Social Engineering for Coronavirus Covid-19 Vaccine

They’ve been preparing the masses for a while now. No surprise they’d use social media and it’s lemmings as free advertising across the world, getting the yuppies to spread the great news of the vaccines availability. In every little town and every corner, every zombie will get his day at the end of the needle for Big PharmaCrops payday. Do your part to earn your social standing, with conformity bias at your fingertips it should be quite easy to follow the rules with the government demanding.

Just Say YES to Coronavirus Covid-19 Vaccines

Conspiracy Theories are scary. Don’t watch this video…

Nothing to See Here, Move Along Please..

Just a friendly reminder about the basic ingredients for every vaccine from the CDC itself.
CDC Vaccine Additives

EGG PROTEIN, TRIGGERED!!!! Vegan’s can’t even get vaccines!!!!! For real though you’re a strait sociopath if you inject your children let alone a baby with these chemicals. Absolutely disgusting, should be ashamed of yourselves’ Karens. These “front line heros” aka silly nut bag nurses guilt tripping everyone into getting vaccines with their 2 year community college degree in “knowledge”. Stay in your lane, you’re no different than a legal crack dealer under the ruse of healthy and safety.

Engineering Social Conformity

wtf did zdoggmd say?

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