Veganism is an Unhealthy Religious Cult

It’s like feminists, vegans, evolutionists, and atheist all attended the same schools, watch the same television programs, and head to the theater for the same movies. They conversations, arguments, and debates are literally programmed into them. It doesn’t matter which person of these groups you speak with they all have exactly the same opinions, the same rebuttals, and the exact same defenses. Most even use the same exact words as the next. They have no ability to critical think or even question what they have been told.
It’s as if there is a secret school they all attend. A public school of some sort or maybe even a liberalized college filled with propaganda. Perhaps they all DVR the same programs on Netflix or sync their phones with witty phrases. Okay really, it should be obvious where they learn all of these things. From NASA created galaxies to Vatican invented theories, the level of religious cult control in these groups is obvious.
Veganism is probably the most gullible crowd. They really have no ability to question anything about it let alone use any common sense. They claim being vegan is the healthiest diet on the plane, while eating dead GMO grass that’s been coated in high fructose syrup. They claim being vegan is the top diet in the world yet require supplements, vitamins, and even injections just to maintain any sort of bodily function. They claim human beings are built to be herbivores and eat only plants. They make a lot of claims that are literally proven wrong with common sense and critical thinking.
There are literally no vegans in nature. Not even one. All animals eat meat, bacteria, parasites, insects, or bugs in some form. I have even seen rabbits eat their own babies when on a pellet only diet. Most of the things vegans claim are so healthy for them aren’t even digestible by human beings. Human beings aren’t meant to eat high amounts of plants as they get stuck in your intestines and literally rot. Meat does not do this. Our teeth, stomachs, and intestines are all built for a mostly meat and dairy diet. Things like potatoes have been proven to get stuck and clog up your intestines. In other words, meat doesn’t rot in your colon. Grains, beans, and vegetables rot in your colon, that is a fact, and that’s why beans make you fart.
Most of the edible part of a plant is cellulose, a polysaccharide (i.e. a very long chain of sugars) that is very difficult to break down. In fact, no digestive enzyme, in any animal, is capable of breaking down cellulose! So the only way that any animal can fully digest plants is for its gut bacteria to break down cellulose, and its intestines absorb the waste products. Ruminants, including cattle, bison, deer, antelope, goats, and other red meat, have a special “extra stomach” called the rumen. They chew and swallow grass and leaves into the rumen, ferment it some, barf it back up again, chew it some more (called “chewing the cud”), and swallow it again, where it is digested a second time. Hindgut fermenters, like horses, have an extra-long gut. And rabbits run their food through twice: they eat their own poop in order to get more food value out of the plant matter they eat.
Humans, in contrast, don’t have gut bacteria that can digest cellulose. That is why we can’t eat grass at all, why there is so little caloric value for us in vegetables, and why we call cellulose “insoluble fiber”: it comes straight out the back end. This fact alone proves that humans, while omnivores, are primarily carnivorous: we have a limited ability to digest some plant matter (starches and disaccharides) in order to get through bad times, but we cannot extract meaningful amounts of energy from the cellulose that forms the majority of edible plant matter, as true herbivores can. We can only eat fruits, nuts, tubers, and seeds (which we call ‘grains’ and ‘beans’)—and seeds are only edible to us after laborious grinding, soaking, and cooking, because unlike the birds and rodents adapted to eat them, they’re poisonous to humans in their natural state.
This also ties into the slave diet known as veganism. Bread, wheat, grains, and vegetables were always known as the poor diets. In times of famine and food rationing they were given bread and other meat substitutes. Veganism however wants to bring the slave diet to everyone. Even the invention of the hamburger was turning a meat meal into something for poor people. A rich person would simply buy a large chunk of meat but the poor person needed to fill his belly but also get some meat. The hamburger was an invention for the poor to try and maintain their bodies, and corporations like McDonalds turned slave food into a fun happy time meal and vegans have taken the steroids even further to remove the meat all together while claiming it’s healthier.
Another large concern with the vegan diet is running into problems like candida, lymes, or other types of bacteria or yeast overgrowth. Funny enough both of which can cause mental fog and bad memory. Without the proper bacteria found in only raw dairy (especially raw egg yolks) and meat your body can’t and won’t function properly. This is another big reason why vegans require so many supplements, vitamins, or fiber, because they are not healthy at all. Fiber itself is not even digestible by human beings yet the vegan health crowd tells you it’s needed for good healthy poops. The reality is all of this only benefits big pharma and the GMO wheat producing Monsanto. All corporate take over of the food with a zombie cheering section trying to force their vegan religion on others to eat like a cow. (Actually cows eat more meat than a vegan, lots of critters on that grass. Would be interesting to see how many grasshoppers alone they eat in a day).
Other issues that can arise from the vegan diet are bowel cancer, heart disease, constipation, hemorrhoids, and diverticular disease. As early as 1981, clinical trials were finding that fiber was no help. Worse than that, a recent study concluded that fiber didn’t help but that it increased the likelihood of contracting these diseases. Just like so much of the dietary nonsense we’ve been fed over the last half century, fiber for disease prevention turns out to be a big lie that benefits nobody except the corporations drowning us with whole grain cereals, pills, and supplements. A combination of ignorance, arrogance and negligence (with a sizable amount of corporate profiteering) has kept the eat more fiber go vegan message on the front lines of health debates.
All in all veganism itself is a delusion. Even if everything above was not true, and veganism was truly the holy grail diet, it is not sustainable without corporations and big pharma. A total dependency for survival itself is never healthy, and trusting that they are being honest about what’s in your food is beyond stupidity. Especially in a world where Subway puts rubber in their bread, McDonalds puts a chemical factory in their burgers, and Pepsi (as well as other companies) has aborted fetus tissue as flavor preservatives. But you vegans enjoy that human DNA silencing GMO wheat all your favorite vegan products are made from…

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