1st Amendment Audit Disguised As Terrorist Prevention

Watching some of these audits can be a bit cringe worthy. Listening to some whiny brat yelp about his constitutional rights can get annoying to even the most pro freedom person out there when they start disrespecting the people they are supposed to be educating. I have no respect for police getting involved in victim-less crimes, I have no respect for slave minded idiots defending them, but I also have no respect for the auditor that treats everyone in contempt without even addressing the reason they are there. If your sole purpose is to get a rise out of people without educating them on the reasoning behind it, all you’ve done is hurt the cause as you rant and bellow from inside your bubble. When the majority and public are cheering to take away your said “constitutionally protected rights” you’ll be nothing but a whisper in the wind as they ban video and photography or start requiring permits for it. If they can confiscate guns and require permission and permits for a “constitutionally protected right”, what makes you think they won’t do it with cameras too? Real rights are inalienable, they aren’t granted by a piece of paper.

Outsmarting the System with Troll’ness
7 Steps to Become a Member of the Terrorist Prevention Action Squad

1) Get a decent camera with good audio.
2) Start a YouTube channel.
3) Order this sweet t-shirt.
Terrorist Prevention Action Squad
4) Get some awesome tactical gear.
5) Practice your one liners and action phrases in front of the mirror.
6) Get walkie talkies so you can relay all officer information to dispatch for an internet check.
7) Play some synthwave to get pumped up and go find some terrorists!

Raising awareness and educating people is the only absolute reason to do these audits to begin with. To open up dialogue and conversation in your community. The reality is even if your entire state woke up to these realities right now they would simply cut electricity off and watch everyone starve to death or fight over a few scraps with all the weapons and ammo. Besides educating on law you should be gardening, raising animals, educating others and helping in your community. These things all go hand in hand and freedom from government starts with your own actions, not mindset. Actions educate louder than words.


Go Get’em TPAS!


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