Susan Wojcicki and the Crash of YouTube

If you haven’t noticed by now you probably aren’t a regular YouTube user. YouTube has become the breeding grounds for open censorship, theft of content, and loss of income on an extreme level. I’ve seen a lot of different categories of people complaining about the latest censorship attempts at YouTube by removing advertising from creators. In it’s prime, YouTube itself allowed anyone and everyone to post anything they wanted. They had advertisements and everyone was making money and people were getting what they wanted when clicking an ad. Everyone was happy.
Now let me introduce you to Susan Wojcicki. In September 1998, the same month that Google was incorporated, its founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin set up office in Wojcicki’s garage in Menlo Park. So early on this women had her fangs in the concepts and ideas of Google itself. From there she became the head of advertising of Google. YouTube, then a small start-up, was successfully competing with Google’s Google Video service, overseen by Wojcicki. Her response was to propose the purchase of YouTube. She handled two of Google’s largest acquisitions — the $1.65 billion purchase of YouTube in 2006 and the $3.1 billion purchase of DoubleClick in 2007. Wojcicki has been an advocate for several causes, including feminism, sexism, the plight of Syrian refugees, countering gender discrimination at technology companies, getting girls interested in computer science and prioritizing coding in schools. She is also known for saying that interrupting her is a sexist micro aggression. In February 2014 she became the CEO of YouTube….
Since becoming the CEO of YouTube the number of female employees at YouTube has increased from 24% to nearly 30%, according to Susan Wojcicki. Writing in an op-ed in Vanity Fair, Wojcicki said YouTube has “ramped up” its female hiring since she joined in 2014. “Clearly, we and other companies still have a lot of work to do,” she added. “I hope this is the year in which CEOs decide to take gender equality personally, give underrepresented groups the support they need, and use their positions to elevate more diverse leaders.”
So right off the bat it’s quite clear this women is a feminist liberal. Another thing we can take note of is how successful YouTube was before her arrival. Advertising was good. Content creation was good. Everyone was happy. Fast forward just three short years and we have the exact opposite. Advertisers are unhappy and jumping ship. Content creators are unhappy and searching for new platforms. The viewers are disappointed their favorite YouTubers are being screwed over. Fact’s don’t lie. Since she started working as the CEO of YouTube it has gone strait down hill. Not only has she driven the company into the ground but she has left people with a sour taste in their mouth about YouTube. From censorship to loss of income. This women has been a total disgrace to what YouTube was, and what it stood for in the online community of knowledge, learning, and sharing ideas. Her personal belief system has gotten in the way of her business decisions. One of the many problems with an emotional feminist women in charge. This has left YouTube in a vulnerable emotional state because of their agenda driven CEO.
Susan Wojcicki openly supports feminist YouTubers while at the same time shaming anyone that disagrees. It would be one thing if Susan kept her religious beliefs at home, but she has brought them to the work place. Not only did she bring it to the work place but she infested her belief system INTO her work place; evident by her gloating of increased female workers. Not increased competent workers, but females workers. I don’t personally know very many females that even enjoy tech jobs let alone want to work in them. Yet Susan deems it necessary to hire women purposly just because they are women. Isn’t that female patriarchy? Is that not sexism?
Another example of Susan Wojcicki’s total fail to bring profitability to YouTube was YouTube Red, YouTube’s advertisement-free subscription service. The problem with Susan’s terrible idea though, is that there are millions of online users that use ADBLOCK. They don’t see ads and it’s free. They completely eliminated YouTube’s ad stream with a simple program. Susan’s response? YouTube Red. A huge flop that resulted in few subscriptions and no real traction. She also oversaw its over-the-top (OTT) internet television service YouTube TV. Another fail.

“YouTube CEO Says There’s ‘No Timetable’ For Profitability”

During her tenure, YouTube tightened its policy on videos it regards as potentially violating its policies on hate speech and violent extremism. The more ridiculous policies came after The Times showed that “ads sponsored by the British government and several private sector companies had appeared ahead of YouTube videos supporting terrorist groups” and several large advertisers withdrew their ads from YouTube in response. So instead of facing the situation unemotional and with logic, Susan instead tightens the grip on advertisers and creators. Instead of facing the Times story head on and explaining it was just a bunch of non-sense about terrorism she got emotional and made poor decisions. I mean seriously, advertisers pulled out because of terrorist groups on YouTube? Haha seriously?
If Susan wasn’t so self absorbed and delusional she could have come up with a simple idea based on feedback from the community. MOST viewers are HAPPY to support their favorite channels. This is no surprise. Pretty simple concept. Why not simply create something at the beginning or end of the video that ASKS the viewer if they would like to view an advertisement. Depending on the age of the account user display an appropriate advertisement. Even better, create a new option in the profile to dictate advertising types. Giving users the choice to view a RELEVANT ad over some random ad that just plays. Instead of ignoring the ad you have an engaged audience awaiting their favorite creators video. Instead of the ad being blocked by a program you have ads being viewed. Of course some people will just click No Thanks. But those that do are engaged and active and those are the leads you want as an advertiser. You don’t want the random clicks where you pay out but receive no leads. Simple concepts with benefits for everyone.
Looking at the current situation at YouTube behind the scenes it’s not getting better. It’s getting worse. More and more advertisers pull away followed by creators and then audience. Susan Wojcicki has completely butchered what was once YouTube. In a few short years don’t be surprised if no one even remembers YouTube as it will be replaced with an open source bit torrent type platform like BitChute that can’t and won’t censor it’s creators. That won’t screw over it’s advertisers trying to make more money for themselves. Looking at Susan’s bloated salary and YouTube’s profits it blows my mind she could take such a successful lucrative growing business like YouTube and turn it into a distant memory. In a few years the only mentions of YouTube will be “ANOTHER lawsuit?”
At this point I think it’s safe to assume Susan Wojcicki oogled a few doogles in the garage in Menlo Park and since put on as CEO of YouTube has done nothing short of drive it strait into the ground. The problem is NOT the advertisers. The problem is NOT the content creators. The problem is Susan Wojcicki.
RIP YouTube.
YouTube Sucks

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