Animal Sanctuaries Are Cancer

This entire group seems to roll in a pack. They all fall under the umbrella of PETA, vegan, naturalist, nature worshiping types. They all seem to have a hate for human beings in general, with the thought they are the only perfect being on the planet, along with the animals they keep in cages. They will scream at you for wanting to have an exotic pet or breeding program while telling you they don’t own their animals as they lock them in a small cage or pen inside their natural habitat in the jungle.
I have noticed this same type of mentality throughout the PETA and vegan cults as they worship animals so much so they’re willing to cast aside logic and intelligence based on emotion. Trying to argue that eating corporation created “food” and dead GMO grass coated in high fructose corn syrup is healthy. These same types come to foreign countries from places like Europe or the USA and build a “nature reserve” or “sanctuary” for animals, paying the government a large sum of money to obtain special rights and privileges to do so. In most cases they don’t have any real world experience or concept of rehabilitating an animal or creating an environment for an animal to thrive and return to it’s natural habitat.
These people use the ruse of an animal sanctuary and their “generous hearts” attitude to hold a position of authority over anyone else that owns these animals. Private owners are shamed and threatened even when they provide their animals with a better living environment than these sanctuaries do. Not only that but these sanctuary owners use all of this as an excuse for them selves to personally own these animals. They pretend and lie but the reality is that’s exactly what they are doing. They simply cloak them self in self righteous bullshit pretending they are smarter, more intelligent, and know everything therefor are the only ones that should own this animal.
From personal experience I have seen these types of people decimate animal populations with their codes and rules. I have seen them ruin habitats and eco systems while they claim to be saving it. The same concept applies to exotic animals as beer, guns, and weed. Even when illegal they will always be obtainable. When they outlawed liquor and beer in the USA it created an entire underground black market. Lining the pockets of criminals and drug dealers while promoting the growth of a military state. When you start banning things only the government and criminals have access to them leaving the general public in a state of disadvantage in any situation.
This same thing applies to exotic animals and preservation. When they are banned and outlawed only the government and criminals have access. Personally dealing with the DNR, the nature government people in the USA, on several occasions only exemplifies these concerns. Growing up deer hunting we’d see fields and herds of hundreds of deer running through the fields. They were every where and it was common to see 5-6 deer harvested each year at least. After 15 years of the DNR’s nature conservancy efforts and made up diseases the deer population had plummeted. Mixed with vegan GMO crop fields destroying the rest of the environment it left the population with little chance of long term survival. The DNR was seen shooting deer from mini bird helicopters leaving them for dead claiming they had CWD. Something that was proven to have no real effect on the deer population or people eating it.
The DNR also ran stupid programs for deer hunting seasons as well. Further destroying the deer population. Making up stupid rules like earn a buck where you had to shoot a doe before you could shoot a buck. So most people would shoot any doe they saw just so they had their buck tag. This removed many good breeders that would have normally been let go for exactly that. There’s a hunters code that most stand by, and most will let a good breeder go by, and in many cases even a good breeding buck on a large property plot. I have experienced this personally many times, watching in aw as me and my uncle spied on a beautiful buck walking no more than 50 yards away sniffing for scent. He was far to young and energetic, also having a beautiful rack, to shoot. We watched him while holding our rifles simply smiling at each other.
Another story comes to mind of a family friend. Who adopted a baby deer that was stranded with no mother and would have died for sure. He took it in, fed it, watered it, milked it, this baby deer grew up as part of the family. It was free to roam but would always come inside and visit. The DNR showed up and told him it was illegal. It was illegal for him to protect a baby deer, raise it, and take care of it. To show it love and treat it like part of the family. To give it a chance at life, and a rather unique one with a 6’5″ Teddy Bear father. The chance at seeing his baby deer gradually make his way back into nature was almost cut short by these government agents. You see, the DNR would have most likely had to tranquilize it, causing extreme discomfort, anxiety, and possible death. They would have then removed it from his father and family throwing it out in nature to most likely get singled out and targeted by coyotes and wolves. Not knowing how to interact with other deer or find food in the winter it would surely die in a short time. However this carpenter raised this deer to survive and trust him. To know it had a safe home, a place to return, if something were to go wrong with that other deer thing in the field that smells the same. Gradually becoming an adult deer, moving out, and on to it’s own adventure. Luckily he wasn’t a puta padre and punched the DNR guy and the deer lived happily ever after. The DNR guy was eventually transferred. STAND YOUR GROUND!
When exotic animals are illegal, only the criminals and government will have control. The good person, the good samaritan, the one that wants to actually see the animals succeed and thrive are the ones shunned and hated. The ones that actually love and care to see them flourish in nature are almost always the hunters, the every day man, the one that takes in anything as family and shows it love. Good people are pushed from owning, breeding, and care taking for unique and wild animals when in reality that’s exactly what they need. I have video evidence of wild animals entrusting me with their survival because they understand the basics of freedom. Much better than we do as human beings, as not one chicken has ever paid me for rent, no rooster has ever gotten a noise complaint fine, no parrots paying taxes, nada nothing.
I turned a GMO farming field into a pasture. I didn’t have the money to build shelters and houses for thousands of animals, let alone the food to raise them. I did however have time, and the ability to buy cheap seeds. Based on these two points the plan was simple. Create their habitat. Within the first year I had deer in my field every night digging up radish, munching on winter wheat, or just chilling under the protection of my rifle and dog. A wild pheasant literally moved in with my chicken flock, never sleeping in the chicken coop, but there to greet me every morning and night just the same. Wild birds by the thousands enjoying the plentiful plants and seeds in the fields. Rabbits running wild and thriving in a free range environment all on my seed planting efforts alone.
I had an entire field of nature, animals, and food all in one. One without the other creates in balance and putting these animals in cages has little point. In reality having them in cages costs more money, more food, more workers, more effort. After planting some food and throwing down some brush piles these rabbits required no work, no effort, no cost. These wildlife preserves, sanctuaries, and government programs have robbed the every day person of the ability to thrive and survive off the land. Limiting the possibilities to their own superiority complex.
These people literally take animals out of their natural habitat, in some cases ripping the animals from their families / care takers only to be taken to the house of some rich snob that bought a special license to put them in cages. From my perspective if I owned a wild life sanctuary I wouldn’t be putting them in cages. Monkeys would learn to garden their food, grown their own habitats, parrots would learn to look out for their monkeys growing them fruit trees. When you look, these things happen naturally but there is no sense to be made out of it in the jungle. It’s not required. These things just happen. Have you ever walked through the forest hearing birds, wildlife, and animals running wild. Until they spot you, the song changes and everything goes silent. They know something lurks in the forest that isn’t common. The animals stop running, the squirrels take cover, the birds hold their breath.
Instead these places are turned into a zoo. Keeping animals in cages or fenced in pre-determined plots of land, all the while wondering why their numbers continue to plummet, as the only ones who are doing anything are the government and criminals. So instead we are left with vacant jungles and forests, converted in the vegans wet dream of GMO industrial farm fields. Destroying and limiting the animals habitat while doing the same to those that would want to help. The solution was always simple, to allow all to be free. But that just isn’t the mentality of these fake nature lovers, who love the idea of controlling nature so much they’ve put themselves up as gods, the only ones capable of handling these exotic animals. Even my wild pheasant caught the eye of the DNR, wondering if I would be put in jail for providing a habitat for my little buddy to thrive and survive. Mission

Political correctness is nothing less than thought control!

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