Anti-Maskers Are So Dumb

Dude I can’t. I can’t society anymore… Wearing a face diaper gives you the right to berate and attack other human beings for not wearing a face diaper? Because the government, television, or the “medical scientists professional college authorities supreme classism obediance organization” told you it would stop coronavirus covid-19? HAHA, OOOKaay society!

Maybe people just don’t want to wear a mask. We aren’t all conformist douche bags that lick the boots of government and obey their word as gospel without questioning anything. Maybe people don’t believe the government lies… and don’t want to wear a mask because it’s absolutely insane to force and entire world to wear a mask against there will. Fk’n nut bags. Every last one of you. . .

Anti-Maskers Are So Dumb

All these masks do is prove how stupid, gullible, and faithful you are in government. Injecting yourself with systematic conformity crack every day just to “fit in”. The worst part is this soyboy Karen is calling other people Karen as he has a temper tantrum over a random stranger not wearing a diaper on their face. If this was my little sister he’d be coughing up blood after I shoved that mask down his throat.

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YouTube creating the conformity. Social engineering in progress. The comment section: Approves.

Karen Gets Tased And Arrested For Not Wearing Mask At Football Game

“Zomg covid 19 will never go away because people like you don’t wear a mask…” “Zomg did they just breath on me without a mask?” “There are no bigger babies than those afraid of face masks. Omg how dare you violate my rights to show my face, I need to spread my germs! I need air, I can’t breath with this terrifying cloth!! Calm your balls.” “If they had a health conditions they shouldn’t probably go outside coz the rules outside is to wear mask.” “Stop pitching a hissy fit and wear a mask in public. It’s not a bad idea to follow science. You’re just being a drama queen.” “So you think the law is not meant for young white girls? Welcome to the real world where you get arrested for not following the rules.” “Annoys me that these arrogant people think the rules don’t apply to them while everyone else has to follow them!” “He tazed somebody for not wearing a mask. I’m a cop too, she’s resisting arrest. Despite a warrant, we have the right to arrest citizens without a mask.” “You’re nuts dude. Listen to scientists and medical professionals and wear a mask.”

Holy shit people are such pathetic little cowards living in fear. A virus can’t even fucking transfer from person to person. It’s medically impossible…

BUT that’s not what the television said Nagolbud!!! REEEEEEEEEEEE. Just wear a mask Nagolbud! REEEEEEEE. It saves so many lives…. REEEEEEEEetarded.

Coronavirus Coronavirus Lies Coronavirus Bag

Society is too stupid and too loud. Absolutely pathetic how cowardly and delusional these people are and they are the “norm”. Enjoy your slave mask ya yuppies. Better yet just use a plastic bag for a mouth cover.


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