All Police Officers Have a Mental Disorder

That might seem like a generalization but the reality is every cop maintains a delusion every day he gets up and puts on his costume. Every day he puts on a silly little badge and pretends to be super hero of the community. The reality is these meat heads are nothing but revenue generators for the corporations they work for (the city). In most cases they aren’t required to protect or help anyone and often times chose to stand down in active shooter situations because they are “scared” for their own life. They pull their gun and taser at every traffic stop because they are scared they might “die”. These men are total cowards, children in adult bodies, pretending they have some god ordained authority to tell others how to live their life. If for one minute the same law that civilians lived by was applied to these rogue cuck police officers there would be chaos. They parade themselves as heroes but are nothing short of narcissistic sociopaths.
Ever tried to have a discussion with a cop? Ever notice how dumbed down, braindead, and stupid they are? How aggressive and angry they become if you question any of their made up rules or delusions of superiority. They act like James Bond saving the world when they bust a single pothead for a pipe in the car. Ever been at a DUI checkpoint and heard one of these cucks call out for a supervisor because someone questions their authority? They sound like a 12 year old nerd in high school getting picked on. Whaaaat, how dare youuuu screeeeeach question my authority. I have a badge and a gun! See I will point them at you if you don’t obey my orders you dog civilian. (Literal video evidence all over YouTube). Cops are cucked out cowards.
I remember I was on a traffic stop once a few years back and this dumbass cop had no idea what the laws were, how law worked, or anything in between. Dude was dumber than a box of rocks and when I tried to explain and show him how real law worked his supervisor told him “no!” don’t read that as his hand was out stretched to read it. Like a little dog he went back to his car with his tail between his legs and his commander gave him a nice pat on the butt for being a good boy. Dude probably got promoted that day and only had to give up his dignity as his free mason superior scootered his booter. The idea a group of people would have the authority or audacity to handcuff human beings for smoking weed or some other trivial reason is mind blowing. That this stupid SIMP thinks he has some power over you as a human being because someone told him so. The entire thing is a delusion, the entire concept of thinking one douche bag would have authority over you because of his costume is just delusional.
Most people can’t even look at it like this because they’re public school zombies, can’t remember math but you sure as heck know that someone in a costume means authority. That’s why cops act like bitches when you question it, they are used to blind obedience to the “authority” and they get off on it. It’s a sociopaths wet dream, a narcissists heaven, to have government ordained authority to literally gas light, lie, manipulate, and trick people into surrendering their freedom. To get off and laugh, smile, and make jokes as you try and write tickets that could ruin their life for simply smoking weed or selling raw milk. As you parade around in your cute outfits pretending your some sort of real hero or warrior is the vary essence of the narcissistic sociopath. To project the total opposite of what you are, and onto the people, as you wear your mask and body armor.
Running around like chickens with your head cut off protecting bank assets, forcing foreclosures, and even evicting people all on a banks whim. (Most of which were proven frauds). Yet police had no problem backing their corporate overlords, whom they truly protect and raise money for. In a town of 15,000 they’d be driving around in armored personnel carries from Iraq colored in with their city name and corporate label. Thinking they are soldiers on a battlefield, yet they have no enemy; yet. They treat everyone around them as lesser thans, civilians, pretending their 6 month cop training gave them super powers as they protect the world from terrorists in their hoe dunk town of 500. These men have no honor, no bravery, they have no dignity as they claim another paycheck at the hands of every taxpayer pretending they are protectors of the community.
Question them? The only response you’ll get is “I’m just doing my job” and a parade of statists exclaiming how you’re a domestic terrorist. As men in costumes swarm the streets in military vehicles, those that question them are the “terrorists”. Just some more good old fashion blame shifting of the narcissist. When you actually go symptom to symptom you realize most cops really are narcissistic fools playing a game. In reality, that’s all they are, some stupid retard in a costume that thinks he’s saving the world by collecting revenue from the very people that pay his salary. He protects those that destroy his own community while pretending to protect it. They all reap the benefits of high pay, little risk, and the facade of a super hero even when they break the law. Kill someone out of anger? It’s cool, take 2 months paid leave, we will sort it out. Get angry because some little punk questions your authority and your little dicked douche bag self can’t handle it so you pulled your gun and shot him? No worries. Transfer departments. Cop’s aren’t heroes, those that question them are.
Signs and Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder
1) Grandiose sense of self-importance
2) Lives in a fantasy world that supports their delusions of grandeur
3) Needs constant praise and admiration
4) Sense of entitlement
5) Exploits others without guilt or shame
6) Frequently demeans, intimidates, bullies, or belittles others
Reaction to Confrontation
What can you expect when you do confront a narcissist? Generally, they will resort to narcissistic rage (explosive or passive-aggressive) or denial. He or she may become enraged, deny everything, call you a liar, twist reality, blame you and then play the victim. You may be the recipient of rage and aggression or the victim of The Silent Treatment. It is also common for him or her to project everything you say about them on to you. For example, if you confront them about infidelity, they will turn it around and claim that you must be the one who cheated for you to even bring it up. If you are strong enough to cope with this treatment, then go ahead and use the strategies below to confront him (or her). If you are hoping for a permanent, positive change in their behavior, more disappointment or pain is likely on the way.
Narcissistic Rage
Why do they go into a “narcissistic rage”? They become enraged because they believe they are perfect and beyond reproach. They cannot accept any sort of disagreement, criticism or accountability for their actions. “Narcissists react with narcissistic rage to narcissistic injury”.
1. Explosive – The narcissist erupts like a volcano, attacks everyone around him, causes damage to objects or people, and is highly abusive.
2. Passive-Aggressive – The narcissist sulks, gives The Silent Treatment, and makes plans on how to punish the person. They are malicious and vengeful. They harass, disturb, sabotage and damage the work or possessions of the transgressors.

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