It’s No Longer a Conspiracy Theory

When people call me a conspiracy theorist in this day and age my eyes just kind of glaze over. If you’re still using that word it’s obvious it doesn’t matter what the system does you will ALWAYS conform to it. Whether it be under the conformity bias, Pareto principle, or diffusion of innovations you will always conform to the system. The real crazy part is they don’t even try and hide it anymore…

I will just give you a basic example using one of the Vatican’s largest shadow banks in the world, BlackRock. Their CEO and founder is a Freemason and they regularly hold their meetings at Freemason halls openly. “Fink gave his views on the eurozone crisis at last night’s Financial News’ Awards for Excellence in European Asset Management, which was held at the Freemason’s Hall in London.”

Right there we have proof that Freemasons are involved in some of the largest banking industries in the world. When you start diving into what BlackRock actually does openly you might start to connect the dots. When you start to research them you’ll find almost nothing about them and what they ACTUALLY do. Hiding behind big fancy words and job titles it becomes apparent they operate like a mafia laundering money “legally”.

Realizing they have control over many IMF and international “federal” reserves in many countries you start you realize how deep it really goes. With only one organization having the power to over see and control it being the Vatican at the top. You might question whether Mr. Fink is just a mere puppet for the Vatican until you realize they have meetings all the time! “the Pope’s June 9th meeting with Larry Fink- CEO of the investment firm BlackRock.”

Yet it’s just a conspiracy theory right? You can literally do this with all the shadow banks, evil corporations, genocidal governments, can you not connect the dots? When you point things like this out and people still deny, it’s because they are literally in denial. They are living in a state of denial to uphold their illusion of the character they pretend to be. There is no way you can get joy or pleasure from working for a company like this so how do they get people to apply? I understand why THEY do it, for power, wealth, and control. But what about the dude just working in their offices? Is he turning a blind eye just for a bit of chump change? To live in an apartment and do their dirty work I’ll never understand.

It’s funny how these groups always hide behind good deeds and “helping” the community as they manipulate politics and society for power, wealth, and control. Like when the Vatican sent the Spanish over to help the shit out of the ingenious in Mexico. Narcissistic douche bags really but hey that’s society for you, the worst part is no one gives a shit. Sign me up for that retirement plan and paycheck from the shadow bank.. who gives a fuck as long as I get another digit in my bank account.

BlackRock - The company that owns the world?

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