Targeted Individuals and Electronic Harassment

This will be more of a freestyle article than anything else. Right off the bat many will dismiss this entire article as crazy. I realize that, and don’t really care. I have thought about the targeted individual program many times over the last 5-7 years never able to quite figure out what was behind it all. Some videos would clearly show crazy people making crazy videos with crazy comments, some videos would describe realistic scenarios and events that happened to them, others were proven with a variety of ways but not on a large scale conspiracy level.
With any good surveillance program, cover up, or cointel pro you will have good propaganda to back that up. Prior to 9/11 they started to prepare society for their new word “conspiracy theories” or “conspiracy theory” as a way to combat any and all questioning of the events that took place. (Aluminum can’t penetrate steel or concrete). So for me to look at some of these “crazy making” T.I. (Targeted Individual) and think that it quite possibly could be effective social engineering there was no way to prove it either way. I continued to go in circles with the entire concept of Targeted Individuals, was it possible, are they crazy, is it happening to me, who was doing it, is it spiritual.
To clarify, for those that have no idea what a T.I. or Targeted Individual is, it is someone that claims they are under surveillance or puppetry in some way. To generate crazy making behavior or social engineering on a large scale through various methods like internet and phone towers, or HAARP, or by simply using an implanted chip or nanobots. Many of these things have been verified and proven to be quite damaging to a person’s health and brain function from the frequency, radiation, and waves emitted from these towers all over the world but do they really have the capability to manipulate brain function? Mission

Political correctness is nothing less than thought control!

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