All Crypto Currency is Still a Scam

Investing in crypto currency is one of the most foolish things you could possibly do with your money at any time in your life. From scam artist to scam artist crypto currency is riddled with delusions and fantasy of escaping government control. The reality is crypto currency makes it even more easy to control than fiat currency and adds less value to currency itself!

Fiat currency alone has no real value. That’s why they literally print at the top that it’s a federal note, note, note. Not currency, no legal tender, but a simple I owe you. Fiat currency itself can never have real value other than it’s perceived value by the society. Crypto currency is this on steroids. It has no value except for it’s perceived value. Do you honestly think you can just set up some computers to run math problems and get rich? Ever wonder why there are so many scams associated with crypto currency? Why it’s very conception was created to hide drug and human trafficking transactions.

Even if you were to acquire tons of crypto currency you would still have to cash out per say. You would have to find a way to turn that into actual value and spending power. Even then all you are getting is paper. Once again proving to have no true value. Paper fiat currency printed by the federal reserve is less controllable than crypto currency and it’s a delusion to think otherwise.

I’ve heard of people placing huge investments into crypto currency for over 100k. Why on earth would you ever make such an investment? You could literally live off that on an island in Central America for the rest of your life yet your willing to invest in into something that has no true value? Why not invest in yourself? Take dance lessons, karate, buy some books, workout equipment, better quality food, help others do some of those same things! There are millions of other investments in the real world that would provide so much more growth potential.

Imagine investing in your nephew or your skills and hobbies. Or maybe a local business that has tangible goods and services. Something you can help promote and support without having to riddle off some sales pitch or scam. You can be yourself and happy with your investment and a place to go! Maybe an ice-cream parlor? Or a pizza shop. Picking up a local investment as a side partner and doing the marketing and advertising is a much better option than crypto currency. Worst case with a pizza shop you go home with a full stomach. What can do you with a crypto currency if the power simply goes out?!

This entire delusion has to be cut off. The thought you can get rich in this fake crypto currency will leave you high and dry of your funds wondering what you were thinking when you could have invested that in something of true value. Whether supporting a small YouTube channel that speaks real truth or your local fishing shop. There are tons of options out there that offer a much better living standard while offering opportunity of making an honest living.

If you really have an itch for gambling style get rich schemes get yourself an Etrade account and throw in 500 bucks. Start picking some penny stocks that seen reasonable and admirable in their goals and invest 50-100 bucks in each one. Play around, have some fun, maybe find the next google. This fills my itch of getting rich quick with a bit of excitement. I started with $40 bucks and I have slowly gone up and up while offering a bit of strategy fun for the mind. This has no real big investment but offers to fill that void.

These will be your safest investments going into the future, with personal growth and development at the top of the list. Invest in yourself, invest in your locals, invest in the ideas and people you believe in. Whether it be sharing a link or donating a few bucks there’s always a way to support someone you feel with. From my own experience I can say that my mind and investing in my hobbies and skills has proven to be the most rewarding and worth while right next to helping others do the same.

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