xQcOW Is the Biggest Douche Bag on the Internet

The problem with this however is xQcOW reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger. A real troll at heart but not one of those low IQ Reddit trolls, but rather the type with a lot of creativity. I really do hate Twitch and what it’s become but watching xQcOW’s videos on YouTube I decided to tune in for a few broadcasts during the GTA V roleplay (No Pixel is a Scam Server) and was pleasantly surprised to see this kid’s creativity and how down to earth he actually was. After watching some more of his YouTube videos I started to see how his creativity had been attacked by society over and over again.

Whether it be in gaming, trolling, or just being himself he was constantly punished for it. In the age of self censorship and low IQ Reddit trolling it was a breath of fresh air to see how popular he had become on a platform that hates him. It’s easy to see how much he’s grown over the years as a person and he seems to be an anomaly in the Twitch scene. As most Twitchers get a few bits and fiat currency they start to sell out and become a robotic content creator with no growth, creativity, or fun to be had. xQcOW seemed to be the opposite in the world of censorship and conformity known as Twitch.

Although he’s the first Canadian I’ve seen that didn’t know what a baby moose was he still seems to bring a bit of fresh air to the gaming industry and that’s exactly what’s needed right now. As creativity dies for a few streamers to collect on their “content” he seems to continuously get hate from people that wish they were him. A real gamer in the age of casuals on Twitch chasing popularity and stardom willing to sell out their hobby for a few bucks, he was the opposite. His facial expression alone during some of those cheesy competitive gaming tournaments were enough to win me over.

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The thing most people don’t realize on the internet (or real life) is how FAKE most people are. They put on a show constantly, like a narcissist hiding behind 35 face masks just so they can cash in and remain politically correct. However, xQcOW doesn’t play a character or pretend to be something he’s not. He’s just himself regardless of how much trouble it gets him in. Above all other things, that’s something I respect especially in this day and age where conformity bias and the pareto principle rule society. Willing to sacrifice his payday and fame for trolling with a dose of creativity it’s safe to say he’s got one more subscriber.

Irrelevant as I may sound as a white dude living in Mexico, I just wanted to post something in support of this kid and everything he has accomplished. The fact he did it without having to sell himself out or become someone he wasn’t is truly something that should be brought into the light for other kids to see. You don’t have to sell out, you don’t have to be fake, and you’re allowed to be yourself regardless of what others may think. This is an example of creativity and a true artist and honestly a pretty good role model once kids understand this. There’s enough politically correct douche bag Karen’s in the world already and it’s only getting worse.

What many don’t realize about this politically correct, social justice warrior, everyone is offended culture is how destructive it is to free speech, creativity, and growth for each person. You’re not allowed to say or do anything that might offend someone which in return destroys creativity and everything it once stood for. Gaming is the perfect example of how this mindset can absolutely destroy a hobby and culture that used to be known for its big brain trolling creativity against society. Now? Every casual soy boy simp is a gamer with his glowing PC and league of legends account. Every casual feminist Karen is a pro gamer in every competitive game, every competitive match, and it’s become a shallow skin casino in return.

AAA game corporations love this idea because they cash in on all these casuals and their low IQ. They don’t have to put out creativity or unique games because these fan boys will buy the game, play it for an hour, then watch some streamer complete it for them. Every AAA game I’ve bought since returning from the jungle has been a total cesspool of bugs, shitty animations, and terrible stories and plots. All revolving around political correctness and casual gaming for the new age.

The worst part about these games is the always offended barbie boys that play them, buying every skin and low quality DLC. They use their passive aggressive soy boy antics taking everything toxicly serious when they are usually absolutely dog shit at the game itself. Which in return triggers real gamers to say something usually resulting in a ban for someone like me or xQcOW. We aren’t allowed to flame douche bags or toxic try hard Karens, we aren’t allowed to be funny or say naughty words without the threat of being banned. Back in the day World of Warcraft was known for it’s Barrens chat because Blizzard RARELY banned people for the things they said. They understood the essence behind trolling, gaming, creativity, and fun. In less than 15 years just look at how far we’ve fallen as gamers are banned for using the word obese, simp, retard, or cuck. All along the gaming industry get’s destroyed and these soy boys cash in on their Twitch streams being some politically correct barbie boy as they pretend to be gamers and AAA corps clap them on. Real gamers and creativity get left behind..

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