Why They Sank the Titanic on Purpose

You know I always ask myself, why doesn’t anyone else question shit? I look around and rarely do you meet another human being that has actually stopped to sniff the flowers. That actually gives a shit about what’s going on in other people’s lives, in the world, what’s happening to other people, ect. Most are so wrapped up in their own delusion they don’t know or care about anything outside their 1 meter bubble. People dismiss the claim like “the Titanic was sank on purpose” while holding to a “fact” that makes no sense at all.
Why on earth would a group of rich people bored a boat that has never even finished one cruise, especially into uncharted waters with giant chunks of sharp ice. Like the entire thing was created for the movie itself, although this isn’t true, the actual factual story is far more Hollywood ready. Many people forget to look through history at other events of the same time period. Some people might wonder about things like “how the f*** did they even get the federal reserve corporation bank not government building installed in the USA”.
I wanted the answer to this question. I started noticing a few patterns in the timeline associated with pushing the agenda. Opposition? Eliminate them. The Titanic was sank in 1911. The Federal Reserve was installed in 1913. The Captain of the Titanic? A Jesuit. Who was on board? Who built the Titanic? Enough said.

Why They Sank the Titanic on PurposeWhy They Sank the Titanic on Purpose

Many people will immediately dismiss this as a “conspiracy theory” because that’s what they were taught to do on social networks and television Netflix series but the reality is the Titanic was sank on purpose. Most people don’t even know that the federal reserve, the one that creates and prints your money, is a corporation. It has nothing to do with government at all. The federal reserve prints money and loans it to the government. They then charge interest on that loan. Let’s say the government was loaned one dollar. The federal reserve, IMF, or international bank then prints the note or dollar. The government receives one dollar but has to repay one and a half dollars with the interest. Since there is only one dollar that has been printed it is actually impossible to repay the debt. This is the scam of fiat currency, this is the scam of interest loans, this is the scam of the federal reserve and the Vatican behind it.
Oh you thought a corporation was just cashing in on your money? A few smart bankers took over the world? Haha yeah right. Bankers are beta’s. They require manipulation to get rich, they’d get beat down in the streets or by the local drag queen. Bankers are never the top of the pyramid and that’s evident by following the money trail from any IMF, international bank, or federal reserve. When we get back to the Bank of London (in most cases) the funds are then divvied up among the top banking families and put into use by the Vatican. Vatican City is the richest country in the world while the smallest. Let that sink in.
The Catholic Church has maintained power since it’s conception for that very purpose. Since it pushed the lie of Christianity and Government on all nations it conquered. Too call this a conspiracy theory is to deny history itself. Follow the money, follow the death toll, and there you have a man in a dress claiming to the be vicar of Christ creating corporations fronting as governments as they pump you full of evolutionary propaganda and a perfectly spinning ball with aliens and photoshop made galaxies across the universe.

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