, Chessbae94, and FIDE Corruption

I wanted to include this in my 2021 Hikaru Nakamura Chess Sportsmanship Award but that post took a turn in a different direction. At this point everyone in the chess community that is not a Twitch simp fan boy knows who Hikaru really is. There is no point in pouring gasoline on the fire to kick a man when he’s down but to offer some insight and advice to help him grow as a person. It may sound silly but the best thing Hikaru could do at this point is pick up some new hobbies. Even something as simple as building a chicken coop and getting a few chickens could change his life and perspective while helping improve his chess game at the same time.

This post however is directed at, Chessbae94, and FIDE, their narcissistic behavior, and sociopathic nature of some twisted manipulative game they seem to be playing with high ranking chess players. Many people streaming on Twitch seem to have gagged themself because of a few large donations from this feminist nut bag. Many men and women have cowered down to being a puppet in this circus show of drama and it’s all for a little paycheck. What these people don’t realize is how short lived this money will be as they sell out their voice and opinion for a few Twitcher bits and cash coins as their own mental health seems to disintegrate.

From an outside perspective it seems like it’s some marketing ploy to “grow” chess and the profits at and FIDE with little regard to the chess players. As society takes advantage of these gamers you start to connect the dots and see how little the elite of the chess community care about those that bring them their top sponsors. All these fancy chess boards and FIDE corporations cashing in on the hard work of chess players for decades while paying them pocket change compared to what they make from sponsorships and donations so rich parents can give their spoiled kids a chess title. This is where the nutbag Chessbae94 comes into play. A simple cover for some narcissistic cunt working for FIDE, to use the player base’s mental health to bring in more viewers and money.

This shill, Chessbae94, drops a few dollars and people like Levy get down on their knees and start sucking without question. Weak minded cowards selling out their hobbies and souls for a little Twitch popularity and bits disregarding the game itself. Cowards hiding behind fake usernames and feminist ideology it seems there is only one way this makes sense. Many know FIDE as a corrupt money grubbing piece of shit corporation but fail to connect the dots. Their idea to “grow” chess by using Twitch streamers in the POG Champs is just another example of the manipulation going on behind the scenes.

I can just see some suit at the FIDE corporation discussing this in their latest board meeting. As they grow their own profits and power the little GM chess player gets a few dollars for playing while the suits laugh on their way to the bank. Meanwhile they have these shill networks of fake usernames and bot accounts to toy with the community to juice out every ounce of drama profit they can at the expense of the player’s mental health. It reminds me of the current gaming industry so why would chess be any different at this point?

Instead of players coming together and doing something about it they have them in a drama loop unable to get anywhere new. Meanwhile the suits are laughing at every YouTube and Twitch post promoting drama as the viewer count goes ham. All at the expense of your favorite GM’s mental health. As they struggle to survive off their hobby, forced to take these donations and shut up. I’m here to tell you there’s another way to fight back and to come out on top as a real community regardless of what game you play.

Obviously POG Champs was a marketing ploy by and the suits at FIDE to increase their profits but what they didn’t realize is how many big brains there are in the chess community. You can’t come in like you did Fortnite and CSGO and steal from the gamers for long before the pattern recognition of chess players sets in. Whether you think POG Champs was a total joke or something great for chess it taught me something rather valuable in that, we don’t need these suits or their corporations. We don’t need their money or their narcissistic drama bullshit. They literally bring no value to any game other than short sited profits and donations, chump change, for the pro player.

What happens if everyone dropped tomorrow for LiChess, an open source chess platform with no censorship or blatant favoritism. With better game modes, no narcissistic douche bag corporation, and beautiful merch it’s easy to see which platform I want to support. What happens when every chess player rejects Chessbae24’s donations and removes her mod privileges? This is where true character shines, what are you willing to sacrifice in the name of love and passion for your favorite hobbies? The problem is right now many are willing to sell out for a few bucks when they could literally make the same money working a 9-5 at McDonalds playing chess on their cellphone. Chessbae24 uses money to gain power inflicting her narcissistic sociopathic bullshit on everyone she encounters because these people LET her.

Many fail to realize that a feminist, or any women really, has no power unless a man gives it to them. They don’t have the ability to take power by force and thus, manipulation. If men wanted to take away women’s “rights” they could just do it. That’s just reality. The only way Chessbae24 has any power is because weak cucked men give it to her. It’s the ol’ Jezebel and Ahab story from the Bible where the King gives up his power to Jezebel and she does nothing but create chaos and destruction while he sits by and smiles. When you realize the suits at FIDE are worshiping under the same Baalism religion you might start to connect the dots. As they get together in their Freemason halls and dance around like cultists in dresses you might considering closing your account.

What happens when the community of chess players organize their own events, their own sponsors, their own donation platforms for viewers to donate. What happens when players start being able to build their own organizations based on this, whether it be a school of chess, teaching and learning with new generations. What happens when players cut out the suit playing middle man and start taking the profits they deserve the most. Do we really need some douchebags at FIDE to tell us our rating and organize chess events? Obviously no.

The real question however is when are people going to stop being cucked out losers and do something about it. At this point I just see finger pointing and drama circuses every few months. This idea could be applied to so many aspects in life yet here we are in yet another hobby, another passion, selling out for a few pieces of fiat currency so we can “feel” successful. What’s the point of padding your bank account when you’re tied to a computer every day of your life? Never experiencing life itself while you run in the hamster wheel unable to realize that job at McDonalds would be more rewarding than selling out your passions live in front of 30 thousand viewers. No real interactions or friendships, just internet bullshit and memes as we walk in circles.

Women like Chessbae94 aren’t the problem though. They are the symptom of the problem that already lies within. Greed and self worship are just a tool they use to break through. Many point fingers at Hikaru and Levy but the reality is 95% of the chess professionals are sucking on the tit of, Chessbae94, and the FIDE corporation. Those complaining and talking shit are guilty themselves as sellouts for the passion they love. Hikaru and Levy might be toxic cucks but the reality is so are you. You just hide it better as you collect another donation from Chessbae94 and allow her to continue the FIDE marketing scam. I think it’s time ya’ll looked in the mirror.

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