Guns Don’t Guarantee Freedom

I love guns. One of my favorite things to do in the USA is head to the store and pick up a brick of .22 long rifle ammo and head back to the farm with some targets. I get my little one shot Crickett, give her a nice dust off with a little oil, and head out to the field. It was a cheap and extremely good way of working on certain skill sets like breathing for long distance shooting.
Of course the little Crickett wasn’t the only rifle in my arsenal. I really enjoyed buying older war rifles and re-finishing the stocks, buffing up the metal, and reassembling it with improved parts. Sometimes I would sell them for over double the original purchase price. Other times they would find their way to my personal armory. The Swiss K-31 was one of my favorite long distance rifles. Something about the unique 7.5×55mm always carried itself with precision and punch. It was a beautiful designed strait pull bolt action rifle with quite the history behind it.
Another weapon I spent a lot of time on was the SKS. I had several, but my favorite was one I had rebuilt myself. It had all upgraded parts, fully functionally 20 round magazine, custom fold-able stock, rebuilt trigger, and more. This thing was my go to rifle for any apocalypse. It was beyond reliable. Rough, Tough, and Ready to Go. The SKS is still one of my favorite rifles to this day. Similar to the AK47, although I could never get on bored with the AK47 or AR-15 train. I was always more of a bolt action kind of guy so the SKS became my semi-auto favorite.
I could go on and on about the different every day pistols I carried as well as my night stand sidearm. My favorite was probably the Judge Defender, Beretta PX Storm .45, or the little powerful Double Tap .45. I tried many systems but always enjoyed the little hitters the most. My favorite to carry daily was the Ruger SR22 because it was so light weight. I never left without the Double Tap .45 as well. These two pistols pack an enormous punch for very little weight. I found myself several times in places that weren’t necessarily firearm friendly because I literally forgot they where there. It was such a habit of having them it was just like having another tool on the belt. A lot of people dismiss the .22 as a self defense round but my setup took full advantage of it.
Often times I would practice left handed, switching hands, and anything in between. The .22 is easily controllable in rapid fire or alternative hand shooting. I broke my right collar bone dirt biking when I was younger and developed a good sense of using my left hand in practical situations, so this worked well for me. Worst case I had my Double Tap ready to rock n roll. Another thing people often forget is the noise and chaos of a large caliber pistol going off inside a store. It could be very hard to place a shot on target in a crowded situation especially when using a .45 or something similar. I had no problem using a .45 but for me the .22 was an effective combat weapon. Stealth, control-ability, and control of the situation were something I could achieve with the .22 no problem, even easier than using a large caliber weapon.
Another thing I forgot to mention is that the .22 was used many times in self defense already. Well kind of. You see, my animals were under constant attack from predators. Often times mid day I would be blasting rounds at a fox or raccoon trying to steal my little buddies. It’s very impractical to shoot these animals with a large caliber firearm so the .22 was the obvious choice here. It became regular habit to quick draw my Rugr SR22 and fire off a full clip killing several critters. You learn how to shoot real quick when foxes are darting across your yard. After a while I had no doubt I could place shots on target very accurately even in an extreme self defense situation.
Another big reason I loved the Ruger SR22 was the ability to create a silencer for about 10 dollars USD. I purchased a small compatible part that allowed me to screw an oil filter to my threaded barrel. It was essentially completely silent other than the slide. It was beautiful and had many practical and tactical situations that made it quite handy. (Most men right now are screaming about having some form and approval by the government to screw an oil filter to your .22, stop being a slave bitch.)
With all of this experience in the field handling many firearms, hunting, experiments, and practical application I still consider myself to be a bit of an amateur. They are an incredible amount of fun and can be a great hobby, from reloading to custom builds. The problem however is that many people believe that owning guns alone guarantees freedom. That just because they have or own a gun they are guaranteed freedom and that bad people will stay away because they have a gun. Many men rely on the 2nd amendment for their “right” to own a gun.
What happens when the government takes away your “right” to own a gun? You may say, “it can’t happen, America is a Republic; our rights are not granted by the government.” Then where is your cannon? Your automatic rifle? Your silencers? Exactly. This however has a legal implication as well. When you put our scope on the Constitution we see quite clearly that America is not what it seems. Why would a random group of men (founding fathers) have any power or authority to give another group of random men (congress) the authority to tax a bunch of other random people. The Constitution itself was the government giving the people the right to create another government.
If you are a regular reader you will know that most current governments are simply corporations passing themselves off as government. This is a legal fact. When the Constitution was created it was actually putting a corporate tag on the land mass of America. Once it was put into law it gave the Vatican legal permission to remove all invading forces, the native Americans, and establish their own laws and tax system. Have you never asked yourself why the people living in America would randomly give up their money as taxes to congress?
If the militia was capable of fighting off one of the largest armies at the time I think they could handle defense of the nation without congress or taxes. Has this concept never crossed your mind? Look at how much you pay in income taxes alone. Now add in property, land, sales, and inflation. Yes even inflation is a created tax based off fiat currency. The reality is inflation only effects the middle class. It doesn’t effect the rich or the poor. The poor are already on food stamps and the rich don’t mind a few extra bucks. It truly only hurts the middle class literally removing it over time.
You might ask yourself what any of this has to do with guns or freedom. From my perspective America is evidence alone that slaves can own guns without revolting when the government education system is good enough. America is an extremely young country yet it has more military bases in the world than any other country. It has conquered and taken over more countries than any other country in the world. The death toll at the hands of the American military is in the trillions.
From my perspective America is government download with a proven strategy and agenda. Rome was the hypothesis. Germany was the experiment. And the USA was the plan. The United States of America has never been a country of freedom and that is proven by the color of your skin. Slaves? Black men had no right to vote.. Shit native Americans had no right to live! How were all men created equal under the Constitution when they were killing off every native American in North America? The story you were told in school makes no sense even under basic practice examination. They had a plan for the USA from the very beginning. It’s not coincidence the Spanish where doing the same thing to South and Central America. Including Mexico. Who sent them too? The Vatican. Starting to see a pattern yet?! NOOOOO it’s not true. It’s not like they speak Spanish in Mexico instead of Mayan or anything……. WAKE UP!
This finally brings me to the actual point of this article. The actual purpose of the entire pre-text needed. Understanding that guns do not guarantee your freedom nor are they any indication that you are free. If it isn’t obvious by now, rights are not inalienable. They are granted by a government. A government pretending to be a corporation. A government you adhere to with contracts like the birth certificate and social security card. The birth certificate literally creates a corporation with your exact name. Its called a legal fiction and it’s legally a corporation traded and used for collateral on fiat currency.
You can prove it to yourself without any studies, without any fancy resource links (here’s one just for fun). Simply, all you have to do is go look at your birth certificate. Does it say parent or guardian? Or does it say informant. It says INFORMANT. Go look at your drivers license, or bank statement, or credit card, or anything financial, business, or government related; anywhere your name is mentioned it will be in all CAPS. This is an indication of a legal fiction in legal land. This is Roman Curia Law or Maxim Law practiced under Maritime Law. Which is certainly the legal system used in the USA. It’s why they have a gold fringe flag in the court room. This indicates martial or military law. Not common or constitutional law.
The reality is America is a nation of cowards. A nation of men that own several guns but would never point them at anyone but themselves or a foreigner. The government reaches into the pockets of every American and everyone just bows down, gives it up, and carries on. The government demands bodies for war and men go. When someone is attacked by the government like Ruby Ridge or Waco every sits by and does nothing. The “militia” sits outside in their camouflage running their mouth. Meanwhile FBI sharp shooters are dropping mothers holding their children in the kitchen. Previously her two sons had been ambushed by the another government agency.
America is proof that slaves can own guns and literally do nothing but complain. They will write letters to their corporate representative, they will walk in the streets wearing vagina costumes, they will complain about paying abortion taxes, they will complain, complain, complain. But the reality is no one will actually take up arms and fight. No one will actually fight those who are responsible. They are too busy blaming ethnics, blaming conservatives, blaming anyone but them selves! People walking around pretending they aren’t the problem.
What happened when students protested the Vietnam war? You know when the government forced young men to fight a country that had done nothing at all. You know, when you supported the bombing of their country with napalm and liquid swords because they were.. gooks? Was their any valid reason to begin with? No. And what happened when a group of students protested at Kent State University? Anyone know? Anyone? The National Guard shot them. They shot them and killed them. Not only was it a breach of Posse Comitatus but out right murder. What happened when the military shot and killed students on campus? Crickets? NOTHING.
So many American wannabe patriots live in a state of delusion. They tote their guns pretending it makes them free. Pretending to be preppers ready for the fight. I’ve shot at government drones. I’ve fought in court. I’ve driven without papers and pushed it to the limits. I’ve sent out thousands of papers to government officials proving their fraud. What was I met with? Local anger, local government inspections when I wasn’t home, and rejection. There will be no fight in America. It was lost hundreds of years ago.
Plausible deniability tells me that they will simply walk away. They will push a fake terrorist attack on the grid and 99% of America will be without a way to live or survive. They will have no food, no warmth, no water. Nothing. America will turn into the Purge. It will turn into the biggest blood bath and self slaughter ever seen in history.
Prescription pills run rampart, 75% of America uses at least one form of prescription medication and 50% use at least two. Many of which are psychological medications. Add television, netflix, facebook, and a total disconnection from society and you are left with total chaos. Then add no food at the local store, no water from the faucet, and no one accepts the USD. Police and local government abandon their positions.
Are you really free? Are your guns protecting your freedom? Or was the war of the mind lost many, many, years ago…… Don’t get me wrong. If the fight starts I’ll be there to help. Just save me a Tikka T3 Ultralight and a pack of food on the border with a patch so they know who’s dropping politicians and cardinals. Until then save me your pop tart patriot bullshit.

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