Are You Really Red Pill?

I’ve noticed a trend in the MGTOW community calling themselves red pill. The problem however is some of these men have emotional temper tantrums when politics or religion comes up. They have no idea how to have a rational conversation about these topics without getting emotional. The problem stems from this fake red pill mentality.
These men claim to be red pill because “women suck” but can’t take the time to research any further. They call them self red pill but make fun of anyone presenting new theories or ideas calling them crazy, conspiracy theorists, or flat earth morons. These “red pill” men use female nature to shame men that bring up new ideas or concepts that don’t align with their current belief system. Often times it can be a bit comical to hear them say they are red pill but have no clue who owns the private bank called the federal reserve. Or they will make some joke about the “jews” owning it and dismiss any further conversation. The jews… really?
What a lot of MGTOW men don’t realize is there has always been a large portion of men in society that do not get married with the state, that go their own way, that focus on their own goals and not pleasing a women. They don’t need a label or movement to do these things. They just do them. That is the very essence of a true MGTOW. Is actually going YOUR OWN way. Not the way of a movement or label. Not putting constraints on yourself with a label forcing yourself under an umbrella of terms and conditions.
How can you call yourself red pill when you support vaccines, GMO food, and other obvious problems with society. How can you call yourself red pill when you have no idea of the agenda behind planned parent hood, operation paper clip, and ethnic neighborhoods. The real reason for abortion. A lot of these MGTOW atheist men however don’t care to be truly red pill because they where the ones marching with feminists for abortion. They where the ones putting evolution text books in every class in the nation. Atheist MGTOW are the ultimate blue pills fronting as red pills.
This claim of being red pill by some of these MGTOW is a total joke. This is not an attack on your intelligence, rather a reproach to your attitude. Narcissistic and sociopathic women have been understood for a long time. Heck it’s been in the bible for 2000 years. It’s NOTHING new. Reading the forums of any forum going back 20+ years to the beginning of the internet you can clearly see men understanding female nature. Not only that but they understand the system behind it and it’s agenda.
Taking the red pill is much more than getting a daily women bashing and thinking that is the red pill creates a delusion for yourself. It keeps you funding and funneling your attention to these “red pills” while you ignore and attack anyone that offers new and valid information backed up with facts and research. Attacking someone shows your emotional level and that your belief system is based on a very bad foundation.
Stop pretending to be red pill when it’s clear the emotional mentality reflects that of a blue pill; pretending you are red pill because women suck and you are a great person, why don’t you look in the mirror, dig a little deeper, and actually reflect on your own decisions and take responsibility for your own actions.

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