Greta Thunberg Is Just Another Puppet #Transvestigation

Let’s set aside the fact Greta Thunberg is a little boy in drag and focus on some basics. Why are a bunch of adults concerned with some little kid larping for the system? When it was giving all those speeches they were clearly unqualified to make. Uneducated, no experience, and absolutely no scientific research to back up it’s claims. Just a bunch of emotional teleprompter reading to get the normies up in arms about climate change. As they force the slaves of the Congo to dig out their Tesla batteries for pennies a day they cry and virtue signal on social media about how the environment is being destroyed by cow farts and gas emissions. They take up delusional mindsets and clone the systems relevant daily debates to keep the zombies on track to support their modern day psyops and agendas.

Androgyne Religion

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