Targeted Individuals and Electronic Harassment

This will be more of a freestyle article than anything else. Right off the bat many will dismiss this entire article as crazy. I realize that, and don’t really care. I have thought about the targeted individual program many times over the last 5-7 years never able to quite figure out what was behind it all. Some videos would clearly show crazy people making crazy videos with crazy comments, some videos would describe realistic scenarios and events that happened to them, others were proven with a variety of ways but not on a large scale conspiracy level.
With any good surveillance program, cover up, or cointel pro you will have good propaganda to back that up. Prior to 9/11 they started to prepare society for their new word “conspiracy theories” or “conspiracy theory” as a way to combat any and all questioning of the events that took place. (Aluminum can’t penetrate steel or concrete). So for me to look at some of these “crazy making” T.I. (Targeted Individual) and think that it quite possibly could be effective social engineering there was no way to prove it either way. I continued to go in circles with the entire concept of Targeted Individuals, was it possible, are they crazy, is it happening to me, who was doing it, is it spiritual.
To clarify, for those that have no idea what a T.I. or Targeted Individual is, it is someone that claims they are under surveillance or puppetry in some way. To generate crazy making behavior or social engineering on a large scale through various methods like internet and phone towers, or HAARP, or by simply using an implanted chip or nanobots. Many of these things have been verified and proven to be quite damaging to a persons health and brain function from the frequency, radiation, and waves emitted from these towers all over the world but do they really have the capability to manipulate brain function?
I answered this question myself, as I knew I was about to receive a text message about 4 seconds prior to receiving it as my phone sat next to me. This wasn’t something new, it happens all the time. Whether my brain is picking up the frequency to my phone or the abrupt new message data being relayed my brain picks it up before the phone. This has happened more times than I can count. If it was possible for this event to occur it was quite possible to manipulate wave patterns based upon this evidence. Let’s say there was a glitch in the system and this data was resent over and over to me, but not my phone. What if my brain picked up on this frequency of “receiving a new message” which could instill excitement, frustration, anger, or shame depending on what message you are expecting to receive based upon real life events.
This further showed me that if someone were able to construct these things to do this on their own, how easy it would be to control it on a more manipulative level. To be able to induce anxiety, fear, anger, guilt, or any mix of emotions on an entire subdivision by simply using frequencies from these towers. All over the world you literally can’t look anywhere without seeing a tower of some sort beaming crap. Taking this further it would be quite possible to use it as a weapon. If you directed this at an individual you could literally do a number of things to a victim, whether that be intense microwaves creating heat, or even causing audible noises you can’t quite distinguish. You would be able to interrupt someones sleeping patterns as well as creating mental fog or fatigue.
The more and more I thought about it the possibilities of concentrated microwaves, frequencies, or radiation would be able to achieve a number of things most wouldn’t even fathom. From manipulating weather to the destruction of entire buildings. In 1943 a man by the name of Nikola Tesla died. Known for destroying the monopoly on energy and opening doors to free energy for everyone his legacy was removed from the history books. Also known for inventing crazy stuff, as he built a device that could create a frequency or vibration that could literally collapse a building. [1][2] After Tesla’s death, all of his research, inventions, and property was seized by the United States Government never to be seen again.
With that in mind lets fast forward to 1945 to Operation Paperclip. Operation Paperclip was a covert mission to bring the Nazi scientists over to the United States. The idea in mind is that they would work for the USA and they would be given immunity from their war crimes as well as a new fake name and identity. This secret program of the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA) largely carried out by Special Agents of Army CIC, in which more than 1,600 German scientists, engineers, and technicians, such as Wernher von Braun and his V-2 rocket team, were recruited in post-Nazi Germany and taken to the U.S. for government employment, primarily between 1945 and 1959.
Imagine what these men would have created upon receiving Tesla’s ideas, inventions, and property. Imagine the things they would be capable of. [Tesla’s Death Ray] Those same frequencies could be generated to manipulate weather, create it, topple buildings or simulate earthquakes. You could even start a forest fire in seconds with a quick burst. Also, the idea of the perfect weapon comes to mind as there is always plausible deniability in weather weapons. All of these concepts go hand in hand requiring the same microwaves or frequencies to create destruction. Looking at the locations of things like HAARP strategically placed all over the globe, including radio and cell phone towers provides a map of possibilities for this very destruction.
After recently researching candida for some bizarre symptoms I was having personally and started to treat with raw egg yolks for breakfast and epson salt baths, I saw a very real connection to these electronics and the candida. How your own body could be turned into an antenna and how easily it was with microbiology and a little help from chemtrails or radio towers. Candida itself is fueled on a high sugar diet and can cause all kinds of problems inside and outside the body. Candida turns into candida albicans, that turns into a biofilm on your skin, that collects chemicals and metals from the air or sprayed from chemtrails and turns the body into an antenna that they can quite literally use to manipulate or torture people. Even those not intended for torture could fall victim to the same things as these waves and frequencies are more likely covering general areas and not directed at one certain individual.
Upon further research candida or yeast cells can actually be killed by EMP or high voltage. Which would explain why some think an EMP or high voltage kills “nanotechnology” when in reality it is simply killing the candida cells that created the biofilm and bad health. Why invent nanotechnology when candida is ready and willing to do the job for them under the right circumstances, like a rich sugar cereal breakfast, store bought lunch, and fake meat and GMO for dinner mixed with 10 sugar drinks throughout the day. I believe Morgellons is actually the later stages of candida after the biofilm has collected agents from chemtrails and the environment turning you into an antenna. This would be the most simple, cost effective, efficient solution to literally manipulate and control an entire nation. Mixing in fluoride, GMO’s, indoctrination, prescription pills, fiat currency, and the media, it would be easy to push any agenda.

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