Embrace Your Inner Troll

Hey gamer,

Pick up your creativity off the floor,
it’s time to embrace your inner troll.

Society trying to remove us from the scene,
avoiding the ban spree like an internet submarine.

Torpedo’s locked and loaded ready to take out the base,
thinkin’ we’re evil that’s just not the case.

Tryna silence our voice with this keyword censor ship,
3 2 1 time to give it my all and let’er rip.

All these normies riding the system in that reinforced hull,
lookin’ like a carnival cruise line every room full.

Don’t question the narrative the media doesn’t lie,
they only give facts and truths don’t even try an deny.

Time to wake up ta reality before they start culling,
grab ahold of the rope a tug o wear and start pulling.

Watchin’ ya sink we pullin’ souls from the water like it’s the Titanic,
don’t be scared though kid the trolls are here no need to panic.

When you’re able to jump from their boat we’re ready,
pick ya up in our troll powered spaceship holden’ in it steady.

World wide collapse being televised with imminence,
watchin’ it all unfold ya stuck in cognitive dissonance.

Forced to attack the system with our metabolic hyperbole,
lyrical IED’s strapped to our chest we comin’ at ya universally.

Got our factory pumpin’ out war ships for the armada,
wrappin’ around their throat like a 20 ft anaconda.

We’ll use our depression an anxiety as ammo,
smoke ya on the battlefield like a stick of tobacco.

Fearless warriors harnessing their inner wit,
troll army rollin’ out in force and you can’t stop it.

Soldiers with an IQ higher than your credit score,
world on lock down we about to join the war.

Like the Vietcong we’re underground preparing,
radio cranked up got that cringe core hip hop blaring.

Target acquired we got eyes on their weak spot,
holes in the armor we’re busy lining up the red dot.

Ban one and we’ll show up with our html browser powers,
fake accounts and bots we’ll be plowin’ the cowards.

Bury em under the fruit trees use’in em as fertilizer,
leave em beggin’ for water in the God’s internal fire.

We weren’t meant to live in social solitary,
so grab your application to the troll military.

All hands on deck we’re at war with the elite,
time to get on your feet and turn up the heat.

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