Y2K Underground Railroad to Mexico Because Ohio Is Not a PsyOp

Whenever I think about coming back to the USA some crazy shit ends up happening there. Shootings and robberies skyrocketing, lame ass satanic rituals in sports and movie entertainment, can’t even play a video game without being banned for political correctness. You’ve got retarded ass fear mongering balloons blowing up from China as the nuclear missiles pretend to launch. Most of this shit is fake events to distract from the reality that for 3 years the media held you hostage. Mouth covers and vaccines until you have no food left as the chemical disasters are mislabeled.

Ohio Disaster

Not To Close To Ohio

Itll Be in the Rain

Nagolbud Knows

Predictive Programming

911 Predictive Programming

Sigma Convo

So yeah… live on the beach and enjoy something or die fighting some AI drone in the woods eating bug sandwiches… cast your vote here:

Y2K Underground

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