The Only Way to Get Your Girlfriend Back

There’s plenty of websites with a small fee that will offer you tips and advice on how to get your girlfriend back. If you only do this, or if you do that, you can win her heart back. For a small fee of $19.99 you will learn the secrets to getting girlfriends back. This may seem like a tempting offer at the time but let me unleash an alternative option that you probably won’t read on any dating site, self help guru’s cheat sheet, or in a YouTube video.
DON’T GET HER BACK. That’s right, I said it. Don’t chase her. Don’t try and win her back. This will obviously sound ridiculous and you might think how can I do that when she’s so perfect. She’s your everything. She’s the best girl on the planet. The reality is my friend you are looking through rose colored goggles so all you see are flags. This perfect nice girl, in most cases, is nothing short of a manipulative narcissistic sociopath. The red flags you’re missing right now will become obvious if you continue reading this article. I’m going to share with how a few of my relationships have ended from my past with nice, perfect, amazing girlfriends that I too wanted to be with. (At one point.)
To clarify, these relationships are not something uncommon to me or something I search out. I’ve noticed similar behavior in most women towards boyfriends and especially husbands. I see it all the time in friends and family but no one seems to talk about it. The reality is these behaviors seem to be programmed into most main stream women and they do it without hesitation. Especially when it comes to taking responsibility for their own actions.
These are in no specific order.
Attempt #1 at Getting Back My Amazing Girlfriend:
This was one of my first major relationships. I didn’t really know what I was doing but she was sexy and fun. We seemed to get along well together and went on a lot of adventures. She was the type of girl you wrote of as crazy, but in a “good” way. So you thought. We dated for a while before I started to notice her lies. Her lies adding up. Things seemed off but we were having fun so I didn’t question it. Things started getting a bit distant after several months. We started fighting and she would create drama over little things. She would create a scene in my apartment complex and even threaten me a few times. I started wondering what I could do to win back her heart. While I was searching for the answers there was a guy that was friends of our group of friends that I really didn’t like. He was a douche bag and very self centered. He cheated on his girlfriend all the time and was very open about it, yet she was sending him money and helping him from back home on the east coast. (A possible siting of a unicorn). Of course, I get wind of something from a girl on the inside. A friend of mine he was trying to have sex with as well but she didn’t give in. She read some interesting messages on AOL or MSN (I can’t remember, back in the day.) She forwarded them to me and it all came out that they had sex a few times. All while pretending to be in a relationship with me. You see. This was a very calculated attempt to bring me down. She thought I was cheating on her and did all of this in a rage to get back at me.. but the reality is I wasn’t cheating. My perfect girlfriend had turned out to be a crazy bi-polar nympho.
Attempt #2 at Getting Back My Amazing Girlfriend:
If you have ever been in a longer relationship you have a moment where you say to yourself, she’s a great girl, she’s awesome, I’m really going to try and make her happy. Well it was at this moment in the relationship she decided to go cold turkey. I thought there must have been something I did or didn’t do to upset her. I spent weeks trying to get in contact and even thought about driving over (she lived an hour away) to make sure everything was okay. I sent flowers and a card. Called several times and I received no replies and no contact from my girlfriend. I researched different techniques to get my girlfriend back and just as I had the perfect recipe to get her back I received a text. I started to feel a bad feeling in my gut and two weeks later she finally told me her ex had been staying at her house. Being the SIMP I was I asked her if they had any relations. I didn’t hear back for another couple days. You see guys, my loving perfect girlfriend was actually getting the D from her ex and was too much of a coward to end things with me so she totally discarded me.
Attempt #3 at Getting Back My Amazing Girlfriend:
When you date a women and really start falling for her you tend to overlook her flaws. This girl was beautiful, she had a great sense of humor and a very freaky side. She was perfect in every way. I knew for sure in the end we would be together. This relationship however would be tough. I was moving back and forth from Wisconsin and Arizona looking for work and houses. It was quite chaotic and we went on many adventures together having some intense moments on the road. When it was all over I thought we had a nice relationship with hopes of settling down together one day. There was a few month period where I would have to be away from her and back in Wisconsin and in this time things started to seem different. I started feeling a bad feeling in my gut. I sent flowers and messaged her trying to figure it all out. Reading stories online and searching for the answer to get her back I started getting emotional and made the decision to fly back to Arizona and surprise her with some special time. I got there just as she was leaving for class and decided to take a nap. I woke up and started browsing the web and noticed her diary sitting on the desk. Out of curiosity I started reading her thoughts and the kinds of things she would write in her diary as a 26 year old psychology major. I came across a recent diary entry that read something like “we cuddled and it felt good, I can’t wait to see him again”. Meanwhile she was showering me with I love you’s and affection. I soon realized my perfect girlfriend was getting the D from another man while pretending to care about me too. Instead of just being honest about meeting someone new she led me on and made me looking foolish before discarding me completely for her new toy.
Attempt #4 at Getting Back My Amazing Girlfriend:
This girl was different. She had it all. The perfect body, the beautiful eyes, the perky smile, and very smart. Or so I thought. She was a hostess at a restaurant that I would eat at while traveling for work. One night I invited her out after work and we got chocolate pancakes and ice cream. Later we watched the discovery channel on some deep sea documentaries. It was one of the best nights of my life. She was incredible. My emotions were going full in on this one. She was the one. She was amazing. We talked and dated for a couple months as she lived several hours away. I remember driving out for her birthday and surprising her with some gifts and we hung out and did some other things. A few days later my parents received a call from the sheriff asking for me. I gave them a call and apparently I had been stalking her. After answering some questions the sheriff asked me to describe her apartment. I did, including her bathroom and bedroom. He said, “okay well that doesn’t add up at all.” He said he would call me back if they needed anything else and I never heard from them again. Turns out she was engaged. To this day I think he was a police officer because of what happened. I think she told him I was stalking her and he filed it at his work. Her lie caught up with her when the officers in charge reported back that I was not stalking her. My perfect girl was pregnant and married to another man less than 3 months later. She discarded us both when caught in the lies.
Attempt #5 at Getting Back My Amazing Girlfriend:
This girl was different. She was sweet, innocent, and caring. She was interested in what I was doing and didn’t seem to care about money or fake things. She had an amazing body and the first time we went at it was intense and fun. We hung out quite often and just did random things together. I thought perhaps it could be a long term thing. I remember there was one night where she changed her mind five or six times about something and I finally said NO. We are going home. She through a temper tantrum threatening me several times to stop the vehicle. I was never fully blue pill but I had a very blue pill mode and a very red pill mode at the same time. Not so much purple but an extreme both ways. This was a red pill moment. Upon arriving home very late, she continued to throw temper tantrums and threatened to walk 20 miles home. She started walking in pitch black country side and my blue pill mode kicked in. I couldn’t reason with her and we ended up walking a mile before she gave up and I walked home, got the truck, and picked her up. I searched and searched on how I could make her happy. A few days later I was up late tinkering with something and I received a call. It was from her. She was drunk. She said “I’m at a guys house right now.” In this conversation she would say how old he was (old, like 45, she was 22-23) and other things like she had stayed there several times before and that she knew him before me. Turns out she was screwing some old dude the entire time. He would give her money and other things and she would pretend to date him. She was like a legal whore presenting herself as a good girl. My innocent girlfriend had become a whore in one phone call.
Attempt #6 at Getting Back My Amazing Girlfriend:
This girl was a master of manipulation. The relationship itself was rushed and we ended up living together on very short notice. Things just kind of happened and we never really even talked about it. There were many red flags that I should have acted upon but the circumstances kept me from doing so. She maintained her innocent sweet mask throughout the relationship but managed to sneak it off almost every day. I never quite understood how it went from a great relationship to arguing and drama over little things every day. No matter how much I tried it was never good enough. She would complain about anything and I would try to fix it. I spent hours online reading about relationships and how to fix it. I would show more affection and actively go out of my comfort zone to show her these things. Meanwhile I was met with abuse and disrespect. After a few big events it finally dawned on me that it was her doing it. She had moved in and out many times creating drama every time. Only to realize it was 100% her later on and ask to come back. I continued fighting and trying to find a way to win her back. It never worked though. I realized I was nothing more than a game for this girl and that she would use me forever if I let her. My great girlfriend turned out to be an emotional vampire. Feeding off my discomfort and pain.
These stories aren’t for sympathy, rather to show the mindset I was under at the time. That I thought these girls were great but the reality behind the scenes was much different. Using your logic, NOT emotions, is key to understanding why you should not chase your girlfriend or try to win her back. The reality is if you have to try and win back your girlfriend she is taking you for granted already. She is treating you with total disrespect with the silent treatment, emotional games, lies, and manipulation. She is treating you like scum and you want to chase her? All to find out she’s getting the D from another dude? The reality is if she actually cared about you she would not be putting you through this emotional turmoil. She would be open and honest and explain why she doesn’t want to date or that it’s just not working. The fact she can’t even be honest with you shows even more lack of respect. There is literally no reason to try and chase your girlfriend or try to win her back. You’re simply feeding her ego, buttering the biscuit, as she slides into another pan.
On the contrary I have had a lot of great adventures and experiences with women. Nothing in a serious relationship but weekend trips or random adventures with friends. I have had many great sexual friends that helped me grow as a human being and never seemed to have any ill intentions for me. We enjoyed the sexual energy and hanging out together and similar hobbies. These relationships however were not serious or at the time had no way of working out. The reality is though, if they are making you uncomfortable like this it’s best to look on the horizon. To focus on your own hobbies and interests and find what makes you happy. If your happiness is dependent on your girlfriend she is simply manipulating you. She has you tricked into thinking that life is great with her and empty without her. Which is a devastating lie if you believe it. The reality is the exact opposite. Watching some MGTOW videos or reading some articles will bring you out of the storm and under the umbrella of truth and red pills. You’ll soon discover it was actually her creating this dependency subtlety and that it’s left you in a state of depression. Why would you want to chase those emotions, rather than the joy of fishing? Or playing pool with some buddies? Or discussing hunting ammo at the gun shop? Why choose the emotion of discomfort associated with chasing your girlfriend when passion and joy are non-existent?
You’ll never find out who you are if you’re always chasing someone or something else; and worst case it’s like chasing a tiger trying to catch him by the tail. Don’t get bit by a tiger when you could have been drinking a beer catching some bass. Also, the only thing you can learn from chasing a tiger is to not chase tigers.