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As AI bots and zombies continue taking over the realm it becomes harder to find creative writers that can bring something special to the table. With centuries of experience in writing, video game stories, quest design, character dialogue, narrative design, poetry, comic book stories, script writing, copywriting, and all other things pen and paper, I’d like to offer my ink jar to those looking to bring a unique vibe to their goals.

Whether you need help with your business or personal projects, I want to help you achieve your idea of success. I’ll work with you every step of the way and offer insights to ensure every aspect of your individualism is shown in the final draft. Simple copywriting to complex stories, let me help you chase your passions through creativity and fun. From immersive stories based on your artwork, comic book concepts, to designing and improving your video game narrative.

I also have experience in web design, internet marketing, advertising, branding strategies, affiliate marketing, social media profit growth, content generation, lead generation, e-mail funnels, and more; so I’d love to help you expand your ideas, personal projects, or businesses into something that challenges your daily growth through creativity and expression.

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“A career in creativity is a job I never want to retire from.”

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