The Vatican is the Same Pagan Priest Class from Rome, Babylon, and Egypt

According to Catholic propaganda, Saint Linus (year 67 – 80) was the second bishop of Rome, succeeding the first “Pope,” Saint Peter. The very first psychological operation started less than 20 years after Jesus Christ walked the earth. Who was behind it? The same pagan priest class that had been ruling for centuries before, from Babylon to Egypt the symbols and religion remained the same, the worship of Baal, Baphomet, Moloch, Lucifer, and every pagan devil in between. The pagan priest class needed to do damage control after their entire system had been threatened by the teachings of Jesus Christ and his followers.

Pagan Sun Rome Nazi USA Vatican PopePagan Eagle Rome Nazi USA Vatican Pope

Before all the emotional Bitchute barbies start crying about the Jews saying this is all Jew [insert low IQ emotional propaganda], it’s quite clear these are all pagan practices. Evidenced by like 5000 years of history, symbolism, self admitted, self practiced, ect. Not to mention at this point in history the Israelites and Jews were mere slaves, losing most of their religious texts when Babylon enslaved them 750 years prior. During this time period not only did the pagan priest class re-write the Kabbalah but they hatched a plan to overt the teachings of Jesus Christ into a mix of their own degenerate religion. They knew they couldn’t operate out in the open or their religion would be questioned by the common people of the day. Just looking at the symbols and dress code that appears throughout history it’s easy to see the connection.

Vatican Pagan Priest Class

If you read the Geneva bible you’ll clearly see that the men that translated the Hebrew old testament and Greek new testament into the first English called the Catholic Church the Whore of Babylon. Which makes sense when you look at where the pagan priest came from and the fact they created the Vatican. The Reformation is also proof that the Catholic Church was indeed killing bible believers and burning bibles; not to mention the dark ages. By burning common folk’s bibles, only Latin bibles remained which gave the Vatican even more power. For the most part, only Vatican priests knew Latin so they could twist scripture however they liked.

Pagan Pinecone Vatican Egypt Priest Class

All throughout history the agenda was the same, as the pagan priest class was pretending to be Christian while slaughtering anyone that dare confront them. Entire countries being formed as Europeans fled the Vatican’s blood hungry sword. The mud flood and Khazarian Mafia all psyops to keep you distracted from the Synagogue of Satan, the Whore of Babylon. To keep you from opening your Bible and finding out for yourself what it really says. The same tricks and lies to manipulate you into their ideology never questioning a thing as you become a mini mason to their evil agenda.

Vatican Pagan Priests

Worshiping pagan gods on christmas and easter pretending you’re a good person while the new world order tightens its grip on society. Controlling whether or not you can go to the store without a mouth diaper and vaccine you don’t question a thing as your life slowly becomes a satanic nightmare. Creating your own cage as you remain inside the paradox of slavery the same as your ancestors, wishing there was a way out as you reject reality. Another injection of the divine androgyne submitting to their ideology, worshiping moon and sun as you jump in line to be the next sacrifice on top of the pyramid. A little more alchemy and occultism, and, just maybe, you can get 12 likes on Instagram.

Pagan Divine Androgyne Witch Craft VaticanPagan Pope Priest Class Egypt Pinecone

Slowly but surely they pull you into their religious ideology while pretending to be your best friend. Atheists larping pagan retardation as they cling to the “scientific” method of the priest classes sexual degenerate nation. Unable to piece together the lies set out to deceive, stumbling along in life unable to connect one dot to another. Like a game of checkers where all the pieces are black, you’ve got no idea what they’re planning as you turn your back to common sense and self preservation. Clapping along to the satanic super bowl half time show as Rhianna does some pagan satan worshiping faggotry, wondering why your life is a living hell. Cheering on another feminist offering her baby to Moloch through abortion as the blue haired college kid cries online for equality, nodding your head in acceptance as you admire your role in upholding the pagan soy boy system.

Big Bang Theory Evolution Atheist Pagan VaticanAlbert Einstein Pagan Priest Class

Many have their psyops and propaganda ready to refute all these facts with some emotional cognitive dissonance, unable to question their pagan belief system as they soak up some comfort food and watch the Netflix. Tuning into their favorite programming while articles like this only lasts a few seconds inside the brain.

Time to wake up buttercup, the spiritual war is just getting started..
A Lamp In the Dark: The Untold History of the Bible

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