it can be used between trees just the same as a regular hammock. The best thing is it’s extremely comfortable and I never have back pain. If you live near Mexico or ever vacation there don’t hesitate to pick up one of these hammocks. The nice big ones run about 600-900 pesos. Other than the mosquito net and hammock I don’t need much else to get a great comfortable nights rest anywhere. A small emergency poncho is also a good thing to have somewhere in your pack just in case.
Clothing and Shoes
I have no set style of clothing. I usually just pick things up along the way and wear them out. Then go get some new stuff. I typically have one pair of cold weather clothes and about a weeks worth of warm clothes. I don’t wear underwear anymore and I rarely wear socks except for as slippers on cold mornings. I also no longer travel in cold climates so this is more of a warm weather list. The only thing I really have fell in love with is the Feivue shoes. (If you are ever in Latin America bring me a pair, it’s really hard to ship shoes in.) The roads are crazy in Latin America and having a grounded shoe makes walking so much easier. I also have a belt with a hidden pocket on the inside and that works great as another storage space or a place to hide things. Other than that it’s all basic.
Hygiene and Health
I carry a few items for hygiene and health that you may not have ever heard about. The basics as soap and toothbrushes are obvious but other things like Petro Carbo First Aid Salve and the JR Watkins Foot Repair Salve. They also make a menthol type cough salve that works great. They work amazing and their title says it all. One is a fix all natural first aid salve and the other is for repairing your feet after a long or wet day on the road. I also carry a baking soda tooth powder instead of toothpaste. It lasts much longer, has no strange chemicals, and is much more light weight.
Tools and Maintenance
Inside of my cook kit I keep many random tools that are small and pretty random for my use. I carry many knives from self defense to cooking and fishing type blades. Even a small machete inside a leather pouch. I also carry a foldable saw for cutting wood and branches. I recently acquired a manual hand drill because drilling holes is extremely difficult without any sort of tool. It’s a bit heavy but worth the weight. One tool that has never left my side is the Leatherman Wave. I’m not sure if it’s the best multi tool but I love it. Any sort of multi tool is a must have. I have used it countless times for the screw driver to the pliers and knife. It is extremely useful and lightweight for the tools you get. I also carry a small knife sharpener for quick sharpening on the fly. With those basic tools I can pretty much build anything from cages to tables or even a house. One thing every man should know how to do is sew. I have a sewing kit that has been used more times than I can even count. From mosquito nets to fixing clothing it is a skill measured in gold. I even created my own adventure traveler waist band from an old elastic waist band holster. It now holds my self defense blade, a every day use blade, a fire starter, and a flash light. I can wear it with any type of clothing and it was created to be used with gym shorts style clothing.
Back Pack
I have used a few different style of bags and by far my favorite is the Osprey (I don’t remember the name, the green one). I like a small sized bags because it keeps me from collecting random crap I don’t need. It also makes for a much more enjoyable travel as I can go do anything anytime even with my pack. It’s easy to move and it’s a great workout. This is another reason to keep your pack weight down and a way to do that is with a smaller bag. I see many travelers along the way with huge bags and I always wonder what they keep in there. Traveling with a dog and myself his gear took up a lot of my pack and even then the small bag was fine. Perhaps I have become more minimalist than I realize. I use the green Osprey and love it.
Your Brain
This is by far my most useful tool when traveling. Learning new hobbies and skills is how you refine this tool so that you don’t have to carry as many items. Using one item for many things is a great feeling and removing dead weight from your bag is quite liberating. It means you have obtained enough skill or ability to do something without that tool. Learning new recipes and cook styles that can be used create a better living standard as well. The mindset is by far the most critical in all of this. Being able to adapt (not evolve) to a situation allows you to not only have more fun and enjoy your travels but it also is much cheaper! Learning how to do many of these things can be free and learning how to do it for free means you don’t need to spend money on that item. If you can build a bed in 30 minutes in many environments perhaps you wouldn’t need any sleep gear. If you can build your own tools from nature than perhaps you don’t need as many knives and saws as I do. These are just a couple examples of how your knowledge is far more important than the tools you carry.