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I’ve noticed a trend in the “I need to workout daily to be healthy” crowd, where the shove endless amounts of corporation created crap in their mouths pretending it’s healthy. They order television dinners made from “natural” fruits and vegetables, both offering little nutrients, in fact, removing nutrients from the body. On average a plant contains at least 30% cellulose. Humans can not digest cellulose. At all. Therefor 30% of the plant alone is complete waste and the body needs to work just to get it back out of the body. It also clogs your stomach, intestines, and body of receiving any of the nutrients it could have gotten by working over time to remove this cellulose. Herbivorous animals digest cellulose and hemicellulose in two steps. First is mechanical digestion and second is enzymatic digestion. One of the reasons cows have so many stomachs and why rabbits often eat their own poop, to re-digest the plants they’ve eaten.
I won’t get into veganism or vegetarian diets them self because I have covered that propaganda in another article, but there are some similarities behind the mindset of these work out self obsessed flesh walkers and vegans. A cult like mindset of trying to achieve perfection. The reality is however this “perfection” was created by Hollywood and Photoshop. The ideal body is not that of extreme muscle and no body fat. Especially when using extreme calories to workout. These people are literally starving their bodies while injecting corporate made proteins to create water based muscle mass of no real value other than Instagram and ego.
These people give health advice and clearly have no idea what they speak about as they parrot off another remedy they “heard” was healthy. They inject another chemical pretending it has some real health benefit. They replace real protein from raw egg yolks, raw milk, or raw meat and drink some chocolate protein powder as if they are equal in some way. Often times they talk about having to “diet” all year round. Year after year. How can this be healthy at all for the human body, on top of that you are forcing irregular workouts and extreme calorie burning.
In most cases these people have turned health into a trend for their own gain, selling their health guru bullshit or products along the way. They front with their big upper body muscles as they walk to their fruit stand with twig legs, unable to achieve anything of value with their muscles other than an inflated ego and narcissism over their self obsession. I can guarantee that even in a primitive situation these muscles have no value at all. Hunting requires agility, stealth, and intelligence. Building requires flexibility, agility, and intelligence.
The story of David verse Goliath comes to mind. When a young boy took down a muscle infused warrior, the best of the best, with his own sword. David smacked him with his slingshot, took Goliath’s sword, and killed him with it. Even in war strength itself is of little value. If anyone has ever read about The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, you would know exactly what I speak of. Strength is not the most advantageous attribute in war or battle, stealth, intelligence, and cunning attacks are far better than full on strength battles and those that think strength is the foundation of war are the same that fall to a small child with his own sword and the reason Vietnam beat the crap out of the USA. Why it’s taken the USA over 20 years to conquer Afghanistan alone and control the drug trade and install an IMF or international bank. They did not fight back with strength, but rather intelligence and cunning attacks.
These same meat heads peddle their fitness propaganda to get you for a quick buck. They pretend they are health experts that know everything as they push their corporate made products. They fill their Instagram and YouTube with self loving promotions and non-sense as they try push their crap products. Most of them have even made some crap app as well to push their product as they tell everyone how great it is. Truth is real people can just go out and meet other real people. They don’t need an app, a program, or any other bullshit to meet new people and do fun things.
Behind fitness and health the reality remains the same. That eating natural and raw is the only way to maintain a healthy and balanced life style. Good luck eating raw potatoes or some mouth watering raw broccoli, as it drains your mouth of flavor and your body of nutrients. Wave a steak in my face and my mouth will be watering as I devour it. No diet, no corporations, simply real health from real foods.
When I eat raw egg yolks for breakfast I get over 150 grams of protein, as well as beneficial bacteria that is easily digestible with little work from my body. (All free from my own chickens, saving me hundreds a year.) When I eat raw fish and raw milk for lunch I get another large amount of protein followed by a nice meat dinner. I don’t need to diet. I don’t need to lift weights. And I don’t need to push my shit products. At the same time, I guarantee I can work longer, harder, and faster than any of these meat sticks consuming creatine and steroids. Don’t let Hollywood sell you the health guru bullshit about having to diet and eat vegetables. It’s not true and it’s not healthy. Working out without the proper nutrients is simply draining your body of real nutrients as well as making your body work harder for literally no reason other than wanting to look like a Hollywood Photoshopped magazine cover.
The mindset of wasting precious time and calories on an elliptical will always be of little value, at least dig a hole, take the clay, and build yourself a house. Instead these people march around with their awkward bodies and wannabe males in female bodies trying to be body builders. Shit is just creepy. Half these girls show their before and after pictures and they look so damn cute and girly in their before pictures followed by their nasty colored skin, weird muscles from weird workouts, and funky odors from poor diets with their man arms flapping around. This isn’t a warrior culture, but rather a narcissistic one.

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