Censorship: Coronavirus Covid-19 Design Banned

Modern censorship reaches every aspect of life at this point… This design was literally my most popular yet Big Brother said no. I just received this e-mail stating that they would now be censoring, aka, deleting my design because some mask wearing, government loving, Karen… got offended. Probably a 2 year graduate of the local community college who now prides herself as an expert in health care as she works as a minimum wage Big PharmaCorp zombie injecting chemicals like a heroine dealer. But hey, apparently this design is super offensive and evil… and I should just shut up, put on my mask, and stop complaining. It’s just a piece of cloth right?

Coronavirus Covid-19 Censorship

Red Bubble says you’re only allowed to sell artwork that aligns with their political ideology. How can you claim to be a website for artists when you censor the most basic of backlashes against society? It’s not vulgar, it’s not an attack on anyone, just a basic T shirt design yet EVEN THIS is censored. You are not allowed to think anything other than what THEY tell you.

As they deep throat political correctness they pretend they are here to promote artwork. Their CEO’s and founders Paul Vanzella, Peter Styles, Martin Hosking, and Adam Schwartz have no real ability for critical thinking let alone art work. How a company like this even gets popular shows the state of our society and how pathetic it really is.

Quote from the Founders Paul Vanzella, Peter Styles, Martin Hosking, and Adam Schwartz:
“From the first day, our principle was We stand for artists, we honour them, their work, and their passions. We built the company with an appreciation that the more creativity you bring into the world, the more vibrant the world becomes.”

What their Policy actually says:
“Harmful misinformation is not permitted. We define this as any misleading or false information that harms or significantly threatens public safety. For example, content that expresses anti-vaccination sentiment is not allowed because it presents misleading and/or factually inaccurate information that negatively impacts public health.” – Red Bubble

Paul Vanzella, Peter Styles, Martin Hosking, and Adam Schwartz are douche bags… let’s just be honest. Allowing blatant censorship on a website dedicated to artists? Fuck off. As you make up artistic quotes about freedom and creativity you blatantly censor anyone with a different opinion? Fuck off.

“In times of human struggle, the world needs art. Crises such as this are too complex, too nuanced to put into words, but art is a higher form of language. When we don’t know what to feel, art can illustrate emotion … [As an artist] You do have a sword to wield. Can you push through anxiety and find the space to be creative? Can you find your voice and whisper to us, a joke, an idea, or a memory of some better time? I implore you to try … as an artist community our voices echo more loudly than one could ever do alone.”

Hahahahaha just shut the fuck up already. Bunch of fake ass fools lying through your teeth pretending to be some artistic gurus as they bend over for everything politically correct.

The E-mail… kind of obvious they want me to delete my account. Or are about to delete it..
Red Bubble Censorship

R.I.P. Designs… it’s just getting old at this point. Create, they destroy. Create, they destroy. Whether an Adobe House, Food Forest, or just a simple T-Shirt design. The system only allows conformity. Create, they destroy.
Red Bubble Censorship

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