Casual Gamers and a Corrupted Video Game Market

Being an avid gamer on most platforms, from console to PC, over the years I’ve realized that most of which is a strait up scam. Over inflated prices and bloated game price tags. People often spend far more than what they’d ever need to. Many console gamers make out-landish claims that PC gaming is expensive yet pay $60 + per game title. I was caught in up in the hype as well when building my first actual gaming PC dedicated to just gaming. I spent well over $1,000 dollars thinking I needed the best, or at least top quality.
However after seeing the difference between a $600 PC and a $1,500 dollar PC it was easy to see the mistake I had made. Many will argue the “extreme” differences in quality or smoothness but it never seemed to make a difference in my actual gameplay or enjoyment. Especially in FPS games like CSGO, CSS, or even games like Rust. Often times on my expensive rig I didn’t even play on ULTRA settings because, quite frankly, they looked like crap. Far to crisp and sharp as if I was looking through a giant pair of telescope glasses, these ULTRA settings actually diminished my enjoyment and gameplay while at the same time shutting out a huge player base because of the graphic requirements of such games.
This two edged sword of improved graphics and requirements was really its own demise in my eyes. Blatantly destroying many games leaving gameplay itself non-existent in most modern games or franchise. For me, the point of video games is to be unrealistic, in a way that makes it fun and enjoyable to play. If I wanted jaw dropping graphics of nature I would simply walk outside. If I wanted the best water reflection I would just look out my porch at the ocean. I don’t, and never have, played video games for their graphics. This concept has been over looked in this new GOTTA HAVE THE BEST GRAPHICS mindset.
These new age yuppy gamers don’t mind dropping cash on DLC’s, on new console games, on cute skins and customizable characters. They’ll drop $500 dollars on a graphics card they’ll never maximize. They’ll spend the extra $500 cuz they wanna mine some cryptocoins. Derp derp derp. These yuppy gamers will pay out the ass so they can mine coins while they play league of legends, hoping to drop their BitCoins on some stupid shlub so they can buy more Ashe skins and be a pro diamond league ADC.
This brings up the flip side, the “cheap” way of gaming has been idolized as console gaming, however many over look the blatant cash grabs by corporations and big name developers. As they disguise gambling and theft as loot boxes and skin crates. PC games are guilty of this as well, but not nearly on such a level. Many games can be bought for $5-30 dollars that are on par with an AAA title, if not MUCH better. Compared to the pricetag of any console game being $60+, not including the hidden DLC and other “customizations” that should already be in-game. Console gamers get rocked simply buying the console, a few controllers, and maybe 5 games. You’re already looking at around $500 for the console, $100-$200 for controllers, for just 5 games you’re looking to pay another $200-$300. That’s already up over $1,000 dollars and that’s only giving you a few months of game time with 5 games. That doesn’t include the online services, which are often paid subscriptions. That doesn’t include DLC, loot boxes, or other “expansions”.
So many console gamers have been duped into thinking that console gaming is the cheap way to get into gaming, that PC gaming is some snub elite group but the reality is it’s just another corporate ruse. My most recent PC build, including headsets, a mouse, keyboard, ect, EVERYTHING I need to literally jump into any game that’s been released. Any title available, I can jump in and play on High settings no problem. That includes game titles like Dragon Age: Origins, which is almost 15 years old. Can you do that on your console? On this PC I can literally run an emulator of any past console, franchise, or gaming series with no problem. Most of which is freeware online, that is easily downloaded with no hassle. Heck, I was even playing SimAnt and SimTower not to long ago.
When compared side by side console gaming really just doesn’t make sense except to the big wigs in charge of these corporations. This includes high priced gaming rigs as well. They just aren’t worth it and the only one’s winning are these big corporations. This however brings up another point. That if I started with a solid PC build I can always upgrade it in the future. The build I will share with you is one that will provide me a great deal of fun for several years in the current market on good settings. If however I wish to improve this system or make it even better, I can simply splurge $200-$300 dollars and have a top end computer only having to switch out a couple components. This makes it more of an investment, while at the same time you learn exactly what your computer would need to fit your requirements. Perhaps a new game comes out demanding a bit better graphics for smooth gameplay, this allows you to maintain a balance, whereas, console gaming, or extreme high end gaming PC’s really aren’t worth it at the end of the day. Similar to driving off the lot in a brand new car and losing value instantly. It just doesn’t make sense and when you sit back and think about it you’ll probably agree.
Here’s my starter build for any avid gamer, (no filthy casuals). The idea I had with this build is in the future, upgrade the graphics card, turning this into quite the little gaming PC, however, in this mode, it will do just fine in todays playable games.

Motherboard $59.99
Graphics Card REF (Single Fan) + Power Supply $169.99
Processor Ryzen 3 $109.54
Ram Sticks Red 16GB (2 x 8GB) $136.99
Hard Drive 250GB $54.99
Wireless Network Card $51.99

^ Includes everything you’d need besides a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. (Will probably buy that locally)
This beefy gaming rig can be yours for under $650, running most modern games on High settings, if not Ultra. Most of you run LAN internet as well, so you could shave off another $50 for the network card.
Many will think that 250GB hard drive is too small, but I hardly ever go over 150GB on any computer I’ve owned. I like to keep things neat and get ride of stuff I don’t need. 🙂
Other accessories could be changed out as well but for me this seemed like the best quality components, at the best price, without sacrificing gameplay and fun; all while trying to stay in a decent price range. To me, this is the best build I came up with for a budget / entry level gaming computer.
DISCLAIMER: When I say gamer I mean actual gamer. Someone that spends a lot of time gaming. When I say gaming I mean actually playing games. Not scrublord casual crap like League of Legends, Modern WoW, or that stupid WoW card game that Twitch Thots “play” showing cleavage. That’s not gaming and you could play that on a modified TI-83 calculator. In fact, I think those games were created on one. I seriously cringe so hard when I see people call themselves gamers and then list these fricken games. Let me be the first to say, you aren’t a gamer. Go back to watching Katy Perry while doing an ice water bucket challenge ya yuppy. (Seriously though, you people have destroyed gaming with your casual fakeness). Get some personality and skill or stick to Jersey Shore and Rick and Morty you trend worshiping fags.

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