Tulsa Cop Killer Is a Hero

Bad Elk v. United States, 177 U.S. 529
A United States Supreme Court case in which the Court held that an individual had the right to use force to resist an unlawful arrest and was entitled to a jury instruction to that effect.

Plummer v. State, 135 Ind. 308
A peace officer, in making an arrest, is not authorized to use more force than is reasonably necessary to subject the person to his authority; and if the officer use excessive force and violence upon such person, such person being where he has a right to be, he may repel force by force, and if, in the reasonable exercise of self-defense, he kills such officer, he is justifiable.

Current police policy is genocide pure and simple… Commercial mercenaries masquerading as Police. If only the people would have obeyed and complied to the demands of the Nazi’s they wouldn’t have been slaughtered in death camps too, right? This is the logic of your average citizen as they suck down every last drop of government cum.

After watching this video it’s quite clear the officers were acting outside the law. With a good lawyer both men in this video would be set free… and both officers deserve the grave they dug themselves. It’s beyond obvious the driver (David Anthony Ware) feared for his life in more ways than one. The driver clearly did not want any part in the situation and both officers are guilty of escalating a traffic stop that was fraudulent to begin with. You can clearly see the David Anthony Ware broke no law and the cop was jumping at the bit to get this kid for past drug offenses that were DROPPED in court. My heart goes out to David Anthony Ware and his friend, in the real world they are heros. Only in a society of boot lickers and conformist morons could you side with the officers here.

If you want to extort, harass, and attack innocent people for simple traffic rules to generate revenue for the city you deserve to be shot. If you want to support the prison industrial complex harassing people over things like marijuana, you deserve to be shot. This is reality. It doesn’t matter how much you enjoy shining boots or how much you love sucking police cock because you get a high from being a “good citizen”. These cops deserved every bit of what they got and I hope more people start reaching for their guns in these situations. Might get these faggots to think twice about attacking people over a $100 fine or a $25 ticket to generate revenue for the city. This kids life was worth more than that, even if your pig ass life isn’t.

At least these cops can finally be productive for society in a real way; being compost for the worms. I have no sympathy for these douche bags in costumes willing to ruin someones life over marijuana or not having proper “permissions” to use a road that was already paid for through gasoline taxes. Fuck these idiots and everyone that supports them.

And before some tiny dicked faggot says the police enforcing traffic violations keeps the roads safe.. why don’t you travel outside your delusional bubble of narcissism for 5 minutes into any other country where they use simple speed bumps to regulate traffic. They have no paperwork, permissions, nothing. Yet their vehicle death rate is far lower, they have literally no police shootings over a drivers license, and their roads are 1000x safer. Just fuck off already with your statist bullshit… I mean how the fuck can you even talk with the governments cock so far down your throat?

I could literally post thousands of videos of police with god complex murdering innocent people. When you look at the numbers, according to the FBI, which publishes the data in the Uniform Crime Reports, from 1980 to 2014, an average of 64 law enforcement officers were killed per year. To put that into perspective, deer kill 130 people a year. As a police officer, your job is NOT dangerous. When you look at the thousands murdered by police every year and the millions they put in jail over non violent crimes you begin to realize the ruse these faggots live under. But please tell me more about how police are hero’s defending the safety of society as they carry out systematic genocide in front of your eyes… you fucking moron.

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What you’re feeling right now is all part of their plan. People will cheer on the defunding of local police and sheriffs. The only real power left for the people within the community. I’m not saying its not riddled with corruption but that’s just a reflection of our communities and society. The only reason these police abuse encounters are being rushed to the lime light is because they want you to defund the sheriff and local police. The people from your community will literally have every last bit of freedom and protection stripped from them. As they cheer on federal police all those ex cops will be looking for a job and even more angry at citizens for defunding them. Next thing you know you will have a fully fledged federal policing force 10x worse than our current system. Maybe 100x worse. Full out genocide and theft whenever they want of whatever they want.

I’ve seen federal policing patrolling the streets. I’ve lived in places with full on full time conquistador styled martial law with federal police holding automatic weapons on every corner. Those in the know and their “elite force” work closely with the higher ups. The general federal police force shifts around from city to city never working close to home. They rotate every so often which completely stops corruption and allows total allegiance to the state. They work one area for a few weeks or months and move on. No accountability. No consequences for their actions. They do whatever they want…

Some places are far more brutal than others depending on the culture of the people. In a place like the USA I can’t even imagine what your local sheriff and police force would turn into at a federal level with a Nazi’esk run policing system… and it’s all being cheered on by the popular movements like BLM and other government created psyops. Removing the sheriff removes the very last pinch of power the people had…

If strong people would have maintained positions of power in local communities we wouldn’t be headed in this direction. They are simply taking advantage of our decline in the deep end. As more and more are willing to sell out for money or fame, can you really blame your local police force for choosing to do the same? Doctors inject chemicals and kill babies inside the mother yet are highly paid and looked at with honor by those in society. The numbers are in the millions compared to police murders… When you look at a child custody lawyer or divorce lawyer they are simply extorting money by threat of the state. For men, being punished with jail time or unreasonable payments leading to suicide is the realistic theme. Those numbers are FAR higher than police killings and millions more lives are ruined by these lawyers trying to make a buck. Yet you still look at them like some shining star in a suit of armor as they ride by in their brand new Mustang Shelby GT500 with 760 horse. We clap and cheer for big corporations and bankers as they put metal in our babies food. Making millions and destroying the health of even more, no one seems to bat an eye at the corruption that’s occurring. Eating nothing but Vegan GMO food paste we cheer on as we pretend to save the environment as we virtue signal on the internet. If you’re still reading this I regret to inform you the federal police have already seized your assets.