Healing a Cut Overnight With Zip Ties and Twisty Ties

From paper cuts to knife cuts it’s always a painful experience. One trick I’ve learned on the road has keep me from infection while providing me with overnight repairs. I used to cover my wounds with a an infection aid (band aid) with some healing and anti infection ointment but when you realize this only prepares an environment for strong bacteria you start to think outside the box. Infection aside sometimes the worst part about a deep cut is the piercing pain that shoots through your entire body as it throbs out more blood. Using practical house hold items however you can avoid all of this and even offer some better solutions to larger cuts when used practically.

Zip ties and twisty ties are found all over the place. I keep both in my spare parts bin and also in my bag. One day I was cutting up some Chaca (tree bark) to make a tea to bath in after encountering chechen all over my body. That’s a tale for another time however. I sliced my thumb open real bad in the middle of this chechen craze and was in no condition to deal with it. I grabbed a twisty tie and threw it around my thumb and twisted it up. To my surprise the bleeding stopped immediately. The piercing pain was gone almost completely. Not only that but the entire wound wasn’t covered so I could easily apply hydrogen peroxide or another remedy for infections. This added with air exposure made the wound heal up rather nice over night. Even applying pressure it wouldn’t open back up. A couple doses of hydrogen peroxide and this deep cut was nothing more than a surface wound over night. Zip ties work the same way, with the ability to combine them to cover an arm or leg cut. This allow you to create a tight repair without cutting off circulation. Here are some photos to show the effectiveness.

Healing a Deep Cut Overnight Healing a Deep Cut Overnight

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