Twitch Streamers are Cancer to the Gaming Industry

Every gamer knows what Twitch is. The simps, whiteknights, and wannabe celebrities willing to do anything for a bit of time in the spot light. Getting drunk on stream, throwing cats, showing off their asses, it really is a class act. This however doesn’t even begin to get into the reason Twitch is terrible for gaming in general. As every casual has jumped on board for their chance at popularity the gaming industry caters to those with the wannabe competitive mind set. Every AAA game and every game mode now created with Twitch in mind.. begging streamers to use their game as marketing they jump in line. Nothing more than a corporate mouth piece these Twitch streamers use anything they touch as content for their stream.

Good game series are destroyed because a few streamers need to turn out content for their viewers. They cry and whine online in front of their audience until they get what they want. All along they sell out as they watch their every word, unable to say any truth with fear of getting banned. Why would they say anything productive however when they can just use another game for content and cash out with little to spare. The rest of the gamer base is left to sift through the ashes of every broken game and empty server as these douche bags have already cashed their checks at the local bank.

It seems everything these streamers touch turns gold into a pile of shit as they make their cringe content from their moms closet. They pretend it’s a real tough job as they stream for 8 hours a day, forgetting reality their delusions rot and decay. Begging for donations and bits online becomes the name of the game. Even indie developers have started catering to these knobs because they want to sell their game big. What’s ridiculous is 99% of the Twitch streamers aren’t even real gamers; ex porn stars, narcissistic morons, and your average college kid jumping at the bit to use gaming as their way to stardom because they couldn’t make it in the real world.

To clarify the casuals are not your old school gamers but rather the sweats that turn every game into a competitive shit show. Crying from silver they pretend they are the next hot shot gamer talking shit to everyone in their lobby. Turning every game into a toxic cesspool of drama nonsense at the hands of Twitch and their streamers. Gotta get that content though right? Drama makes big money and that’s all you get from this “competitive gaming”. No creativity, no fun, and no friendship. All because people are sold on their idea of getting top ranked for their viewers. Watching 500 YouTube videos to learn every glitch, cheat, and hack they use it to their advantage as they pretend they are the next Tiger Woods of gaming.

Let’s be honest though before we hand out the internet “clout”, these douche bags on Twitch are the true casual gamers. The sweats destroying every game as they squeeze out every ounce of content they can for their donations and fame. They pretend Twitch is a job yet it offers nothing real while they pedal their “entertainment” as something valuable or worth while. Most of them however are trash gamers with shitty personalities using drama and tits to fuel their campaign. They have no real creativity or skill as they copy and paste from those that do. Put more than one in a room and watch the narcissists fight over who’s going to be top dog for their internet clout and Twitch bits.

These are the kids that made fun of gamers back in the day, before gaming was popular these tools had nothing to say. Now that gaming has become popular everyone wants to jump in line. As they create “competitive” games to cater to this new market cashing in on the illusions of all these wannabe streamers. These new competitive games are created in a way that everyone can get a win once in a while creating the idea that you’re skilled when in reality winning is quite easy. The skill based matches are based on how many YouTube videos you watched learning every bit of cringe to get that win. No talent, skill, or creativity required when you can just copy it from others am I right?

The days of actual gaming and creativity have been shoved away for the Twitch streamers chance at getting money and fame on their internet website. To be honest, what kind of casual fan boy watches others play a game more than play it themselves? You know you’re a douche bag when you donate and pay someone to play a game for you instead of enjoying it yourself. As games become more like Netflix series you start to see how these two concepts go hand in hand. Games like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption used to be fun until this mindset turned them into boring ass movies with a few actions scenes. I couldn’t even get through Borderlands 3 because of how many cut scenes and movie trailers I found just trying to play a few hours. After 5 minutes it was obvious this game was made for Twitch streamers like a movie for their audience to watch as each “gamer” proceeds to go through the boring ass story.

FPS games turned into competitive shit shows with everyone trying to get on some popular team so they can get paid to play. Competitive aspects are removed from competitive games to give everyone a chance. Literally every aspect of gaming has been tainted by the douche bags on and corporations are happy to cater to the casuals on Twitch as it brings them a bigger pay day. They don’t have to worry about making a good game anymore because streamers will use up every bit of juice just for the content with no backlash they promote each game to their audience. AAA games are riddled with bugs, glitches, and shitty ass animations yet Twitch streamers are silent as they cash in. Instead of calling out games for their casino gambling skin lotteries they have streams of themselves opening thousands of boxes paying hundreds just to get a different color all the while the casual fan boys donate towards this agenda.

Don’t get me started on games like League of Legends where every casual toxic douche bag thinks he’s a pro gamer. In a no skill game created to sell skins you have e-sports like this that make every real gamer cringe. What kind of low IQ morons sit and cheer for someone to play this game in a stadium. Cheerleaders and merch the corporations cash in while the retarded ass fan boys clap and cheer like their at a political rally, both of which are beyond retarded. Oh wait, I have to say potato because I might offend some simp on Twitch right? Nah, even a vaccinated kid with mercury overdose and cognitive issues can see the douche baggery in these vids.

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It doesn’t matter anymore though because the Twitch audience will get their “entertainment” and move on like a chick monkey branching to the next dude. What these people don’t understand is how much they’ve destroyed the last frontier where creativity could still be explored. Creativity has all but been removed from gaming to cater to these casuals so they can make a few dollars. Honesty and expression are no longer allowed because you will literally get banned yet every Twitch streamer jumps in line to be the next hot shot, willing to destroy a game just to get a few bits online. These are the true casuals and the reason for the gaming industry taking a dive. AAA companies wouldn’t be able to get away with their shit if streamers called them out on it and played other games instead. This would cut into their profits however and a big AAA game brings in the audience like a lion and a peasant on the stage of the coliseum. Did it never occur to you that many of these “influencers” are just paid mouth pieces from a corporation?

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