They Literally Create Fake News Everyday

For your typical female narcissist contracted with the feminist virus this news clip is merely a go girl power moment. Upon further investigation it becomes more obvious that the situation could never have happened. Illogical circumstances led by crisis actors fake tears women are diligently sharing this story on Facebook for their peers. Never questioning a thing another news broadcast creates the narrative as they pedal an agenda no one seems to notice anything. “Michigan mom dies saving her twins’ lives by throwing body in front of a speeding car” Like what bruh? How did this women save her children exactly? LOL WHAT?!! “She my bes fren, she gon now.” – Fake Crying Crisis Actor. They must have cut the budget for crisis actors recently. HAHAHAHA wtf..

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false” William J. Casey (Director of the CIA)

What They Show On Television

Michigan mom dies saving her twins' lives by throwing body in front of a speeding car

If you can get over that tranny Sandra Ali here is some more fake news.. she a sheeld the boys wid er body after she told them to put there heads down to brace for the impact of an SUV going 90 mph? LOL WHAT! She’s like the feminist super hero from the Incredibles 2.

Woodhaven business holds fundraiser for family of mother who died shielding 2 sons from car crash

What Actually Happens

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