No Religion, No Politics.. Stop Right There

The foundation of political correctness and liberalism starts at “no religion no politics”. I’ve started hearing this more and more as I get older. This mentality of no religion and no politics is every where. It’s a silent way of cutting communication. The silent censorship that reaches all aspects of life. People become emotionally numb to their belief system, causing them to have emotional outburst when they finally do have a conversation about these topics. They have an emotional temper tantrum like a child. They are confronted by someone else that has a different view point and they have no clue what to do other then fling insults and emotionally yell out their public school fed opinion.
It’s this political correctness that washes away any real or meaningful conversations. People are scared to talk about anything of value because of threats to their job and life. Some have other excuses. Some feel the need to push this political correctness. Atheists, feminists, and statists all do this with no remorse. To argue this fact is to deny reality. I’ve seen it with my own eyes countless times. Usually it’s the trifecta of all three working together that creates a system that leaves men broken and alone.
To be scared of expressing your thoughts and feelings as a man is dangerous place to be. It creates an environment of self worship where you are left with nothing but a bubble of your own beliefs. A bubble of friends that only believe exactly like you because someone got emotional over a debate over politicians, religion, or Jesus Christ. You shouldn’t be telling people to be politically correct, rather you should be asking yourself why certain topics get you so emotional. Why do some men feel the need to antagonize and gas light other men to avoid the conversation? Are they scared of something?
I’ve noticed this same behavior in ex girlfriends. When a real topic comes up they weasel their way out or create drama to deflect the conversation. Sometimes they use shame, projection, or guilt as well. These things go hand in hand. If you can’t question your belief system instead, you’re left to manipulation to avoid the conversation. That’s just life. If you can’t face someone with real topics and have a civil debate that literally is the only thing left to do. You won’t admit you don’t know, pride overwhelms you so the only choice left is to play games. This way you come out victorious regardless of what is said in the conversation. This is another reason atheism creates stagnant men. It creates men not able to grow past this belief system. They can’t question what mother government schools told them and it literally creates a life and world view under this umbrella.
Not being able to grow will take down any man. Letting pride and arrogance get in the way of humility and growth will leave a man feeling empty. After he’s acquired the riches, the cars, the houses, and the properties.. what’s left? I don’t claim any view point based on this question. It’s just an honest question. I’ve had the Audi’s, pretty women, ect. I still felt just as empty as when I was driving my ’96 Corsica at 16. That’s the reality. I lived my entire life as an atheist up until the age of 23. My mother was an atheist. My father a luke warm fake christian. I wasn’t told about Jesus Christ growing up. No one ever told me the gospel. I believed in evolution and was an atheist. All I did was start asking questions… almost 20 years in schooling in 3 different degree programs, they could never answer them. Once I received the answers to those questions it was quite clear why they couldn’t answer them. It was all a lie.
The dream I was chasing was a lie. Everything I had been told was a lie. Not only was it true but I could verify it in more ways than one. There was no turning back. This is why growth is so important and why political correctness is so dangerous. If I look back on my life I would still be chasing degrees and money. I would still be chasing those dreams, fast asleep. My mental growth alone and knowledge about life and hobbies and doing things for myself has exploded since giving up my religion of evolution and atheism. Politics, religion, and life ARE topics for all areas of conversation. This mentality will kill us all mentally in the end. I have had some of the best conversations of my life at the bar talking and drinking talking about all of these. Real men love real conversation. It’s only these emotional tampons that can’t go out in public and voice their opinion, hear others, and have a decent conversation all over a game of pool and a few drinks. The dream keeps you asleep, with blinders on that keep you in an emotional rage instead of growing into your own individual. Where ever that may take you, you were given free will.
You see most people are taught that it’s bad to express yourself. It’s bad to express emotion. It’s bad to get angry about evil things. This political correctness gas lights it’s way to popular mainstream society while most people don’t even realize they are doing it. The reality is it’s extremely healthy to express yourself and YOUR views. The reason people get so emotional is because of their bubble. They go home and watch the same shit over and over again. They maintain their bubble beliefs and never grow. Then when they have a conversation, they explode, because everyone must be so stupid if they don’t live inside their bubble. They must be so stupid that they don’t watch 6000 hours of fake NASA propaganda and bacteria experiments to “prove evolution”. They must be so stupid because they don’t subscribe to religious bullshit that contradicts the bible and live inside a cult like life of fake prayers and church attendance for community spectators.
The starting point of my real adventure happened when I over heard a douche bag religious guy arguing with a douche bag evolutionist atheist. There was a small voice in the background constantly standing firm on faith alone. Both parties would debate and argue yet one remained resilient. Eventually the religious man and the atheist were on the same side, attacking and cornering this small voice. This was the key to my freedom. Get off the boat and start your own adventure..

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