Free Mason Agenda Behind 1st Amendment Audits

It’s easy to get excited when you first start watching these 1st Amendment audits. Cool right? People standing up for their “Constitutionally granted rights”. What could be more wholesome than a group of people going out to the public and asserting those, said rights, and educating others on these rights as well. Instead, 9/10, it becomes a heated fuck you match until police arrive. Acting as daddy discipline to all those involved. Often times they de-escalate the situation and both parties go on their way. Meanwhile the auditor thinks he’s won, the anti 1st amendment person thinks they’ve won, and the police don’t care either way because they still have power and authority over you if they want to flex. Evidenced by the thousands of videos of “1st Amendment Audit FAIL! ARRESTED!”.

How do I know? I did this shit for years. I drove with out licenses or paperwork, built adobe houses without permission, had over 20k in fraudulent student and consumer debt dismissed without stepping foot in a courtroom, been found with marijuana and pipes only to get a “warning” for no license plate. I’ve been through it. I’ve been falsely arrested, taken into custody, sent through x-ray machines, all to be released with no arrest or written violation. Nothing. If you did a FOIA of that night on Logan D Hill in Winnebago County near Oshkosh about 4 years ago you would find the most hilarious video of my rights being violated, as well as me making fun of them the entire time. You’ll also see on YouTube how they can hire a corporation to stalk you online and publish anything and everything to defame and attack you. However my knowledge of the law didn’t stop them. The Constitution didn’t uphold my rights. And being forced into an x-ray machine in front of 5-6 officers while they smile and laughed certainly says nothing about police procedure or my “Constitutional Rights”. Some will say I could have gotten a big settlement, but what does money from the tax payer do for me? It’s the opposite of what I stand for. Taking a settlement means I would have sold out and let them off the hook for some fiat currency paid for by the fruits and labor of the community. And that’s NOT what I’m about. You see, this isn’t what freemasons like James “Freeman” are going to show you.

Logan D Hill

No instead they will show you video after video of them pretending to have angry and harsh words for officers, when in reality both are freemasons. This is evidenced in his own videos where I’ve first hand heard officers ask him if he’s still a freemason. You don’t see the secret smiles and hand shakes off camera. These men are playing pro-freedom people into the hands of the enemy. As he quotes his fellow freemason founding fathers and barks about his Constitutional “rights” he never mentions the fact no one even signed the Constitution. That the Constitution hasn’t been the law of the land here legally since the civil war when Lincoln suspended it. He doesn’t tell you the Constitution is laughed at in a court room as a defense.

Meanwhile you pick up your 1st amendment audit cape, to try and do something to fight back, meanwhile you rack up a long list of charges, pety or not, forcing you to the courtroom day after day, as your bank account slowly drains. You’re proud of yourself for fighting back, but what have you truly accomplished when a simple DHS memo or postal office rule reform takes place, and now you are no longer allowed to film in these places. What happens when they pass a real rule or policy that says officers can arrest if they deem your camera a threat. This is the direction 1st amendment auditors are having on the public and police, let alone tranny law makers. You think the cops gonna care about your 1st amendment “rights” when there is a rule or policy that says they can arrest you? Gas lighting you in their narcissistic pleasure as you simply become the supply for the frenzy.

As you watch another auditor curse out the public, telling the police to go fuck themselves you might begin to wonder. What is their objective really? And why even bother? Whether it be YouTube clout, a bit of corporate adsense money, or their freemason agenda… you can be sure your freedom and liberty is really the last thing on their mind. Why not hand out pamphlets that tell people the laws and freedoms we have? Why not tell people we have inalienable freedoms no one can grant? Instead they cuss and shout like little babies, pretending some Constitution grants them freedom. Many auditors will become angry reading this but as the truth sinks in you’ll see it as it is. I have no agenda and my website has always offered, to my best knowledge, the best ways to fight back and win in and out of court.

However again, when you are not part of their club, a freemason, you’ll wake up to a knock one day on your inside door of your homestead. As the top sheriff entered my house and demanded to know who I was and what I was about. All because I told the local freemason Baptist Preacher he was a fraud, with scripture, I had a sheriff in my house. He was told to leave, while at the same time giving him the gospel. As he stared at the ceiling in embarrassment he was lucky he wasn’t shot with my sexy ass Taurus Judge. From then on the entire situation started to unfold. Surrounded by these lemmings and henchmen, anytime I would go anywhere I would be hassled, working on a military base, going to the store, buying food, locals started questioning me about permits to build an adobe house on my own property, hand dug clay from my own property, with rough cut lumber. Yet they wanted my money. Not to mention the fact all my videos and arrest records disappeared from that homestead after I left. You think you can get away with it because you record? You think you have Constitutional rights? You’re in for a big surprise.

If many auditors were honest with themselves when asking what have I achieved with these audits? Are you proud of your answer? Or have you been swept up in yet another manipulative freemason agenda. Have you taught any one anything of value by cursing and telling people to fuck off? Nothing but pride and narcissism and a long list of charges.

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