Feminism Created the Rape Culture

Feminists often times tell everyone around them that patriarchy and men have created a rape culture for women. That women are victims in all facets of society and men are the evil predators. The reality is however feminism has created a rape culture for MEN. You heard me right, the rape culture created by feminism on men can be measured with facts, evidence, and proof. However, according to the legal system women can’t rape because there is no penetration.
A quick look at statistics however prove there is more than mere penetration, but an absolute gang bang on men by ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, and the government. A whopping 3% of men receive alimony. More than 85% of child support providers are men. Not only are 85% of child support providers male but when compared, when women are child support providers they provide 60% less than men. Annual child support payments average $5,450 from male providers and $3,500 from female providers. Searching the internet for statistics on how often the women gets the home you’ll find nothing but vacant articles about equality leaving the statistics unknown. From personal experience though, I have NEVER seen the man get the house in the divorce. Best case for the man they sell it. Most cases, she gets it.
When it comes to the children there is an extreme bias. One survey, this one commissioned by the Minnesota Supreme Court, found that a majority (56%) of the state’s judges, both male and female, agreed with the statement, “I believe young children belong with their mother.” Only a few of the judges indicated that they would need more information about the mother before they could answer. Fathers, one judge explained, “must prove their ability to parent while mothers are assumed to be able.” Another judge commented, “I believe that God has given women a psychological makeup that is better tuned to caring for small children.” So already, before even entering the court as a father, there is a 56% chance no matter what you do the mother will receive the children.
Judges’ self-reporting of their prejudices against fathers was consistent with practicing attorneys’ impressions of them. 69% of male attorneys had come to the conclusion that judges always or often assume from the outset (i.e., before being presented with any evidence) that children belong with their mothers. 40% of the female attorneys agreed with that assessment. Nearly all attorneys (94% of male attorneys and 84% of female attorneys) said that all judges exhibited prejudice against fathers at least some of the time.
Similar findings have been made in court-sponsored gender bias studies conducted in other states. The Maryland study, for example, found that most attorneys perceived that it is either always or often the case that “custody awards to mothers are based on the assumption that children belong with their mothers.” A follow-up study conducted “still indicates a preference to award mothers custody.” The majority of attorneys, both male and female, agreed that fathers either did not always get treated fairly in custody proceedings, or that they “often” did not. 6% of judges, 17% of female attorneys and 29% of male attorneys went so far as to say that no father ever receives fair treatment in a Maryland custody proceeding. Surveys of judges in Maryland, Missouri, Texas and Washington found that a majority of judges were unable to say that they usually give fathers fair consideration in custody cases. This matched the perception of members of the bar. A review of appellate court decisions led a team of psychology and law professors to conclude that the maternal preference is still the norm. Nothing has changed ‘MRA’. Time to look up MGTOW.
A majority of attorneys said fathers didn’t always get treated fairly or that they often did not. And large numbers of judges and lawyers agreed that “no father ever receives fair treatment in a Maryland custody proceeding.” Some judges agreed with that frank statement of bias and judicial malpractice.
Why is it no one says anything out loud though? Reflecting on the statistics its clear whats happening to men through out society in the court system. I don’t write this as an angry father. I don’t write this as an angry ex. I don’t write this as a pro rapist. I don’t write this as a misogynist. I write this because I clearly see the injustice men are facing. And the only way to get attention to the subject is to use shock marketing with a catchy title that will piss off a bunch of entitled feminists that literally lie about a rape culture for attention. I see the pain and sorrow on the faces of men while women are running around gloating. I see a bunch of emotional feminist women taking men for everything they can. I see a government that not only enables it, but promotes it. Women take full advantage of this system and like programmed robots do it over and over and over again leaving a trail of broken men behind them.
There is no support system for men. There are no shelters. Anytime a man even mentions this type of stuff he is shunned and shamed because women do no harm. Especially mothers. The reality is though, even studies show mothers are more likely to molest and hurt their own children than fathers. The reality is most single mothers are awful mothers and most that I have seen first hand are terrible people too. They use their children to manipulate the man. They neglect the children to go party, hook up with dudes, or watch TV. I’ve been at many houses where I see a lazy women sitting on the couch watching TV with no concern for her own children or their well being. The ridiculous notion that all mothers are good mothers because they are mothers is beyond ridiculous. Not only is it ridiculous it’s traumatizing for a young child. There are several times in my personal life where I had to cook and play with children because the mother simply stopped living life. Watching TV, taking prescription pills, drinking, smoking, ect.
This article is not only to shame feminists and modern women for what they have become but also to be a mouth piece for men that are too scared of the consequences of speaking out. My job can’t be lost. My life can’t be ruined by a female. Send me to jail and I’ll start a riot. Take my money and I’ll learn how to grow food and raise animals. Attack my character and reveal your own. I’m not scared of you.

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